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King Crimson Songbook- King Crimson Songbook, Vol. 1 (2005)
2007-11-13 14:04:00
More About: Jazz , King , King Crimson , Songbook , Rims
Air - Premiers Symptômes [1999]
2007-11-12 21:30:00
The French band Air is a duo consisting of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel. They went to school in Versailles (Lycée Jules Ferry) before forming the band in 1995. Their critically acclaimed first album Premier s symptômes was followed by the release of Moon Safari, The Virgin Suicides (soundtrack), 10,000hz Legend, and Talkie Walkie. In 2007, Air released the album Pocket Symphony.Although Air's music is often referred to as electronica or trip-hop and is often found in such bins in record stores, their form of electronic music actually owes more to the synthesizer sounds of the 1970s such as Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis. Other influences that are more readily apparent than house and techno are psychedelic rock pioneers Pink Floyd and krautrockers Tangerine Dream (although there are some echoes of dance music styles in the production). Another influence is French crooner Serge Gainsbourg. Air's music also has jazz inflections at times, and their ability to improvise is more...
More About: Trip hop , Downtempo , Remi
Zagar - Local Broadcast (2003)
2007-11-12 21:18:00
?agar is at their best when melting rock, electronica and contemporary dance music while adding an extra zest with a touch of hiphop.The resulting sound is strongly based on the determining features groove, atmospheric mood and sound clips from the psychedelic era of the late 60´s.But ?agar wouldn?t be ?agar if they didn?t leave sufficient time and space for a more than convincing display of their improvisational talents. Apart from ?agar himself, the two other band members (Andor Kovács/guitar and DJ Bootsie/Scratch) have considerably contributed to the wide cult-like reputation of Yonderboi as a top live performing artist by backing him at more than 160 live gigs all around the continent.Their first album the "Local Broadcast " was released in 2002 in Hungary by UCMG/Ugar records and in 2003 in Austria by Universal Jazz. This album has received warm welcome abroad by professionals and collectors alike. The album was selected for the chart of the 50 all time?s most impo...
More About: Electronic , Fusion , Trip hop
VA - Bossa A La Mode Quatro (2006)
2007-11-12 20:57:00
The Bossa A La Mode series by Rambling has carved out a nice little niche in the popular electronica inspired by Brazilian music genre. Compilations like Brazilectro, Break & Bossa, Bossa House & Breaks, Nova Latino, Sister Bossa, Glucklich, Brazilian Love Affair and Brazilution are but a few of the other successful franchises, each catering (for the most part) to a different market. Bossa A La Mode fits in closer to the mold of the Bossa House & Breaks series and shares several similarities - most notably that both hail from Japan. There really is a difference to the approach. The first three volumes were good, had some real gems and rare songs you wouldn't find on other compilations. This one's hardly any different.Marathonians - "Toi Et Le Soleil"Style Up - A Cup Of TeaBatuk - Bossa Menina Jazzamor - Song For MaggieBob Dusi & Banda Charanga - Meu Brasil Gira Mundo with Ann Sally - Crocodile TearsRodrigo Sanchez feat Nidia Ortiz - Como Siempre SuenoBuscemi - Bras...
More About: Nu jazz , Broken Beat , Quat
Zimpala - Pas meme le cri d'un oiseau
2007-11-12 20:43:00
Dj BNX & ANT ONE's Zimpala outfit come up with a funky track.. This tune is basically in the same vein as their well acclaimed Can't Fall Asleep single.. The A2 is a remix by electronica wizzkid Kettel. and 2 stunning Jimpster rmxs on the flip. A1 Original Mix A2 Kettel remix B1 Jimpster House Mix B2 Jimpster House Instrumental More about Zimpala at LastFMSamples of Zimpala at LastFMDownload Password:
More About: Meme , Electronic , Dance , Broken Beat
Planet Jazz - Flying New World (1996)
2007-11-12 20:26:00
1. Flying New World 2. OV3. Dance the U.I.F.4. Yellow Agents5. Monsters!! ?6. XX27. Sun - TomParte1Parte2Password:
More About: Jazz , Planet , New World
Jafrosax- Jafrosax Vol. 4 (2007)
2007-11-12 15:00:00
More About: Jazz
Tom Tyler - Forward Going Backward (2004)
2007-11-11 14:55:00
01.Drinking Tea From An Empty Cup (5:14) Double Bass, Tambura, Tabla - Max Brennan 02.Daylight Robbed Her (4:26) 03.Moemarer (2:18) 04.Siolim (8:08) Drums - Adrian Meehan, Sitar [Electric], Acoustic Guitar - Lee Russell, Violin - Teowa Vuong05.Snowball Go Green (3:36) 06.The Crippled Diode (6:00) Bass, Guitar - James McKechan,Congas - Mike Hazell* 07.In Silico (1:49) 08.Give It A Name (4:11) Drums, Guitar [Pedal Steel] - Lee Russell09.Backspace Altercation (5:19) Drums - Adrian Meehan 10.No Dice (5:42) Violin - Teowa VuongListen to samples of this album at: Last FMParte1Parte2Password:
More About: Tyler , Trip hop , Downtempo , Going , Forward
Baby Mammoth - Ockto Muck (2003)
2007-11-10 13:33:00
1. Finale 2. Blind Date 3. Reverse 4. Sumburn 5. Big Show 6. Swing Bussines 7. Nude Tune 8. Do I Move You ? 9. Seven Years 10. Lady Cod Driver Download Password:
More About: Baby , Electronic , Trip hop , Future Jazz
Baby Mammoth - Swimming
2007-11-10 13:13:00
Mark Blissenden and Andrew Burdall are the force behind the acid jazzy downtempo duo Baby Mammoth. The two share an appreciation for Deep House. They connected and started writing music together in 1994.Amidst heavy competition, Baby Mammoth is the Pork label's most prolific act, packing in five full LPs of blunted instrumental hip-hop between their debut in late 1996 and the end of the decade. Like other Pork acts Fila Brazillia and Solid Doctor, the duo of Mark Blissenden and Andrew Burdall specialize in earthy breaks and ambient atmospheres, more slanted to the instrumental edge of acid jazz than other producer-based trip-hop acts. The pair first met Pork label-head Dave Brennand and associate Steve Cobby (aka Fila Brazillia) at a club in Hull, where both band and label are based. The relationship blossomed with the release of Baby Mammoth's debut, 10,000 Years Beneath the Street, in 1996. Blissenden and Burdall then released two albums the following year (as well as an EP and ...
More About: Swimming , Electronic , Trip hop , Future Jazz
Rodney Hunter - Hunter Files (2004)
2007-11-09 20:49:00
G-Stone is the label of Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister (Kruder & Dorfmeister), and its releases are few, far between, and all listenable. This is no exception. Wherever they found Rodney Hunter , bless those nutty Austrians for doing so. Rodney Hunter is a crisp, slack plate of tasty cuts that connects between the elegant trip-hop and acid jazz of Kruder & Dorfmeister and the chilled sounds of artists on Naked Music or Compost labels. Delicious synth-bass, echo effects on vocal samples, bits of dub, and syncopated beats, and just an overall balanced layer-cake of soultronic sounds. Check out the dubwise Find It, the lush Is This Your Body, the dance floor configured Electric Lady, and supaheadnoddin' Work That Body. And the highlight for me in Hunter's You're Not Alone is hearing an extrapolation of Herbie Hancock's Butterfly.1. Intro2. Electric Lady3. Work That Body4. Let Your Soul Guide Your Heart5. Quero Saber6. There´s A Reason7. Take A Ride8. Take A Ride pt...
More About: House , Funk , Trip hop , Files
Touch and Go - I find you very attractive (1999)
2007-11-09 19:41:00
Touch and Go is an acid jazz ensemble. The most notable singles that they recorded include 'Would You...?', 'Straight... to Number One' and 'Tango in Harlem'. In October 1998 'Would you...?', a track marked by its distinctive sampling of a woman's voice saying 'I've noticed you around / I find you very attractive', reached the #3 spot on the UK pop music chart. It became a hit in Europe, particularly in Eastern Europe where the ensemble toured extensively. 'Would You...?' has been included on such television show soundtracks as the American G String DivasAs If. The track has also been sampled for San Pellegrino, Carlsberg and Nokia advertisements. 'Straight... to Number One' was also featured in some advertisements, including one for Apple Computer's iTunes. The song was also featured in the first season of the American version of Queer As Folk.1 Straight To...Number One 2 Big Beat 3 Ecoutez, Repetez4 Would You... 5 So Hot6 Mein Freund Harvey (Sugar Daddy) 7 Tango I...
More About: Jazz , Funk , Find , Touch , Attractive
9th Cloud - Delicate Sound (2007)
2007-11-08 21:26:00
1 Jazz Followers 3:49 2 Into Their Minds 5:23 3 Second Sight 4:33 4 Having Fun With Your Mouth (feat. PHM) 3:49 5 Fresh Style One 3:58 6 La repetition Du Cycle 2:26 7 F*ck!ng Square Deal 3:48 8 Cloud One 3:359 International Business Morphing 0:49 10 Bancalism 3:19 11 La Fin Du Silence 7:06 12 Benem Histoire (Une Autre Histoire) (feat. Dios) 3:45 13 Vodka Lemon In Dubrovnic 3:36 Listen to samples of this album on: LastFMDownload Password:
More About: Electronic , Sound , Trip hop , Delicate
Herbie Hancock - Inventions & Dimensions
2007-11-08 20:58:00
1. Succotash 2. Triangle 3. Jack Rabbit 4. Mimosa 5. A Jump Ahead 6. Mimosa (Alternate Take)DownloadPassword:
More About: Inventions , Jazz , Herbie Hancock , Herbie , Dime
Wolf Myer Orchestra & Parov Stelar - Femme Fatale (2006)
2007-11-08 12:04:00
More About: Downtempo , Myer , Wolf , Nu jazz , Femme
VA - The Finest Dinner Jazz Collection
2007-11-07 22:06:00
1. Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington - I?M Just A Lucky So And So (03:09) 2. Miles Davis - Dear Old Stockholm (04:12) 3. Dinah Washington - The Blues Ain?T Nothin? But A Woman Cryin? For Her Man (03:45) 4. Ike Quebec - Easy Living (05:01) 5. Herbie Hancock - Driftin? (06:56) 6. Wes Montgomery - Stranger In Paradise (07:29) 7. Peggy Lee - You?Re Getting To Be A Habit With Me (02:42) 8. Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Moanin? (09:34) 9. Art Pepper - Stompin? At The Savoy (05:06) 10. Lou Rawls & Les McCan - (They Call It) Stormy Monday (03:45) 11. Y Menuhin/S Grappelli & Alan Clare Trio - These Foolish Things (04:23) 12. George Shearing With Nancy Wilson - On Green Dolphin Street (02:23) 13. Jimmy Smith - I Didn?T Know What Time It Was (Too Many Girls) (06:25) 14. Sarah Vaughan - Ev?Ry Time We Say Goodbye (04:58 ) 15. Grant Green - Lazy Afternoon (07:43)DownloadPassword:
More About: Dinner , Smooth jazz , Finest
Jazztronik - Love Tribe (2007)
2007-11-07 21:59:00
More About: Love , Acid Jazz , Tribe
Coffee Time Jazz (Jazz Club)
2007-11-07 21:12:00
01. Ella Fitzgerald - Black Coffee 02. Noro Morales - Isla Verde03. Paul Desmond - El Condor Pasa04. Lalo Schifrin - Rapaz De Bem05. Joe Henderson - Boto06. Les McCann - Guantanamera07. Cal Tjader - It Didn't End08. Kenyon Hopkins - Hard Latin09. The Baja Marimba Band - Flyin' High10. Chico O'Farrill - A Man And A Woman11. Luiz Henrique - A Trip To Brazil12. Walter Wanderley - Amazonas13. Luiz Henrique - Barra Limpa14. El Chicano - Senor Blues15. Daniel Salinas - Baiao16. Ramsey Lewis Trio - Bold And Black17. Shirley Scott - Blue Bongo18. Minnie Riperton - I Am The Black Gold Of The SunDownloadPassword:
More About: Jazz , Time , Club , Smooth jazz
Adani and Wolf - Les Seigneurs (2005)
2007-11-06 21:38:00
Adani & Wolf are Roberto Adani and Daniel Wolf, the producers behind the indie success story of Praful's 'One Day Deep' album and the latest album of Praful 'Pyramid in your backyard'. The duo came together in the late 90s to launch Project 2000, an award-winning drum & bass-crossover band whose music was used on TV and films in the UK and US and since then perfected and widened their sound in the studio. On their self-titled album Adani & Wolf, delve deep into the heritage of South European and Latin American music: Playful yet soulful grooves with Brazilian lyrics, Spanish guitars, uptempo Bossa swirls and 'suspens themes'. An atmosphere that reminds the listener of those romantic late 60s black & white French and Italian movies. The album features legendary guitarist Ernest Ranglin who played with Bob Marley and St Germain. The voice and tenor sax of Praful himself, and the beautiful voices of British female singer Billie Godfrey (Sting, Mister Hermano) an...
More About: Electronic , Funk , Chill , Nu jazz
Daft Punk - Alive (Deluxe Edition) (2007)
2007-11-06 12:19:00
01. robot rock / oh yeah02. touch it / technologic03. television rules the nation / crescendolls04. too long / crescendolls / high life05. too long / steam machine06. around the world / harder better faster stronger07. burnin / too long08. face to face / short circuit09. one more time / aerodynamic10. the brainwasher / the primetime of your life steam11. da funk / daftendirekt12. superheroes / human after all / rock?n'rollMirror1Mirror2Mirror3Mirror4Mi rror5Password:
More About: Punk , Deluxe , Daft , Alive , Daft Punk
Supperclub presents: Lounge 1
2007-11-05 21:37:00
la salleneige CD101 homegrown - parchmentplanet02 thediningrooms - m.dupont03 yonderboi - almostsweet04 gßbordeutsch - leiladoo05 tosca - suzuki06 de - phazz - nojive07 kruder&dorfmeister - highnoon08 thieverycorporation - focusonsight09 aim - coldwatermusic10 kingkooba - feelthecolour11 kidloco - relaxinwithcherry12 lemongrass - nightingalesle barrouge CD201 marcel - ebredes02 cpen - liquidsteps03 tom&joyce - vaiminhatristeza04 classencollective - closetogreatness05 losladrones - laslucesdelnorte06 fazeaction - samba07 nickholder - dasambafrique08 yonderboi - padabam09 a:xus feat.naomi:baghdadcafe - callinu10 bethorton - centralreservation11 geb.el - lovefromthesun12 animasoundsystem - 68 Parte1Parte2Password:
More About: Presents , Lounge , Resent
Múm - Finally We Are No One (2005)
2007-11-05 15:42:00
1 Sleep/Swim (0:50) 2 Green Grass Of Tunnel (4:51) 3 We Have A Map Of The Piano (5:19) 4 Don't Be Afraid,You Have Just Got Your Eyes Closed (5:43) 5 Behind Two Hills,,,,A Swimming Pool (1:08)6 K/Half Noise (8:41) 7 Now There's That Fear Again (3:56) 8 Faraway Swimmingpool (2:55) 9 I Can't Feel My Hand Anymore, It's Alright, Sleep Still (5:40) 10 Finally We Are No One (5:07) 11 The Land Between Solar Systems (11:58) DownloadPassword:
More About: Electronic
Herbie Hancock - Man-Child (2000)
2007-11-05 15:39:00
01.Hang Up You Hang Ups 02.Sun Touch 03.The Traitor 04.Bubbles 05.Steppin' In It 06.HeartbeatDownloadPassword:
More About: Jazz , Funk , Child , Herbie Hancock , Herbie
Fujiya & Miyagi - Electro Karaoke In The Negative Style (2002)
2007-11-05 12:19:00
More About: Electronic , Karaoke , Style , Electro , Negative
Saw IV - Soundtrack OST (2007)
2007-11-04 14:19:00
Original Sondtrack of Saw IV / Saw 4 Duration: 1h 16m 04s (123 MB)1. Nitzer Ebb - Bayroll (John 0 Mix) - 2:57 2. Saosin - Collapse - 3:17 3. Drowning Pool - Shame - 3:11 4. Sixx A.M - Tomorrow - 4:06 5. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Misery Loves It's Company - 3:16 6. Avenged Sevenfold - Eternal Rest - 5:13 7. Ministry - Life Is Good - 4:17 8. Everytime I Die - We're Wolf - 3:26 9. Soulidium - Trapped - 3:37 10. Submersed - Better Think Again - 4:18 11. From Autumn To Ashes - On The Offensive - 3:44 12. Skinny Puppy - Spasmolythic Deftones Remix (Habitual Mix) - 4:32 13. Dope Stars Inc - Beatcrusher - 3:34 14. Emilie Autumn - Dead Is The New Alive - 5:09 15. Oxygen - Do You Want To Play A Game - 3:28 16. The Human Abstract - Crossing The Rubi...
More About: Soundtrack
International Observer - Heard (2007)
2007-11-04 13:41:00
The perpetrator of the International Observer experience is keyboardist, songwriter and producer Tom Bailey. Following the extraordinary success of his post-punk synth-pop group The Thompson Twins, production and writing work for the likes of Deborah Harry, and the ambient techno of his Babble project, Tom Bailey was lured to the exotic climes of Aotearoa/New Zealand. New Zealand culture has a long history of appreciation for reggae and dub, along with more recent blends like hip hop. this, along with NZ's balmy climes, created the perfect inspiration for Tom's exploration of the dub artform he had deeply loved since the seething post-punk infatuation of the music in the late 70s. together with sparring partner Rakai, Tom initiated International Observer, a sound system that quietly infiltrated various Auckland events over years, creating a legendary reputation for marathon five-hour sets of exquisitely-crafted slo-mo dubscapes. Early in 2002, having amassed enough material ...
More About: Electronic , Serve
Jazzmine Presents The Finest World Beats 4 : London
2007-11-03 22:53:00
the Jazzmine collection is a world tour through the most exciting cities and regions in an urban and stylish musical expression. The Jazzmine's 12 stops are: Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, London , Tibet, Milan, Andaluzia, Africa, Paris, Ibiza, Arabia and Tokyo.London today, is one of the world's leading business, financial and cutural centers with global influence in politics, education, entertainment, media, fashion and the arts, all of which contribute to its status as one of the major cities on the globe. London is probably the most cosmopolitan of European cities, having a population drawn from a wide range of peoples, cultures and religions and speaking over 300 different languages.For all of the above, it's a melting pot of music. So, it was not easy to choose only one genre for this album, however, we decided to focus on the the city's Nu Soul , a multi-cultural style that somehow reflects the cosmopolitan spirit from the city of Big Ben. This is the 4th volume of t...
More About: World , Presents , Beats
Ikon - Signs (2007)
2007-11-03 22:47:00
"Signs " is the first single release from the second Ikon album, based around the production talents of Elliot Ireland, Alex Rizzo (Skeewiff) and Trevor Mac. The remixes on the single take a couple of different routes. On the house tip there is a mix from Kid Massive who drops a deep tribal house mix. For the Jalapeno funk faithful there are mixes from Austrians Ed Royal & Enne who deliver a downtempo horn rich funker while Germany's Torpedo Boyz drop an energetic funk/breaks mix that uses the hook from the original with hot new instrumentation. 01. No Reason To Stay (Vocals by Dee Ellington) 02. Dirty Girl (Vocals by Ian Britt) 03. Signs (Vocals by Jayn Hanna) 04. Salvador 05. Retangle 06. Out Of Our Hands (Vocals & Guitar by Ian Britt) 07. Kill Tremolo (Vocals by Swati Natekar) 08. Breaking (Vocals by Dee Ellington) 09. Shimmer 10. Time Is Running Out (Vocals by Kirsty Hawkshaw) Download Password:
More About: Lo-Fi
Ralph Lawson - Ralph Lawson's 2020 Vision (2007)
2007-11-03 01:23:00
20:20 Vision boss Ralph Lawson mixes up the label's recent releases on his latest compilation. 'Ralph Lawson's 2020Vision' arrives next month. 20:20 Vision sprung to life in the mid-nineties in a studio-cum-farmhouse outside of Leeds. The early sound of the label looked to Detroit and Chicago, while more recently the label has taken a more tech house approach with homegrown English talent, even scoring one of the biggest underground hits of 2006 with Paul Woolford's 'Erotic Discourse'. 'Ralph Lawson's 2020Vision' is a single CD mix that includes recent 20:20 Vision highlights from local-boys-made-good Simon Baker, Paul Woolford, Burnski and Audiojack. International signings on the compilation include Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy, The Youngsters and Spirit Catcher.01. Art Of Tones - Praise 02. Nick Chacona - Tonka 03. Burnski - Nosebonker 04. Burnski - Pop3 05. Audiojack - Enter The Drum 06. Paul Woolford aka Bobby Peru - Erotic Discourse 07. Paul Woolford aka Bobby P...
More About: Techno , Minimal
Dalminjo - One Day You'll Dance For Me Tokyo (2007)
2007-11-02 14:20:00
Dalminjo is 24 year old norwegian, Ole Roar Granli. He's been producing music since he was 13 years old and signed his Dalminjo alias to Swedish based Deeplay Music in 2001 after recording under the ORG Lounge alias on US label Water Music Records and some drum'n'bass fame and glory on LTJ Bukem's Good Looking Records. The Dalminjo project was all about deep, latinperc, jazzy house which the debut EP, "Solitude Jazz", states perfectly. It was soon followed up by the first single from his forthcoming album, "Bossa Note", with a stunning deep remix from JASK (Defected, Soul Furic, Large) that drew acknowledgment from big names such as Dimitri From Paris, SUMO, Danny Krivit, Nik Weston..etc. Just before the Fjord Fusioneer album dropped in late 2003, "And She Said" (originaly featured on the Solitude Jazz EP), was released after popular demand from dj's around the world as an 12" single with remixes from Terry Lee Brown JR and labelmates Physics. Then in november 2003 it was time ...
More About: Dance , Tokyo , Chill , Nu jazz
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