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Five Absolutely Great Metal Covers
2008-05-14 17:24:00
Yesterday I just came across with a metal cover of Ricky Martin’s Livin La Vida Loca. It was pretty good, so I decided to search few more. Here are five good metal covers I found in YouTube. For sure there are a lot more, but I didn’t spend more than half an hour. If you ...
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One of the Old Jokes: Nightwish Wishmaster - Misheard Lyrics
2008-05-06 00:59:00
Yeah, I know. This is nothing new and you might have seen it thousand times. Anyhow, the video just happens to be simply funny, so I decided to post it in this blog. It is basically a video of Nightwish playing Wishmaster with misheard lyrics. I have always had problems with understanding the lyrics of Nightwish, ...
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April 2008 Poll Results - Music That Makes Me Sick?
2008-05-04 01:46:00
I’ve got interesting results from our April poll in which we asked our readers which music makes you feel sick. We had various choices, such as rap, alternative, country, jazz and even rock and metal. We received 135 votes in total which is small but decent sample. It is interesting to see the results. In ...
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Reminder - April Giveaway Campaign Soon Over!
2008-04-28 22:51:00
Hey there, this is a reminder. Our April free giveaway campaign is soon going to be over. In April we are giving away Children of Bodom’s latest album “Blooddrunk”. Would you like to win that album for yourself? Would you like to win something else next month? Metal-Music-Videos.Com gives away valuable stuff every month. Subscribe ...
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One Way To Take It Relaxed - Couple of Glasses of Whiskey and a Christian W
2008-04-21 15:16:00
It has been busy lately. You might have noticed that I haven’t written much lately. The reason is just that I’ve been working like an animal. Time is limited and I have been forced to reduce my blogging pace. I hope this stress peak is soon over so that I can get back to my ...
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10 Reasons Why You Don?t Like Metal - And Why You Should
2008-04-10 16:24:00
Sorry for tis blogging hiatus. It has been damn busy at work lately. Anyhow, here we go again.. I discovered this post from Metal Martyr.Com who again found the original source in Zeozombie.Com. I am going to do the same as Scott of MetalMartyr.Com and I let you to read the whole post in its original source. ...
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Slipknot is Changing Their Masks to Easter Island Style
2008-04-07 01:59:00
American band Slipknot has announced that they are going to change their masks. The band has released a picture giving a hint of the new masks that will be published first time in Rockstar Energy Mayhem festival in July 9th. in Seattle. New masks of Slipknot are pretty big and remind Moai of Ploynesian island ...
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AXL ROSE?s ?Chinese Democracy? Coming Soon?
2008-04-04 13:26:00
Planet Gossip says “Axl Rose & Co. have recently been letting people, music industry honchos, tastemakers and so forth, listen to six new tracks, according to a music executive who has heard the songs“. They say Axl’s voice sounds great and exactly the same as years ago. They don’t provide an release dates, but ...
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March 2008 Question Results - People Love Metalcore!
2008-04-02 15:54:00
In March 2008 we asked “What Do You Think of Metalcore?”. According to the results most people love metalcore. I expected higher resistance to metalcore, so this time our poll was surprising for me. The choices in the poll were: * Wow! I love metalcore! * It’s ok, just music as any other genre. * Metalcore sucks! * What ...
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How About Some Grunge? - Review of Nirvana Nevermind DVD
2008-03-26 22:07:00
It is the early 1990’s. Thrash metal is literally dead and grunge hysteria is growing from Seattle. A band called Nirvana is blasting out from every kid’s ghettoblaster, including mine. I am one of the last Mohicans of thrash metal in my high school, but I’m also turning my head towards grunge. There something raw, ...
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April 2008 Giveaway Set - Latest Album Blooddrunk from Children Of Bodom
2008-03-20 15:10:00
We have set the new give-away for our monthly contest. In the end of April 2008 we are giving away the latest album of Children of Bodom, Blooddrunk. Finnish death metal band Children of Bodom is going to release their new album in April 15th. Children of Bodom has become one of the best known ...
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Interesting New Issue of Soundi Music Magazine
2008-03-20 00:19:00
Yesterday I said my day previous day was a bad one. It was nothing compared to this day. Man, I behave like a 13-years old metalhead.. Well, life is life. I should not talk about my personal things in this blog. Today I received the latest issue of Soundi, a Finnish music magazine. A quick ...
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And The Winner of February 2008 Free Give-Away Contest is..
2008-03-14 13:37:00
Yeah, I know. You guys must have been thinking that the monthly free give-away contest of this blog is just a scam. Well, it is not. As I mentioned earlier, I have been sick and unable to work and write blogs. Finally I felt better and decided to record the drawing of the contest winner, ...
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Lap Guitar Master Jeff Healey Has Died
2008-03-06 12:26:00
Please notice that this is an off-topic post. This is not about metal music, but because the author is a fan of Jeff Healey, this short article was decided to be published. Canadian rock- and blues-guitarist Jeff Healey died in March 2nd 2008 in Toronto. 41 years old Jeff Healey suffered from cancer and passed away ...
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February 2008 Question Results - Mosh Pits Should Not Be Banned!
2008-03-06 00:44:00
We finally received some snow here in Finland. I was planning to go skiing but I found myself lying on my bed. I’m sick. I’m not feeling good with my stomach. This sucks.. Anyhow, I hate when there is nothing to do. I need to write my blogs but I cannot even think clear. I take ...
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Apocalyptica Interview - Apocalyptica?s Eicca and Mikko Interviewed by Some
2008-02-14 00:55:00
Apocalyptica is so great band that I must continue from yesterday’s article Go Apocalyptica Go! Today I came across with an interview of Apocalyptica. In fact Apocalyptica’s Eicca and Mikko are interviewed by someone in this video, not by me. I have no idea who is the interviewer and where this has been published, but ...
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Megadeth?s Dave Mustaine Interviewed After Their Concert in Helsinki in Fin
2008-02-09 00:54:00
Megadeth played in Helsinki in Finland just few days ago. During their stay in Helsinki Dave Mustaine was interviewed by Finnish music reporter. In this 17 minutes long video Dave Mustaine praises Finland and talks about the TV series “24“, charity, Megadeth’s lineup changes, Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin, etc. In Helsinki Megadeth played with new ...
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Who Would You Like To Be for One Day - Trading Places With Metallers
2008-02-08 00:30:00
Scott from MetalMartyr wrote a nice post of Trading Places With Metal Faces. Instead of listing the metal faces Scott would like to trade places with, he lists the faces he would NOT trade. Before reading more than the first few lines of Scott’s post, I thought about Sebastian Bach from Skid Row and Lars ...
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What Would You Do If You Lost Your Hair?
2008-01-29 14:23:00
Scott asked “what would you do if you lost your hearing”. It’s a good question. I think I would live with it, but becoming blind would definitely be my nightmare. Anyhow, loosing my hearing would be frustrating because I would not be able to enjoy music anymore. Life would become pretty quiet. Sounds scary, but.. WHAT ...
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5 More Best Albums Of Metal and Rock Bands
2008-01-26 09:24:00
Few days ago I wrote about the best Metal lica album of all time. Now also Scott Wharton has written about the best albums of metal bands in his MetalMartyr blog. Scott names the albums of well-known bands and says few words about each album he prefers. Scott has named few real diamonds, such as Iron ...
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Two Completely Different Ways to Spend Friday Evening - Headbanger and His
2008-01-25 22:28:00
I and my wife are from different planets. I am from planet Metal and she is from planet KidsClothing. In my planet we live with music and are surrounded by people like Phil Anselmo and Henry Rollins. In her planet they live with the Internet and are surrounded by kid’s clothing. We are very different ...
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Metal-Music-Videos.Com Developing - New Theme With Higher Usability
2008-01-23 14:33:00
I am glad to inform that I have found a good theme for Metal -Music -Videos .Com blog. It took me a while to crawl through the net and find a suitable theme. I am satisfied with this theme. I figured out that my previous theme and the whole layout sucked, so I decided to make some changes. ...
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Interesting Link #2 - Music and Other Videos From VidSearchLive
2008-01-23 00:24:00
Somebody please shoot my boss. Ok, just kidding.. I am receiving way too much work. I find myself bringing work to home which is not good at all. In addition I have not enough time to write my music blog. Great. Yesterday I wrote how you can easily download usic from Music MP3.Ru. I found out that ...
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New In Flames Album Almost Ready
2008-01-19 09:34:00
Swedish metal band In Flames is almost ready with their new album. The band has named the new album as “A Sense Of Purpose” and it will be distributed to Europe by Nuclear Blas Records in April 4th. Time will show if this new album is as great as their previous one, “Come Clarity”. “A ...
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Busy Busy Busy Times - New Stuff Coming Up in Metal-Music-Videos.Com
2008-01-18 00:47:00
Sorry for this pause. I have been very busy at work, and in addition to that I am setting up a blog competition in which you will have a change to win something cool. I found out that preparing for the competition takes much more time than I expected. Anyhow, the competition will be great. ...
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Celtic Frost - A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh
2008-01-15 14:40:00
I have been listening to 80’s trash metal lately, just because I wrote about Metallica’s Black Album. 80’s trash metal reminds me those good old, glorious days of heavy metal when rock stars were rock stars, not ordinary men. Heh.. you might have heard this same from Gene Simmons when he was interviewed by Henry ...
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Nightwish On Its Way To Global Success - Is Nightwish Going To Make It?
2008-01-15 00:44:00
I am a blogger and I use Alexa.Com traffic ranking services quite often to see and compare traffic figures of other sites. For some reason my friend asked me to check out the traffic ranking of Nightwish .Com website. I was amazed with the results. Traffic to Nightwish.Com was remarkable. I am so used to use ...
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I Do Not Consider Black Album as the Best Metallica Album - So What Is My B
2008-01-14 00:45:00
Lately I wrote about the very best trash metal album of 80’s which in my opinion is Metallica ’s Master of Puppets. Additionally I am currently running a poll in right sidebar in which I ask you to name the best trash metal band of 80’s. I discussed about this same topic with dudes at work ...
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The Very Best Trash Metal Album of All Time
2008-01-12 07:47:00
I was thinking today, which trash metal album is the best of all time? Which album has generally been ranked as the best trash metal album of all time? You might think that it is not possible to say which one is the best one, while someone would say Metal lica’s Master of Puppets is the ...
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C.O.B. News - Children of Bodom has Published the Content of Blooddrunk Alb
2008-01-11 15:33:00
Finnish trash metal band Children of Bodom has just published the track list of their new upcoming album. There are nine tracks in the new album, as listed below. The new album will be provided by Spinefarm Records on April 7th in Europe and a couple of days later in Finland. 01. Hellhounds On My Trail 02. ...
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