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Just A Touch Of Sweetness is my personal site. I write about day to day life, marriage, my children, and what it is like to live in the South. Sometimes my writings are personal, sometimes funny, and sometimes boring, but that is just how life goes.
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One last thing…
2008-05-18 15:11:00
You’ve been great, I love you all….
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In the blink of an eye
2008-05-03 03:00:00
Some days I sit and look at my boys and I can’t believe how fast they’re growing up. It seems like just yesterday Kel was crawling around and before I know it, he’ll be asking me to pick him up some acne treatment. Okay, so he’s not quite ready for that, but he is growing faster than what I can keep up with. Both of them are. I can’t believe that the day will come when I won’t have little boys and I’ll have grown men as my sons. Ok, I’m going to go lock them both in a closet right now and do my best to never let them grow up. I love my boys and I just don’t think I’m going to ever let them leave their Momma. Of course I say that now. When Kel misbehaves tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll change my tune….and quickly!!
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Make mine hot please
2008-05-03 02:57:00
We’re only a family of four, but honestly, we are ALWAYS running out of hot water. We’ve constantly got people over to the house and I’m forever washing clothes or running the dishwasher and combine that with showers for all of us and there goes the hot water! I’d like to invest in a tankless water heaters. It’d be nice to know that there is always a supply of hot water at the ready. Of course it seems that I’m normally the one who gets to take the cold shower so I’m definitely going to be rooting for this purchase. If it means installing it myself, then so be it. At least after I’m done, I’ll be able to take a nice hot bath instead of feeling like an ice cube in the Artic!
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Tortured is right…
2008-05-03 02:54:00
You Are 59% Tortured Genius You are very smart and a little bit tortured. Like a tortured genius in training. You’re brilliant enough to see how screwed up the world is. Just don’t let it screw you up! Are You a Tortured Genius?
Double vision means double work
2008-05-03 02:48:00
I’m going to have to go and get another pair of eyeglasses. I keep misplacing mine. I don’t wear them all the time so it’s not like they are constantly on my face. When I do find them, it’s as though I’ve laid them down in the most obscure of places. At least if I have a second pair, I’m more apt to be able to find one pair of them when I need them. Probably not though. I’ll probably just find even more obscure places to misplace the second pair which will then leave me searching through double the obscurity. I’m probably better off with just one. I know me all too well!
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Something to ponder
2008-05-03 02:44:00
I’ve thought about trying to get the boys another pet. They want an inside pet. I’m not so sure about that. I definitely don’t want a dog in the house and I’m not certain about a cat either. Plus, with a cat, you’ve got to have all of those cat supplies. You’ve got to have a litter box and the scooper thing and then you need a scratching post or something similar so the cat doesn’t you your expensive drapes as a climbing wall. Maybe I’ll get them a goldfish. Those are low maintenance and well, if something happens to it, then it just takes a trip to visit the Tidy Bowl Man. Yeah, a gold fish is definitely the way to go. Plus, I don’t have to scoop any poop!
If wishes were fishes…
2008-05-03 02:41:00
With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time for me to start leaving hints all around the house so my husband knows what to go out and buy for me. I mean, I’m not the type of woman who is wanting diamonds or luxury watches. I’d settle for some accessories for my camera or maybe a really nice tripod. I could always use a few new power tools as well. Of course, it doesn’t matter. I could tape an advertisement for something right to his forehead and he’d never be the wiser. Sometimes men just don’t get it. Then there is my husband. He NEVER gets it! *sigh*
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Let’s see…
2008-05-03 02:38:00
My husband has a difficult time remembering my name now…wonder what it would be like if I changed my name to something, I don’t know….. say German?? Your German Name is: Corinna Anja What’s Your German Name?
Service with a frown
2008-05-03 02:36:00
I hate going to Wal-Mart. Every single time I go in there, it’s an ordeal of some sorts. Today the cashier that I had looked as though she should be in some sort of drug treatment. She looked as though she hadn’t brushed her hair in a week and she obviously was NOT enjoying her job. I realize everyone has bad days, but really…when you work within the public arena, you really should try to take a little bit of pride in your appearance and try to have some sort of a good attitude. I know every day won’t be perfect, but at least try to be a good actress and put on a good front!
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Inside versus Outside
2008-05-03 02:33:00
I’ve never been one to watch a lot of movies. I don’t know what it is. I guess I’d rather just be outside with my boys or taking pictures. I like being out with nature and experiencing all that it has to offer. I might watch a few more movies if I had some nice home theater furniture. Yeah, probably not. I mean, then I’d have to have a soda machine in my kitchen and a popcorn machine with one of those butter pump thingies. I’m starting to think it’d be better for me to just stay outside and take pictures. I think watching movies might be hazardous to my waistline!
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Yeah right…
2008-05-03 02:30:00
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Fancy That
2008-04-28 07:50:00
With all of the remodeling we’ve done around the house lately, it’s a wonder that I still like to think of things to change about the house. That’s how I am though. I’m not ever really satisfied until everything is just the way I envision it in my mind. And well, ya’ll know how my mind works, so that might take a while. I want it all “just so”! I’ve decided that I want to get new door hardware for our bedroom door. Don’t ask me why. I just want it changed out. I’d like a new doorknob put on. One of those fancy schmancy kinda things. No, I’m not a fancy person, but that doesn’t stop me from liking a few fancy things. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go outside with my fancy camera and take some real fancy pictures!
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2008-04-28 07:47:00
I’m bored. I’ve nothing really to write about but yet I feel compelled to at least write something. Everyone is sleeping so it’s peaceful and quiet. Ahh…silence. I don’t get a lot of that around here lately. There is always someone making a ruckus and 9 times out of 10, it’s not even one of the kids. I think I’ll go sit out on my deck and just enjoy the evening breeze…in silence!!
A friendly reminder
2008-04-25 18:20:00
Just a reminder, that Mother’s Day is right around the corner. No, I don’t have a gift for my Mamma yet. I have no idea what to get her anymore than I have an idea of what to get my Daddy. It’ll come to me at the last minute. It always does. BUT, for those of you who actually plan ahead, I’ve seen some beautiful mother’s ring designs online and those would make a great gift for your Mom. I’m kind of leaning towards it. I know I wouldn’t mind having one for myself but I’m not going to buy myself one and normally, if I don’t buy the gift for myself, then I just don’t get it. *sigh* Anyway, if I were going to buy for myself, this is the ring I’d like. Beautiful isn’t it? I love the look of it. And of course, it looks good with 2 stones just as well as it does with three or four stones. I also love the names inscribed on the ring. A lot of Mother’s Rings I’ve seen don’t have the names o...
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Just call me Flash!
2008-04-24 13:46:00
I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off lately. I seriously have been going 90 to none. It’s good though. I like this rate of activity that I’m at right now. Between Jesse and his therapy appointments and chasing after Kel as well as everything else I have going on, it’s as though I’ve been taking hoodia weight loss pills or something. It’s this darn camera of mine that I got. It’s keeping me out of the house, off of the computer and opened up a whole new world for me. I’m liking this new world too. Gotta run…more stuff to do!
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Wanna tell me why?
2008-04-24 13:41:00
Honestly, it’s as though every single day I come across an individual who is just a zit on the face of society! Seriously…why do people like this exist? They’re ignorant, intolerant, rude and frankly I’m looking for the best acne treatment possible to abolish them from the face of the earth as well as the face of society. I can handle a lot of things in life. I’ve more than proven that, but I cannot handle mean, nasty people. I see no reason for them to even have a place in life! That is all. My rant here is done!
Hold up, wait a minute…or better yet, a month
2008-04-24 05:32:00
We haven’t even hit Mother’s Day and I’m already seeing ads to remind me about Father’s Day. Give me a chance to conquer one before you hit me with another, will ya? I have no idea what to get my Daddy. He’s a tough man to buy for. It’s not as though he’s into new pocket watches and things of that nature. He’s more likely to want a new pocket knife versus a pocket watch. Maybe I’ll just play it safe and bake him a cake. You can never go wrong cake. Nothing says I love you like cake…with lots of frosting. Shoot, now I’m hungry! I always do this to myself at this time of night!
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Older, but not wiser…
2008-04-21 05:42:00
I’ve learned a lot from my sisters over the years. Some good things, some not so good things. There comes a time when you have to learn to think for yourself, and no longer follow. I wish I’d have learned that before Friday. My sister and I went out riding in the woods, having some nice, quiet time together. I took a wrong turn and we wound up at the river. No big deal. She wants to get off and go watch the river flow. No big deal. She wants us to climb down the river bank and sit on the edge of the water. No big deal. I sit. I watch. I listen. She spies something floating down the river and asks if it’s just a limb. I nod to say yes and go back to watching the river in front of me. She mentions that it’s getting closer. I nod, still not paying it any attention. She mentions that it’s getting really close and she’s scared and going back up top. I looked over at it for about 2 seconds, turned and grabbed two handfuls of her ass and started shoving ...
Changed Back
2008-04-21 05:13:00
I am currently going back to using my old theme, because I just realized that when you click to see an individual post, it’s showing Google ads. That’s pretty sneaky… Hiding something like that in there so that you can make money from it being shown on my site. Well, I hope you choke on those three pennies I made you and I hope you’re buried in equestrian clothing and no one comes to see your lonely grave. Yes, that is what just a touch of sweetness is all about. Just a touch.
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Daisy (Mae)
2008-04-21 05:09:00
My sister gave our Mama a puppy last Christmas. If she’d have known how bad that puppy would have grown up to stink, I think she would have changed her mind. She may be cute, but don’t let it fool you. She gets bathed all the time, and yet, still stinks. She likes long walks through the woods, snuggling on the couch, and sailing off the porch for her stuffed animal that I think used to be a turtle.
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2008-04-21 05:04:00
I am seriously sleepy, but can’t sleep yet because I still have stuff to do. I spent the weekend with my parents and I won’t go into details about that other than to say that it was a nice weekend filled with lots of talking. I’m not sure why I’m so tired because I slept in a big comfy bed all alone for the first time in a long time, unless it’s due to stress. Anyways, I enjoyed it, but woke up stiff as I don’t know what each morning. I think that’s why my Mama always uses a sleep wedge when she sleeps back there. The bed is unbelievably soft, yet, unbelievably uncomfortable. Yeah, I’m glad to be home.
Proud Mama
2008-04-17 14:34:00
I’ve been homeschooling Jesse for quite a while now, and it’s been a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. He’s unbelievably smart, he was born like that, it’s not from me. Teaching him requires little effort, because he just seems to “get it”. The only problem that we’ve encountered is his handwriting. I’ve never been able to figure it out, but his OT did. She taught us several hand exercises to do and it’s made a world of difference. She also taught us a method of using boxes to write in, instead of lined paper and that’s really helped also. It’s amazing what holding a button in your hand while writing can do. The OT has a few more things in mind to fine tune his hand control, but is currently looking for who has the best buy so that we don’t end up spending a fortune on this. He’s worked really hard on this, and I am so proud.
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2008-04-16 04:13:00
I haven’t been able to get to my control panel thingy (not this part, but the other one where everything is) for some time. I finally got in tonight, thinking that I would change my theme and saw a message for me to upgrade wordpress. I wish I had of left it alone. I don’t like this at all. I’d go back to the old one if I knew how, I don’t even know if it’s possible. I suppose I’ll get used to this, but the old one was better. Just saying…
Need Something To Do?
2008-04-15 21:55:00
If so, you should join an online community. We all need more friends and online is the easiest place to make them. You can join 3gb community, I was just there and have already seen a few profiles of people that I already know, so I should fit right in, or as well as I ever fit in. You can create your profile, upload pictures, listen to music, chat with others, or kill some time by browsing other profiles. Oh yeah, it’s free also, so you have nothing to lose.
2008-04-15 21:50:00
Have yall seen/heard of that show? It’s an exercise program that teaches belly dancing. I’ve always thought that I could dance, but quickly found out that I really can’t. Well, not like that. I think I’ll try to stick with it though, might be able to learn a few new tricks… Me… A belly dancer… It could happen!
I hate it
2008-04-15 21:29:00
I really hate driving. Not only because of it making me extremely tired, but I’m nervous the entire time. I drive down the same highway almost every Thursday to take Jesse to and from therapy, and normally see a wreck along the way. That’s what makes me so nervous. People tend to not stop at stop signs and end up slamming into someone. It drives me crazy. The last wreck I saw involved a dump truck, a pick-up truck and a small car. I’m pretty sure the dump truck ran the stop sign, but I didn’t stop to find out. He’d better find himself a truck accident lawyer quickly, if he hasn’t already. So many accidents could be avoided if people would just slow down and be more careful.
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2008-04-15 21:23:00
I’m not liking this weather at all. We were in the 80’s last week and now we’re barely making it into the 60’s. I know, I shouldn’t be complaining because it isn’t THAT cold, but it’s windy and that makes it that much cooler. I was about ready to jump into the pool last week and now the water’s freezing again. It should be better tomorrow… Going to start getting close to 80 again. I think I’ll make it.
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My/His Laptop
2008-04-15 21:12:00
It seems that Keith has taken a liking to my laptop. Every time I turn around, he’s sitting there with it on his lap. I didn’t mind it at first, until I realized that he’s downloading music onto it. I use it very little and don’t download anything onto it because it doesn’t have as much memory as I would like it to have. Either he has to quit and start using the desktop like I do, or I’ll have to buy more laptop memory for it. I really don’t want to spend money on that at the moment because I have my eye on something else… Yes, I’m that greedy.
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Looking Up
2008-04-15 21:09:00
Although my life isn’t at it’s greatest moment right now, I’m trying to stay positive and enjoy what I do have. I received an email from a sister of mine this week that really shocked me. It was from the same sister that I had problems with a while back over her thinking that my parenting skills were not up to par… It was a complete turn around, and was full of encouragement on the great job that I do with my kids. It’s funny how life gives you help when you’re down and out.
Where I’ve Been
2008-04-15 21:06:00
Well, I’ve been here, just not actually here. I’ve started doing yoga. I’ve wanted to do it for a long time, but was never motivated. Some time Saturday night, that motivation found me and I’ve been enjoying it. I really thought it was just calming and relaxing, but I was a little wrong. I’ve ended each session sweating. I really do love it, though. And it doesn’t require any equipment like Precor elliptical, although I wouldn’t mind having some. Anyways, that’s where I’ve been.
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