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A blog dedicated to answering the quintessential question about dogs and their spirituality... as well as my own.


Dedicated To Puppy...Do Dogs Go to Heaven?
2007-07-11 19:12:00
This is a question that I spend a lot of time thinking about. In fact, I am more angst about my dog's spiritual future than I appear to be about my own inevitable passing.I guess these thoughts so often cross my mind because I cannot imagine that those pure spirits whom are no longer with me, Frankie, Lucy, Morgan, Corey, Blue, and now and now just recently, Senator Puppy , will never cross my path again.I really ponder about this, and it makes me sad to think that we may never know each after this life time....And I am even more worried as of late, because my very best friend of the last ten years, Orbit, is nearing the end of his time on this earth, and it is making me sad, but should it be?As I contemplate about Orbit going to heaven, I want to know for certain that when his time does come, he will be moving on to a place that is happy for him.As each day brings us closer to his passing, it only strengthens my resolve to want to know this answer; Do dogs go to heav...
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Does your dog have "Qi"?
2007-06-03 05:02:00
Of course your sweet pooch has "Qi"........but you may your wondering what exactly is "Qi" and what does it mean to have this "Qi".I think I heard it best expressed when Sandy my preferred dog sitter made the comment that my new puppy, Pinky, had a different energy than my other puppy. She hangs out with dogs every day and she describes each of their different personalities as energy....I explain the word "Qi" as the life force that lives inside all living beings, and it is not just something that humans can claim as their own. Qi is the light that shines and sparkles in our sweet pet's eyes. Have you noticed when your pooch looks at you, that you can feel a connection? How about when your out walking with the sweetie, don't you feel a oneness as you make your way? That is also called "Qi", that mutual sharing of energy.There are other aspects of Qi, and since is a site about healing pets with herbs, let me bring it back to that level. Our pets are just like us...
My First Entry....Chinese Patterns of Disease
2007-05-27 04:29:00
There is so much to say and teach. It took me months to put together I have been sure that people will love the site, how can they not? But as time has gone on and it has got bigger and bigger, and as I entered in all those Chinese names and patterns....I have become worried.I wonder and hope that people will be able to understand a very important concept which is; disease just does not occur alone as a single symptom... in other words, can I get the point across that for every disease, there are many other signs and symptoms surrounding the disease? Am I a good enough instructor that I can teach people to understand that these signs and symptoms must be witnessed to ensure that they as the pet owner will select the correct formula for their beloved pooch?Before I continue, let me give an example of what I am trying to articulate....Lets say a dog has the disease "itchy skin". Chinese medicine now looks for a pattern that surrounds the chief compliant of "itchy...
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