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Nils Petter Molvaer - Er
2008-01-05 23:43:00
Nils Petter Molvaer is a Norwegian trumpet player and composer who drives the concept of "trumpet music" into new territory. His use of hip-hop rhythms, turntables, tape effects and elaborate productions is extremely up-to-the-minute. His tone on trumpet is occasionally reminiscent of Miles Davis, occasionally of Jon Hassell. In fact, if Miles were still alive today there's a good chance he'd dig Molvaer immensely -- he expands the repertoire of the trumpet and challenges listeners to "get with it." Very Miles. Nils Petter Molvaer has made some good music over the years. His trumpetplaying is very moody and he can set an atmosphere that not a lot of people can. The beats and electronics he uses are unique. The beats and sounds he uses create a lot of space in wich he can let a solo come to full advantage.1. hover 7:22 2. softer 5:14 3. water 6:20 4. only these things count 6:03 5. sober 3:25 6. darker 5:20 7. feeder 4:28 8. dancer 7:52Listen to ...
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VA - A Story of Jazz - Club
2008-01-05 23:00:00
1. charlie hunter ft norah jones - day is done 4:35 2. nicola conte - a time for spring 3:553. erik truffaz - big wheel 5:47 4. gianluca petrella - lazy moon 7:315. marc moulin - into the dark 3:546. slowhill - just a phrase 4:48 7. us3 - eleven long years 3:47 8. raul midon - sunshine 4:339. jason moran - i'll play the blues for you 7:37 10. medesky martin & wood - end of the world party 5:10 11. funk off - follow the white rabbit 3:24Download Password:
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VA - Cappuccino Grand Cafe Lounge Vol. 3
2008-01-05 22:13:00
1 Luca Mundaca - Day By Day 2:12 2 Victor Davies & Bebel Gilberto - Conmigo (With Me) 3:13 3 Kay Lyra - Sim Deve Ser Amor 3:09 4 Isabelle Antena - Starlite Skies 3:215 Luca Mundaca - Minha Flor (My Love) 4:52 6 Rosalia De Souza - Mar Amar 2:09 7 Olivia - Love Fool 3:22 8 Sandriner Kiberlain - M'Envoyer Des Fleures 2:30 9 Toco - Outro Lugar 3:16 10 Victor Davies - So Good For Me 4:06 11 Kiko Navarro Ft. C.B. - Sonando Contigo 4:35 12 Blue Six - Music & Wine 4:02 13 Gabin - La Maison 5:43 14 Chieko Kinbara - Time To Love 6:59 Download Password:
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Rodney Hunter - Hunterville
2008-01-05 22:12:00
Rodney Hunter has always been part of the family, since the days of hanging out with a spiky haired Kruder in the 3rd grade, and later pulling on the heavy four strings in the Moreaus hip hop band with other social group family members DSL, Sugar B and the aforementioned Peter K? Did the young thirteen young olds have aspirations to be successful after 3rd grade? Well one became an OK hairdresser, while the other jollied around also as a OK hairdresser! It was nineteen thousand and 91 when things became closely knitted, the Moreaus started cleaning up at Hip Hop awards within Austria, and productions started in earnest with family members doing the creative thing for real. Dr Rich was well on board by this time and Vienna became a hot bed of heavenly chilled dope beats for the masses. ...
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Mercedes-Benz - Mixed Tape Vol. 5
2008-01-03 20:54:00
01 written in the stars - [re:jazz] - 05:23 02 can you hear me? - 3rdclassaliens - 04:25 03 travel on - big loader - 05:1604 how many more? - stereoslave - 04:19 05 music - lucius 14 - 04:27 06 from africa part 2 - random feat. a scholars - 04:50 07 mc david - grupo de amigos en el balcon - 06:04 08 free jive - soundshifter - 04:01 09 birdie num num - jazur - 04:08 10 lying down (the tape remix) - the gecko - 03:47 11 in the dark about you - jones miura fahling - 03:48 12 stay together - wegotsoul - 03:33 13 make a break - vibra-team - 03:08 14 bhang-rajah - raj asia - 03:37 15 marianne - jung collective - 04:04 Download Password:
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Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape Vol. 4
2008-01-03 20:41:00
01 la ritournelle - sébastien tellier - 04:1902 se fue - keston & westdal feat. ester godinez - 04:5903 spiderboy - ux - 04:2104 feel so weak - four chords - 04:4205 silence - audiotreats feat. bruda & psycho - 05:1406 i don`t apologize - djane embee feat. aleksz - 03:3607 house eins - nachttierhaus - 04:5708 perception - sadder star - 03:3709 all goes down - the dalles - 03:2010 nights between - ken.ji - 05:5511 tres amigos - dancejance - 05:1012 holiday - lemon-curry? - 03:5813 everybody knows - spleeny feat. cosmanova - 03:0114 the lowered mood - mycrotom - 04:4715 cross the flow - bertram ritter - 03:09DownloadPassword: tuchinsky.blogspot.comClick below for the other volumes of this series:Volume oneVolume twoVolume three
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La Caďna - Head in the Clouds
2008-01-03 20:30:00
01.Sweet Sunset [05:42] 02.Do Tara Alap [05:26] 03.Head In The clouds [05:11] 04.Mona [04:47] 05.Dreaming Of A New You [05:55] 06.Bleu Valse [05:07] 07.Sambamax [04:51] 08.Mysterious [06:07] 09.Tout Est Tout Blue [05:58] 10.No Talking [05:36] 11.La Plage [05:43] 12.But My Heart [04:34]13.Under The Big Blue Tree [09:54] Parte1Parte2Password:
More About: Electronic , Clouds , Lounge , Lo-Fi
VA - The Future Is My Melody Vol. 3
2008-01-03 20:18:00
01. Fous De La Mer - Luces "05:05 02. Groovecatcher - Angel Of Nature "06:08 03. Fresh Moods - So Far "04:56 04. Aural Float - How Deep "05:41 05. Worm Is Green - Electron John "03:19 06. Chris Zippel - As Possible "04:48 07. Aural Float - Still Here "06:35 08. Espresso Del Lago - Suratat "05:25 09. Groovecatcher - Walking By "05:16 10. Fous De La Mer - All These Years "04:03 11. Fresh Moods - U Gone "07:17 12. Aural Float - Be As You Are "03:36 13. Index ID - Gone "04:17 14. Fous De La Mer - Ocean 22 "05:46 Download Password:
More About: Electronic , Future , The Future , Lounge , Melody
Atjazz - Put It On LP (2006)
2008-01-03 00:55:00
Martin Iveson is a british video game composer and deep house, hip-hop, jazz artist under the nickname Atjazz.He moved from the North-East of England to Derby in 1991 to take a position as in-house musician for the then fledgling video games company Core Design. Martin experimented with sounds on his small keyboard and home computer. He co-worked with Nathan McCree on the two first Tomb Raider games and with Peter Connelly on Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness.Iveson then met a manager of an independent record shop in Derby and they created Mantis Recordings. Iveson took on the artist name of Atjazz', and in 1996 released his first single, Story. He then released his debut album, That Something. A second Atjazz album, Labfunk, was released on the same label in 2001. He continued to work on the music and sound effects for video games. He also makes remixes of his works and performs DJ sets.Download Password:
More About: Downtempo , Deep House
Dave Brubeck - Brubeck Meets Bach
2008-01-03 00:33:00
Especially for the Dave Brubeck fans!! (requested)The Dave Brubeck Quartet featuring the Bach Collegium Munich in concert in Frankfurt's Alte Oper on 13th November 2004. Brubeck presented a blend of jazz and classical music sometimes swinging, sometimes cool and jazzy. Fugues and the blues, waltzes and ragtime forge a unique alliance. CD1: 1. Concerto For Two Pianos And Orchestra, c-minor BWV 1060 (J.S.Bach) Allegro 5:21 Adagio 5:04Allegro 4:00 2. Points On Jazz For Two Pianos And Chamber Orchestra (Brubeck; arr. Kaska) Prelude 4:17 Scherzo 1:58 Blues 4:57Fugue 3:13 Rag 2:42 Chorale 2:09 Waltz 2:08 A La Turk 7:23DownloadPassword: CD2: 1. Jazz Selection (W.C.Handy) 11:53 2. Unsquare Dance (Brubeck) 5:423. Lullaby (Brubeck) 6:17 4. Brandenburg Gate (Brubeck) 14:22 5. Regret (Brubeck) 10:106. Blue Rondo A La Turk (Brubeck) 10:56 7. Take Five (Desmond) 10:308. Guten Abend, Gut' Nacht (J.Brahms) 2:07Parte1Parte2Password:
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Tord Gustavsen Trio - Being There
2008-01-03 00:10:00
This is music that sings, at once gentle and robust. Lyrical, immediately memorable songs, songs of an appealing freshness, yet sophisticated in their involvement with the melodic line. In the four years that have elapsed since the recording of a debut album that proved both a popular and a critical success, the Tord Gustavsen Trio has toured extensively, crystallizing the musical approach and developing new compositions. The second album "The Ground" was released in 2005. Now, in 2007 the trio is in for the completion of a unique trilogy with a release named "Being There". The trio's approach is developed further on this record. It's still very melodic and romantic music. It still displays a striking, spacious 'Nordic-Caribbean-gospel-bluesy' fresh feel while presenting Tord Gustavsen's original compositions. But the trio employs more dynamics and explores some new musical fields in its interaction o...
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Jan Garbarek, Anouar Brahem, Shaukat Hussain - Madar
2008-01-01 19:42:00
Jan Garbarek (born March 4, 1947 in Mysen, Norway) a Norwegian tenor and soprano saxophonist, active in the jazz, classical, and world music genres. Garbarek was the only child of former Polish prisoner of war, and a Norwegian farmer's daughter. Garbarek grew up in Oslo. At 21, he married Vigdis. Their daughter Anja Garbarek is also a musician.Garbarek's sound is one of the hallmarks of the ECM record label, which has released virtually all of his recordings. His style incorporates a sharp-edged tone, long, keening, sustained notes strongly reminiscent of Islamic prayer calls, and generous use of silence. He began his recording career in the late 1960s, notably featuring on recordings by the American jazz composer George Russell (such as Othello Ballet Suite and Electronic Sonata for Souls Loved by Nature). If he had initially appeared as a devotee of Albert Ayler and Peter Brötzmann, by 1973 he had turned his back on the harsh dissonances of avant-garde jazz, retaining only his t...
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VA - The Sound Of Milano Fashion 5
2008-01-01 19:28:00
CD 1:01 umberloid - neon tetra 02 rouge rouge feat karin viard - et toutes ces chose 03 future loop foundation with michael conn feat jacq 04 layo and bushwacka - sunshine in ipanema 05 3-11 porter - surround me with your love 06 electroslide - thousand thanks gilberto 07 hardage feat jocelyn brown - beautiful day 08 nekta - history is pershaped09 kenneth bager feat nikolaj grandjean and jean luc 10 tosca - the big sleep (senor coconut remix) 11 fat fredy drop - this room (live at bbs maida vale12 one self - bluebird13 sarah vaughan - lover man (jazzelicious remix) 14 koop - koop island blues Download CD1 Password: CD 2: 01 bebel gilberto - cada bejo (thievery corporation r 02 gipsy from ibiza - very slow03 in flagrant - hairy fruit 04 beat nation - ask me no question (feat benjammin)05 harvey lindo - gameshow (low risk factor) 06 peak - get carter07 batuk - batuque 08 yonderboi - motor 09 tiefschwarz - damage (the buick project remix) 10 the cool balance ...
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The Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance Remixes
2008-01-01 17:00:00
01 The Chemical Brothers Ft. Fatlip - The Salmon Dance (Herve Remix) 02 The Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance (Edit)03 The Chemical Brothers Ft. Fatlip - The Salmon Dance (The Glimmers Heavily Smoked Mix)04 The Chemical Brothers - Electronic Battle Weapon 805 The Chemical Brothers Ft. Fatlip - The Salmon Dance (Crookers Wow Mix) 06 The Chemical Brothers Ft. Fatlip - The Salmon Dance (The One DJ Remix) Download Password:
Hybrid Tango - Hybrid Tango
2007-12-30 16:39:00
Hybrid Tango is a side project by the members of Buenos Aires-based electronic neo-tango band Tanghetto.Released in December 2004, Hybrid Tango contains twelve instrumental tracks in which, apart from the blend of electronic music and tango that is the distinctive sound of Tanghetto, there are plenty of world-music styles such as flamenco, candombe, and jazz. Acoustic sounds (bandoneón, piano, guitar, violoncello, and even the Chinese stringed instrument, the erhu) are more predominant than in Tanghetto's debut album Emigrante (electrotango). The album was produced by Max Masri and coproduced by Diego S. Velázquez.1. Mas De Lo Mismo (More Of The Same)2. Barrio Sur3. Calles De Piedra (Streets Of Stone)4. Lo Que Nunca Fue (Something That Never Was)5. El Deseo (The Desire)6. El Duelo (The Mourning)7. Tangocrisis8. Sombra (Shadow)9. La Muerte Del Prejuicio (Death Of A Prejudice)10. El Solitario (The Lonly One)11. Miedo A Vivir (Afraid To Live)12. Salvese Quien Pueda (Women And Children...
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Funk Como Le Gusta - Funk Como Le Gusta
2007-12-30 15:37:00
Funk Como Le Gusta (FCLG) is a soul-funk big band that began to play in 1998, with their earliest appearances in the night-clubs "Espaco Anexo" and "Blen Blen" (Sao Paulo, Brazil). Their repertoire includes grooves, 70's songs, and Brazilian soul. Between 1998 and 1999, Funk Como Le Gusta had several guests on their presentations including Mestre Ambrosio, Marcelo D2, Daude, Marky Mark, and Otto. In 1999 the band released their first CD called "Roda de Funk" (ST2), with special appearances of Fernanda Abreu, Sandra de Sa, and several others. The band features a tight horn section and a percussion section that exemplify the strong rhythms that Brazil is so famous for.1. Vinheta 2. S.O.S.3. Latina4. Somos do Funk5. Vertiplano6. A Nęga e o Rebolado7. Tá Chegando a Hora8. Aos Truta9. Tabasco 10. Besame Mama / Fat City Strut Medley11. Drive-in12. Cerpinho Groove 13. Z4 14. La Dulce VitaListen to samples of this album at LastFM Download Password:
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Funk Como Le Gusta - Roda de Funk
2007-12-30 15:32:00
Funk Como Le Gusta (FCLG) is a soul-funk big band that began to play in 1998, with their earliest appearances in the night-clubs "Espaco Anexo" and "Blen Blen" (Sao Paulo, Brazil). Their repertoire includes grooves, 70's songs, and Brazilian soul. Between 1998 and 1999, Funk Como Le Gusta had several guests on their presentations including Mestre Ambrosio, Marcelo D2, Daude, Marky Mark, and Otto. In 1999 the band released their first CD called "Roda de Funk" (ST2), with special appearances of Fernanda Abreu, Sandra de Sa, and several others. The band features a tight horn section and a percussion section that exemplify the strong rhythms that Brazil is so famous for.1. Entrando Na Sua (Intro) 2. Nervesa 3. Funk De Bamba 4. Call Me At Cleo's 5. Olhos Coloridos 6. Zambacao 7. Funk Hum 8. Forty Days 9. Balada Da Paula 10. Dujii 11. Meu Guarda-Chuva 12. Moteis 13. Whistle Stop 14. Divirta-Se (Saindo Da Sua) ...
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Herbie Hancock - Future 2 Future
2007-12-29 21:55:00
One of Herbie Hancock 's greatest attributes is his ability to take a contemporary form of music and add his own unique perspective through his recordings. Future 2 Future is no exception to the rule. Teaming with Bill Laswell, Hancock recruits some of the most forward-thinking musicians in music for Future 2 Future. The contributions of electronic music pioneer Carl Craig, vocal diva Chaka Khan, drum'n'bass producer A Guy Called Gerald, as well as jazz legends Jack DeJohnette and Wayne Shorter make the album feel like a cross between modern electronica and world music. While a lineup with such immense talent promises the delivery of a powerhouse record, the finished product only delivers the goods moderately. Several pieces produced for the album were almost completed before Hancock contributed keyboards. This production method leaves the record lacking the spontaneity and continuity that grace several of his early electronic-based records and tenure with the Headhunters, to the ...
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VA - Puppet Jazz
2007-12-29 21:14:00
Heavy, groovy, funky and easy madness from the West Germany scene of the 60s & 70s.Here is an absolutely superb collection of phasered funky & groovy tracks of the 60's & 70's from various German music libraries. Rarity of the work aside, though, the tunes are totally great - and really hard-hitting in a heavily electric vibe. Most numbers have really heavy drums coming into play with fuzzed out guitars, tripped out keyboards, and some occasional larger arrangements as well -- and there's often this cool flanged-out production on the tunes that further enforces the spacey quality of their grooves, in a way that makes for a really unique batch of tracks! . An absolute top quality compilation and an absolute must-own!01. Don't Play That Game 1 - Klaus Weiss02. UFO Invasion - Gerhard Narholz03. Intercity - Fred Rabold04. Brass Glitter - Ambros Seelos05. Wake Up In The Morning - Edgar Schlepper06. Sax On The Rocks - Gus Brendel07. BL Special - Berry Lipman08. Madison Squ...
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Michael Mayer - Immer
2007-12-29 20:49:00
Michael Mayer was born and brought up in the clean air of the Black Forest, deep in Germany?s south-west corner. The days and nights of his childhood were filled with music, either liberated from his parents? collection, absorbed via his bedside radio or tentatively played on the household?s piano. He first heard DJs at youth discos and was smitten, immediately beginning his own record collection - Italian disco, the Pet Shop Boys, extended 12? mixes of pop tracks and classic funk are its foundations. At the age of 20 Michael moved to Cologne, the warmest part of Germany in both temperature and attitude. With the help of Wolfgang and Reinhardt Voigt - already cherished Cologne artists - he forged a characteristically grounded career, equally mundane and insane. Michael?s time is split between producing tracks, DJing globally and overseeing the distribution of many of Europe?s underground labels. He works at Kompakt, a deceptively named business incorporating a vibrant release schedu...
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Guts - Le Bienheureux
2007-12-29 20:39:00
If anyone is guilty of Guts.. addiction to music, his mother is to be blame. Instead of turning her son into an overweight and diabetic child, she preferred giving him each week a new vinyl, for his good manners. Guts, as an exemplary child, always finishing his plate at table, is, at 9, already sitting on a collection of records and becomes the DJ of his neighbourhood. Between two soccer games and really addicted to sounds, he is asked by his mother to choose between studies and music. The choice of option 2 will disturb his nights ! Le Bienheureux will work on scratches and sampling art. Some goes to London to get pictured with Royal Guards or eat a jelly plate, when Guts will discover New York..s old school gastronomy (EPMD, KRS One and the Public Enemy caviar) But by looking too close the Hip-Hop caldron , he finally fell in and created the Alliance Ethnik in 1990. The first album will make him grow from a ..sandwicherie.. to ..four stars restaurant.. ! Guts is good but n...
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Cobblestone Jazz - 23 Seconds
2007-12-29 01:14:00
The trio of the wonders, Mathew Jonson, Danuel Tate e Tyger Dhula aka Cobblestone Jazz , releases its first album, an incredible explosive mixture of techno, jazz, deep house and minimal which sets up, as usual, their winning weapon. The unreleased pieces which impressed me in a particular way, and so I suggest, are ?Hired Touch?, ?W?, (which was already in the last Cocoon compilation) and ?What You Want? (with which is expressly attested the improvisation of these composers of the new age). As it has been always said, winning sound doesn?t change, and so there is nothing left to do but opt for the purchase of the triple vinyl or the cd which features also the unforgettable ?Dump Truck? and ?India In Me? plus the live versions of the news. At your choice! CD1: 1-1 Waiting Room1-2 Hired Touch1-3 Lime In Da Coconut1-4 Slap The Back1-5 PBD1-6 23 Seconds 1-7 Change Your Apesuit1-8 Saturday Night1-9 Peace Offering1-10 WDownload (CD1)Password: CD...
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Wibutee - Playmachine
2007-12-28 23:17:00
Wibutee is an experimental jazz band from Norway, mixing influences from pop, electronic music and improvisation. Wibutee was originally formed as the jazz trio Triangle in Trondheim, Norway in 1996 by Hĺkon Kornstad, Wetle Holte and Per Zanussi, then jazz students at the Trondheim conservatory of music. They were later joined by Erlend Skomsvoll and Live Maria Roggen, playing their first notable concert as a group at the Nattjazz festival in Bergen, May 1998. Signed to Bugge Wesseltoft's new label Jazzland, they released their first album in 1999, produced by Wesseltoft. From 2000-2001, Wibutee was also joined by ex-The September When bass player Gulleiv Wee on electronics. Roggen and Skomsvoll left the band in 2000. Pioneer in Norwegian electronica, Rune «Sternklang» Brřndbo joined the group in 2001, just before the release of their second album "Eight Domestic Challenges", the first album to be produced by Wibutee. The constellation continued through 2004, releasing "Playm...
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VA - Tokyo Calling 2
2007-12-28 22:54:00
1. AK Atoms - Shining Your Way [A Danny Krivit Edit] 2. Double - Desire [Frankie Feliciano Remix] 3. Blaze; Studio Apartment - The Rising Sun 4. Stephanie Cooke - Everything [Orienta-Rhythm King Street Edit] 5. Mink - Glory of Life [Dfa Main Mix] 6. Chieko Kinbara - If You Only [Kaskade Original Mix] 7. The Ananda Project - Cascades of Colour [Sugar Love Mix] 8. Bliss; Juju - Another Day 9. Vision Questo - Hold My Heart [SIX6 Vocal Remix] 10. Japone Brethren - Wave [Silva & MacRophage Lab.] 11. Urban Soul - Love Is [Tomo King Street Remix] Parte1Parte2Password:
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Move D - Tonspuren 1-10
2007-12-28 22:52:00
David Moufang alias Move D is a true pioneer of electronic music. He released on labels like Warp, Reflective, Freundinnen, Compost's Black Label and of course on his own label Source. Originally from Heidelberg Germany, David Moufang spent his childhood listening to the likes of Kraftwerk and Pink Floyd ? yet rather than credit these auteurs with the inspiration behind his work, Moufang pinpoints another factor as the core influence to his musical gestation; space. Having been profoundly affected by a trip to the cinema to see ?2001: A Space Odyssey?, Moufang spent his childhood obsessed with the cosmos ? and when the desire to make music eventually took over it?s little wonder that the results incorporated such strong elements of the ethereal and otherworldly. Schooled in classical percussion and with a keen talent for jazz guitar, Moufang was introduced to techno in 1989 by a friend and rapidly began to devour output from 808 State, Nexus 21 and Detroit?s finest ? finally releas...
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Very Best of Jazz Remixes
2007-12-27 15:02:00
CD1:01 . Ain't nobody's business (Billie Holiday)02 . Don't put all your dreams in one basket (Ray Charles)03 . 'Round midnight (Sarah Vaughan)04 . Jeepers creepers (Louis Armstrong)05 . When the red red robin comes bob bob bobbin' along (Jo Stafford)06 . Ain't no sunshine (Al Jarreau)07 . Take The A Train (Duke Ellington)08 . I wanna be loved by you (Marilyn Monroe)09 . Let's spring one (Nat King Cole)10 . Diamonds are a girl's best friend (Marilyn Monroe)11 . California here I come (Al Jolson)12 . Them there eyes (Billie Holiday)13 . Just a Gigolo - (Louis Prima)14 . Frenesi (Duke Ellington)Download CD1Password: tuchinsky.blogspot.comCD2:01 . East of the sun and west of the moon (Sarah Vaughan)02 . Sittin' on top of the world (Ray Charles)03 . My man (Billie Holiday)04 . Coax me a little bit (Lena Horne)05 . You stepped out of a dream (Sarah Vaughan)06 . Some like it hot (Marilyn Monroe)07 . Find and mellow (Billie Holiday)08 . Unforgettable (Dinah Washington)09 . Lover ...
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Infected Mushrooms - Vicious Delicious
2007-12-27 14:46:00
Infected Mushroom is an Israeli psychedelic trance duo who have attained significant popularity from the late 1990s to the present time. Formed by Erez Aizen and Amit Duvdevani (AKA Duvdev), in Haifa (north Israel), the duo have earned a large international fan base. Infected Mushroom are known for their sonic evolution exemplified by the first two albums The Gathering (1999) and Classical Mushroom (2000). Their five most recent releases are Bp Empire (2001), Converting Vegetarians (2003), IM the Supervisor (2004), Stretched EP (2005) and Vicious Delicious (2007). In the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs 2007 Infected Mushroom placed at #9 (rising from #12 in 2006), making it the highest by far that any psychedelic trance artist has ever polled. 01 Becoming Insane 07:20 (see video)02 Artillery 04:28 03 Vicious Delicious 07:2504 Heavyweight 08:41 05 Suliman 06:11 06 Forgive Me 03:30 07 Special Place 06:54 08 In Front Of Me 04:29 09 Eat It Raw 06:31 10 Change The Formality 07:44 11 Before 06:57 Li...
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Gotan Project & Yann Tiersen - Live @ Music Planet 2nite
2007-12-27 14:35:00
01 - Gotan Project - Queremos 02 - Gotan Project - Una Música Brutal 03 - Gotan Project - Época 04 - Yann Tiersen - Rue des Cascades/La Parade 05 - Yann Tiersen - Bagatelle 06 - Yann Tiersen - Le Quartier 07 - Yann Tiersen - La Crise 08 - Gotan Project & Yann Tiersen - Santa María (del Buen Ayre) 09 - Gotan Project - TrípticoDownloadPassword:
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Gotan Project - Lunático (2006)
2007-12-27 01:53:00
Gotan Project is a musical group based in Paris, consisting of musicians Philippe Cohen Solal (French), Eduardo Makaroff (Argentine) and Christoph H. Müller (Swiss, former member of Touch el Arab).They formed in 1999. Their first release was Vuelvo Al Sur/El Capitalismo Foraneo in 2000, followed by the album La Revancha Del Tango in 2001. Their music is clearly tango, but also uses electronic elements such as samples, beats and breaks.Live material was also broadcast on Gilles Peterson's world music show Worldwide on BBC one in May 2004. Philippe Cohen Solal has also released a DJ set: Inspiración Espiración - A Gotan Project DJ Set Selected and Mixed by Philippe Cohen Solal (2004). This album is a compilation of classic tangos from the likes of Anibal Troilo and Astor Piazzolla and Gotan Project remixes. The album also includes a bonus CD with the track La Cruz del Sur - which was meant to be included on La Revancha Del Tango, but didn't make the cut in 2001.The latest Gotan Proj...
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Parov Stelar - A Night In Torino EP Vinyl
2007-12-27 01:31:00
Parov Stelar aka Marcus Füreder lives and works in Linz/Austria. Interesting themes and structures preferably move in the protecting environment of the underground. Right where enough space and stages can be found for growth and development. The freedom of jazz combined with the groove of house and breakbeat describes the character of Parov Stelar. The main theme is clearly defined, high quality music engaged in functionality. Parov's productions addresses the DJ at the club as well as the listener in his easy chair and - he is spinning his well selected vinyls across the world. Parov Stelar is the head of Etage Noir Recordings.A1 - A Night In Torino (5:55) B1 - Rude Boys (5:11) B2 - Swingbreaks (4:55) Download Password: tuchinsky.blogspot.comMore of Parov Stelar you can find: here and here Video of 'A night in Torino:
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