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Financial prosperity blueprint. Financial guides on mortgage, loan, loans, debt, equity release, credit cards, bank accounts, etc.


Credit Bill Of Rights
2008-07-23 23:03:00
Your Credit Bill Of Rights  According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other acts, you have the right to: 1. Obtain from a credit bureau a report of what’s in your credit file. 2. Know who has inquired into your credit file?stores, banks, employ­ers, etc. 3. Request reverification by the credit bureau if information ...
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
2008-02-22 20:13:00
Main Concepts of The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act If you find yourself in financial difficulties, there are several specific steps you can take to protect your credit standing. Although creditors can always turn over your account to a collection agency, some prefer not to do so and would rather make an arrangement for repayment with ...
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The Fair Credit Billing Act
2008-02-20 21:28:00
Correction of Billing Errors and Other Rregulations of the Fair Credit Billing Act This important piece of legislation is designed to give consumers a method of dealing with the errors in — or disputes about — billing that are almost certain to occur from time to time in credit card accounts. The difficulties can arise for ...
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When to Pay Credit Card Bills
2008-02-08 01:03:00
How To Optimise Your Credit Card Expenses? Although most credit card accounts carry the same annual interest rates, they do not all calculate monthly interest charges the same way. Consequently, consumers may find themselves paying differing amounts in interest on the same purchases. For example, if the interest is calculated on the basis of the consumer’s ...
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Fair Credit Reporting
2008-02-04 17:16:00
The Fair Credit Reporting Act When you apply for credit, the lender may ask a credit reporting agency for a summary of your financial history before deciding whether to grant the loan. This is standard procedure, particularly when substantial sums are involved, and every day, thousands of such credit reports are issued to lenders throughout the ...
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Equal Credit Opportunity
2008-02-02 19:32:00
The Equal Credit Opportunity Act Before 1975, when the Equal Credit Opportunity Act became effective, a considerable number of Americans — women, older people and minority group members — often had difficulty in obtaining loans and credit. Since then, discrimination on these bases has been forbidden by law. Prospective lenders no longer have the right even ...
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Lending Act
2008-02-01 18:11:00
The Truth in Lending Act The primary purpose of this federal legislation, enacted in 1968, is to make the borrower aware of exactly how much a loan will cost. There was a time when lenders could simply advertise “8 percent interest.” Unless the borrower carefully examined the exact terms of the loan — often written in ...
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Protections For Users of Credit
2008-01-31 14:35:00
Legal Protection Of Borrowers Like millions of Americans, you probably make at least some of your purchases on credit. The practice of buying now and paying later, though vital to both individual and national economies, can be dangerous if abused. Each year hundreds of thousands of people find themselves over their heads in debt and unable ...
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The Perils of Cosigning
2008-01-30 15:11:00
Bank Loan Cosigning Perils There may come a time when a friend or relative applies for a loan and the lending institution refuses unless the applicant can find a cosigner. If someone you know asks you to cosign a loan, consider the request very carefully before you agree. Chances are that the lender would not have required a ...
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Getting a Loan
2008-01-29 22:21:00
How To Successfully Qualify For A Bank Loan ? Before applying for any kind of loan, it is prudent to analyze just how much money you need and precisely how long you need it for. Then compare the rates and conditions you will have to abide by for the use of someone else’s cash. Financial institutions offer ...
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How Good Is Your Credit Rating?
2007-12-20 15:58:00
The Three C?s Of Your Credit Rating In the days before computers and credit cards, loan officers usually sized up applicants on the Three C’s of Credit: Character (a moral commitment to pay the money back), Capacity (the means to do so) and Collateral (property that could be seized and resold in the event repayment was not made). The Three C’s ...
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How Good Is Your Credit Rating?
2007-12-17 00:26:00
Credit Rating Test The “test” given here can indicate only your relative credit-worthiness. It cannot tell you whether you will actually get credit from particular lenders, whose policies may vary widely according to their experiences, profit targets and tolerance of risk under different economic conditions at different times. One lender, for example, might sign you up ...
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Debit Cards
2007-12-15 21:58:00
What A Debit Card Is? Debit cards are less common than credit cards, but an increasing number of banks and savings institutions offer them now. You can use debit cards like credit cards in making purchases. However, unlike credit cards, which bill you later for the amount you have been charged, debit cards transfer your money immediately ...
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Credit Cards
2007-12-14 21:41:00
What A Bank Credit Card Is? Credit cards, whether issued by banks or other institutions, are another form of revolving credit. These cards entitle their holders to a predetermined maximum against which they may borrow, and the principal repaid is automatically restored to the credit line. You can use a credit card to pay for goods and ...
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Bank Loans
2007-12-13 17:17:00
Types of Bank Loans Bank credit for consumers falls into two general categories, closed-ended and open-ended. A mortgage, for example, is considered a closed-ended loan because it is for a specific amount and must be paid off over a specified period. (Mortgages are discussed in Chapter 4.) A bank credit card provides an open-ended loan: it ...
EFT Errors Settlement
2007-12-06 23:56:00
Electronic Fund Transfer Errors Settlement If you suspect that an error has been made in an electronic transfer of funds, call your bank immediately. The law requires that you make the call within 60 days, but the sooner you give notice the easier it will be to correct any error. Unless the bank asks you to, ...
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Your Rights as an EFT Customer
2007-12-06 23:51:00
EFT Customer ?s Rights Like anything else, electronic fund transfers are subject to error. A malfunction in a computer or a mistake by a programmer could, for example, transfer $1,000 from your account to the account of your utility company when in fact your bill was $100. If you lose your automatic teller card and it is ...
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Electronic Fund Transfers
2007-12-05 05:09:00
Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) By now, most depositors have some familiarity with the machines in bank lobbies that enable customers to make withdrawals from, or deposits to, savings and checking accounts without the aid of a human teller. But such machines are only one aspect of electronic fund transfers. An increasing number of other transactions are ...
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Super-NOW Bank Accounts
2007-10-11 01:36:00
Super Negotiable Order of Withdrawal Accounts Scarcely had the federal government authorized banks to offer money market savings accounts than it also granted them permission to introduce checking accounts that pay money market interest rates — accounts known as “Super-NOW’s.” Depending on the policy of the individual bank, Super-NOW accounts may offer all of the features of regular ...
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Money Market Account Features
2007-10-11 00:23:00
Features of Money Market Accounts Like other bank services, money market savings accounts are subject to government regulations, Individual banks, however, may offer special inducements within prescribed limits. Here is a summary of the main features offered by a typical money market account: Minimum investment. To open and maintain a money market savings account, a minimum of ...
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Money Market Accounts
2007-10-09 02:50:00
Bank Money Market Accounts As part of the continuing deregulation of banks to allow them to compete more successfully with other financial institutions, federal authorities in late 1982 authorized them to offer money market rates to their customers. This has brought banks into direct competition with private brokerage houses, for whom these funds have been a ...
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Reinvesting a CD
2007-10-09 02:48:00
Reinvesting a Certificate of Deposit During the life of a certificate of deposit you should discuss with an officer of your bank what you want done with the funds in the account at maturity. If you fail to make provision for taking the cash or reinvesting it, depending on bank policy and the law in your ...
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Fluctuating-Rate CD?s
2007-10-09 02:44:00
Certificates of Deposit with Fluctuating Rate s Many banks offer special certificates of deposit that pay variable rates of interest. Depending on the bank, they may be called “Premium Rate Certificates” or “Investment Accounts,” or some similar name. Like ordinary CD’s, they are sold for specific lengths of time and interest penalties are exacted for early redemption. ...
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Certificates of Deposit
2007-09-29 00:01:00
There are many types of certificates of deposit (CD’s), but all share a common characteristic: the money deposited must remain in the account for a specified time, with severe penalties for early withdrawal. On most CD’s the interest remains the same throughout the life of the certificate. By and large, the longer the life of ...
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Investment Accounts
2007-09-18 00:26:00
Investment Bank Accounts In the luxurious world of investments, quite often we hear advises what securities to invest in, but not as often we get advises concerning the types of accounts we should open to start investing. There is a lot of different types of investment accounts, each covering a specific purpose, and new types of accounts are being created to satisfy ...
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