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Gotan Project - Lunático (2006)
2007-12-04 21:15:00
1. Amor Porteno (featuring Calexico) 2. Notas (featuringJuan Carlos Cacares) 3. Diferente 4. Celos 5. Lunatico 6. Mi Confesion (featuring Koxmoz) 7. Tango Cancion 8. La Viguela 9. Criminal 10. Arrabal 11. Domingo (featuring Jimi Santos) 12. Paris, Texas DownloadPassword:
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United Future Organization-No Sound Is Too Taboo (1995)
2007-12-04 20:03:00
Pioneers of the Japanese acid-jazz sound, the United Future Organization comprised Tokyo club DJs Tadashi Yabe, Toshio Matsuura and French expatriate Raphael Sebbag. Joining forces in 1990, the trio quickly emerged as a leading force on the Tokyo underground club scene, making their recorded debut the next year with the 12-inch "I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Jazz); " "Loud Minority/Moon Dance" followed in mid-1992, becoming a cult favorite on club circuits ranging from London to Hamburg to New York City. UFO's debut LP Jazzin' 91-93 appeared that September, the same month the trio made their triumphant British debut at London's Fridge club; an American record deal was not forthcoming until 1994, however, with a self-titled collection appearing on Verve Forecast. No Sound Is Too Taboo followed in 1995, with United Future Organization resurfacing in 1997 with 3rd Perspective. In 2000 the trio returned with the album, Bon Voyage on Instinct.1. United Future Airlines 2. Magic Wand Of...
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Goldfrapp - Utopia (2001)
2007-12-04 20:00:00
This English electronic duo formed in 1999 consists of singer / songwriter / musician Alison Goldfrapp & musician / producer Will Gregory. Prior to the band, Alison guested as a vocalist/songwriter with the likes of Tricky, Orbital, Peter Gabriel & others.Goldfrapp's 2000 debut album Felt Mountain featured minimalist electronic compositions that consisted of downtempo structures, classical sounding arrangements of strings & light, airy synth's alongside Alison's sleek, soft vocals. The albums that followed, Black Cherry & Supernature, have seen Goldfrapp embracing elements of glam rock, dance & disco music, taking their sound to a wider audience. Usually associated with the electroclash movement, Goldfrapp sometimes recalls 1980s new wave.01. Goldfrapp - Utopia (Genetically Enriched) 3:4902. Goldfrapp - UK Girls (Physical) 4:4803. Goldfrapp - Utopia (Sunroof Mix) 7:4004. Goldfrapp - Utopia (Mick Harvey Mix) 4:3105. Goldfrapp - Utopia (Jori Hulkkonen Remix) 6:1...
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VA Mole Listening Pearl - Taste it!
2007-12-03 22:12:00
The birthday celebration continues! After the Mole 75 - 10 Years of Mole Listening Pearl s compilation follows Taste It! - 14 of the most popular songs from the fine folks in Mannheim, Germany.Taste It! features such artists as: Moodorama, Yonderboi, Naomi, Khoiba, Airmate, Wax Tailor, Nor Elle and Audio Lotion, who was behind some of the stellar songs on the Sex and the City soundtrack!1. Moodorama - Space Cowboy2. Audio Lotion - Eclipse3. Lemongrass - Belly Button4. Yonderboi - Eyes For You5. Naomi - Another Bite Of The Apple (Radio Edit)6. Khoiba - That Reason (Single Edit)7. Q-Point - Double-Cross8. Airmate feat. Marishka Phillips - At The Waterfront9. Wax Tailor feat. Marina Quaisse - Hypnosis Theme10. Anima Sound System - Open Your Eyes11. The Lushlife Project - Essence Of Our Origins12. Soul G and Tony Match - Raindrop13. Nor Elle - Rock My Soul14. Llava - I Lose ControlDownloadPassword:
More About: Electronic , Lo-Fi
Röyksopp - Only This Moment (The Remixes) (2005)
2007-12-03 21:45:00
Röyksopp is an electronic and chill-out music duo based in Bergen, Norway, but the members are originally from Tromsø, Norway. The band consists of Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge. The group formed officially in 1998 and released their debut album Melody A.M. in 2001. The word "Röyksopp" means puffball fungus (lit. "(a) smoke mushroom"). Röyksopp have won many prizes for their music, one of them in MTV Europe Music Awards 2002 for the best music video (Remind Me). Remind Me was also used in the popular Geico insurance "Caveman" TV commercials while their first single "So Easy" became popular in the UK after it was used in an T-Mobile advert. In 2007 O2 used in their commercial song "What else is there?" from the album The Understanding. O2 commercial aired in Czech Republic.The song "Eple" was licensed by Apple for use as the welcome music to Mac OS X Panther operating system, playing the first time a user booted a new Mac.July 12th, 2005 the band released their sec...
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The Timewriter - Soulstickers
2007-12-03 21:11:00
Jean Frank Cochois aka The Timewriter was born into a family where music played a vital part in everyday life. From the age of 13 on, he got trained in classical music and was sent to a music boarding school. Soon he started experimenting with electronic music while also including acoustic instruments. After several band memberships and three theatre music projects, Frank produced his first Album ?The Timerewinder? in 1994. The LP got released under his alias JFC on Mole Listening Pearls not before 1997 though. It was Tom Wax who introduced Frank Cochois to the upcoming label Plastic City in 1995. Next to Terry Lee Brown Jr., The Timewriter would become THE most influential arist in the development of Plastic City as one of the major outlets for TechHouse in Germany and beyond. His albums and mix-compilations have gained The Timewriter an excellent international reputation. Fans and experts alike also agree on his more downbeat-oriented project JFC with releases on Elektrolux a.o. I...
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Chic Boutique - Maison Close
2007-12-02 21:52:00
Boutique Chic: Collection gathers together the best moments from the three 12" singles in the fabulous themed series, 'Boutique Chic'. Launched by 'Chez Le Coiffeur', with its obvious capillary influence, in 2005, and expanded upon by the undoubtedly summery 'Bikini Party', this initial trilogy was finished off by the saucy 'Mais on Close ', (evidently too hot for the tastes of iTunes in the US of A where it was censored.) Ten artists lent their considerable talents to the task of coming up with a composition specific to one of these themes, as if designing the perfect film soundtrack. Among them were Kid Loco, Chris Joss, Black Market Audio and The Pinker Tones and Georges Deligny (a.k.a. Stereofiction label boss, Thomas Deligny.) Paying tribute to the graphic design styles of the 1950s, Restez Vivants wrapped the discs in a retro modernity, reflecting an elegance à la française, far closer, naturally, to the universe of Jacques Tati than that of a Hollywooden superproduction...
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Ryuichi Sakamoto - Heartbeat
2007-12-02 21:17:00
Born in 1952 in Nakano (Tokyo), Ryuichi Sakamoto has been active in the entertainment industry since his graduation from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.He achieved western fame as a member of electronic pioneer trio Yellow Magic Orchestra from 1978 until the mid 80s. By then he started writing music alone, or contributing with artists, most notably David Sylvian.His exploits include an Academy Award for his score to the 1987 Bernardo Bertolucci film The Last Emperor, the soundscape for the opening ceremony of the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, and was even hired by the Finnish mobile phone company Nokia to compose ring tones for the Nokia 8800. He is maybe the most influential Japanese musician in electronica. In addition to making music, he has also acted in movies, most notably in "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence" co-starring David Bowie, for which Ryuichi also composed perhaps his most memorable film soundtrack.Trivia - he acts as a director in Madonna's ...
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Slope - Komputa Groove (2005)
2007-12-02 21:14:00
Slope is made up of Daniel Paul Hoffmann (aka Daniel Paul ) and Hans Schaaf ( aka DJ Honesty), both living in Berlin. The ?Slope story? begins in 1996, the year in wich the Urberliner Daniel Paul bumps into the cologne ? immigrant Honesty during a party at Berlins alternative cultural centre Tacheles. Before meeting each other, both have already been musically active: Daniel Paul ran (and still does) the label cabinet (first shelter for Djs like Tom Clark or DJ Zky), and already produced electronic music.Listen to Slope at LastFMDownloadPassword:
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VA - Monte La Rue Deluxe Lounge Volume 4
2007-12-02 17:27:00
01. Wait a minute (0:45) 02. Boozoo Bajou feat. Joe Dukie & U-Brown - Take it slow (5:20) 03. Monodeluxe - Body talk (2:10) 04. Kemiri - Le chuchottement de la plage (5:24) 05. Faberge - Hyde (3:41) 06. Fort Knox Five feat Akil Dasan - Blowing up the spot (3:52) 07. Beatfanatic - Believe (4:21) 08. Mont e La Rue - Malibu marina (3:32) 09. Chris Joss - Bakara (3:27) 10. Vono Box - Teddy acapulco (4:54) 11. Smoove - Ceefax (4:37) 12. Channel Two - Jazz move (4:41) 13. Peace Orchestra - Double drums [Dj DSL remix] (5:11) 14. Banzai Republic - Gambling man (4:33) 15. Bonus (6:50)DownloadPassword:
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Blu Mar Ten - The Six Million Names Of God
2007-12-01 22:23:00
Blu Mar Ten is made up of founding members Leo Wyndham and Chris Marigold, with new addition Michael Tognarelli. They have more than proved their ability to create diverse and captivating music, having received acclaim across the board for their previous work. Their releases for LTJ Bukem?s Good Looking Records made the guys synonymous with the atmospheric D&B sound of the late ?90s. Elsewhere, their reworkings on tracks including Doc Scott?s classic ?Shadowboxing? have been damaging dance floors all over the globe. Casting their net wide has won them recognition from a diverse set of DJs such as Andy C, Fabio, Ben Watt, Mary Anne Hobbs, Erol Alkan and more.In addition to their material made for the dancefloor, their releases for Exceptional focus more on the downbeat side of the duo - featuring layers of luscious sounds and swooping atmospherics. 01. Blu Mar Ten - Home Videos / The Map Of Love (6:16) 02. Blu Mar Ten - Drive (3:52) 03. Blu Mar Ten - I Wake Up (4:16) ...
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Kraftwerk - Man Machine Recreated Remixes
2007-12-01 22:14:00
1. The Robots (space string-mix) 2. The Model (german-model-mix) 3. Spacelab (shuttle-mix) 4. Metropolis (lost town-mix) 5. Neonlights (stratosphear-mix) 6. Tne Man Machine (forward march!-mix) 7. Tour de France (arrivee-mix) Parte1Parte2Password:
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Triosk - The Headlight Serenade (2006)
2007-12-01 21:57:00
Triosk is an instrumental trio based in Sydney, Australia. Their music melds their jazz background (the three met at Sydney's Conservatorium of Music) with post-rock and ambient electronica, resulting in a strange, beautiful conglomeration of myriad influences. The group's members - Adrian Klumpes, Ben 'Donny' Waples, and Laurence Pike, on piano/keyboard/samples, electric/acoustic bass and drums/percussion respectively - also make extensive use of samples and processing in both studio and live shows.The group formed in 2001, with their first release - a collaboration with German experimental electronica artist Jan Jelinek called 1+3+1 - being released on the ~Scape label in November of 2003. From leftover studio time for that session came the group's first album distinct from any involvement with Jelinek, called Moment Returns, released on the Leaf Label in October of 2004. The group's current release is called The Headlight Serenade , released June 2006, also on the Leaf Label...
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Swayzak - Dirty Dancing
2007-11-30 13:37:00
Swayzak is a tech house UK band that consists of James Taylor and David Brown. They live and work in London and released their first 12" single "Bueno/Fukumachi" in February 1997 to much acclaim. It was followed up by the 12" "Speedboat/Low Rez Skyline" to become part of the burgeoning tech-house scene in the UK. Their debut long player, "Snowboarding in Argentina," was released by The Medicine Label (USA) and Pagan Records (UK) in May 1998. It garnered many positive reviews. The album was later chosen as 1998 Album Of The Year in the US dance publication Mixer. 1. Make Up Your Mind - (with Clair Dietrich) 2. Buffalo Seven - (with Klaus Kotai) 3. In The Car Crash - (with Headgear) 4. Celcius Listen 5. I Dance Alone - (with Carl Finlow/Nicola Kuperus) 6. Punk Era, The 7. Halfway To Yesterday - (with Jeremy) 8. Take My Hand 9. Sob 1 - (with Clair Dietrich) 10. Ping Pong Listen to samples of this album at LastFMDownload Password: tuchinsky.blogspo...
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Air - The Virgin Suicides (2000)
2007-11-30 13:20:00
The Virgin Suicides is a score by the French duo Air, for the film of the same name. The album was released in February 2000. There was a separate soundtrack released, which featured music from Heart and Todd Rundgren. Although credited in the album liner as Gordon Tracks, vocals on Playground Love are provided by Phoenix singer Thomas Mars.1. Playground Love (vocals by Gordon Tracks) ? 3:322. Clouds Up ? 1:303. Bathroom Girl ? 2:254. Cemetary Party ? 2:365. Dark Messages ? 2:286. The Word 'Hurricane' ? 2:337. Dirty Trip ? 6:128. Highschool Lover (theme from The Virgin Suicides) ? 2:429. Afternoon Sister ? 2:2410. Ghost Song ? 2:1611. Empty House ? 2:5812. Dead Bodies ? 2:5913. Suicide Underground ? 5:52Listen to samples of this album at LastFMDownloadPassword:
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Laurent Garnier - Shot in the Dark
2007-11-30 13:09:00
1. Shapes Under Water 7:21 2. Astral Dreams (Speakers Mix) 6:12 3. Bouncing Metal 7:344. Rising Spirit 5:325. Harmonic Groove6:17 6. The Force 6:47 7. Geometric World 6:56 8. "022" 8:04 9. Rex Attitude 6:58 10. Raw Cut 7:41 11. Track For Mike Download Password: tuchinsky.blogspot.comMore albums of Laurent Garnier you can find:Here (1)Here (2)Here (3)andHere (4)
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Yann Tiersen (Goodbye Lenin) - Soundtrack (2003)
2007-11-29 22:29:00
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BBC Jazz Awards 2007
2007-11-29 21:15:00
1. Madeleine Peyroux - I'm All Right 2. Curtis Stigers - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 3. Julian Siegel - Wise Child 4. Abram Wilson - Why You Guys Laughin'5. Tom Cawley - Very Loved 6. Soweto Kinch - The House That Love Built 7. Finn Peters - Su-Ling 8. Norma Winstone - Stars 9. Byron Wallen - Sailor Of The Sands 10. Tom Bancroft - Ornate Bessie 11. Ian Shaw - Night In The City 12. Stan Tracey Octet - Newk's Fluke 13. Evan Parker - Naan Tso (Extract) 14. James Allsopp (Fraud) - Mr. Lizard 15. Liam Noble ? Jitters 16. Gwilym Simcock - The Way You Look Tonight 17. Gary Crosby - Goree Island 18. Simon Spillett - Gee Cross 19. Martin Taylor ? Freternity 20. Claire Martin - Everything Must Change 21. Neil Cowley - Degree In Intuition 22. Fraud ? Clatter 23. Tom Arthurs ? Anguilla 24. Georgie Fame - A Declaration Of Love.Parte1Parte2Password:
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Kraftwerk - Dynamo Deutschland
2007-11-29 20:59:00
1. Intro2. Numbers3. Computer World4. Home Computer5. It's more fun to Compute~Home computer6. Computer Love7. The Model8. Tour de France9. Autobahn 10. Radioactivity11. Trans Europe Express 12. Pocket Caluculator13. The Robots14. Music non Stop15. Nummern~Computer Welt16. Metropolis17. .Das Modell18. Computerliebe19. Taschenrechner~Pocket Caluculator20. Radioaktivitaet21. Neon Lights22. Hall of Mirrors23. Showroom Dummies24. Mini CalculaturParte1 (CD1) Parte2 (CD2) Password:
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Parov Stelar - KissKiss (2004) EP
2007-11-29 20:05:00
More About: Future Jazz
The Chemical Brothers -Dig Your Own Hole (1997)
2007-11-29 17:47:00
The Chemical Brothers are a British electronic music duo comprising Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, who met at the University of Manchester.Initially they called themselves "The Dust Brothers." They changed their name in 1995 given the preexisting American duo "The Dust Brothers," their burgeoning popularity and the threat of legal action from the originals. Thus, their first CD as The Chemical Brothers is titled Exit Planet Dust.Along with The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, The Crystal Method, Underworld , Orbital, Apollo 440 and a few other lesser-known acts, they were pioneers at bringing the big beat electronic dance genre to the forefront of pop culture.They are known for their high-quality DJ sets, an example of which can be found on their CD Brothers Gonna Work It Out.Listen to samples of this album at LastFMDownloadPassword:
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Laurent Garnier - 30
2007-11-28 21:44:00
30 by laurent garnier. the name 30 comes from laurent garniers age at the time he made this album. having been a dj at world famous clubs like the hacienda in the uk and his own club the Rex in paris for over 16 years and a producer of some of technos finest moments. i listened to 30 with with very high expectations. 30 is one of those rare pieces of art that can change your life and make you take stock of the world you live in. like someone might when they turn 30 or 21 any time when you pause to take in what matters and what is not important. this is emotional tekno music with some sounds that remind you of the rawness of early detroit tekno pioners like mad mike or juan atkins,without sounding retro. in fact the track crispy bacon sounds ten years ahead of its time. 30 is very intellectual but at the same time is sexy and emotional like garniers dj sets. if your some one who needs there hand held through the use of musical cliches and formulas and obvious samples dont buy 30 it w...
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Malente - How can you still stand to stand still (2006)
2007-11-28 21:36:00
The German DJ and producer MALENTE has released a total of four albums on Unique Records since the year 2000. The origin of his name ?Malente? is based on the fact that he was born in a small town in northern Germany, which is called Malente. The Malente-sound is not simply ElectroHouse. It is more pumping Electro-House stompers with a rockin? & funky feel - and this on the basis of that typically positive Malente-Vibe! No doubt it?s easier and better to listen to that than to couch in terms. Malentes life is simply great! During the week: production; on the weekends: DJ-gigs. Thats how it always goes...1.Like A Freek (4:42)2.For The Revolution (3:08)3.In Bed With The Devil (3:48)4.In The Sky (4:44)5.They Want You To Fail (3:35)6.Everything I Think Is Golden (4:53)7.Fucked (3:15)8.War On War (3:42)9.You Know Who You Are (5:05)10.Open Secret (3:10)11.Move Your Body (4:03)12.Don't Let 'Em Take Your Smile Away (4:54)13.Washington DC (5:20)14.Are Y'All Fired Up? (4:58) Listen to ...
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Jazz for a Rainy Afternoon (1998)
2007-11-28 20:44:00
1. Round Midnight - Charles Brown2. Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most - Houston Person / Ron Carter3. Everything Must Change - David 'Fathead' Newman / Marcus Belgrave / Cedar Walton / Buster Williams / Louis Hayes4. A Tribute To A Rose - Jimmy Ponder5. Blue In Green - Wallace Roney / Gary Thomas / Mulgrew Miller / Charnett Moffett / Tony Williams6. Talk of The Town - Houston Person / Stan Hope / Buster Williams / Grady Tate7. Ruby My Dear - Hank Jones / George Duviver / Ben Riley8. I Can't Get Started - Warren Vache / Richard Wyands / Michael Moore / Billy Hart9. My Ideal - Sonny Criss / Dolo Coker / Larry Gales / Jimmie Smith10. St. Louis Blues - Johnny Lytle / Melvin Sparks / David Braham / Peter Marlin Weiss / Greg Bandy11. Imagination - Woody Show / Kirk Lightsey / Steve Turre / Ray Drummond / Carl AllenDownloadPassword:
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Dub Trees - Nature Never Did Betray The Heart That Loved Her
2007-11-27 21:15:00
1 Buffalo (Utterly Incredible Too Long Ago Sometimes Mix) (10:37) 2 Cobalt Waterfall (Opalescent Dawn Mix) (2:29) 3 A Way Of Being Free (Are You Sitting Comfortably Very Smooth, Very Peaceful Mix) (5:33) 4 Butterfly Trilogy (13:27)4a I - Technicolour Sun4b II - Starship Wadada 4c III - Sine Wave5 La Rosa (Live While You Live) (Messianic Dub Mix) (2:35) 6 Orpheus (Urban Primitive Dub Mix) (7:11)7 Magnetica (The Love That Moves The Sun And Stars Mix) (8:01) 8 Dreamlab (Telescopic Dub Mix) (7:13) 9 Concrete Tourist (Chalice Dub Mix) (5:14) 10 Freaks Of Nature (Natural Dub Mix) (4:02) 11 Return Of The Native (Duir The Oak Dub) (6:08) Listen to samples of this album at LastFMParte1Parte2Password:
More About: Electronic , Heart , Trees , The Heart
VA - A Story Of Jazz Ballads
2007-11-27 20:12:00
1. the miles davis nonet - boplicity 2:59 2. john coltrane - just friends 6:15 3. thelonoius monk - round midnight 3:10 4. chet baker - but not for me 3:02 5. stan getz - these foolish things 3:006. freddie hubbard - gypsy blue 6:257. bill evans and jim hall - my funny valentine 5:21 8. gerry mulligan - the song is you 3:22 9. dexter gordon - i'm a fool to want you 6:43 10. herbie hancock - watermelon man 7:05 11. sonny rollins - tune up 5:42 12. paolo fresu - in viaggio 4:2613. wayne shorter - adams apple 6:48 Download Password:
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Groove Collective - Groove Collective
2007-11-27 20:03:00
01 ? Rentstrike 02 ? Balimka 03 ? Nerd 04 ? Rahsaanasong 05 ? Ms. Grier 06 ? Whatchugot 07 - El' Golpe' Avisa 08 - Genji Monogatari 09 ? Buddha Head 10 ? Saturday Afternoon Parte1 Parte2 Password:
More About: Acid Jazz , Collective , Groove
Urban Lounge Vol. 2 (2007)
2007-11-27 16:56:00
1.Jestofunk - Walk Like A Baby2.Robert Larow - Realize3.Sugarman - Sweet Surrender4.Wayne Martin - You're My Star 5.Boozoo Bayou - Portland Woodchamber6.Room Seven - Sometimes In Your Life7.Sugarman - Beatz 4 Fools8.Sugarman - I'm Your Sugarman9.Sugarman - Get Down10.Underlounging Prophets - Love Potion11.Sugarman - Gotta Lot Of Soul12.Wayne Martin - So Beautiful13.Hijos De La Playa - Saving Your Love14.Trio Electrico - Creeper LaneDownloadPassword:
More About: Urban , Lounge , Downtempo
Groove Collective - People People Music Music (2006)
2007-11-26 20:52:00
New York City's Groove Collective transcends musical categories with one goal in mind: to move listeners' minds and feet. For more than a decade, this legendary group of musicians has improvised and refined the stylistic crosspollination of funk, jazz, house, Latin, hip hop, rock and every party-inducing sound in between. The pioneering members of Groove Collective are fluent in the international language of "groove." In-the-pocket drum and bass, colorful and vibrant horns, flavors of world percussion and intricate harmony all fuse together seamlessly under their watch. Groove Collective's innovative and refined sound is unparalleled. They are the masters of multi-hued funk. Billboard Magazine says that they "erase musical borders" and are "jazz/funk fusion at its most sublime." When asked to describe the band, one member responded: "Part social experiment, part musical experience; We've tried democracy, communism, capitalism, dorian, chromatic, mixolydian, starvation diets, sle...
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Triangle Sun - Diamond
2007-11-25 13:45:00
The "Triangle Sun" project was founded in Moscow in June of 2002 by a young musician Alexander Kozlov. In 2003 Alexander had started to work with the young vocalist Vadim Kapustin.With just one years collaboration together at the "Triangle Sun", Alexander and Vadim have created critically acclaimed works together, seen in its full glory and enjoyed at the "Cafe Del Mar 2004", the first ever lounge festival in Russia.As a result, "Triangle Sun" received first prize at the festival and performed in the summer concert at the legendary "Cafe Del Mar" ? Ibiza, Spain.1. Diamond 2. Beautiful3. When the rain comes falling down4. Stay5. Secret desire6. Summer of our love7. Holy ground8. 100 stars9. The sun10. The person of light11. BuddhaDownloadPassword: tuchinsky.blogspot.comListen to this album's number 2 song "Beautiful" here:
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