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Black ebony goddess financial mistress specializing in domination, and humiliation over weak mental midgets


Moving some things around.
2007-10-15 19:00:00
Its been a long time since I posted on my royal blog. My new site will be up soon for now you can vote for me . Its an upgraded verson of my royalblackfetish page. Every since I was a little girl I've been in love with blue. I remember driving past this one house that was filled with blue christmas lights and after that, I was never able to get that image out of my mind. Any way continue to browse this blog and spoil the Goddess. until then ta ta bitches.
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How pathetic can one be?
2007-08-20 02:19:00
Is this the largest clit you laid eyes apon or what? All you can do is rub pussy on it LMAO... well not mines. Looks too deformed & besides that, I dont have sex. I been practicing celibacy for a year now. Why might you ask? Well if you must know, I wanted to see how much I could get accomplished without any distractions. A friend of mine told me he tried it for 6 months and raised his FICO score tremendously. I have to tell you the shit really works. All the years of hanging out, shopping, relationships was a 50% waste. As soon as money came in, it went right back out. I know your thinking how could she do it. Who the hell could go without sex?..I know I know right. But it can be done especially when your serious about paying off your debts, expanding your business and investing. You have got to be on some new and odd shit to get things done. Anyway back to you lil dick bitches. I am having lots of fun emptying out your accounts and publicly humiliating you. You think my life...
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But Mistress I am poor
2007-08-14 13:57:00
You know better than that, sympathy is not in my dictionary piss pet. Someone silly like your mama would excuse a underserving wimp since you droped out of her stanking womb. If you dont have it then dont contact me. I know its hard to resist when you see me on yahoo but every time you send me an instant message, I expect gift certificates or money in my account. You will never find a Goddess saying hello on instant messenger. Hello=money. Any font in your box you recieve from me means your wallet is ready to withdraw.Thoes of you who are on a tight budget can spend on the cheaper items I have until you gather up the man-balls to truly splurge and bask in my radiance. I dont waste time I invest. Most of the pussy-beggers have the funds they just dont want to spend. ha ha I wont beg boy, its against my woman-law to do so. Thats what thoes silly little girls who date you do. I am not your date, mama or teacher who let you off the hook. I am your dreamgirl. The bitch that is always at ...
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Blue balls & boogers
2007-08-09 06:56:00
I just love a submissive filthy boy-whore who will do anything you say. This pile of unwanted trash spent enormous time with me today humiliating and teasing him. He hated and loved it while my account grew bigger. YaY for you! Its been a long time since I did cam session and today was his lucky moment. Drinking pee, eating shit, tasting boogers, the list goes on and on. You damn skippy I love to make a pathetic welcome mat pay me for stupid acts. Where do u freaks come from! Oh well trash is trash. He told me he will return tomorrow when he is able to get more funds. Now for thoes who know me knows that the Goddess does not live off of promises. Shit is not authentic until it is in my delicate hands and for that note, you dont exist until our next paid session. Thats the way whores are treated and thats the way it will always be.Moving right along....some of you sluts have been "demanding" that I rape your wallet. WTF! No one tells me what to do. I will take when ever I damn well p...
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Mistress pays you!
2007-08-03 13:33:00
The Goddess pays you back "credit" every time you spend. This is some really good shit that will benefit my dedicated spenders. See the Princess has a nice side to her after all. For thoes of you non-paying-pussies, guess you'll never know why the Princess is doing this. Then again, your dum ass will still click the button and follow through since I know me giving you credit back in your pockets will motivate your lazy ass.Dont feel like typing much im too busy mulit-tasking. ta ta bitches.
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Filthy Male Whores
2007-08-01 11:32:00
Hello bitch-scums of the dirt earth. Im back again, in and out with you filthy muts anyway I see fit. Your constant whining about spending time with me just makes me yarn and file my nails. You wimps know better than to think "one day" I will offer myself to you free of charge. Ha ha bum fuckers. Anywho, I been very busy with my life & couldn't care less about your niteflirt experiance. I get on when ever I get on "ya dig". From time to time I need to take breaks in between because you sluts share the most bizar fantasies that makes me wanna pull the trigger to your cranium. I cant walk around with all that perverted shit in my mind when Im dealing with the normal world yet money is money. Keep sending or be denied. And as usual you no-pay dum dums who fill out my application wont hear a word from me with your "just found you by a mistake" line. Anyway, the irish slut continues to send me ebay gift certificates. You know I will not talk to you until you send it man-whore. I see y...
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Why do men submit to beautiful women?
2007-07-09 04:51:00
I really have no fucking idea. All I know is that they are weak! Its recorded through out the bible starting all the way from genesis. I learned that we as women are more powerful than what we think and there's no need to "try" hard at getting a wimp to do what you tell them to do. To do so will only make men more self absorbed. Men love being taken advantage of but by who? ...BITCHES... nice girls finish last & I'll be damned if you get me to be sugar & spice to you.I will continue to run away from you. After paying me you will only have me within arms reach. Sounds fuckinig freaky and out of the question right? Not exactly. Boys want what they cant have and I know anything that is easily attained will not be worshiped and appreciated. They claim they only wish to be loved for who they are and not for what they can do. But lets face it, money makes the world go round and a bitch like me will only let you bask in my marvelous radiance when you splurge. I cant see myself loving...
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Afram Baltimore MD
2007-07-02 07:08:00
powered by ODEOAs you know the goddess will be there this weekend. Want to see her there live? Send tributes bitches and support my pamper weekend.$50$75$100$300$500SEND SNAIL MAIL TO:PO BOX 20546Baltimore MD 21223-0546Afram Info:
Ebay idiot(s)
2007-06-26 18:24:00
The Adobe Photoshop CS3 CS 3 Windows is one of the programs that the Goddess wants and of course you loser(s) will get it for me. I have it on my amazon list for $600 but its pricey so I found a cheaper one on my favorite site EBAY $385Send ebay gift certificate "HERE" choose from $25-$500or send tribute to PayPal to
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My used Panties
2007-06-23 19:00:00
For now you can buy my used panties while I set up my auction site. Here I have 4 used panties that will be shiped out to you in a ziplock bag to preserve freshness. You will sniff them and get your faggot ass in them. I dont give a damn if you cant wear them. Make a way!After recieving your panties, you will get 4 free pictures with me wearing them. To make a purchase send a ass kissing email to
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Cheap Assignments
2007-06-23 00:45:00
Check out my new "cheap assignments" Start clicking bitches.... FREE 10 minute WEBCAM AFTER ASSIGNMENT IS COMPLETED!!!!!.99cents (3 min only)$5.99 (5 min only)$7.99$9.00$9.99$12.99$14.99$15.93$17 .99$65.00(2 hour cam special*)
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Royal Black Fetish
2007-06-18 21:48:00
A new and electricfying black ebony mistress with a pure sensual yet bitchy rugged attitude. She is all about having her way by manipulating weak mental midgets into financial slavery. You beg to have your man-hood stripped because you yearn for a black woman to seduce and toy with your fragile ego validating your pathetic existance. Your nothing but a puppet with stings at the control of these delicate mahogany hands and I will use you any way I see fit. The art of flawless financial fuckery is all about taking over your mind and making you putty in my palms while you love and hate me at the same time. You surrender your all over to me and in return you get nothing because you are nothing.You will treat yourself to your new religion and worship the ground I walk apon. You never seen such feminine radiance and it is such a great honor for you to bask in it & spoil me my pet. A beautiful domina only deserves the best at your expense. Even if it means getting a second or third job. Ma...
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