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Ten Madison - Travelling
2007-11-25 13:08:00
P. Juergens aka Ten Madison , Prawler and Peter Gun is a Tattoo-Artist and a musical multi talent! Peter Juergens musical output has always been of the highest standard with regular airplays and always on Top of the international DJ Charts with Peter Gun. His electronica project TEN Madison has already seen many releases on Millennium and his latest Album 'Travelleling' is another outstanding piece of chill out and electronica. Minimal song structures, hyptnotic grooves and a pleasant mix of styles is the key to the magic of his his new work stretched over 75 Minutes! 01. Spacy Latino [07:10] 02. Letcha Letcha [05:26] 03. Carinjo [07:35] 04. Get A Smile [05:23] 05. Sonne Und Meer [07:52] 06. Harissa [06:16] 07. Travelling [05:55] 08. A Trip To India [07:41] 09. Hot Sand [06:10] 10. Far Away My Friend [05:27] 11. Heyaah [04:43] 12. Pads Theme [04:45] Listen to samples of the sound of Ted madison at LastFMDownload Password: tuchinsky.blogspot.comHere's a sample of song number 2 ...
More About: Ambient , Downtempo , Diso
Ten Madison - Milk
2007-11-25 12:55:00
Peter Juergens aka TEN Madison has quite made an impact since his Debut release. Peter Juergens aka TEN Madison has quite made an impact since his Debut release 'Avenue' and second release 'From Lust To Dust'.His infectious style of musical chill out, full of melodies, clever arrangements and clean production has been proven to be very popular and his third CD, 'Milk ' will not disappoint.Again, 'Milk' delivers the finest relaxing tunes, colourful and rich in texture, this time TEN Madison also plays with down tempo Chill-House Numbers as well as groovy 70's Disco Vibe, without losing touch to it's previous releases.'Milk' is full of surprises without a single gap filler in sight, classy and simple very good quality chill-out from one of Germanys latest newcomer producers.01. Easy Living (6:22) 02. Ganimed (7:32) 03. Convergence (7:12) 04. Future City (7:05) 05. A Nice Day (6:23) 06. Sunlight (6:01) 07. Get The Milk (6:21) 08. Retro Drumbase (6:29) 09. Raindrops (7:37) 10...
More About: Ambient , Downtempo , Diso
Lava - El Jazz (Lava's Concept For Latin Jazz) Volume 1
2007-11-24 20:16:00
King Records (Japan)1 A Night In Tunisia 2 Esperanza feat. Olivia Burrell 3 Green Eyed Fish 4 A Night In Le Fonque (el jazz sesion)5 King Of Pain feat. Mina 6 Manteca 7 Beach (el jazz sesion) 8 Don't Stay Down feat. Sean Altman (rework for late summer) 9 It's All Right feat. Olivia Burrell 10 706Field (el jazz sesion) Download Password:
More About: Jazz , Latin , Latin Jazz , Concept , Volume
Jazz Lullabies
2007-11-24 20:06:00
01.Norah Jones - Don't know why02.Chet Baker - My funny Valentine03.Julie London - Fly me to the moon (in other words)04.US3 - Cantaloop (flip fantasia)05.Cassandra Wilson - Love is blindness06.Dexter Gordon - I'm a fool to want you07.Patricia Barber - A man and a woman08.Bobby Mcferrin - Kalimba suite09.Marc Moulin - organ10.Eliane Elias - Don't ever go away (por causa de voce)11.Erik Truffaz - Yasmina12.Nancy Wilson - In a sentimental mood13.St.German - Sure thing14.EDC featuring Sylvia Kristel - Changes15.Miles Davis - It never entered my mind16.Nina Simone - House of the rising sun17.Guru's Jazz matazz featuring Donald Byrd - Loungin'medeski Martin & Wood - No ke ano ahiahi18.Billie Holiday - I'm a fool to want youPARTE1PARTE2Password:
More About: Acid Jazz , Lullabies
T.H. White - The Private Spotlight
2007-11-24 18:00:00
01 Private People 6:5702 Blue+Cream 7:2203 Life Shine 5:5604 The Lost Bridges 8:1305 Katie Starr Of Silver 5:0906 Can I? 6:3607 The Loft 8:3908 Separations 6:1809 Cover Me Deeply 7:1710 Sky Lifter Sun 8:06Parte1Parte2Password:
More About: Electronic , White , Spotlight
Everything but the Girl - Back to mine
2007-11-24 17:45:00
Friends And EnimiesAll AloneThe BayouStars All Seem To WeepThe Flow (Juan Atkins G-Funk Mix)Cascades Of ColourDo It NowA Wonderful LifeTo Cry AboutSilent TreatmentFunky For YouSomeday We ll All Be FreeBlameFive FantomasParte1Parte2Password:
More About: Girl , Back , Mine , Downtempo , The G
The Dining Rooms - Experiments In Ambient Soul
2007-11-24 17:23:00
1 No Problem (4:10)2 Diamonds & Comforts (4:15)3 Afrolicious (5:36)4 Driving (5:22) 5 Milano Calibro 9 (4:19)6 Destination Moon (4:06)7 Girotondo Dei Grandi (4:50)8 Within (3:42)9 Forever's Not (4:45)10 Experiments in Ambient Soul (2:28)11 Thin Ice (2:42)12 World She Made (4:12) 13 U (6:57)Listen to The Dining Rooms at LastFMDownloadPassword:
More About: Electronic
VA Mojo Club - The Remix Album: Some Essential Pieces (1999)
2007-11-23 00:47:00
1. Sunshine of Your Love - Ella Fitzgerald, Rockers Hi-Fi, 2. Just Bring It Out - Wolfgang Dauner, Scott Hendy, 3. Blues a Volonte - The Maxwell Implosion, Baden Powell 4. Happy Brasilia - James Last, Paolo Scotti 5. Praise the Lord - Freddy Fresh, Mary Lou Williams6. See Line Woman - Nina Simone, Songstress7. Hold Me, I've Got to Leave You 8. Monticello - Monty Alexander,9. Zoom - Volker Kriegel, 10. Oba, la Vem Ela - Jorge Ben, , 11. For What It's Worth - Sergio Mendes, Shantel 12. Nuits - Quincy Jones, Nightmares on WaxDownloadPassword:
More About: Jazz , Remix , Club , Album , Pieces
United Future Organization -United Future Organization (1994)
2007-11-22 15:55:00
Pioneers of the Japanese acid-jazz sound, the United Future Organization comprised Tokyo club DJs Tadashi Yabe, Toshio Matsuura and French expatriate Raphael Sebbag. Joining forces in 1990, the trio quickly emerged as a leading force on the Tokyo underground club scene, making their recorded debut the next year with the 12-inch "I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Jazz); " "Loud Minority/Moon Dance" followed in mid-1992, becoming a cult favorite on club circuits ranging from London to Hamburg to New York City. UFO's debut LP Jazzin' 91-93 appeared that September, the same month the trio made their triumphant British debut at London's Fridge club; an American record deal was not forthcoming until 1994, however, with a self-titled collection appearing on Verve Forecast. No Sound Is Too Taboo followed in 1995, with United Future Organization resurfacing in 1997 with 3rd Perspective. In 2000 the trio returned with the album, Bon Voyage on Instinct.DownloadPassword: tuchinsky.blogspot.comU...
More About: Acid Jazz , Breakbeat
United Future Organization- 3rd Perspective (1997)
2007-11-22 15:26:00
1. His Name Is...2. The Planet Plan3. Friends (We'll Be)4. Spy's Spice (Mon Espionne)5. Fool's Paradise6. Waltz (Le Serpent Rouge)7. Picaresque Eye8. Nica's Dream9. Cosmic Gypsy10. Dice For A Chance11. The Moving Shadows DownloadPassword: tuchinsky.blogspot.comUnited Future Organisation - The Planet Plan
More About: Organization , Acid Jazz , Perspective
Zagar - Szezon Eastern Sugar Soundtrack (2004)
2007-11-21 13:11:00
More About: Sugar , Soundtrack , Trip hop , Eastern , Downtempo
Yellow Jackets- Club Nocturne (1998)
2007-11-20 23:58:00
More About: Jazz , Jackets , Club , Yellow , Nocturne
Vanessa da Mata- Essa Boneca Tem Manual (2004)
2007-11-20 23:51:00
More About: Essa , Vanessa , Vanessa da Mata , Manual
Amp Fiddler - Waltz of a Ghetto Fly (2003)
2007-11-20 21:24:00
Joseph "Amp" Fiddler, originally a keyboardist from Detroit, is a funk and soul musician who has worked with Enchantment, the Dramatics, George Clinton, Moodyman, Jamiroquai, The Brand New Heavies, Fishbone and Maxwell. Along with his brother, Budz, he realsed the album Mr Fiddler in 1990 on Elektra. His debut solo album Waltz of a Ghetto Fly was released in 2004. The new album'Afro Strut' is the follow up to that record and a sign that his assured and open-minded approach to his own sound has engendered a stylistic leap forward, creating in the process a diverse and ambitious second album. As a man who has achieved almost every goal he has set himself, whether it be becoming a multi instrumentalist talent, joining George Clinton's Funk adelic, or developing a base for like minded musical luminaries to collaborate and create, it was always to be expected. 'Waltz...' was more of a vibe, a full stop on a long period of his life to that point and a drawing together of unfinished so...
More About: Soul , Downtempo
Billie Holiday - Remixed & Reimagined
2007-11-20 20:45:00
Remix collections generally either treat the source material as a jumping-off point for wild, barely relevant improvisations, or they present the songs more or less as they've always been, with maybe a new beat and some synthesizer accents. The Billie Holiday remix project Remixed & Reimagined splits the difference. Swingsett & Takuya's album-opening version of "I Hear Music" sets the tone, sounding like an entirely new pop-jazz workout, with Holiday's vocals merely floating through, almost like a sample.The majority of R&R's tracks pull Holiday's recordings apart and interject them into reasonably effective Lounge/electronic music, like a distant transmission causing interference. Nothing here sounds as natural or as heartfelt as Holiday's best work, though it's all?conceptually at least?"cool." 01. I Hear Music (Swingsett & Takuya's Mighty Fine Remix)02. More Than You Know (Jazz eem's Throwback Remix)03. Spreadin' Rhythm Around (King of Lady Bug vs. Lady ...
More About: Electronic , Trip hop , Billie Holiday
Moloko - Thinks To Make And Do (2003)
2007-11-19 21:56:00
Moloko were an Anglo-Irish electronic/dance duo consisting of Róisín Murphy from Wicklow, Republic of Ireland and Mark Brydon, from Sunderland, England.The band's name originates from the novel A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, in which it means either "milk" (the name of a milk drink Alex and his 'droogs' consume, and the Russian word for milk) or "method of narcotic ingestion". (Fellow electronic Sheffield band Heaven 17 had also taken their name from the novel when they formed in 1980.)History of band:Róisín Murphy was born in Dublin, and had no prior professional experience as a singer. Mark Brydon already had an extensive resumé within the dance music community as a remixer and member of pop/house acts House Arrest and Cloud 9. They met at a party in Sheffield, when Murphy approached Brydon using the chat-up line, "Do you like my tight sweater? See how it fits my body!" This line would later become the title of their debut album, recorded while the pair were dating.The ...
More About: Electronic , Moloko , Trip hop , Make
Goldfrapp - Supernature (2005)
2007-11-19 21:38:00
This English electronic duo formed in 1999 consists of singer / songwriter / musician Alison Goldfrapp & musician / producer Will Gregory. Prior to the band, Alison guested as a vocalist/songwriter with the likes of Tricky, Orbital, Peter Gabriel & others.Goldfrapp's 2000 debut album Felt Mountain featured minimalist electronic compositions that consisted of downtempo structures, classical sounding arrangements of strings & light, airy synth's alongside Alison's sleek, soft vocals. The albums that followed, Black Cherry & Supernature, have seen Goldfrapp embracing elements of glam rock, dance & disco music, taking their sound to a wider audience. Usually associated with the electroclash movement, Goldfrapp sometimes recalls 1980s new wave. Listen to samples of this album at LastFMDownloadPassword:
More About: Trip hop
Ashtech - Walking Target (2007)
2007-11-19 21:20:00
1. DNA2. Imaginary World3. Earthforce (feat. Cheshire Cat)4. While The Music Plays5. Essentail Credential (feat. Cheshire Cat)6. R.E.M7. Sun Shines On You8. Individuality9. Walkin Target (feat. Chesire Cat)10. Plain speaking11. Beat Da Drum Gringo (feat. Cheshire Cat)12. Mahayana13. Buzz DubListen to samples of this album at LastFM.DownloadPasswird:
More About: Electronic , Walking
Baby Mammoth - Best Foot Forward (2005)
2007-11-19 15:04:00
More About: Baby , Future Jazz , Foot , Downbeat , Forward
Tripswitch - Circuit Breaker (2005)
2007-11-18 20:34:00
Nick Brennan's musical history is long and varied - he studied piano from the age of 5, dabbled briefly with the trumpet for a year, and moved onto the guitar at the age of 12 which he studied profusely throughout his teens in both classical discipline and rock, blues and jazz improvisation. Having spent the latter half of the eighties playing in everything from punk, rock and even blues and jazz bands, Nick discovered acid house music in 1989 when he started going to the now legendary DiY raves around Nottingham. Seduced by the hazy hedonism and good vibes of those early raves, he moved more and more away from his rock roots, abandoning his guitar for a pair of decks in 1992. His interest in acid house and hardcore was counterbalanced with a new-found love for dub reggae and the psychedelic sound of the Ozric Tentacles, which became his everyday soundtrack for life in 1991-92. Moreover the early days of progressive house and the emerging Frankfurt trance scene had a profound effe...
More About: Breaker , Circuit , Ambient , Downtempo , Witch
Nina Simone - Remixed & Reimagined (2006)
2007-11-18 13:57:00
1. I Can't See Nobody (Daniel Y. Remix) 2. Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter (Jazz eem's All Styles Remix) 3. Ain't Got No - I Got Life (Groovefinder Remix) 4. Save Me (Coldcut Remix) 5. Turn Me On (Tony Humphries Got U Turned On Dub)6. Here Comes The Sun (Francois K. Remix) 7. Westwind (Organice Remix) 8. Go To Hell (Mowo Remix) 9. My Man's Gone Now (DJ Wally Remix) 10. The Look Of Love (Madison Park Vs. Lenny B Remix) 11. O-O-H Child (Nickodemus Remix) 12. To Love Somebody (Chris Coco's Stadium Rocker Remix) 13. Obeah Woman (DJ Logic Remix) 14. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free (Ralphi Rosario & Craig J. Rival Vox Remix) (Bonus Track) Download Password:
More About: Electronic , Downtempo , Nina , Mixe
VA - Loungerone III Nu Jazz Compilation ( 2007)
2007-11-18 13:27:00
01 - Senor Verde - In The Moment (4:26) 02 - Club Des Belugas - Early Daiquiris (5:24) 03 - Senor Coconut - Smoke On The Water (4:45) 04 - Llorca - I Cry (Original Mix) (5:58) 05 - The Dining Rooms - Mais (Nu-Folk Mix) (4:39) 06 - Paolo Fedreghini - Please Don't Leave (The Essential Mix) (5:57) 07 - Victor Davies - Runaway Train (Waboo remix) (5:34) 08 - Kraft, Rosenbaum & Hackl - Soundosophy (Ras Remix) (5:39) 09 - Club Des Belugas - Faute De Mieux (5:32) 10 - BitterSweet - Bittersweet Faith (Thievery Corporation Remix) (3:58) 11 - Coco Steel && Lovebomb - Yachts (A Man Called Adam Mix) (5:56) 12 - Propellerheads - Crash! (6:54) 13 - Yma Sumac - Gopher Mambo (from Cha Cha De Amor) (2:17) 14 - Ursula 1000 - Arrastao (3:36) 15 - Elisabeth Kontomanou - Sunny (5:40) Parte1Parte2Password:
More About: Jazz , Lounge , Trip hop , Compilation , Acid Jazz
VA - Loungerone II Nu Jazz Compilation ( 2007)
2007-11-18 13:13:00
01. Fiest - One Evening (3:35) 02. Sebastian Studnitzky Quartette - Acid Juice (5:38) 03. Zofka - Un, Deux, Trois (4:12) 04. Jazz amor - Childhood Dreams (4:00) 05. De-Phazz - Depression Royale (2:36) 06. Garik Sukacheff - There's A Place, I beleive (4:20) 07. Lena Horne - I Want A Little Doggie (4:00) 08. Parov Stelar - Kisskiss (5:21) 09. Metropolitan Jazz Affair - Yunowhathislifeez (Motor City Mix) (4:35) 10. Gabin - Midnight Cafe (5:33) 11. Parov Stelar - Wanna Get (Original Version) (5:13) 12. Khan - Say Goodbye (5:19) 13. Sepia - Last Tango In Paris (5:34) 14. Larry Schneider - Tom's Dinner (3:47) 15. Koop - Tonight (Nicola Conte New Jazz Version) (5:59) 16. Ursula 1000 - Ford Capri 2 (Ursula 1000 Mix) (5:24) 17. Variety Lab - London In The Rain (3:23)Parte1Parte2Password:
More About: Lounge , Trip hop , Compilation , Acid Jazz
Portishead - Trip-hop Reconstructions
2007-11-15 23:41:00
1. "Sour Sour Times" 2. "Numbed in Moscow" 3. "A Tribute to Monk & Canatella" 4. "Numb Retry" 5. "Lot More" 6. "Theme from 'To Kill a Dead Man'" 7. "Airbus Reconstruction" 8. "Revenge of the Number" 9. "Sheared Times" 10. "Glory Box (Mudflap Mix)" 11. "Scorn" 12. "Sheared Box" 13. "Toy Box" 14. "Wandering Star (live)" 15. "Interlude (live)" 16. "Mourning Air (War Child)"Nota : Bootleg album of the Bristol-based group Portishead DownloadPassword:
More About: Trip-Hop , Trip , Trip hop
Stereophonics - Pull The Pin (2007)
2007-11-15 23:38:00
01. Soldiers Make Good Targets02. Pass The Buck03. It Means Nothing04. Bank Holiday Monday05. Daisy Lane06. Stone07. My Friends08. I Could Lose Ya09. Bright Red Star10. Lady Luck11. Crush12. DrowningDownloadPassword:
More About: Stereophonics , Pull , Stere
VA- Monte La Rue presents Deluxe 3 (2005)
2007-11-15 12:38:00
From Deluxe with love. But don't be fooled. On this Disque Deluxe release 007, Monte La Rue has a License to Lounge and is not afraid to use it. So just sit back and enjoy this director's cut?The Deluxe series continues to bring the most easeful and laid back tracks around, carefully selected by lifestyle authority; Monte La Rue.So cool, so cruel. Deluxe 3 has lined up a storyboard of the finest musical scenes around where each track sheds new light on this intriguing venture.Right from the opening titles of 'Midnight Slow', the plot thickens when Lo Greco Bros and Martin kick in. Followed in a lush chase by Chris Joss and Faberg? only to relax for a few intimate moments with Cinque Cento and Tosca. Then fierce motion continues with Kraak & Smaak and Urbs, only to be caught up in the final score by the dusky blues of Boozoo Bajou. And as the credits roll with Minus 8, the listener is bond to his chaise lounge. And if all of this wouldn't be enough; we have wrapped Deluxe 3 ...
More About: Presents , Lo-Fi , Resent
Zimpala - Honeymoon
2007-11-14 23:37:00
Fancy a Boogie with ZIMPALA !2006, ?Honeymoon ?. Still directed by DJ BNX, whose choice of the remixers was crucial, the preparation of the album took place in a more structured way. In the first place, Zimpala realized that Noémie was to be The Voice...2000, 2003, 2006. The least that can be said is that the reproduction cycle of Zimpala is set on quite a regular basis. And finally, the last born is arrived. Three years after ?The Breeze is Black?, ?Honeymoon? is having quite an impact on the evolution of the Bordeaux Collective, which has more or less turned into a ?band? lately. But let?s trace back their out-of-the-ordinary and smart career?2000, ?Almaviva?. First piece of work under the banner of Platinum Records. Frédéric Beneix (alias DJ BNX) gathered some of the Bordeaux Electro Scene new talents. Founder and co-producer of the project, DJ BNX, already known as the label manager of FANTOMAS, embodied, as well as for the two following albums, the role of the determinant Art Di...
More About: Electronic , Jazz
VA - A Story Of Jazz Modern Notes (2007)
2007-11-14 23:20:00
1. us3 ft rahsaan and gerard presencer - cantaloop 4:392. dj madlib - stepping into tomorrow 7:39 3. horace silver - won't you open up your senses 3:49 4. marc moulin - silver 6:065. nicola conte - kind of sunshine 5:396. medesky martin & wood - anonymous skulls 4:21 7. soulive ft black thought of the roots - romantic 5:20 8. jason moran - planet rock 9:099. angela mccluskey - don't explain 5:55 10. raul midon - devil may care 2:57 11. john scofield - message to my friend 6:07 12. lou rawls - the girl from ipanema 3:48 Download Password:
More About: Jazz , Story , Notes , Modern
Marcus Johnson - The Phoenix (2007)
2007-11-13 20:00:00
It all began in 1996, when the Ohio native was pursuing both his MBA and Juris Doctorate degrees at Georgetown University . Fresh out of Howard University and ready to balance the creative and the practical with purpose, he had big dreams of releasing his own debut contemporary jazz album entitled Lessons in Love , an enigmatic masterpiece showcasing Johnson 's flair for the piano. Armed with both the moral and financial support of his doting sister, he was able to release Lessons in Love, as well as launch his career as a contemporary jazz artist. In 1997, the multi-talented pianist released his sophomore album, Inter Alia . In the Kemp Mill Music retail chain, this CD outsold the Titanic soundtrack in the first two weeks after its release. This led to Johnson signing a deal with N2K Encoded Music. N2K took Inter Alia and renamed it Chocolate City Groovin' . When N2K was sold, Johnson was able to reclaim his rights to his masters and, again, started releasing CDs under the Marimel...
More About: Phoenix , Smooth jazz , Contemporary Jazz
Medeski Martin and Wood - End of the World Party (Just in Case) (2004)
2007-11-13 19:47:00
Medeski Martin & Wood , or MMW, is a jazz trio originally formed in 1991, consisting of John Medeski on keyboards, Billy Martin on drums and percussion, and Chris Wood on double bass and bass guitar.Medeski Martin & Wood was initially a straightforward acoustic jazz trio, but Medeski quickly added a Hammond organ when the difficulties of touring with a piano became apparent. This more soul jazz oriented direction led to the incorporation of other musical genres, including funk, hip hop, trip hop and free jazz. Medeski has also utilized a number of different keyboard instruments, such as a mellotron, a melodica, and a clavinet, among others.With each successive album, Medeski Martin & Wood have become harder to pin down. Having long ago transcended their soulful organ-groove basics to enter a more expansive world of snappy beats and backbeats, eerie atmospheric effects, post-lounge riffing, and the occasional jazz overture, they occupy their own category.They have also wor...
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