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A personal look into the life of a 31 year old stay at home mom to an adopted daughter. Follow me on my quest to work at home and have success at it, adopt another child, and stay hip while doing it all.
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2008-06-08 05:04:00
So the weather here just reminded me why I don’t want to live in Florida. I’m not real sure why older people want to move there, it’s hot and muggy. Here, the weather is horrible. It’s been storming all week long and it’s so muggy you can see a layer of water on everything. ...
If All Else Fails, Order It From The Net
2008-06-08 05:00:00
You know buying new electronics should not be difficult. The whole thing is to upgrade, and you would think that being the newest products you would have no getting the accessories you need. Not the case here in Podunk where I live. Try getting a decent plasma tv mount around here and then get back ...
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Rain Rain And More Rain
2008-06-08 02:22:00
Wow, it’s rained so much that Indianapolis is flooding. The highway is closed in areas because of the water flooding over it. I’m still amazed at how many people they are showing driving in the lakes that used to be roads. Stupid. I know this type of thing never happens there, it’s really odd, but ...
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Managing A Gravesite
2008-06-04 17:37:00
From the time I was a little girl I had it pounded into me that you always decorate the graves of the people who passed before you. It all seemed a little creepy, but was always consumed with a short vacation to visit far off family members so I didn’t give it too much thought. Then problems started to arise. My grandparents got older and started to develop health problems of their own, some are gone now. It wasn’t always possible for us to make that trip 6 hours away to decorate those graves anymore. I remember both of my grandmothers feeling so much guilt over this. Still, at 70 years old and barely able to take care of herself my grandmother thinks she needs to take care of these grave sites on certain holidays and I’m afraid this is her last year doing so. I’m looking into a service like that of Gravesite Masters. Gravesite Master Flowers are gorgeous and come in artificial or fresh cut, with a variety of styling. I took a look at some of the wreaths they offer and they ...
New Layout?
2008-06-04 17:32:00
I think I need to make a new layout here. This one isn’t great and I found one I really liked the other day. So I think I’m going to slap it up. Of course I’m not going to go maintenance mode because apparently that isn’t cool anymore. I’ll just work on it while the site is up and hope that nobody comes here and goes, what is wrong with her? Why is her site all jacked up and not functioning? I might get around to this later today. I still need to work a little bit on the spam problem and upgrade wordpress. I haven’t done that here yet.
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I Can Relate
2008-06-03 16:20:00
I was reading about the USA Network’s new original series In Plain Sight and it looks so good. After reading the character bios I started to fantasize that my job was as important as that of Mary Shannon. I wish, but I can definitely relate to her. Take a look at this. “To help facilitate her witnesses’ often rocky transition into their new lives, she has to wear many hats at any given time: mother, therapist, best friend, maid of honor, priest, rabbi, marriage counselor, employment agent, bodyguard, and occasionally, homicide detective. As far as Mary’s loopy mother, Jinx, and her younger sister, Brandi, are concerned, Mary’s job as a Federal Marshal consists of lounging around the courthouse with her trivia-loving partner, Marshall, and serving the occasional warrant.” I feel the same way! I may just look like a mom, but honestly I do all those same things with the exception of looking at dead bodies! I’m a mother, therapist, best friend, maid of hono...
Group? Regroup.
2008-06-03 16:04:00
I can’t get anything done. I’m not sure what is wrong with me exactly, but I think I’m losing it. I was thinking that I wanted to cry because of webdesign, and then I sat down to write a title for this blog post and almost did cry. That’s sad. I just feel overwhelmed by the smallest task anymore. It’s really silly, but I don’t feel like anything I do is good enough. Stupid when it comes to getting your layout done isn’t it? Why must I always second guess myself? Why must my offline life be so hectic and stressful that it spills over to this? I think I need to regroup.
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Take A Breath
2008-06-02 05:13:00
I’ve noticed that Sydney is a really raspy breather and when she sleeps it is even worse. I wonder if she is going to develop asthma in the future? I wonder if her allergies are more serious than we realize? My grandmother has developed both major allergies and asthma as she has gotten older.She purchased a Blueair purifier to help herself breathe better. She says it makes a huge difference and when she doesn’t have it on she usually ends up getting violently ill and has to take breathing treatments.
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2008-06-02 05:11:00
That stands for Mixed Martial Arts in case you had no clue. Why would you really have a clue? Kevin has been watching it for like two days straight. Kinda gets on my nerves, but kinda interesting in a really barbaric way. The girls fought last night. Wow, that Crush chick beat some other girls ass off. Then, that one guy Kimbo Slice fought and he popped this other dude’s ear open. Now, it seemed like a low blow and all because Kimbo looked like he was getting beaten so he went for the ear. It was all jacked up and huge and they called it cauliflower ear more times than I like to remember. It popped. I had to ask myself why this guy got in the ring with that looking the way it did. He had to know if he was winning his opponent would go for it. My favorite thing. Kimbo says, the ref was right to call it because of the ear because I would have gone for it again. Priceless. However, I’d like for soccer to be back on so I don’t have to watch this stuff anymore.
2008-05-31 03:33:00
So the town has gone nuts, chuck that it’s all gone nuts around here, even my yard. There is this huge National Road Garage Sale thing going on and National Road happens to be right down the road. Much traffic. Very hard to get places. Garage sales, road construction, 80 degrees, and a screaming 5 year old mouthy girl child. Oh and someone dumped a turtle in the yard. I took him to the river and dumped him back. Actually, Kevin dumped him because I’m scared of snakes. Then, the fire siren went off just as we were going by it. Scared me to death. We saw the boys baseball team who apparently got a win today in sectionals because a cop was leading them back to the school. It really felt like summer! All I was missing was a popsicle.
Is It Black Friday Yet?
2008-05-30 01:46:00
This weekend I was telling my aunt that I was already looking forward to the thanksgiving ads that come out. I told her that shopping on the day after Thanksgiving gave me the biggest rush and was more fun than I have had in years. It’s sad, but it’s very true. I love to shop. I love getting more for my money just about as much as anything I can think of. It also helps out with the expense of Christmas. So after the general rush of last years running to the store I came home and settled into the computer chair and logged onto save me some more money and buy me some more presents! I was a shopping fool. Honestly, if you can’t get out to shop or it’s too much for you to handle then you can do it all from home on a Black -Friday .net site and save just as much money. My grandmother was having a hard time getting around and needed constant help from me, which slowed me down. I had seen some previous deals that I was interested in on the net but was surprised to see them still avai...
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2008-05-30 01:39:00
I don’t have nothing to write about. That’s  a good use of the English language isn’t it? Prepare to be amazed at how truly lazy I can be when typing and not even regard grammar, spelling, comprehensive thoughts, etc. Hey you know what will weigh very heavily on your mind? A five year old that never, ever shuts up. It’s constant talk, chatter, singing, screaming, hollering, and oh let’s not forget the crying, from the time she wakes til the time you attempt to make her sleep. No wonder my brain isn’t functioning today, I mean anymore.
Safety At What Cost?
2008-05-29 04:27:00
Lately there have been a ton of break ins around here. I’m sorry to say I think they are going to get even worse for homes and not just homes that look well to do. People are desperate in my area. They can’t afford gas, or food and it’s just going to get worse. I’ve seen rashes of break ins of the average American home, so I’ve been browsing products from ademco. I’m not taking any chances. I’m also worried about my mother, grandmothers, and aunts. This area has been seeing targets of single women. So sad, but at least with the Ademco Security Products they can have some peace of mind. Ademco is a trusted company that offers several products that are easy to use.
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Wanted:Good Sleep
2008-05-25 04:15:00
I’m just so stressed out right now. I can’t even being to handle all that’s happening in my life. I still have insomnia on top of it. I’d love to look forward to going to bed and having a good nights sleep on a decent mattress. I checked out a few and I tend to ...
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My Poor Grandma
2008-05-22 04:24:00
I stopped by my grandmother’s today because my mother was there. All I can really say is oh my. Her health is getting worse and worse by the day. She’s barely able to do the simplest of tasks. Sadly, she moved back into her three story house after my grandfather died, she just couldn’t handle ...
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2008-05-21 03:00:00
I’ve started to get acne again. I’m not sure if it’s a hormonal thing or what I’m eating? I can’t pinpoint it to anything or I’d stop that and do it differently. Chemicals have always aggravated my skin even more and none of the over the counter acne remedies ever helped me when I was ...
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Always Make A List Before Shopping
2008-05-18 04:28:00
I’ve been shopping all day. I managed to get everything that I didn’t need and nothing that I did. We needed a new HDMI cable and light bulbs. We did get the energy efficient bulbs, no cable. I also got some really cute Nike sandals that I just love, so comfortable. I think I grocery ...
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I Heart Chipotle
2008-05-18 04:26:00
But I was just watching the SVU finale from this week, which we had taped, and I wasn’t watching what I was eating. I was just shoveling in fresh tomato salsa with my chips and got a jalepeno. It was horrible. The taste wasn’t even good, I don’t know how people just eat those. My ...
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What Is Justice?
2008-05-17 17:15:00
I’m not usually a fan of things that are based off of manga, I just don’t get into it. I do however love the Japanese horror style so I started to look into this movie and formulated the following thoughts. Ok, major horror fan. Even bigger fan of all things “urban legend” or Super Natural. ...
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Catchy Title Here
2008-05-17 17:03:00
I’ve got so much to blog about and nothing to say. I’ve got so much to do I can’t concentrate on one thing for very long. I’m not doing good in the get things done area lately. Nothing is keeping me interested for very long. I’ve had so much “work” to do online that it’s ...
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Diet Pills
2008-05-14 05:13:00
A while ago I told you I was thinking about getting diet pills to help me shed the extra pounds. Mainly because I need an energy boost. I don’t really eat that badly, I know that I need to put down pop and pick up exercise, but still I need an extra little something/something. So ...
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Hilton Head
2008-05-11 03:56:00
I’m ready to get away. At this point I’d settle for the hotel down the road. Kevin keeps hinting at gold themed vacations. Oh so fun for the child and me huh? So I started to look into some Hilton Head rentals and was quite impressed with everything I say. Plenty of golf, yet plenty ...
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Hannah Montana
2008-05-10 17:07:00
Sydney screams Miley all the time. I could honestly kick whoever markets this junk in the face sometimes. Normally I don’t care. She’s actually watching Hannah Montana right now. I was singing along to the Best Of Both Worlds song. When she brushes her teeth in the morning I sing along to Pumpin Up The ...
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What Would You Do?
2008-05-10 16:58:00
What would you do if your car kept doing this? I actually think it’s funny. The way the car dances and stuff. Although, when I’m leaving I usually am in such a hurry that I’d probably be screaming a few four letter words at the car to get it to stop. I really do ...
Mother?s Day?
2008-05-10 16:56:00
So what are you getting your mom for Mother ’s Day? I heard them talking about it on the radio yesterday and one lady called in telling how her mom was asking for her presents. She said she wanted something and it was something just really simple and like a toaster or something. She said, don’t ...
Frontier(s) For A True Horror Fan
2008-05-08 16:53:00
Generally, I love scary movies. My ideal of a perfect evening is dinner in front of just about any Horror movie we rent. I?m starting to think that my perfect version of being scared is by movies that I can expect the scary parts of. The predictable and mundane. What I?m learning I don?t like ...
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Oh My Aching Ears
2008-05-08 16:37:00
Actually, it’s just an ear. The right one is killing me. I shouldn’t be surprised it’s been a lifetime of horror from there. I’m pretty sure it’s the one that had 50% deafness when I was a kid. I guess that’s not much compared to 80%. I’m still deaf, Kevin says I talk sort of ...
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Make Your Own Commercial
2008-05-07 17:18:00
Last night I was sitting at home watching a commercial for a restaurant and it made no sense at all. My husband and I both chuckled because it was just that out there, and I remarked that they just keep making stupid commercials. If I were the one making the commercial I would have done ...
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Post And Run
2008-05-07 04:29:00
What exactly does post and run mean? A quick update and then I’m running away again! Just kidding. I’m really trying to work on things, thought I better update before people started to think I disappeared or something. I was working on a layout for and actually almost done. BAM! Servers were molested or something. ...
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Home Improvements Are Overwhelming
2008-05-04 01:55:00
We’ve been trying to make little improvements to the house lately. Things like roofing, plumbing, the things you never really think of until they cause a major uproar, or you’re trying to sell your house and someone complains that it’s outdated, etc. I’ve been looking into tankless water heaters. Our water heater doesn’t want to ...
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