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Digital Biology Friday: Free to evolve? [Discovering Biology in a Digital W
2007-12-07 17:30:00
This is a fun puzzle. The pink molecule is a protein and the other molecule is a nucleic acid. Read the rest of this post… | Read the comments on this post… Original post by gsCombinedFeed/~3/196666979/digital_biolo gy_friday_free_to.php
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How to Hand-Wave Quantum Phase? [Uncertain Principles]
2007-12-07 17:28:00
Kind of a technical question, but typing it out might provide some inspiration, or failing that, somebody might have a good suggestion in the comments. Here’s the issue: I’m starting on a chapter about quantum teleportation for the book, and one of the key steps in the teleportation scheme is an entangling measurement of two of the particles. If you’re teleporting a photon polarization state, the easy way to do it is to make a joint measurement of the polarization of the photon whose polarization you want to “teleport” and one photon from the entangled pair you’re using for the teleportation, and measure them onto the “Bell basis,” of four states that look like this: State 1: VV + HH State 2: VV - HH State 3: HV + VH State 4: HV - VH Now, that makes perfect sense to a physicist, but my goal is to explain this to 1) non-physicists, 2) without equations, and 3) with minimal hand-waving. And my question is, what’s the best way ...
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Turning Defeat Into Victory, Chuck Colson Style [Dispatches from the Cultur
2007-12-07 17:23:00
In the wake of the 8th circuit’s ruling forbidding state funding and special privileges for those who participate in a Christian rehab program in Iowa prisons, there’s a stunningly dishonest PR campaign going on in the religious right press to turn that defeat into a victory. The Worldnutdaily declares: Judges endorse faith-based prison program That’s their emphasis, not mine. Their argument here is that because the appeals court only ruled that the state could not pay for the InnerChange program or give special privileges to those who took part in it, they’re “endorsing” the program by allowing it to continue to exist in the prison but solely at the expense of Prison Fellowship and without any special privileges for participants. Read the rest of this post… | Read the comments on this post… Original post by gsCombinedFeed/~3/196666981/turning_defea t_into_victory_ch.php
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More Hysteria over SB 777 [Dispatches from the Culture Wars]
2007-12-07 17:16:00
The religious right’s histrionics over SB 777, the new law in California that prohibits discrimination in public schools on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, just keep getting more and more ridiculous. This article at the Worldnutdaily about Christian parents pulling their kids out of public schools so they don’t catch The Gay is a perfect example. Take a look at this spin: Parents in California have started reacting to the state’s newly mandated homosexual indoctrination program by pulling their children out of classes, and state Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell is warning districts they’ll lose money if that happens. Read the rest of this post… | Read the comments on this post… Original post by gsCombinedFeed/~3/196666982/more_hysteria _over_sb_777.php
More About: Culture , Wars , Hysteria , Dispatches , Culture Wars
Calendário Tipográfico
2007-12-07 17:11:00
Eu sei, eu sei que esse artigo é bem off-topic, mas como muitas pessoas que visitam o BLOG.MACMAGAZINE são apaixonadas por design, não resisti. De acordo com esta fonte, este calendário foi produzido em 2005 pela agência LIDA e foi inteiramente confeccionado com caracteres tipográficos. Eu amei esse trabalho — quem souber mais informações sobre ele deixe um comentário aqui, por favor! Original post by azine/~3/196649670/
Supreme Court Denies Cert in Ludicrous Cross Case [Dispatches from the Cult
2007-12-07 17:09:00
Remember that ridiculous case where an LA county worker claimed that taking the cross off the county seal was unconstitutional? The Supreme Court just denied cert on that case, to no one’s surprise. The case was dismissed and the dismissal upheld by the lower courts. The ACLU threats on the issue were ridiculous, in my view, but this lawsuit was even more ridiculous. I don’t think there was any constitutional violation for the cross on the county seal to begin with, but there damn sure isn’t any constitutional violation in taking the cross off the seal. Read the comments on this post… Original post by gsCombinedFeed/~3/196666983/supreme_court _denies_cert_in_l.php
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Amy Winehouse cazada esnifando cocaína en pleno concierto
2007-12-07 17:09:00
Esto que véis es parte de la actuación de Amy Winehouse a finales del pasado Octubre en Zurich, Suiza. Y sí, lo que véis es lo que parece, a la propia cantante de soul supuestamente esnifando cocaína. El tema de las drogas todos sabemos que en mayor o menor medida existe en el mundo de la música, lo que es una pena es que suceda en pleno escenario, más aún sabiendo cómo están las cosas a nivel de difusión de sucesos como éste. El otro día mi compañera Kaoru se preguntaba por cuáles podían ser las razones para la suspensión de la gira por Noruega y Dinamarca, lo cual queda en parte esclarecido por este vídeo. Sin más, esperamos que la gran voz de Amy Winehouse se recupere y consiga deleitarnos a todos con esa voz que sólo ella sabe darnos, ánimo. En Hipersónica | Amy Winehouse cancela definitivamente sus conciertos Original post by -winehouse-cazada-esnifando-cocaina-en-pl eno-concierto
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Sex On The City Continues
2007-12-07 17:08:00
My, my, my: Judith Nathan got taxpayer-funded chauffeur services from the NYPD earlier than previously disclosed - even before her affair with then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani was revealed, witnesses and sources tell the Daily News. “It went on for months before the affair was public,” said Lee Degenstein, 52, a retired Smith Barney vice president who formerly lived at 200 E. 94th St., Nathan’s old building. “It was going on longer than anybody thought,” added Degenstein, who, along with others in the neighborhood, said they often saw Nathan hopping into unmarked NYPD cars in early 2000, before the affair was revealed that May.  […] Then-Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik said in January 2001 the NYPD assigned Nathan round-the-clock protection the month before because of an unspecified threat against her on a streetcorner near her home. He insisted at a news conference she had no guards until then. Thursday, Giuliani aides changed their story. They s...
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Your Friday Dose of Woo: Bouncing away the toxins [Respectful Insolence]
2007-12-07 17:02:00
After last week’s Your Friday Dose of Woo, which featured an amazingly extravagant bit of woo that took up 10,000 webpages of some of most densely-packed woo language that I’ve ever seen, I feel the need for a change of pace. It’s time to simplify this week. After all, if I were to do nothing but woo on the order of sympathetic vibratory physics, the Wand of Horus, quantum homeopathy, or DNA activation every week, your brain might well fry. And, if your brain didn’t fry, my brain would for subjecting myself to such material week after week. Every so often, I need just a little wafer to cleanse the palate, so to speak. Fortunately, I’ve found just the thing. Believe it or not, I used to like The Man Show. It just so happens that each episode of this show ended with girls on trampolines. It also just so happens that, besides exercise, trampolines can be used for most marvelous woo: Read the rest of this post… | Read the comments on this post&helli...
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Philadelphia Scouts Miss Deadline [Dispatches from the Culture Wars]
2007-12-07 17:02:00
In the ongoing saga over the Boy Scouts in Philadelphia , the city had given the Cradle of LIberty Council until Monday to either execute a lease at fair market value on the city building they occupy or agree to vacate the premises by June of 2008. The Scout council failed to give them an answer by Monday, according to the Worldnutdaily: “If I do not receive an executed lease, signed by the Boy Scouts, to remain as tenants paying a fair market rent, we will begin looking for alternative tenants that can take over the property June 1, 2008,” Romulo Diaz, the city solicitor, said earlier. He, according to Philadelphia media reports, is an open homosexual. The Scouts, however, “do not feel obliged to respond to that date,” Jubelirer told the Associated Press. “We didn’t feel it was urgent to respond.” Read the rest of this post… | Read the comments on this post… Original post by gsCombinedF...
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Kindle or Swindle? Another Reinvention of the Safety Pin?
2007-12-07 11:25:00
The Kindle is the name Jeff Bezos, of Amazon Empire on Planet Buyme, named an electronic reading device that he hopes will make paper books, well, less needed. Save trees. Have a closed purchase system with Amazon only, with Amazon storing all scans of the book, as well as all customer buying habits, and customer comments that the Kindle allows a reader to ‘write’ in the margins of the electronic book. And more. Jorge Luis Borges wrote, “I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.” Me too. Maybe you too? Growing up in a house without books, even though I’d had back then what was called ‘a reading and writing problem’ (maybe you did too?) made me long to have a book, any book. Do you know what I mean? So many books, once you opened them, you were almost exactly like the child in The Neverending Story. In that story, a mob of creepy kids were chasing a young boy through the dusk rain. The child ducks into an antiquarian ...
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First Muslim Clinic in Moscow
2007-12-07 11:15:00
A quote from AsiaNews, 6 December 2007 Sharia will be enforced in the facility: patients and staff will be segregated on the basis of sex with female patients treated by veiled female doctors for men as well as halal medicines and food. The initiative is part of a renewed co-operation between Russia’s Muslim community and the Russian government. […]The administrative personnel will also be dressed accordingly to Sharia law, i.e. the doctors will only have their hands open and female doctors will have to wear headscarves or possibly hijabs. […] In addition, all medicines used at the policlinic will have to conform to Halal principles and not contain any alcohol. The creation of a Muslim hospital is backed by Russia’s health ministry and the Mufti Council of Russia. Ravil Gainutdin, the council’s chairman, could not hide his satisfaction over the initiative. […] Mr Gainutdin said he was convinced that Russia society will accept the clinic and that the facility will contrib...
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CNET Provides Branded Widgets, But Who Will Use Them?
2007-12-07 11:01:00
CNET Networks, the parent company for,,, GameSpot and several other web destinations, has released a set of widgets for embedding their videos on non-CNET websites. The widgets are well-designed and currently available for BNET, CHOW,, GameSpot, and Whichever the source, they show some branding, a video clip, a selection of other video clips, and an advertisement. We’ve embedded one from GameSpot below (although they say it can take up to 15 minutes for the widget to start working). In CNET’s words, these are meant to “offer publishers the opportunity to integrate quality editorial and programming from five CNET Networks brands into their site environments.” Will CNET share revenue from the advertising with participating sites, or pay them for spreading their brand? That doesn’t look like the case, especially since CNET insists that the widgets are meant to “enhance their users’ site experience, incre...
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Is Feedster finally dead?
2007-12-07 10:50:00
A Original post by /196522482/
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EchoStar Now DISH Network Spins Off SlingBox, Set-Top Biz
2007-12-07 10:38:00
A Original post by /196512987/
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Dark-skinned H. erectus had tuberculosis? [Gene Expression]
2007-12-07 10:14:00
Most ancient case of tuberculosis found in 500,000-year-old human; points to modern health issues: Although most scientists believe tuberculosis emerged only several thousand years ago, new research from The University of Texas at Austin reveals the most ancient evidence of the disease has been found in a 500,000-year-old human fossil from Turkey. … The research team identified two shared characteristics in the communities: a path of migration from low, tropical latitudes to northern temperate regions and darker skin color. People with dark skin produce less vitamin D because the skin pigment melanin blocks ultraviolet light. And, when they live in areas with lower ultraviolet radiation such as Europe, their immune systems can be compromised. It is likely that Homo erectus had dark skin because it evolved in the tropics, Kappelman explained. After the species moved north, it had to adapt to more seasonal climates. The researchers hypothesize the young male’s body produc...
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2007-12-07 10:04:00
A Original post by /196504929/
Edgeio To Shut Down - In The DeadPool
2007-12-07 09:52:00
Edgeio, a company I co-founded in 2005, had a final board meeting this evening and made the decision to shut down operations of the company. We are putting it into the TechCrunch DeadPool. Edgieo first launched in February 2006 after a beta period. The company raised a small angel round of financing, then in October 2006 closed a $5 million Series A from Intel Capital and Transcosmos. The company burned through that money according to plan, meaning they ran out this month. The product roadmap was fulfilled, meaning development lags didn’t hurt the company. But the revenues didn’t come in and user/partner milestones weren’t met. And that meant no one else was going to put more money into the company. For the last few months CEO Keith Teare has been working on a number of plans to keep the company going, but none of them panned out. So tonight the board decided, appropriately, to shut the company down. This will be orderly - employees will be let go but will be fully...
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Defense Day [denialism blog]
2007-12-07 09:51:00
Well today is my thesis defense day. For those who are unfamiliar with the process, this is how it works at least at my university. When you start out in a lab you do the experiments your boss tells you to do, with the goal of picking up a project. This usually involves taking up where another graduate student or post-doc left off, or reading the literature in your field and figuring out an important question to answer. Depending on how many years its been since your boss handled a pipette, he/she will suggest experiments that range from next to impossible to impossible. You spend a year screwing around, messing up experiments and hopefully generating some preliminary data to justify the research that will go into your thesis. Simultaneously you are taking graduate classes and applying to be a degree candidate. The requirements for this vary by university and department. It may require writing a review paper summarizing a related (or unrelated) field of science and defending i...
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Another Small But Important Facebook Messaging Update: Reply To
2007-12-07 09:35:00
Yesterday we reported that Facebook has started to forward actual messages to users’ email, instead of simply notifying users that a message was received and forcing them to log into Facebook to read the message. It was a small change, but heavy Facebook users (like me) were ecstatic. Tonight they rolled out an additional change. In some of the messages I’m receiving, the Reply To field is set with the user’s actual email address, meaning I can reply to them directly, again without logging into Facebook. Another step saved and less time wasted. Given what Facebook did today, I’m inclined only to give them a golf clap for this and nothing more. But still, it’s yet another indication that page views are not prioritized over the user experience. Of course, the actual email address of the user is exposed, something some people may not like. I imagine may be on the case soon. Crunch Network: CrunchBoard because it’s time for you to find a n...
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Irene Dunne tribute (TCM)
2007-12-07 05:28:00
If the movies of Hollywood’s Golden Age had a Great American Lady, Irene Dunne was surely it. Whether suffering through melodramatic “women’s pictures” or rollicking through screwball comedy, Dunne always maintained her dignity. And she never seemed to strain for her effects, whether jerking tears or inciting laughter. “Dunne was a brilliant actress and her comedy timing was impeccable,” said no less an authority than Cary Grant. “She played it straight, instead of playing it for laughs as some comediennes do.” Read the rest HERE All December – Thursday Nights…set your TIVO/DVR !! Original post by alInTheNorth/~3/196409669/irene-dunne-tri .html
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Stan Greenberg
2007-12-07 05:09:00
Stan Greenberg , who along with James Carville does the Democracy Corps series of polling, also happens to be Rahm Emanuel’s right-hand guy and chief ally in the effort to push the Democratic caucus and its candidates running for office to the far-right and out of the mainstream on immigration. Emanuel invited Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg to the caucus meeting to discuss his polling on immigration. Some Democratic strategists ridiculed this idea because of Hispanic lawmakers’ skepticism about Greenberg’s record on immigration. In The New Republic last month, Greenberg equated the immigration issue with welfare reform, saying Democrats had to get tough on enforcement before creating a path to citizenship. Many political strategists disagree. “The real question is what are we going to do to fix the problem,” Simon Rosenberg, president of the New Democrat Network (NDN), said. “Voters are looking for a solution, not more politics. The anger ar...
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Smack Talking, Geek Style [Uncertain Principles]
2007-12-07 05:04:00
John Scalzi is talking a big game: I was just taking one of those Internet tests to see how much of a geek I am, when I suddenly thought, what the fuck am I doing? I’m a published science fiction writer. Do not pass “go,” do not collect $200, you know? Just go straight to the geek win. That’s right, I win at geek. Tell me I’m wrong. All I have to say is, “Enjoy it while you can, Heinlein boy.” Read the rest of this post… | Read the comments on this post… Original post by gsCombinedFeed/~3/196417482/smack_talking _geek_style.php
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Confirmado: Rage Against the Machine vendrán a Europa
2007-12-07 05:02:00
Llevaba mucho, muchísimo tiempo esperando a que se confirmara esta noticia, pero por fin me he llevado la tan deseada alegría al llegar hace unos minutos a mi casa, y encontrarme en mi correo un email de la lista de distribución oficial de Rage Against the Mach ine , a través del cual la banda anuncia que serán cabeza de cartel para los festivales paralelos Rock Am Ring y Rock In Park, que se celebrarán a principios de Junio en tierras alemanas. Así pues, el primer paso (que vengan a Europa ), ya está dado, y ahora falta que se sigan anunciando conciertos. Las fechas concretas que han sido anunciado son las del 6 de Junio para el Rock Am Ring, y el 7 para el Rock In Park, lo cual marca un enorme abismo con respecto a la anterior fecha confirmada, el 10 de Febrero en Tokyo, que a buen seguro tendrán que llenar de alguna forma. Con un poco de suerte, se decidirán a visitar nuestro país; pero de no ser así, tengo claro que iré a verlos a donde mejor me pille, porque han sido...
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Video: Max Boot on Saudi Arabia, NIE
2007-12-07 05:01:00
Here’s an interview with Max Boot , on his recent trip to Saudi Arabia and the National Intelligence Estimate. (Hat tip: Contentions.) [Video ] Original post by ntry=28185&only&rss
More About: Saudi Arabia
A Christmas Song I Haven’t Heard Yet [Afarensis]
2007-12-07 04:56:00
It seems like everyone is already playing Christmas music. I’ve already heard tons of it, including some of the rock songs - Lennon, Seger, Springstein (bleck), Bowie and Bing, etc., but I have yet to hear the one below. Read the rest of this post… | Read the comments on this post… Original post by gsCombinedFeed/~3/196406960/
More About: Song , Haven , Christmas Song
Roo to Moo turns Goo into Poo - is that Woo? [A Blog Around The Clock]
2007-12-07 04:50:00
Eco-friendly kangaroo farts could help global warming: scientists: Australian scientists are trying to give kangaroo-style stomachs to cattle and sheep in a bid to cut the emission of greenhouse gases blamed for global warming, researchers say. Thanks to special bacteria in their stomachs, kangaroo flatulence contains no methane and scientists want to transfer that bacteria to cattle and sheep who emit large quantities of the harmful gas. And if we give cows jumping beans and jumping genes along kangaroo bacteria, perhaps they’ll really start jumping over the moon…. Read the comments on this post… Original post by gsCombinedFeed/~3/196406961/roo_to_moo_tu rns_goo_into_poo.php
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New Biblical Documentary [Greg Laden’s Blog]
2007-12-07 04:45:00
PZ Myers bagged this hysterical video on the Garden of Eden’s family reunion. Here. A must see. OK, I’ll see you one and raise you one: (I never really thought about it before, but GI Joe kinda is a clothes horse, isn’t he?) Read the comments on this post… Original post by gsCombinedFeed/~3/196406962/new_biblical_ documentary.php
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Shadow of the Colossus Composer Coming to Sydney
2007-12-07 04:44:00
Kow Otani to play with the Eminence Orchesta. Original post by /196418148/840135p1.html
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Brain, Symmetry and Sleep [A Blog Around The Clock]
2007-12-07 04:42:00
Hmm, I did not know this - apparently the left hemisphere of the human brain falls asleep first, and the right one a little bit later in most people. I wonder if that has any connection with the reason we tend to focus on the right side of the face when someone is talking to us - checking the vigilance/sleepiness state of the person? Read the comments on this post… Original post by gsCombinedFeed/~3/196406964/brain_symmetr y_and_sleep.php
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