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Web Hosting UK News Tutorials and Hosting Services
WebHosting UK is a Blog for Latest WebHosting UK News and Tutorials on cPanel, WHM, Plesk, PHP, MySQL and all hosting and SEO related articles.
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Using Google+ For Establishing A Brand?
2012-05-08 14:41:00
It is rightly stated that “A brand is a living entity – and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time, the product of a thousand small gestures” – Michael Eisner, CEO Disney Establishing a strong brand is essential to … Continue reading →
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Web Application Cloud Hosting
2012-05-04 19:34:00
Many web developers are moving their applications from being based around the desktop to being web-based so that they are able to work in conjunction with the cloud to offer a more functional experience with additional features. Web applications are … Continue reading →
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WordPress Cloud Hosting
2012-05-04 19:18:00
WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) available and although primarily designed to be used as a blogging platform, many web developers have adapted it so that they can use it as a standard CMS for … Continue reading →
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Managed Cloud Hosting
2012-05-04 19:10:00
As a beginner you may find that your lack of skills will prevent you from making the most of your dedicated cloud hosting environment and when you are using your own virtual machines it is important for you to understand … Continue reading →
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PHP Cloud Hosting
2012-05-04 18:50:00
PHP is an open source scripting language used by web developers to create web applications both large and small since the simplicity of PHP’s structure makes it simple to learn and use, but this doesn’t stop it from being a … Continue reading →
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ASP Cloud Hosting
2012-05-04 18:40:00
ASP.NET is one of the most popular web development tools available and is used by web developers that are looking to make the most of what the Windows operating system is able to offer. By combining an ASP.NET-based website with … Continue reading →
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Topmost Operating Systems For VPS Hosting
2012-04-27 15:24:00
It is essential to combine the hosting platform with the right operating system in order to ensure convenience of hosting, higher efficiency and security. The level of familiarity that you have with every operating system will surely matter. Ultimately, various … Continue reading →
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POA For Benchmarking Your Cloud Adoption Against Other Companies
2012-04-26 11:36:00
With an advancement in the cloud server technology, many companies have adopted this efficient business platform for achieving higher business efficiency. Maturity models provided by cloud server hosting are used for benchmarking against other companies in your industry, it is … Continue reading →
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Why Hosting On Dedicated Servers Is Better Than Cheap Hosting
2012-04-18 09:48:00
There has always been a discussion in terms of various web hosting platforms. Among all the hosting types, dedicated server hosting and cheap web hosting are considered as two most crucial web hosting platforms and there are instances when both … Continue reading →
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Cloud Server Hosting : A Business Model Game Changer
2012-04-14 07:29:00
The cloud has become a new way of doing business; it not essentially a new architecture. Most of the businesses are adopting cloud server hosting because it has become a dynamic hosting platform that is suitable for most of the … Continue reading →
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RAID Does Not Guarantee 100% Server Uptime
2012-04-03 12:04:00
A redundant array of independent/inexpensive disks (RAID) allows high level of storage reliability and overall performance for your system. RAID allows combining multiple disks to form a single logical unit. There are several different levels of RAID available, like RAID … Continue reading →
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Cloud Hosting For Web Based Applications
2012-03-30 10:06:00
In the current scenario, web based application development has become a business necessity. Websites today don?t just comprise of static pages but they also include interactive tools that enhance your business capabilities in real time. These responsive and impressive websites … Continue reading →
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Go Global With Content Delivery Network Without Big Costs
2012-03-29 10:57:00
In the past, global content distribution meant higher costs and complications with less success. However with the advancement in technology, a content delivery network can be established for efficient sharing of information. Businesses are increasingly moving towards Content Delivery Network s … Continue reading →
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PostgreSQL vs MySQL
2012-03-28 14:25:00
PostgreSQL is among the two most popular open source databases, first one being MySQL. MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS), whereas Postgre is an object- RDBMS. For this, let us first know what is RDBMS? 1. INTRODUCTION TO … Continue reading →
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MSSQL Web Hosting
2012-03-26 15:21:00
SQL is a structured query language that is used for the purpose of handling data in a database. The SQL concept works in collaboration with many different database systems such as MS-Access, Oracle, MS-SQL and SQL. Quality and relevance are … Continue reading →
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Informative Guide On Migrating Your Website To A New Web Host
2012-03-19 14:39:00
You might be considering changing the website hosting company due to some crucial factors. Many important factors have to be considered before and during this process in order to safeguard your website data and any other critical information. For whatever … Continue reading →
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Windows Cloud Hosting
2012-03-10 00:42:00
The purpose of the cloud is provide you with a reliable web hosting experience without the costs associated with traditional forms of high uptime hosting, such as Virtual Private Server hosting and dedicated server hosting. With businesses being the main … Continue reading →
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Linux Cloud Hosting
2012-03-10 00:26:00
As an open source operating system, Linux cloud hosting is able to provide you with all of the benefits of cloud hosting, just at a price much lower than what you would be paying for an equivalent Windows hosting plan. … Continue reading →
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10 Prominent Google Services For Your eCommerce Business
2012-03-09 12:58:00
It is a fact that the internet presence of any eCommerce website depends on the search engine exposure through Google . Google has a wide range of services and products that have been introduced from its core web search tool. In … Continue reading →
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Comparison of Cloud Hosting with Shared Hosting
2012-03-06 20:44:00
Cloud hosting environments can be used by web hosting companies to offer more reliable shared hosting plans and so it is important to be aware of the differences between cloud hosting and standard shared web hosting. Whilst shared web hosting … Continue reading →
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Cloud Hosting Fundamentals For Small Businesses
2012-01-03 12:33:00
   The cloud hosting platform is a revolution in the web hosting arena and also one of the most innovative uses of technology and internet in today’s world. By definition, cloud hosting is a term used to describe a hosting … Continue reading →
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Database Systems
2011-12-28 17:23:00
When developing a dynamic website, you will need to use a database system as some sort to power the backend of your website as the dynamics of such websites are based on the principle of using a database to store … Continue reading →
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How Shared Web Hosting Can Benefit Beginners
2011-12-28 16:06:00
When starting with web hosting for the first time, it is important to choose a web hosting package that is risk-free, but at the same time will allow you to experiment with different techniques and technologies that will allow you … Continue reading →
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How Dedicated Hosting Can Benefit Your Business
2011-12-28 16:00:00
Dedicated web hosting services include VPS servers and dedicated servers and are designed to provide businesses with reliable and secure web hosting solutions that will continue to meet their demanding needs for years to come. Whether you choose a VPS … Continue reading →
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Why should I choose Linux web hosting?
2011-12-28 15:47:00
For beginners, Linux web hosting services are probably the best option because of the low price tag attached to such services and even though you won’t be paying a great deal, you won’t be missing out on features as most … Continue reading →
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Why should I choose Windows web hosting?
2011-12-28 15:40:00
If you are a Windows web developer and use technologies such as ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server then you will realize the importance of Windows web hosting as Windows hosting plans will be the only real choice for you. If … Continue reading →
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Importance of SEO in Website Development
2011-12-28 15:32:00
SEO is one of the most important tasks that you will undertake whilst developing a website and it is important for you to realize the importance of this so that you are able to make considerations for the certain processes … Continue reading →
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Choosing a Web Hosting Plan
2011-12-28 15:24:00
When being introduced to web hosting for the first time you will be presented with a choice of web hosting plans and it will be up to you to select the right web hosting plan for your needs. As a … Continue reading →
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Developing a Secure Website
2011-12-28 15:16:00
Security is one of the most important considerations to make when developing a website as this one of the primary factors that can affect the confidence that your visitors have in your website. When running an online store or a … Continue reading →
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Mobile Website Fundamentals
2011-12-16 12:21:00
With companies like Apple and Blackberry capturing the market with their fully equipped mobile handsets, people are gradually switching to mobile internet. It is fast, convenient and easy to use. Mobile web marketing is expected to increase exponentially as more … Continue reading →
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