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North Star No-No
2008-06-03 01:50:00
If ever I heard negative music in my ears it would be the band playing the soundtrack of my life as I exited the North Star Lodge/Inn in Killington, Vermont this past Sunday after encountering the worst case of discrimination I have ever experienced. It was even worse than the time I was followed around JC Penney for potential shoplifting as I was dressed in my hippie patchwork with messy hair. Of course for kicks I went back the next day dressed in a business suit and hair in a bun and was asked if I could be helped four different times.I could do that because I lived very close to the mall at that time. Killington, however, is a good two hours away from Charlotte - as I learned loud and clear Sunday to the sounds of rudeness, sarcasm, and disrespect. I am not sure what combination of instruments makes those sounds - perhaps an out-of-tune bassoon, piercing trumpet, and an organ stuck up the wrong pipe?I drove down the the North Star Lodge with gas at $4 a gallon because I "won...
Opera in Vermont
2008-05-28 05:22:00
Now in it's third magnificent year, the Green Mountain Opera Festival is just days away from it's June 1st curtain rising. And this year the festival features dozens of Vermont musicians, both in the orchestra and the chorus of this year's chosen complete production of La Traviata. If you have never experienced an opera, this is your chance! The lead roles are played by internationally renowned opera singers, the supporting roles by Emerging Artists in the festival's program funded by Sheila Johnson (founder of BET), and the chorus by Vermonters. And, the two productions of La Traviata are performed at the beautifully restored Barre Opera House to a full orchestra with dramatic staging and gorgeous costumes. Bah pain-in-the-bum if you say you don't like opera but have never seen one. Hearing a song sung in vibrato is NOT like seeing a live opera just like hearing a song on a studio album by Phish is NOT like having gone to a live show.If you still can't be convinced, hav...
Open Studio Weekend in Vermont
2008-05-16 16:10:00
Every Memorial Day weekend Vermont holds one if its truly most ingenious events - Vermont Open Studio Weekend . This is a time to visit artisan studios, usually never open to the public and see artisans at work as well as buy directly from the source.Just as I encourage you all to support your local music scene, supporting your local artisan scene is just as important. It is also a great opportunity to visit some more offbeat places and listen to the music. Many studios will have musicians playing throughout the weekend. Don't just rush in and rush out - listen to the music! Stop for a minute and just enjoy instead of stress and squabble about prices. The music is free.And instead of racing back to the homestead, check out your surroundings and go see some live music while you are out experiencing Vermont finest! My top pics for Open House Weekend include a weekend full of fantastic local music at The Bees Knees in Morrisville, a variety at Langdon Street Cafe in Montpelier, ...
North Branch Bluegrass Festival
2008-05-09 13:45:00
Yay!! A new bluegrass event in Vermont! And one that is traditional bluegrass, not just a bunch of kids experimenting with bluegrass sounds. I am not saying I don't appreciate that as well, but there is something about watching more seasoned folks play from tradition in the back of a local farmer's barn that just twangs at your soul and makes you want to dance without your shoes and keep an eye out for moonshine.Promising "nine hours of quality music," Bridgewater Corner couple, Randy and Heather Kennedy, are holding the First Annual North Branch Bluegrass Festival on Bud Jenne's Fields in Bridgewater Corners. How can you not love how that sounds??? The festival is happening, rain or shine, on Saturday, June 21st. No camping this year, but maybe in years to come, no dogs either which is good because it can be a pain in the arse when everyone brings their dogs. The event is family friendly and workshops will be offered throughout the festival. People are encouraged to brin...
Vermont Music Survey
2008-04-30 16:54:00
Hey folks! I am in the middle of moving as we speak and trying to wrap up work, billing, moving, late client payments, and a bunch of other fun stuff. Needless to say, my blogging has taken a bit of a back burner. Once I am settled in my new home - a fantastic farmhouse in East Charlotte - I plan to get back to basics and slow down a bit which should allow for more enjoyment of the Vermont music scene - especially outside of the Burlington bubble. The Mitch and I even plan on having weekly music nights in our music room and are looking to meet more musicians to join in on occasion. I think our goal is to create a Vermont farmhouse sound, not s band.Anyway, it has been brought to my attention that the big, heavy music supporters at Big Heavy World have created a survey to learn more about how Vermont musicians contribute to their society, culture, and economy. I strongly encourage you to take a few moments and provide your feedback which will help Big Heavy World better support...
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Healthy Hippie Magazine Launches!!!
2008-04-22 17:10:00
Check it - I just sent this release to the media and all you VT music industry readers should come check this out!!! GREAT opportunity to see how you can have some involvement in this growing-in-popularity magazine and meet some good contacts in the scene!FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEApril 22, 2008Contact: Taraleigh Silberberg917-756-0309taraleigh@healthyhi The Healthy Hippie Magazine Officially Launches May 17th! Burlington, VT ? Taraleigh Silberberg, aka ?The Healthy Hippie,? announces the launch of the first official issue of The Healthy Hippie Magazine. The magazine?s launch party takes place at Club Metronome on Saturday, May 17th from 5:30 ? 8:30 pm and is open to the public with no cover.The Healthy Hippie Magazine is a publication that entertains while educating. It provides information on green living and building, health, and live music. The magazine strives to help readers learn to live in balance and to ?live the life you love? by eating, living, and loving delicious...
Promote Yo Sho
2008-04-14 20:50:00
Looking to promote your show? Here's a few tips and places:1.) The Healthy Hippie - Have you heard of her yet? She publishes the Healthy Hippie Magazine and a weekly newsletter. The audience is Vermont and Northeast music festivals. Check out to learn ways you can promote your show! Oh, and be hip and meet lots of folks at the magazine's launch party at Nectar's, May 17from 5:30 - 8:30!2.) Yellow House Media - Great Central Vermont/Upper Valley collaboration of folks - check out the weekly newsletter for great publicity options! www.yellowhousemedia.com3.) WRUV and The Radiator - You can't just send blindly (not that you ever should anyway), but listen and pick a show that reaches your audience and get in touch with the DJ for that show! and State of Mind Music - of course there's the magazine (think long lead time people), but they also have a new website, email list, podcasts, blog - get in touch and se...
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VT Musician Services
2008-04-08 04:03:00
Thanks everyone for so much reading and blog feedback - this is great! It seems I have a pretty diverse readership of Vermont musicians, management folks, recording studios, etc. Another words, lots of industry folk. So, bands, fear not - you will still be written about, but since my audience seems to be very "in-the-industry" I thought I'd take a post or a few and highlight some industry insiders! I mean, the music don't play without the peeps in the background, right?For this post, I'd like to mention a few Vermont Music insiders who have gotten in touch with me and share a brief bit about their services:Halogen Media Works - - These guys are like the marketing agency of the music business. Working with a very new media driven approach, they bring together a collaboration of record labels, producers, managers, and bands for distribution, production, development, and events. It seems they even stream beyond just music as their client base is broad...
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Vermont Music Gripe
2008-03-28 21:04:00
Or actually, it's more of a fan gripe - Pay For The Music !This is to everyone who says they support local music but don't want to pay for it. It makes me mad. Local musicians do not get money from big record labels, they don't all live off trust funds, they work hard usually doing day jobs and play music because they love it. But that doesn't mean they love playing for free! It is damn time consuming to lug all your equipment to and from a gig. Equipment and instruments need repairs and upgrades. Practice space needs soundproofing or rental fees. Gas to and from gigs is a bank breaker. And there's a dozen other things I am sure I am leaving out. To refuse to pay donations or to always try to find free ways into shows is disrespectful to the music and the musicians you say you support. We are all guilty of it to some extent and times are hard on everyone! If you so choose to live in Vermont , you do not get equal pay to living in other places and the cost of living in V...
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Red Hot Juba
2008-03-21 23:14:00
Ooooooo - these guys are fun! When I said I got a CD release email from Red Hot Juba, even that elusive drummer Mitch got all excited. Of course, that got me all excited. Ok, enough about that. But, really, how could I not like a band called Red Hot Juba - it just oozes some form of naughtiness!And sure enough some of the way they describe themselves includes "timeless hot jazz," "turning onto a country road with Hank Williams," and "juke joint jumping rockability." Plus, some of their songs are called "Lover's Lane," "After Dark," and "Capable."The lyrics simmer and steam with catchy and naughty phrases, all combed together with eye-slitting bounce. Yum...Mitch?!!? My quote for Red Hot Juba is "Vermont Music Blog thinks this is the perfect music to have play at a rolling farm landscape, kick-you-shoes off summer party and may need to invite Red Hot Juba to play her farmhouse July 4th weekend party."They are gigging extensively this spring - so warm up people and go check t...
The Farm Fresh Arts Fesival
2008-03-13 03:18:00
Yay! Combining the localvore movement with music in Vermont! Fantastic concept and the surely event to experience and help make it happen is The Farm Fresh Arts Festival being held Sunday, March 30th at the LACE Gallery at the Farm Fresh Market on North Main Street in Barre. LACE stands for Local Agricultural Community Exchange and can be found online at Farm Fresh Arts Festival kicks off at 10:00 am with brunch featuring fresh farm produce and products and live music by Vermont musicians until 4:00 pm. Other highlights include Senator Patrick Leahy unveiling a photography exhibit between 2:00-4:00 pm and there will also be a Rock and Roll Silent Auction featuring a Vermont made Froggy Bottom guitar.The Vermont musician lineup includes:10:00 am - Kristina Stykos/Doug Perkins (dueling guitars and original songs) www.kristinastykos.com11:00 am Dave Keller (local bluesman) www.davekeller.com12:00 noon Earthman (world beat/digeridoo)1:00 pm Susan Reid/Pam Bock...
Maire Claire - NOT the Magazine
2008-03-07 18:45:00
She uses that slogan on her My Space, so I thought it would be a catchy title. Maire Claire is fantastic and I am totally a fan. If you have not heard of her, I am proud to be the one to introduce, and if you have, I am sure you will share my sentiments.I mostly see Marie perform at Honky Tonk Tuesdays at Radio Bean, but know she plays much more widely than that and my to do list involves making it to a solo performance of hers. Marie strikes me as very versatile, easy to get along with, and helpful to other musicians she plays with - I have observed her many times showing drummers specific rhythms for songs and easily interchanges from vocals to piano depending on what the audience demands and what other musicians can offer to the mix.She is most pleasant to talk to and oh-so-pleasant to listen to. Her vocals are always right on and effortless - a true mark of talent and professionalism. And her piano playing rocks!Keep an eye out for Marie Claire's name when looking for musi...
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Call To Musicians!
2008-02-25 18:06:00
Seeing live music has been a bit more sparse this winter than I would like. Running a Vermont public relations business that essentially has nothing to do with the music business in Vermont has really taken up all parts of my life, leaving just enough time to get in a few runs at the mountain and watch a few escapist themed movies. But, this blog is being read and I want to keep providing and need help from Vermont musicians! It will, in turn, help you!Please, please, please, send me info and websites of Vermont musicians. Any sort of musician, band, or artistic endeavor involving music works! If you are a band outside of Vermont and looking for promotion in Vermont, I am sorry, this is not an outlet for you. I specifically want to be a resource for Vermont musicians and Vermonters looking for Vermont music!My mission in sharing Vermont music is not to be some stick-up-the-ass reviewer and always look for flaws in music (I'm a music lover, not hater - never really got that co...
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Revolve with Me and Theory!!!!
2008-02-16 02:21:00
Yay!!!! My sweet, awesome drummer lover's band is having a reunion show and I will most certainly use my blog for shameless boyfriend promotion - especially the day after Valentine's Day! In their heyday, Theory of Revolution was kind of the unofficial band of Magic Hat Brewery events and parties. Well, with Mardi Gras just around the corner, the Magic Hat crew got together to plan their Mardi Gras kick-off night at Nectar's and when deciding on the bands to play kept saying they wished Theory of Revolution hadn't broken up. Not that a broken up band is gonna stop Magic Hat from having their fun - I mean c'mon - who can argue that they aren't the kings and queens of fun? So, through connections and life's little acts of randomness (which are of course not random at all, but meant to happen to connect the cosmos), the line up of keyboard extraordinarie, Taylor Johnson (and uber rad designer); ripper, tearer and shredder guitar man, John Verryt (driving in from NH with th...
Booking Gigs in Vermont
2008-02-09 01:55:00
It seems this Vermont Music Blog has been getting quite a bit of traffic lately which is super fun to see! I do plan to update the venues and bands very soon as it's been a while since I've done so. I am writing this post because I have been getting quite a few phone calls and emails lately regarding booking gigs. First off, I do not do that and do not plan to do that. I am a publicist and have to stick with my niche or I would be like a hippie dancing in a straightjacket. So, with that being said, I have two wise words of Vermont music, PR mama wisdom:1. To Bands from Out-of-State - Nectar's and Higher Ground are not the only venues in Vermont. Heck - Burlington - is NOT the only place you should be playing. Please know that Vermont's biggest industry is tourism and you should play where the people are. Foliage resort communities, ski areas, summer festivals, fairs, and field days. There is tons of competition in the more "hip" towns. There are other colleges in Vermo...
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Trade a Trumpet for the Vocals
2008-01-30 17:25:00
In a way that's what Japhy Ryder does, and very well I might add. Based in Burlington, Japhy Ryder is a funky, jazzy, and beat-centric quartet with trumpet, guitar, bass, and drums. They take a jazz base and electrify it with beats and energy which is fantastic for dancing. I am not the biggest jazz based modern music fan, but like what Japhy does in taking the mournful sounds of jazz, especially with great trumpet playing (and I can judge that as my bro is a classically trained phenomenal trumpeter), and creating jams and beats around that voice. I also like that there is no voice, vocally speaking. There is sometimes nothing worse than a good jam band feeling they need to have vocals and sticking one of the members on the mike when they really can't sing, never mind the sound issues that come with adding vocals to a band. Japhy Ryder knows what they do well and they do it, smart move boys.I have boogied down to them before and even got my first kiss from my sweetie at a Ja...
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New Venues!
2008-01-22 00:38:00
These venues are not brand new, but relatively new and worth checking out a band and the ambiance! Would love to hear feedback too!The Hub - JohnsonFully known as The Hub Pizzeria & Pub and located in the heady Vermont college town of Johnson (location of Johnson State College), The Hub has fast become a popular location for Vermont's blues rock circle - Seth Yacavone, guys from former Miracle Train, somewhat molded into Liquid Dead (Brian Lauri), Jeremy Harple, and the Nightbirds, which makes up a good part of the next few week's lineup at The Hub. Johnson needs a place like this - makes for a great road trip! Enjoyable Vermont drive out to Johnson, cheap and groovy shopping at Forget-Me-Not Shops, tea at Edelweiss Bakery and Cafe, fill up on spring water from the Johnson Cold Spring, and pizza and tunes at The Hub.Weathervane Music Hall - BrattleboroDown in the southern end of the state is the artsy town of Brattleboro - a town I never get to as much as I'd like. A little o...
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Nectars 5 Year VIP Event
2008-01-14 00:18:00
Listen up Vermont music lovers! You will only hear about this here on my blog - yet another reason you should read Vermont Music, share Vermont Music with others, and, most importantly, get in touch with me (via my website - and fill me in on Vermont music news and happenings!! Nectars Restaurant & Bar, a staple in the Vermont music community, was sold by original owner Nectar Rorris five years ago to the trio of Damon and Sally Brink and Chris Walsh. Five years later Damon and Sally are celebrating their five year anniversary of Nectars ownership and management (Chris is directing movies in the Caribbean and checks in from afar). To honor Nectar's friends, patrons, musicians, and other folks, Sally and Damon are hosting a VIP Happy Hour and Vermont Music Blog readers are invited! Simply email me or mention me at the event which is set for Wednesday, January 23rd from 5 - 7 pm. Live music will follow the "happy hour" and is then open to the general publi...
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The Cush
2008-01-07 23:07:00
Imagine a foursome of artsy rockers and their rock and roll instruments stumbling upon an empty church on a rainy non-Sunday afternoon. They enter the church and see a vintage pipe organ at the pulpit. Filled with images, thoughts, and musical interludes, they venture to the organ, set up their guitar, bass, and drums and start to play.This is how I envision The Cush in my head. While their music fits into the more Indie-genre - a genre I do not particularly listen to - it also has glimpses of one of my more favorite bands, My Morning Jacket, which leaves a sort of eerie, mystical ringing in my ears afterwards. Listening to the The Cush evokes a similar state - perhaps that which helps bring images of empty churches to my mind.The Cush started in Texas, but have made their name and home in Vermont, so I can definitely promote them in the Vermont Music Blog! They are also returning to their roots with a small Texas tour right now, but hopefully they will be back in Burlington fo...
The Radiator
2007-12-19 18:23:00
Holla Holla!New, free format, independent radio station in town! If you haven't heard yet, now you do - and please help spread the word!!!105.9 FM - WOMM-LP - The Radiator ! Various local artists, musicians, music lovers, and other various peeps have shows during different slots. Think WRUV, except instead of being college supported, it's community supported. Radio Bean folks are the big supporters who helped get it off the ground, which right there shows it's gonna be innovative, eclectic and just plain GOOD.It just launched and can be heard on the FM dial. The website - - is live, but the internet streaming and show roster isn't ready to be up yet - that's for January. So, tune your radios and stay tuned for more from what I predict to keep radio alive and loved in the Queen City and beyond!And, hey - if you have a show on it - post a comment and let readers know!
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Turkey Bouillon Mafia
2007-12-10 00:09:00
Death Jam. That is one of the first words that struck me when reading some descriptions Turk ey Bouillon Mafia uses to describe themselves. I am not sure if I would use that word to describe the music myself, but it certainly describes the band's personality - as a whole or as the members that make up the band. With the core of guitar, bass, keys, and drums, there is usually an impressive rotating cast of players who get up on stage - from horns to rappers. Check out their website - (the bouillon is too much of a pain to spell according to inside sources) or My Space Page to see out the cast Who's Who.I went to see them this past week at Metronome - quite a while since my last show. I have seen these guys since the beginning as back in the early 21st century we all hung at Valencia, a fun little hippie dive bar that is now home to the hip sushi joint, The Asiana House. I also lived across the street from a few of them and enjoyed many fun, "neighborly" int...
Holiday Music Picks
2007-12-03 01:04:00
I admit it, I love holiday music. Not cheesy, pop star renditions, but taking traditional secular and religious songs and carols, and creating musical beauty by evoking feeling and giving meaning to the season. This is due to my song inspired background starting with church choir singing to barbershop harmonies which moved to talent show performances and years of chamber chorus, large choirs, musicals, and difficult choral arrangements. For this music, my heart runs deep.In that spirit, I'd like to share with you all some holiday music performances throughout Vermont this season that I recommend from favorites of my past.Vermont Symphony Orchestra Holiday Pops Series - What makes a holiday pops concert so enjoyable is the distinctive use of instruments that evoke the sounds of the holidays. It's kind of like relating certain scents to a memory. Performances are December 7, 8, & 9 in Barre, Burlington, and Rutland. Check out for performance details.The Vermont Moz...
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Swing Noire
2007-11-26 18:33:00
I was recently introduced to what I describe as folksy, bluesy, jazz - definitely up my ally. The band, based somewhere in Vermont, is called Swing Noire . Cool name and even cooler sound. I am not even going to paraphrase their great job at press writing, so here is a well written description of the music of Swing Noire:"Some call the music gypsy jazz, some hot swing, in either case it is acoustic music in the spirit of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli. These two jazz cats from France are credited with bringing this unique music into the world during the 1930's, 1940's, and early 1950's, and creating some of the first jazz-based music outside of the African-American tradition."Swing Noire is made up of David Gusakov on violin, Rob McCuen of lead guitar, Jim McCuen of double bass, and Jared Volpe on rhythm guitar. More info on these talented and well versed musicians can be found at their website at You can listen to some of these tunes on their si...
State of Mind
2007-11-08 05:50:00
What is your State of Mind ? What are your Three Needs? These are all questions that, when asked to varying groups of those of us on the never ending quest in search of truth and answers, can lead to thought provoking conversations - the kind you thought you'd have in college, yet somehow that was one expectation that fell short.This is why I find these questions to be spectacular names for Vermont based music magazine, State of Mind Music Magazine and Burlington based nightspot, The Three Needs. Unfortunately Three Needs does not offer live music, or I would frequent there much more often and would also write about in this blog. Now, State of Mind, they offer music.According the the most recent issue's editor's note, State of Mind began as a group of friends who kept on touch emailing about shows, making accommodations to travel and see live music, and all things that seem quite similar to those following Phish back in the 90's. This crew, however, (whether it was Phish, I...
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Advance Music
2007-10-29 23:57:00
I feel as if I am slacking on the Vermont Music front! The fall brings so much music to Vermont and I find myself every fall at Higher Ground more than ever with the fabulous influx of music that comes our way. I think it's a mixture of students being back and the (hopeful) promise of snow that keeps people away from nightly excursions and keeping them close to the slopes. This makes fall a prime time to see live music, but much of the music I have see lately is not that of Vermont origin!I have had a recent re-uniting with Advance Music however, that is certainly worth noting. Advance Music is Vermont's premier music store and as the ads on 102.7, The Album Station state, you've got to go inside to really see how vast this place is. I had my first experiences with Advance Music while searching for the sheet music to obscure wedding songs as the resident "wedding singer" for various friends. In my visits, I saw a posting once (that I did not see in Seven ...
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Mike Gordon Gets Bonzed in Mud City
2007-10-19 03:50:00
Sometimes I have to laugh at myself and reading this title after I typed it was certainly worth a chuckle. But its true!!! As most reading this should know, Mike Gordon was the bass player for the heartbreaking jam band, Phish. I will say no more about Phish because they are in the past and there's a reason things in your past don't make it into your present. Mike Gordon is the present. As I've several times mentioned Honky Tonk Tuesdays at Radio Bean in previous posts, many would know Mike Gordon is a regular sit-in bass and piano player at these rambunctious and fun musical sessions. Along with his many side projects and being a regular dude about town at this point, it seems like Mike is spreading the love and recently played with the Mud City Ramblers at Bonz Smokehouse and Grill in Morrisville, a place I have yet to get to and keep meaning to drag my Burlington arse to sooner rather than later.I hear great things about Bonz and love the whole Route 15 area of Vermont i...
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Traditional Medicinals
2007-10-13 01:51:00
Blue Grass. Green Mountains. That's the tagline for the band, Traditional Medicinals. My guess is besides having some great musicians, these dudes have some guys in marketing in their band. Oh, not a guess - they do for a fact! Secret Tip: It is a good idea to have someone in the band who works in marketing.The Traditional Medicinals are fun to tap your foot to, fun to listen to, and super fun to watch. Their music is bluegrass and not all stylized out, but traditional - hence the use of the word in their name. And they are one of my favorite local bands to watch. Instead of just playing to an audience with a secret code of communication so many bands use, they actually look at each other, sometimes play facing each other, and genuinely make their shows an intimate experience - like you were just peaking in a window at their rehearsal. Oh, and they're nice - which I would expect a bluegrass band to be. I mean, I couldn't imagine a bluegrass band to be mean, could you? D...
The Healthy Hippie
2007-10-05 18:05:00
I have a new gal pal in town named Taraleigh, otherwise known as The Heal thy Hippie. She has a website -, a weekly newsletter you can subscribe to on that site, and recently moved to Burlington, Vermont to launch her new magazine - The Healthy Hippie. Taraleigh has an incredible background in dance, movement, nutrition, music, counseling, wellness, and probably a bunch of other things I am missing. And, in the true entrepreneurial spirit of a women, has combined her talents into a varied career reaching audiences in all of her backgrounds. I think the best way to see what she does is to visit her at The Healthy Hippie website. But I did want to let folks know some of the awesome and fun work Taraleigh does!~ Designs health, nutritional and movement regimens for individuals or groups and consultation information is at her website.~ Provides fabulous news about bands, recipes, healthy eating and energy tips, and tips for being healthy at shows and festivals....
American Machine
2007-09-28 03:55:00
"We American s love to hear stories about us." This is the opening line in Jim Lantz's Note From the Playwright in the playbill for American Mach ine - A Play About Us. Now, if more movie makers would follow this so true advice and make more movies about us, I, and I think many other folks, would be happier movie goers. American Machine is a play though, not a movie, and I am writing about it tonight for three reasons:1.) It did have music (note, this is a music blog) which was done by one of my faves, Brett Hughes with vocals enhanced by the phenomenal Shannon McNally, who incidentally are both on tour as we speak.2.) Jim Lantz was the first playwright to ever approach me about the potential to do publicity for a theatrical show. I have done work for shows before, but never approached directly by the writer, and this felt good. The work didn't actually turn out to be a gig, but the concept of the play certainly was of interest on a personal level and I immediately respected Ji...
Seth Yacovone and Grateful Dog
2007-09-20 17:22:00
I recently had the privilege to attend the most fantastic wedding I have ever been to. One of my first "jam band scene" in Vermont friends, Randi Ploof, married her sweetheart, best friend, and business partner at a very homegrown, low-key, and absolutely beautiful wedding party a few weeks ago in Lincoln, Vermont.I first met Randi back when I first moved to Vermont in 2000. The guy I was seeing then became good friends with a huge Seth Yacovone fan and we spent a lot of time going to Seth's shows and hence I met another huge fan - Randi. Since then I have gotten to laugh and boogie with Randi at a few various out-of-town parties (my favorite kinds) and always have fun run-ins with her at Higher Ground shows and festivals like moe.down where we're both full of antics!In more recent years, Randi has been making quite the name for herself as a phenomenal dog groomer, and a little over a year ago opened Grateful Dog Grooming in the center of Hinesburg, Vermont. I could not find...
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