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A blog about the lives and the exclusive rants of five individuals living in Northeastern Pennsylvania.
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Broken Typos
2009-08-20 00:01:00
Stay tuned for this very special announcement:Buddy Foote has shed his pen name and has ventured on to a brand new website!Broken TyposIf you wish to continue to read Buddy Foote's work (now writing with his real name, Steve Franchak), then please click the above link today!Oh, and corny ads like this one will not be present.
2009-05-25 07:18:00
  I don’t know where to begin.  I know what and how I feel, but releasing my feelings in a Microsoft Template is extremely difficult.  Maybe in four years this will seem like a piece of Oreo pie to me, as I plan on being in the SJLA Honors Program at Scranton, which is supposed to enhance one’s ability to communicate clearly through written and spoken word, or as I like to say it, Eloquentia Perfecta.  But as of the years of the ’00 decade, no such pot of gold.  I guess I’ll just ramble off a few things that I miss, since that’s what is mainly bothering me.                 I miss writing like this, in this ‘MatOMatic’ style of writing.  I miss playing soccer.  I miss the Late, Great, Mr. David Doud.  I miss the richness of our famous quotes (They just don’t feel the same anymore).   I miss genuinely talking to you, and our genuine conversations/moments (They are but a few in a New, Infinitesimal World).  I miss having a male figure to talk...
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Catapulting My Troubles Away
2009-03-22 14:41:00
Children enjoy to think of things that they want to be or want to do someday when they become adults. Back in the day it was being a firefighter, carpenter, dentist, astronaut, etc. and nowadays we see children talking about being video game makers or runners of accountant firms (they're getting too smart . . .). As a child, I was uncertain with where I wanted to go in life. In my kindergarten play that had the theme of what we wanted to be when we were grown-up, I was a carpenter. Did I want to be a carpenter at the time? Maybe. My father is one and most children seek their parents as role models. I then converted over to wanting to be a teacher in my early elementary school years. I think the majority of children at that age have dreams of teaching because they want to someday reign over children like they are currently being reigned over. I used to play school by myself with stuffed animals or action figures as my students (I know -- pathetic). I remember a specific account wher...
My "Bookshelf"
2009-03-14 06:07:00
I always like to keep a record of the books I have read in the past as well as books I am currently reading. I have kept lists on many different sites, such as MySpace and my server at, but they became a bit wearisome to maintain (having to log into my server, accessing the correct port, etc.). Therefore, I'm just going to place the list here which I will update frequently. This is more of a personal thing that you undoubtedly have no interest in. Run away then if you fall into the category of not giving a damn. If you're a curious individual though, feel free to glance at my not the best reading collection. Have a good one!My "Bookshelf":Currently Reading:The Picture of Dorian Gray and Other Writings (also includes Lady Windermere's Fan, Salome, An Ideal Husband, The Importance of Being Earnest, and The Ballad of Reading Gaol) by Oscar WildeRead "Hard Copy" Books:Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe Stephen King Goes to the Movies (featuring 1408, The Mangler...
Epic Win
2009-03-13 18:27:00
After a rather stressful and discombobulating week in which my only topic of reflection was getting my drivers' license, I may finally take a breath, lift the burden off my shoulders, and glance at my glossy temporary drivers' license that now rests smugly in my wallet. God does it feel good. My only mishap was parallel parking, in which I was nowhere near the curb and got stuck in a dip and had to apply the gas (which is terrifying when you're so close to the barrels) when trying to get closer, but my "guy" (I can't think of a more suitable title at this time) was alright with it and told me to proceed. After the parallel parking, I was calm. I did everything right from that moment on. However, two mishaps could've happened if I wasn't alert and attentive to the road and my surroundings. While practicing with Driver Dan on the course that the test would take me on (God bless him -- he's a great teacher even though I never got used to his car) I never had to once stop at this...
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Another One?
2009-03-12 00:16:00
I feel like writing another entry. When you have the urge to write, the urge to express yourself through the art of words, then by golly you should do it. I have no need to be formal. I can go as e e cummings as I want to in my blog entries. If somebody wants to criticize me, then so be it. I'll be sure to let it go into one ear and out the other. However, I do sometimes write so much that either my typing finger will begin to ache or I'll get a headache. That recent entry I wrote about my school's curriculum which was supposed to act as an informal guide really did a dandy on my head. I walked away from the writing of that post feel quite feverous. I was also sick at the time, home from school with a viral sinus infection, so maybe that explains the feverous headache a bit. Did you ever play the computer game called Doom? I never did until recently, when Chris and Ryan suggested that I download the game in order to play at LAN Party Saturdays that Ryan has at his house. The only...
Homework Break
2009-03-11 23:02:00
Big day in two days. Why? Friday is the date of my road test. Yes, I am eighteen years of age, a senior in high school, and I still do not possess my drivers' license. I actually got my permit only recently too around the middle of November. I'm slow at developing these practical skills, I guess. I learned how to tie my shoes at the age of twelve and learned how to ride a bike only a year later. Other life skills, such as cooking, doing laundry, mowing the grass, etc. I still do not know. I ought to learn them soon. I'll be sent off into the ugly world in a matter of three months after graduation. Well, actually that's a lie. I still have four years of staying at home during college to learn those skills. I'm only going to school about fifteen miles away at the University of Scranton. My mother is downstairs calling everybody, receiving calls, and gossiping away. There was a crash on Route 107 (initially she was told that it was on the Casey Highway [or maybe it was business Ro...
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Academic Failures at Lakeland
2009-02-25 16:56:00
Notice: This entry is aimed at the students of Lakeland Jr/Sr High School in Jermyn, Pennsylvania. Most of the advice issued in this entry may not apply to other schools that have different curricula. However, it may still help, so please do not be turned off from reading this just because you do not fit into the main audience aim. Many students take education for granted. These students survive in school by taking steps to undermine any advances in their learning, such as copying homework, getting questions/answers from a test in advance, etc. However, there are the students who do want to succeed by putting in their best personal effort needed in order to get the most of their learned education. I wish to write up an informal guide to lead these specific students into the right direction and I hope to intervene early enough in their educational career to be of vital influence before it's too late. If you barely pass in ninth and tenth grade and hope to improve your overall GPA s...
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2009-02-22 17:57:00
What do you say in a blog entry that introduces you back to the site after a four-month unannounced hiatus? Well, after much thought and strained neurons, I have this thing to say: holy crap, these BBQ flavored corn chips are good! And they're freaking amazing even more because they only cost ninety-nine cents and the bag is pretty much filled to the top! Most of the time when you behold some type of junk food that costs ninety-nine cents, the bag looks relatively big but it's mostly just a lot of empty room at the top with about five pieces of popcorn or two pretzels lying at the bottom. But these corn chips -- these corn chips are not deceptive at all! I would take a picture to promote these godly chips, but unfortunately I have been lacking a functional digital camera for almost over a year due to my very intelligent -insert relative here- standing in front of a water ride at an amusement park taking a picture of us on the ride and very well knowing that -insert pronoun gender ...
Harvest Apple
2008-11-07 01:09:00
I cannot just sit back and watch my whole world disappear."I will miss you," the card read. Even though it was first thing in the morning, it made me so sad today. There does not have to be a goodbye. That is what I don't understand. If you make the effort, I make the effort. Graduation is in seven months. I don't want to hear goodbye's all throughout the eighth. I will miss you, too. But please, don't give me a need to miss!After all we've been through? Not a thought? Never again? What about chances?I've applied to four colleges, and all are roughly 2-3 hours away from my current place of residence. For some reason, I have zero interest in furthering my education where I am. I feel like I want to branch out, but not so far that I am unreachable. I would never do that. So why is it being done to me?I had hopes for clarity and closeness, not doubt and distance.I am here for you all. I wish you all could be there for me. Don't you want to share the experiences with me?...
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Time to Time
2008-11-02 05:31:00
Just sit back and hold on, but hold on tight.Prepare for the best and the fastest ride! ♥You use thought to not participate in life. I use thought to not participate in life. Charlie was right. Why do we do that? Why, why, why? Hmm...don't just think, do. Interesting...Memories are for the making. That is for sure. Although responsibility has to be the main concern. That is important. Then you can board the fun train. It is exhilarating. It defines our youth. :)I love it. I want it to last. I want it to be just right. I want everyone to be happy. I want to speak up. I want to be heard and hear you.Listen, just go for it. Go for it so far you can't find your way back right away.Man, it's so loud in here. Busy, too. It makes everyone excited and feeling loose!There is someone around you right now that feels exactly how you do. Someone, somewhere, is listening to your heartbeat. They are in the same style of shoes you have on but in a different size.Dearest,For some unknown...
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Falling Up
2008-10-14 21:18:00
"I'm keeping quiet 'till there is no more sirens.Lately, it's been hard to keep the hinges on with all the noise.I'll find my words when there is no one talking.The room is spinning, I have got no choice.Be patience, I am getting to the point." As I sit outside on this more than gorgeous fall day, I can hear the leaves crunch upon the ground around me. The sky is blue with streaks of white cloud. My orange kitten sits on the open window ledge and breathes in the clean air. It is a really nice scene.I have decided that it is very comforting to feel the support of great people. It makes me feel uncertain as to why someone would ever try to gain the support of one individual if they had a slew of support before the race even began. I want certain people to know that I appreciate their kindness. Certain people I never would have considered during a race have shown huge amounts of admiration. I never really went in search of acknowledgment, it nearly came and found me. I want to take...
For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic
2008-10-13 04:28:00
I have to say that I probably broke a record this weekend in the writing of four essays, five if you count a two paragraph mini-statement. I also read six short stories, enjoyed the fall foliage, ran into a counter, ate a juicy apple, and overslept to the point where I woke up with a headache.I also have to say that all of the blogs I have ever written here are invaluable to me. This weekend particularly, I find myself searching for past entries in order to take bits and pieces for use in my current essays. I love reading my old entries. They portray so much detail in a life so vague. Reflecting upon my entries at times when I was feeling happiest bring a shy smile to my face because some times were just so good. I think I will miss those memories very much, but at the same time I want to build new ones. I want to be able to share those new ones, too. I have written a few entries here lately because this blog is the only piece still connecting me with the other side. I am not sure i...
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Epic Failure
2008-10-11 04:33:00
I just want the world to know that I am sorry. So, very, sorry. Growing up is a challenge at times. There is such a large amount of opportunity to learn from mistakes. Sometimes, I feel more sad than others. Sometimes, I just feel confused. At other times, I feel "infinite", just like Charlie did. I feel as though I wish I wouldn't make so many mistakes along the way. I suppose I just have a lot to study and learn then. One time, a person told me "Wow Caitlin, you have a lot going for you, huh?" I had no response. For some reason, that phrase has been floating in my mind consistently ever since. I have a million things I am so grateful for, and I make myself angry that I act out in ignorance and immaturity as I take those things for granted. It hurts to know how my mistakes affect others. I cannot stand how irresponsible I am sometimes, even with the smallest of errands. I over analyze situations sometimes, in the hopes of finding a way that I could have treated the situa...
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We Live
2008-10-06 00:39:00
Everybody just wants to make it count.I was a little girl who got lost in the waves,but I am a swimmer. I don't want to drown.I took a fall.Embrace yourself.Save me? No. You deserve to be saved more.I'd be there holding on for life.Bring me back to life, oh, the colors that my eyes have never seen.Don't cry, please.I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry that you are sad.All I ever wanted was for you to be happy.I would never do anything to influence. Please believe me.It just got complicated so fast.If anything is my fault, I will take any blame, but I never meant to harm. Never, ever.Headstrong.Life is such a gift.How will the story end?Please don't hate me. Please, please.I'm so scared.What if I will forever be stuck in this hole?I got tangled up in myself.Happy Birthday.It is so confusing, I know. I understand. I relate. I care.I am crawling on the ground, and I found I could fly.Think I sound crazy? Maybe. Whatever. What's it all about?I miss this.Stand up and shout.The tru...
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School and Other Rambles
2008-09-06 05:38:00
Poor bloggie. It is so quiet in these here parts. :P I hope that changes soon! I feel the need for some action-packed entries, how 'bout it kids? -nobody answers- Ah man. :P I'm here though, but it has been a long time since I even wrote which I am shameful of so who am I to speak? :P Last time I wrote about my beautiful vacation, and boy, I have to admit that it sure is nice to have those memories to reflect upon if I am having a rough moment one day or need a boost of hope and happiness. After I settled back into rural life, the end of my summer was pretty good! I went to a really fun camping party with my close friends, and it served as a wonderful end of summer closing event. =) I also did numerous other things that I really can't recall. xD Mostly with my friends, and anything we do is fantastic and extremely fun just because we are with each other. I think every relationship, no matter what kind, should be that way now that I think about it. The type of situatio...
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Real World Traders- I applaud you...
2008-08-24 11:59:00
Hi guys its me, back with another exciting post. To begin, do not let my title fool you. Real world trading is bad and illegal and I do not support it in anyway. But, ever since RuneScape began making changes to the game to prevent it, I have benefitied from it. See, I am a pure freeplayer, and before November 2007, the free game was never updated. Infact, until that time the only f2p update besides holiday events was the stronghold of security. Well, it all began in Nov. 2007, with the grand exchange. Reading bts september, a place like this was mentioned. At the time i never expected it to be like it is, but it sounded cool. The ge is pretty much wal mart in the game. Although it compltely took trading out of the game, it made things a bit more efficient. I can now buy 25k big bones in a matter of minutes for the same price instead of saying buying b bones 450 ea 1million times. A hoo ra to jagex. Next game dec 10, with the most controversial update in rs history. Pvp and wilderne...
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Bummin' & Jammin'
2008-08-22 23:00:00
I am sitting at home being bummed out due to the fact that we were supposed to go to the Kid Rock and Lynyrd Skynyrd concert tonight in Camden and the people that we were supposed to go with backed out at the last minute. Now Jimmy and I are sitting around jammin' out to the Kid Rock and Skynyrd cd's that he has. I guess that it's kinda cute when he said that we could have our own concert :) very sweet......but do you know what else would be really sweet? Actually listening to them both play live. I guess the saying you can't always get what you want is a true one. I've been absent from the blog lately due to the fact that I was internetless. Yesterday the comcast cable guy came and hooked up the modem to my laptop and I think that I have been on this dam computer since, well minus a few hours due to sleep. I am going to try to post as often as I can. Well I guess that I will end this and get back to my concert (haha) .....hope that you are all well and wish you best o...
The Big One...
2008-08-20 12:57:00
Hi everyone its me (rs name Trans Power). I'd like to begin my post by discussing my latest Runescape goal, 85 mining. This morning at 6:01 a.m. I got to 85 mining. A very nice acheivement, for less then 25,000 people have 85+ mining. I am now officially a rune miner. I started mining at lvl 73 (see below) and I mined over 96,000 iron ores tog et the over 2mil xp needed for 85. How I did it you might ask.... well, as you know I am a pure f2p, i was never a member. I chose to powrmine iron from lvl 73 to 85. To be honest I hated it, so many people come to powermine, its a snarf or be snarfed world. You get skillers, high lvls, idiots, children, everyone. I first chose to mine in world 1 rimmington, thinking it would be all nice and serene. But i was mistaken. Huge crowds, lots of rulebreakers, and some idiot power miner from Runescape name Coolillboi. Ha i beat him to 85 ;). Then at lvl 81, I got so sick of Rimmi, seeing the same people daily, so I decided to go to Al Karid, thinkin...
Oh Sea!
2008-08-19 19:33:00
Seventeen summers ago I was seven months old. It was my first summer, and it was the first time I ever saw the ocean. I was quite the little tot, with my rolling red curls and big brown eyes. There was this instant affection between me and the foamy waves of that huge body of water. As other children next to me screamed and hollered in fear as the waves came gushing towards their little feet, I giggled playfully and wanted more and more of it. I didn't seem scared. I seemed fascinated. Every summer since then [give or take a few where life dealt no opportunity], I have been really fortunate to visit the ocean, stick my feet in the sand, and smell the salty air. In my mind, nothing beats that feeling when I first see the ocean again. I have so many memories of being at the shore every summer. From the afternoon a seagull stole my sandwich right from my hands, to the evenings where I walked the entire boardwalk to the inlet ledge, my mind holds on to these wonderful moment...
The Great Adjustment....
2008-08-14 12:13:00
Hi guys its me, been awhile since my last post, but here i go again. My title is where i will begin. Lately I have been going to bed later and laer and waking up later and later. But to adjust for school, I am going to put an end to this. Today I am going to stay up from the time i go to sleep to around 10 or 11 at night, then go to sleep. Hopefull I can adjust myself back to school time, and keep it that way. I wouldn't mind waking up at 4 and going to bed at 8. This is going to be tougher then I thought, but I have Buddy's support. In other news I just ripped most of the sleeves off my t-shirts, they get annoying...RuneScape has been good to me lately. With the release of the runecrafting guild for f2p I had fun playing the mini game and I got myself full robes, which are the best in f2p. Also i got tokens for tele tabs since you cannot but the staff in f2p. a great update and good since few low lvls can enter, so its nice in there. You can also watch the game from the many alta...
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2008-08-02 09:01:00
I would like to base this paragraph off of the idea of trust. Trust is a crucial part of society in human life. Without it, we couldn't do anything really. We need to trust one another to build things, trust one another in business deals, etc. Also, trust is what defines a friendship. If youc annot trust someone they cannot be your friend. In people, trust can be a fragile concept. One slip up and your pegged untrustworthy for life. So I ask everyone to ensure that others can trust you, and to keep it in the vault...In other news, I have been playing RuneScape a bit more. I got to level 78 mining, and I am halfway to 85 xp wise. Also, I think after mining I may consider training combat a bit, since the upcoming clan wars and pvp updates I want to be ready. I will probably only train defense, magic , and prayer, the surivival skills. Most of those games are about survival, so I need to be able to take hits, bind enemies, and use prayer effectivly. Also, any player moderaters from ru...
Beachy Hearts
2008-08-01 19:23:00
Imagine it being the middle of the night and there is complete silence. Maybe you are lying in bed even, but you are wide awake. Have you ever started to hear a noise and worry it was someone breaking in or something? Then, as you get worked up, it seems as though the noise is only getting louder. Suddenly, you pause, and realize that what you are hearing is only the most precious and amazing part of your body. Your very own beating heart. ♥I watch hospital shows on television sometimes, last night in particular, and it is during times like that when I really appreciate and grow fascinated with the human body. Watching an organ transplant is really unimaginable. My favorite part is when the patient is given a heart, let's say, from another body, and once the heart is in place, there is that moment, that first moment, when you get to witness the heart fill up completely red and thump. It is really amazing, if you ask me. I guess the point I am trying to make is that whe...
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Why Talk When No One's Listening...
2008-07-30 21:48:00
My title may come off as being a bit gloomy, but its suitable for how I've felt on RuneScape the past few days. See, in the game there are players known and admired by all. Zezima, N0valyfe, Uloveme, Yogoson. These are all great players from the game. But there are a few players that are "pure f2p". These people are Mendark 9, and Syszgy for example. All i would like to say is that Mendark 9 and Syzygy were once members during their careers, so tehm falunting about as pure f2p bothers me. Perhaps they did get all their skills to 99s, but they were once members and to caravant around claiming the oppisite is an outrage i feel. But some may ask, how do you know they were members... Well here is how i know. If you go to account management on the rs homepage, then to recover a password, you get a screen to type a name in. Type Sysyzgy's for example. According to yourtube and the rs wiki he was nvr a member. On the contrary, you can cleary see underneath his recovery questions that he ...
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Go Somewhere Else!
2008-06-07 04:19:00
There is a conspiracy theory, I tell you! Outside of my lovely house in Jermyn is a common meeting place for the freaks and strange teenagers of Jermyn. I can't go a single day without hearing about twenty vulgar words shouted out down Main Street in less than five seconds. Mostly these little street gangs consist of a few guys and a girl or two. They'll just stand outside of my house, meet outside of my house for about a minute then continue walking, or choose to dribble a basketball outside of my house while talking loudly. There is nothing more annoying in the world to me than trying to study or do my homework and hear a basketball bounce for about twenty minutes outside of my window. Why don't I close my window? I shouldn't have to! This is my property and I don't want that scum on it! However, there's really no actions I can take against these deviant individuals. I can go outside, bitch at them, and get my ass kicked, but I don't find that to be a very logical situation...
WordWeb: #1 Tool for Vocabulary Nerds
2008-06-06 23:57:00
While searching the collection of freeware that a variety of blogs have collected over the past month, a program jumped out and tackled me. In this case, I enjoyed the pain that resulted from the aftermath of the spontaneous tackle. This program, known as WordWeb, is a dictionary/thesaurus which activates upon holding in the control key and right-clicking on a word in any program. Yes, any program. You no longer have to have internet access to look up a word, or copy and paste a word into some internet dictionary because you're curious on what it means. And if you have internet access? WordWeb uses both their dictionary collection as well as 'tabs' to other online dictionaries ? in case WordWeb's definition wasn't good enough. Also, there is a tab to Wikipedia. I find this program to be very helpful for my goal of learning a plethora of vocabulary terms throughout the course of this coming summer. Not only do I hope to achieve a better SAT score in the fall from my personal stu...
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Process of Writing a Novel #1
2008-06-04 03:56:00
If you're expecting some professional advice on the dedicated process of writing a novel, then hit the 'back' button and run away. If you're looking for a personal outline of the process of a young individual planning out and thinking about the creation of a fantasy novel, then you have stepped into the proper domain. Welcome to the beginning of my long journey from the beginning to end of writing a novel, and the plan I have in using this very blog as a big aid in its formation.Before I begin spilling out my inner feelings and thoughts regarding this topic, I wish to apologize for the lack of proper wording, sentence construction, etc. of this post. I'm in a writing mood, yet I'm not in a fit mental state to write too well. Finals are killing me and I'm still trying to catch up with the work I missed over the last week of school that I missed. However, there's always time to write a few things and get them out there.First, my goal: I plan to write a fantasy novel series con...
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It?s Final?Time!
2008-06-02 22:29:00
I liked how my previous blog entry allowed an open-discussion to occur based on a general question presented in the context, so I have another little question to throw out there that's picking at my curiosity. Whether you're in high school or college, you most likely had/have to take finals this year. However, I'm wondering, based on your education facility, how important the finals are. Like?hmm, I'm trying to choose proper wording here. Does your school prepare you for the finals in advance? Do the teachers/professors give you the information beforehand? Do you spend countless hours studying for a single subject or is it a cram-it-in-one-night ordeal?The finals at my good ol' school of Lakeland High start this week. Particularly, only the elective courses are holding the final exams. Our last day of school is June 16th. The late dismissal is due to the large amount of snow days that we had this year. They built my school on top of a hill on the top of a mountain ? it has been...
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Ad Cents
2008-05-18 21:26:00
How are some blogs so popular when all the author does is post an article referring to another site, a single picture with a witty caption, etc. when some blogs out there (not pointing at any in particular ?cough-) have so much heart put into them, filled with emotion and hope, and?stuff. Honestly, when I look at a blog that has a few short entries, I walk the other way. Maybe it's because I'm more of a reader/writer than "Hey, this site has no pictures! Me no gusto!" Well?I don't mind if the short entries are highly logical and present a question that makes you think about things very deeply. But honestly, posting some piece of media and that's it? It feels like just stealing somebody else's work to fill up your site with and that's that. There is nothing original about these sites, yet they have such an appeal that many users love. I guess that if you own a website, you just have to wait for the right audience to come around, and then hopefully some members will come back to...
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Let It Happen
2008-05-18 03:36:00
For some reason, I am going to write a blog. If some twists and turns didn't approach me yet, maybe this blog would have been just totally filled with my normal numerous happy faces and "omggg the play was soo fun and like I took the AP test and it went okay and yay yay things are good blah blah :D:D:D." That isn't the case, however, because life comes at you when you least expect it, and what it brings with it could be reality checks that change one's point of view.I have been busy. Verrrry busy. Thank goodness for it, though. :P I am going to be lost when life calms down. At least I have new stuff to look forward to though. I took that large scary AP Chemistry exam on Tuesday. Oh yep, I did it. It feels great to have accomplished something like that, something I stuck with, didn't quit on, studied for and worked for. It was tough, it was long, it almost made my eyes water. My teacher did a fantastic job preparing us for it though, 99% of the information I had heard ...
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