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Sex in the Arab World
2007-10-31 01:46:00
by IahFor many years, I've worked and fucked around the Middle East and North Africa, so I can speak with authority about sex among Arab men and boys.When I was at school, an older boy said that Arabs fucked a woman for children, a goat for necessity but a boy for pleasure. It was several years later that I began to realize the profound truth of this analysis. Almost every Arab I've met has been bisexual. It is considered "normal" for boys and teenagers to provide sexual gratification for their elders, but when they themselves grow up and take a wife (or wives) their passive role is ended.It is not considered "normal" for a mature man to play the woman, but it is understood and accepted, albeit with a certain amount of contempt.This is where the Arab demand for money is often misunderstood: they are not by nature hustlers but they have to establish in their own mind when they have sex with men that they are men selling their services with the same honesty as a man toiling in the f...
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Jacking Off The CooK
2007-10-27 12:06:00
This story takes place about five years ago, when I spent an uninterrupted year in my father's native town, somewhat outside of Rome in the Castelli Romani region of Lazio. The town is very small -- almost a village, really, with a population still under a thousand. My father was the first of fourbrothers to expatriate; now only one remains: my eldest living uncle, who owns and maintains a fairly prosperous local restaurant business. I went on my own business, but took at least one meal a day in the restaurant and had spent a good deal helping out in various capacities as waiter, kitchen assistant, and general gopher. From previous visits I was already on terms with the staff, although turnover was frequent in the kitchen and there were always new characters to meet. On the long drive up from the airport into the hills my aunt informed me that there had been some recent turnover: a couple new waiters and some additional kitchen help, and most importantly they had brought in a ...
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Moroccan Nights
2007-10-23 02:36:00
Late at night in the backstreets of any Moroccan town you get the feeling you shouldn't be there. Especially in a port city like this one where anything goes. The smell of frying fish, a few men with greedy eyes under a streetlight, silky blackness. A skinny youth in a white jellaba grips his crotch and grins. You'd be crazy to do more than grin back. After getting lost a couple of times up inky-black alleyways, we eventually found the youth hostel we'd left our things at earlier in the evening, but the door was locked. Shit! Sure, the warden guy had said there was a curfew, but we were only half an hour late. I banged on the door. Nothing. 'So what do we do?' My kid brother Nick was looking nervous. He ran his hand through his thick, straw-coloured hair. 'Fucked if I know,' I said. We couldn't just stand around in the street. A couple of young guys leaning against the wall opposite were already watching us intently, murmuring to each other and laughing so...
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Convinience Store Arab Guy
2007-10-21 02:34:00
Well this happened about late June of this year. I was hanging out at the beach Outer Banks of NC and surfing and letting my brain cool off. I had been chatting in one of the chatrooms with this guy from Jacksonville NC and was willing to drive down to meet him. We had setlled all the necessary shit and I took off on Friday morning having planned out my trip which by the way was going to be long and on 2 lane roads just about the whole way.Well I got to Jacksonville without any major mistakes and gassed up my BMW and got a snack along the way we had planned on going out to dinner and then doing some club for a bit with no strings on sex set forth by both of us.Well I get to his place and he's just like the pictures he sent me a very hot guy. We sit and talk a bit and have a beer .Well lets say that over dinner I came to find out that we should not be spending any more time together. I've never ever seen anyone so rude to service workers or high minded in my life. Now those...
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Adventures in Palestine
2007-10-20 07:31:00
Hi I am 25 years old, originally greek, I work for a diplomatic mission in Israel, and has been living there for the past 2 years. One thing I loved about being in the middle east is how guys have the complete freedom to hang out together without the need for having girls around them, and The palestenians are no exception to that. Being gay I felt horny every time I saw an arab guy walking round, but never dared to make a move, I always feared that I would be beaten once manhood is sth u cant insult in for arabs.. very little I knew that An arab never considers himself as GAY if he is top... being top means you are a MAN...As a part of the work I did, I had to spend a few nights every month in Refugee camps, and I areas where the conflict was high, and of course since these areas were so poor, my work arranged for me to stay at some of the local families houses. These houses were usually small, and I some cases the whole family slept in a one room apartment.. It was a Friday night w...
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Zach's Discovery
2007-10-18 20:46:00
When I arrived at the conference, I was disappointed not to find the peaceful, quiet college campus I had expected. The dormitory in which we were to stay was already occupied by hundreds of teen-agers there for a fundamentalist Christian conference. My impressions of the kids changed after we talked to several for nearly an hour one night. The two girls and one boy were from Canada and told us they found the rules to be stifling. I casually mentioned that the men in our group -- all of us recent college graduates -- were staying on the fifth floor of the men's dormitory; I thought nothing of the comment. A few days later, I was laying on my bed reading, the rest of our group having gone to the bars. I was surprised to hear a knock on the half-open door. As I put down my book, I saw a familiar face peek in the door. Zach, the boy from the other conference came into the room. A chill shot down my spine. I had been thinking about him almost non-stop, and now the gorgeous 18-...
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2007-10-17 11:02:00
In my third term at college, the local community college, I decided to take acting. I've always been interested in the silver screen, and whatnot. Anyway, on the first day of class, I noticed David . He wasn't beautiful; he wasn't ugly, just normal. He's about six feet tall, maybe shorter. Every time I've seen him, he's been in corduroy pants and long-sleeved striped shirts.When I first saw him, I didn't pay him any attention. I figured all of the guys in the class would be straight, and that even if they were gay, they wouldn't pay any attention to me. What first got my attention to him, was when we were doing improv's. Most of the time, he would come up with an extremely exaggerated gay persona. He acted like RuPaul on steroids. Of course my gaydar picked up on it instantly. Though, my gaydar is horrible. I've never been able to tell if someone was gay or not, no matter how theyact, pathetic isn't it?Well, we've been going to class for a few weeks now, and I'v...
Hot Night with a Nice Kid
2007-10-15 21:36:00
It started when I went to college. I was only 18 then, but my first roommate, Rob, was cute as hell. I started thinking about him when I jerked off--that's what had started, and it was new to me. I experimented with a guy in high school, but that was mutual jack-off stuff, and nothing like I was thinking, jacking off over Rob.Soon after Rob became the focus of my sexual thoughts, I lost interest in women, and stopped dating them. I was a little scared about this new turn of events.I didn't have the nerve to date men, and I wasn't sure I could, but I drooled over Rob and one other guy in my dorm I thought was hot, and masturbated about them. Mostly Rob, though.Rob dropped out after the first semester, and I never saw him again. Never got to do anything with him, either.I had better luck with my second roommate, Tim. He was a blue-eyed blond. I was a brown-eyed guy with dark brown hair. Blonds were my thing.My classes were over at 2:00 p.m., but Tim didn't finish till 3. ...
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Brian's Cherry
2007-10-13 22:55:00
t was the Tuesday that started Thanksgiving Break, there weren't a whole lot of people left in the dorms, and even fewer doing laundry. But I fell into that category. I was stuck with absolutely nothing comfortable to wear home the next day.At the end of our floor, there was small laundry room with three machines tucked into a corner. I headed down there to do my emergency load. I was surprised to see the door already open. I went in and saw one of the freshmen from my floor doing two washes. He obviously was a little short on clothes, too, as he was only wearing boxers that were way too tight and of a very thin fabric.Brian turned and grunted a quick hello as I came in, apparently embarrassed by his barely clothed state. From the instant I had seen him earlier that year, I had been attracted to him and lived for the moments I could watch him stroll to the bathroom with his shirt off. But I'd never seen him like this. The thin white cotton was pulled tight around his firm, round c...
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2007-10-12 20:06:00
It has been some time since I got my courage up to admit that I like boys better than girls. I have been surfing the net in that direction and can actually appear quite knowledgeable on paper. In life, I really have never done anything like that and at the moment, I don't see any real prospect of change. After considerable looking around the net (nothing like the "Badpuppy") and other more or less appropriate places I can even say that I've developed something like "my type". Well, Steve is a pure definition of it.I've drive shuttle for the school for over a year now. Ironically, even though the enterprise is called the "Escort Service", I really have not met anyone while driving the van. This year I am the boss, thus in addition to my Saturday night regular shift, almost every week I have to pick-up other people's shifts. Since the freshman class at my school has grown with time, and no one at the Housing office has any knowledge of the fourth dimention, there are no sp...
A True Story - First Time
2007-10-10 17:50:00
My first time with a guy was in 1979 with Bert, a graduate student who was my next-door neighbor at Auburn University. Although I'd participated in lots of jack-off sessions with friends when I was a kid, I'd only fantasized about sucking cock and getting fucked. Part of the reason was that I was from a small town and afraid of getting caught. When I got to Auburn, it seemed like paradise.I was 17, 5' 8", about 135 pounds and in great shape, but I had an inferiority complex about my dick. Soft, it was only about 3 inches. A raging hard-on would inflate it to almost six. From what I'd seen in gay porn magazines, I figured "average" was at least seven or eight.Though I felt I'd been shortchanged between my legs, I more than made up for it with a well-shaped ass. In the full-length mirrors back home in my parents' bathroom, I could see that my ass was muscular and full. I loved to lube up and finger-fuck myself as I jacked off. My senior year I began using dildos up the chute...
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Rest Stop Rescue
2007-10-08 00:13:00
"Just Give Me Something to Believe In." I couldn't get the old song I'd been hearing on the late night radio out of my mind as I sat in the public restroom at a rest stop along the interstate at about 12:30 a.m. I was on my way home from a 3-day business meeting at the other end of the state. A lot of times I'll just stay the extra night when a meeting finishes up late in the evening like this one had, but tonight I had decided I just wanted to go home. I almost jumped when I heard someone else come in. Through the crack between the door and the wall of the stall I could see he was a tough-looking muscled, scraggly-faced, guy in Jeans, beat up cowboy boots and a "beater." He was smoking. I wouldn't want to meet this guy in a dark alley.He was soon followed by a younger guy, about 19 and handsome in a boyish way. The kid looked a little rough and rumpled himself, as if he hadn't had a decent night's sleep or seen a shower in a few days. He took the urinal right next to...
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Against the Clock
2007-10-05 11:46:00
Always a problem if I don't wank in the mornings: I regret it most of the day.I'd been half hard for most of the day, with heavy balls and permanently wandering eyes as all kinds of guys that I would normally not have looked twice at suddenly seemed like the kind of stud I could use in deeply satisfying situations. All morning at university I'd sat in a lecture staring at the back of Jimmy Boyd's neck, idly wondering what it would look like with my cum splashing all over his hair and collar. At one point I thought I might actually get to see for real, as I got so hot I was on the point of spilling my seed without much more handling than the odd stroke through my jeans. I forced myself to stare out of the window for a while, and the hot load in my balls bubbled back down. Jesus, there was some serious churning going on my nutsac.About 3 o'clock I jumped in my car and tore away from campus, almost on fire with the horn. Yeah, I know, I really should have had a wank when I wo...
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2007-10-03 19:56:00
I'll never forget how I found my first, and only, love. His name is Jakob . I had always known, probably since seventh grade, that I am gay. I never told anyone, but then again, I did have girlfriends, just to fit in. Living in a small, East-Texas town tends to promote shyness. Maybe I should describe myself. I'm about 6'0", weigh about 175, with brown hair and hazel eyes. I am fairly fit, working out about 3 times a week, just enough to keep in shape. I have some hair on my chest and belly, with a nice happy trail. My legs are tan and fairly hairy. My dick is about 5 inches unaroused and fairly thick. My balls are big, low hanging. Anyway, I began going to college in another small town about 20 miles from where I lived. I can remember that my sex life revolved around using gay pics that I found on the Internet. doesn't sound too bad, does it? I mean, some of those pics are truly "stimulating"!!!! Anyway, I began to grow bored of these pictures. I wanted someone ...
2007-10-02 23:27:00
I met Grayson in a men's room on yet another university campus, in the city where I moved after grad school. If all this sounds like I had a wild and crazy sex life in my young adulthood, well, I did, for a while. I'm pretty much settled down now and sometimes when I look back I wonder how I survived without catching a deadly disease, or being arrested for public indecency. There but for fortune...Grayson and Jack had a few things in common, beyond the obvious one that makes them both part of this tale. They were quiet, masculine men, respectable in appearance. Both were decent-looking without being extraordinary beauties--neither of them would turn many heads on the street, when they were fully clothed.Both were extremely serious about keeping their bodies in shape. Grayson was of average height and slender in build, but had muscles so beautifully defined from years of workouts that he could have posed for an anatomy class. For a thirty-six year old man he looked unbelievably goo...
2007-10-01 23:01:00
Corey and I slept together only once, but we got to know each other well that night. I still think of him as a friend, though I haven't seen him in decades.Jack , on the other hand, is someone I know practically nothing about, not even his last name, even though we fooled around numerous times while I was attending graduate school. He wanted it that way and I went along, because he was so hot.Most people probably wouldn't have thought so. A couple of times I saw Jack fully clothed in the parking lot of the University gymnasium and almost didn't recognize him. He was in his forties, I think, balding, conservatively dressed and unassuming in appearance. He might have been abusinessman, University official or other bureaucrat of some kind. One thing was certain--Jack was not interested in standing out, at least on thestreet.At the pool, where I first noticed him, or in the steam room was another matter. Jack worked out seriously with weights. For a man his age his musculature was rem...
2007-09-29 13:13:00
"That guy is HUGE.""Hung like a horse.""Beer can.""Ten inches if it's a millimeter.""Down to his knees.""Biggest one I ever saw."We've all had these thoughts, said these words, in our minds if not out loud. The stereotype that gay men are hopelessly obsessed with the size of certain parts of the male anatomy has, shall we say, a large basis inreality.I like a big one as much as the next guy, at least to look at. I'm also happy that my own equipment's above average--at least, I've been with a lot of guys who were smaller. And some who were bigger.But I'd be lying if I didn't say that some of the best times I've ever had have been with men who were not well-endowed--in fact, who were small by any standards. It didn't stop them from providing me with some of myfondest, hottest memories. So here's to three studs in my life who were below average in length and thickness--but way above average in every other way.Corey and I made it just once, two nights before I graduated from c...
Incident with Tom
2007-09-27 16:28:00
I had never had sex with anyone on my floor. Never, over the entire year. So many of those strong, sex-smelling men. I couldn't see, possibly, how I could have passed that entire time without ever touching one of my hall-mates. Or how nobody had ever come to me, maybe hinting or asking, EVEN ONCE! Some hot man, someone I had so many times really wanted to clutch: I was absolutely dying for his approach. Of every man's body I had seen in the showers, of every fat dick I'd heard soaped up and wrung out long and heavy, not one had ever slid warmly across my back. I had never held one of those warm solid torsos against mine, or let a broad man'smouth devour my face, or felt my hand forced down to a thick muscled knee. I NEVER GOT ANYTHING, though I was so teased with fantasy and temptation. Never, until the last day of school, when the most unexpected, thrilling thing happened to me. Over my freshman year, I had developed sort of a seedy voyeurism in the men's bathroo...
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Bill's Education
2007-09-26 14:04:00
My name is Bill Foster. I wanted to go to Berkeley, not only because it was the best university in California, but also because it was near San Francisco. I knew I was gay but I kept a low profile in my Midwest home town. Here I wouldn't have to hide.Everything started off great when I met my roommate. He was Earl Greene, a six foot black stud. He had participated basketball, football and track at his high school in Southern California, but recognized that his chances of a pro sports career were pretty small and hit the books hard enough to win an academic scholarship. But, I wasn't as impressed by his mind as his body. I thought I was an OK looking guy, 5'10'' with well defined muscles from swimming, on which I was varsity in high school. Earl, however, was really built. At least 50 pounds heavier than my 160 and it was all muscle. I wanted to rub my hands over his smooth chocolate skin, suck the brown tits on his bulging pecs and lick his thick lips. But his most impressive f...
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Love Lessons
2007-09-24 19:14:00
My friend Rick and I were late for the sign-up for our upcoming semester of college courses and almost all of the electives were filled. I looked from list to list, trying to find an opening in anything, but there was nothing I hadn't taken before. "What about this?" Rick pointed to a sign-up sheet with a few lines open. At the top of the sheet was the title of the course, Gay Studies. "Are you fucking kidding me?" I looked at him, sure that he was joking, but he seemed serious. "Yeah, why not? We're both into Psychology and we can always drop it later. You know people always drop out of certain classes after a couple weeks. We'll just slide in to an opening in something else." "There is no way I'm taking a class on Gay Studies. I'm not gay." I turned away in the vain hope of finding something else. "Dude you have to be more open-minded. Besides, I bet there will be some hot girls in that class. You know how girls always dig gay guys." "Have you com...
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Between The Stacks
2007-09-22 23:41:00
I attend a small college in western Pennsylvania. You've probably never heard of it. As part of my student-work activities, I do odd jobs around campus. Last Friday evening, I was in the school library, cleaning the stacks, and getting ready to close up. Not that I would have anything to do Friday night anyway. Since coming here I've been very lonely. I miss the gay night scene in Pittsburgh, my home town. The dance clubs, the bars, not to mention the booths at the video arcade! Not that I would call myself a slut, but I did get around. And back home I was doing lousy in school. Too many distractions. So I decided to transfer to this little out of the way place nestled in the foothills of the Appalachians. Oh, I've had plenty of time to study. Too much, to my way of thinking. The town is dry. The students are straight as arrows. Boring hetero beer and chip parties in front of the TV watching hockey play-offs are the big thing around here. No thanks. My room...
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Two of a Kind
2007-09-22 18:25:00
TWO OF A KIND Back in town for the start of his college sophomore year, Kirby arrived a couple of weeks early so he could relax before classes began. Living off campus this year gave him much more freedom than during his freshman year, when living on campus was mandatory. Dorm life had been ok, his roommate hadn't been a total asshole, but sharing a room definitely put a crimp in his lifestyle. Not exactly out of the closet, but neither exactly in, the nineteen year-old had taken steps to meet other guys once he'd made it away from home. One place he'd found to have fun and mingle, not to mention show off his toned, tight body, was the gay dance club downtown. After being away all summer, he was ready for a night of dancing and abandon. Dressed in typical cookie-cutter Hollister garb, Kirby fit right in with the crowd. Males from 18 to 50, and maybe a few older, wandered the club, drinks in hand, watching the crowd, making eye contact occasionally. As with most guys...
Josh's Odyssey
2007-09-21 20:01:00
So there I was in the computer lab bathroom, masturbating to bisexual incest orgy pornographic stories again, minding my own business, when a head popped under the divider."Whatcha doing?" asked the fraternity brother while he eyed my exposed cock. I went to cover myself with the printout and kick the intruder in the head, when he retreated to the other stall."Just polishing the ol' boy," I replied candidly, thinking the gentleman to have satisfied himself with a curious glance."Ah. Whatcha using?" Apparently not."Some story.""Wanna read me some?""Not really. I prefer to jack-off alone, if you don't mind.""Really? I always prefer someone else to do it." I'm not surprised."Yeah, well I'm not really into that kind of thing.""What kind of thing?""Y'know...guys," I said. It is somewhat true, actually. I love reading gay or bisexual pornography, but when it comes to actually doing it, I don't get all that into it. Sure I've sucked a few cocks--who hasn't?--butI much pref...
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2007-09-21 19:25:00
Before I begin my tale, I should really introduce myself and my boyfriend. My name is Josh, I'm 18 years old, with dark hair, blue eyes and a firm, developing teenaged body. My boyfriend is called Jack , also 18, although he is small and thin, his baby face and mousy hair making him appear to be no older than 14. Nobody in the world, however, could be cuter than Jack.Now, my story begins with Jack and I returning to our flat after a long day walking about town. The weather had been roasting, and even though both of us were wearing loose T-shirts and shorts, we were soaked in perspiration. The first thing Jack did as soon as we'd arrived home was take off his shoes and peel off his sweaty socks. Now, both of us are massively aroused by male feet and foot sex, and seeing his sweaty bare feet exposed before me, my shorts instantly began to tent at the front.Without a word, I moved over towards where he was sitting on the sofa and knelt down in front of him. Absently, he thrust his f...
Little Dude
2007-09-21 18:05:00
It had just started raining a few minutes ago. Brian was sitting at his desk, looking at the rain pound his window. It had been brutally hot ever since he had gotten back from summer break to start his junior year of college. He hoped that the rain might finally break this heat wave. Brian was torn away from these thoughts when his roommate, Mike, burst into their apartment, soaking wet. "Hey dude, isn't this weather great." Mike said with a big grin on his face, as he stood dripping in the doorway. "Hey Mike, yeah maybe this heat will finally break" Brian said as he went into the bathroom and returned with a towel, which he handed to Mike. "Thanks Bri" As Mike was drying himself off Brian took a quick glance at his roommate. To Brian Mike was an Adonis. He stood six feet six inches. Mike worked out and it showed. He was very muscular, but his body was still beautifully proportioned. He had jet-black hair, a handsome clean shaven face, and enticing jaguar green eyes, ...
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Roomie Mess
2007-09-21 03:40:00
I don't think I'm gay, but then I really don't care. I haven't done anything since the 6th grade. My little brother got me reading Nifty and I do enjoy it. I'm not sure what my favorite category is but I know I look at the bi-incest categories for new stories all the time. My brother is gay. I knew it before he ever realized it. I could see it when he played with his friends. He would get his friends naked or invent some sort of game that would end up in some intimate playing around.Now, we have jacked off together many times. Most of the time in our own beds but sometimes laying next to each other. Or he would be jacking in the shower as I was on the toilet, also jacking, waiting to get into the shower. I don't really think that is gay. I don't know if other brothers do that. I know most would never admit doing that but then most never admitted jacking off either. We all know boys do that.He and his friends have messed up our room a couple of times. I almost de...
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Dar Khmissa Gay Guesthouse - Marrakech area (Marrakesh province)
2007-09-20 21:15:00
Stay at Ryad Kh' missa, a gay owned and operated guesthouse which will make you discover or relive the charm of Morocco in an authentic and warm frame.Ryad Kh' missa is ideally situated in the most pleasant district of the medina, Riad Zitoun Jdid's district, that of the Palace Bahia, the Palace Badi, the Tiskiwin and Dar Si Saïd museums, but also in the door of souks. Streets are there wide and paved.You can reach it there car without difficulties, the parking of the prefecture of the medina of Marrakesh , which is guarded day and night is in 20 metres of the ryad.This Ryad is also in five minutes in feet, of the place Jemaa El Fna, one of the most famous places of Morocco.These three rooms and his suite in colours and in names of our history open on a central patio, the centre of life of ryad where you take advantage of orange trees mandarin trees and banana trees, colours of our seasonal plants, under the rustle of the fountain and the birds.Since bring down it, you will overh...
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2007-09-20 21:07:00
By JonHI was running the 'am I gay' question through my head again. I liked itbest when a guy was sucking my cock but I wasn't lying to myself when Iadmitted just how good sex with woman had been. The hydraulic doorsslammed shut and the train pulled out of the station that normally I'd getoff at to go home. Sex with woman could be great but on this particularnight I planned on going two stops further to the station with the men'stoilets, the idea of meeting guys in toilet blocks was pretty gross but Iwasn't comfortable enough to explore other more 'open' options. So there Iwas catching a train in order to avoid thinking about 'the question' andnot for a minute did I realise I'd find the answer in less than 24 hours.It sometimes wasn't easy to get sex from some guys I'd seen, even the onesthat I knew would suck cock. My trouble is that I don't look real obviousabout what I like, because my cock goes real stiff real fast when I thinkabout sex I have to kind of keep ...
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Gary and John 4, 5, & 6
2007-08-06 03:11:00
Chapter Four.Tonight was to be our last night in England, our flight was due to leave at eight am tomorrow morning, which means checking in at six, which means leaving Dover at four. It was going to be a long day. Neither of us minded the early start so much, I doubt if we could've slept much anyway - what was at the back of my mind was the twelve or more hours we would be traveling before we arrived in Cairo.I was thinking about this when Garry and I were having a late meal in the motel restaurant; we'd deliberately left it until the last minute and were the only ones still eating when it closed for the night. The waiter was making our lateness painfully obvious by hanging about our table, whisking the empty plates away almost before we'd finished eating. Normally I would have complained, but under the circumstances I thought better of it. Instead, Garry and I, bowing to the incessant pressure finished the meal and went to our room.Luckily there was a half-way decent horror fil...
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Gary and John 2 & 3
2007-07-29 23:19:00
Chapter Two.We got home late that afternoon, still excited. Just as soon as we were indoors, Garry leapt into my arms and kissed me on the lips, gently at first but as his passions rose, more firmly."Come on," he said, "Let's go to bed!" And as if in confirmation, dragged me towards my/our bedroom, struggling to unfasten his shirt with one hand as he did so. "Hey, what's the hurry?" I gasped, trying to keep up with him. "It's not four o'clock yet!" "I wanna talk, and I like talking to you in bed," he giggled, as happy as I'd ever seen him. "Come on."Within a couple of minutes we were in my cold, unmade bed. Shivering, we wrapped ourselves round each other for warmth (honestly!) and hugged one another. Once we'd warmed up a little Garry turned to me and said that he was looking forward to the move, even though it would mean leaving his friends behind, Jake especially."What about Oxford?" I said carefully, "You going to tell them?""Dunno. I suppose I aught to." He thought for a ...
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