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Profound thinking in a small island. Discover the horop-horops or thoughts of a creative professional!
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Deal Deal Deal Deal Deal Deaaaaallllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-06-06 18:51:00
I scored my FIRST deal today! Yahoo!!!! And who would have thought it will come from my home country Philippines! Ringing that bell felt so good! I wish I has my picture taken for my virgin strike! This one means alot really. I requested this to be prayed over last Tuesday in our meeting with caregroup mates. ...
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2008-06-02 17:07:00
I phoned Boobie, my youngest bro, earlier tonight while at Burger King at Holland Village waiting to begin my shepherding with Ate Tere. Haven’t spoken to him in while. In a voice, I so missed dearly, he queried in his usual hurried tone about my new job. He asked how I was doing ...
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No mean feat
2008-05-25 19:06:00
I just want to thank those who are still faithful at coming to my humble place in the web despite my lack of updates. Unlike my previous job, this new job of mine doesn’t provide me an opportunity to blog at all. Every second counts. Making a hundred calls on a daily basis is no mean ...
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May 6, 2008
2008-05-17 19:00:00
May 6 flew fast and it is just now that I am blogging about it. Anyway, for some weird reason, I wasn’t hyped about my birth anniversary this year. I wasn’t expecting anything - not even a gift or anything of that sort. It was a pretty much a normal day for me - nothing special. ...
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2008-05-16 14:09:00
Konichiwa! The 2 weeks that passed has been mad! I had not been home online that is for those 14 days!  What I do in my spare time is mostly lead research. I am like obsessed for leads. Gimme leads! I so need them!  Also, i am still learning the ropes at selling. Right now, I ...
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First Day
2008-05-05 13:57:00
Today was my first day at Marcus Evans (ME). It went well. There were 6 of us who are mostly ’sales’ rookies. There were two though from sales background and are PINAY who are new in Singapura! I will be teaming up with one of them actually. In the Bank of China office alone, there are ...
2008-05-02 18:14:00
Monday is coming & I am off to a new start! Hope this is the right place for me where I will grow & where I will see myself going further and travelling miles across the globe. I hope I found a new love, a treasure I can keep. Thanks for joining me in prayer. ‘Poon’ Start Share ...
TFM 2nd Quarter Issue OUT now!
2008-04-29 18:43:00
Have you heard? TFM 2nd Quarter Issue is out already for a week! Grab your FREE copy now at Lucky Plaza! This is my blood & sweat just like the 1st Quarter Issue. God bless the work of my hands! If you have any layout & design jobs there, look no further because I am here waiting Drop me a line via “Otraok” Money Share This
Looking back at Malaysia
2008-04-28 17:03:00
First I want to welcome Ate Beth who?s back in Singapura with her sister Clarissa (na maganda raw?hmnnnn)! Hope you did not carry with you unnecessary baggages. Leave them behind kapatid! Check them out! Ikain mo na lang yan! See! This is one way to beat the stress: Do you want Dunkin? Donuts? Manoy will get for you When Ate ...
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Bente bente bente?Singko!
2008-04-21 16:41:00
In 2 weeks’ time, I am bente-singko! Dreadful. I’m getting closer & closer to 30’s. Everything seems to be going up here. The prize of rice. The HDB rent. My favorite COWHEAD Fat-Free milk has gone up too. The transport fare. And now my age! Can I just grow taller instead? At this point, I want ...
What happened to me last week?
2008-04-20 19:19:00
Sorry for the lack of updates. I was yet again relocated to another office and this time in Serangoon where my bosses live. A wonderful proximity huh? The place is actually on a mount. It’s all lush greenery there. Trees, trees and more trees. Grasses here & more grasses there. All the sound I ...
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2 Blessings today!
2008-04-09 07:06:00
Praise God for *queue orchestra* ? Ate Tere received positive news about her exam results. She PASSED! And that means our shepherding will now be held at Swensen’s or TCC *winks* I believe she will don a new uniform by next week perhaps now made of gold haha ? Of course, my Manoy got his In-Principle Approval Letter ...
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Money lah?
2008-04-06 19:23:00
You know it’s hard to worship God when next to your seat stands someone who received an unbelievable 8-month Chinese New Year bonus last February while you an equally hard-working employee earned a paltry 0$ (well, except for the red packet but that doesn’t count). Walang katiting. Kahit isang kusing. I never been so disengaged. Disconnected. My ...
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To you BPy
2008-04-06 18:46:00
What you’ve confessed the other day must have took a lot of courage in you and confidence to me as a friend. I am honored that you chose me of all people. You’re a friend to keep, really. One of the things that I will remember most about you is your kindness that is almost ...
Ramiele Malubay is Eliminated :(
2008-04-03 05:29:00
It?s a time of mourning. Pinoy pride Ramiele is out. Sad. Her cuteness will not grace our TV screens any longer. Best performance that I can remember from her is that ?You don?t have to say you love me? act. She proved to be a major contender right there. But from the succeeding weeks, she seemed to have ...
New Trajectory
2008-04-01 12:28:00
Swallow this: If things go well, I just might not end up a graphic designer at this stage of my life after all. I am heading towards a drastic shift - a new trajectory and I hope my guns are ready for this. I just came back from a gruelling dialogue with a top honcho of ...
Below 60kg
2008-04-01 11:57:00
I chaired the New Believers? party alongside Mike last Saturdsy (29 March). It was an F1-themed party so we all tried to dress like racers or bikers. I wore this brown leather jacket I bought in JB years back. I realized that the jacket felt a little lose now for my current frame. I lost weight ...
2008-03-26 09:02:00
Let this entry honor my God. If there?s one word right now that describes how I feel inside is AMAZED. I am amazed by God! This Wednesday is dedicated to my God for this day a BIG blessing came from heaven. My manoy?s employment application was now sealed with approval from the Ministry of Manpower. The wait is ...
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2008-03-18 11:54:00
Why do the world enjoys watching people fall apart? Is there delight at pulling down those of stature & sully their reputation even though there?s a hint of fact? If we were to shop for surnames right now, nobody would add to their carts the name that is ?Spitzer?? Have you heard? It?s amazing how one name ...
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2008-03-16 16:22:00
Hi earthlings! Shay is back! The other night , not one but two females slept in my room. MJ & Gem spent a night out with yours truly and get to know a little more of me & my stinky room. I got to know them better as well with their hair & office ...
Marriott Graduation
2008-03-03 11:13:00
A week ago, my school’s graduation ceremony took place at Marriott Hotel which looked small compared to our long-time venue partner Raffles Hotel. Despite the tight floor area, it still ran smooth with a few minor hiccups and except for one small tragedy. A few lines of students came late during the marching such that ...
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2008-03-03 10:28:00
While I was preparing a shepherding material, I came across a name in the bible that resonates to me as someone drawn in the arts: BEZALEL. If I am to be called by another name, this has to be it - Bezalel with Zal or Lel as a nick. His name appears in Exodus 31:1-6 ...
More working foreigners in RP?
2008-02-27 12:30:00
There was a recent report sometime ago about an upsurge of foreigners applying for work visas in my birth republic. More Toms, Dicks & Harrys are flocking to the Philippines taking top jobs whereas the likes of Andres, Teresa & Ronaldo are joining the massive exodus overseas to take jobs from low to mid-level posts. ...
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Can I explain?
2008-02-26 05:24:00
So where have I gone? I?ve been missing way too long already. And before my blog turns into a graveyard, allow me to explain my loyal readers (if you?re still out there?reading). I?ve been juggling too many things the past weeks. Mondays I?ve got Nehemiah Class. Tuesdays will be spent preparing for our caregroup. Wednesdays will ...
For you, a thousand times over!
2008-02-11 03:52:00
There?s a movie right now that you shouldn?t miss. It?s called The Kite Runner. I have seen the novel where the movie was based in the bookstore?s bestseller section but did not pick it up because I thought it?s a war story, something I am not fond of. But after that Saturday night, I regret not ...
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2008-02-09 18:30:00
Last night, I decided to pick up myself. It?s been 3 days since I last saw Manoy. Three days since he was denied entry. We tried to exit from Johor Bahru hoping for a renewed extension but we were met with a stern demand to leave ? right there & then. His passport chopped with ...
Tuning in
2008-02-01 10:37:00
When I look back 3 years of my life, I always saw myself as someone lost, lonely and someone who can?t just tune himself in the crowd especially at work. I was young at 21 with nary a load of experience on life and was barely able to assimilate in the Singapore culture. I became ...
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2008-02-01 04:36:00
My nose is increasingly over sensitive. Almost every dust I sniffed sends an allergic reaction launching an incessant coughing & sneezing fiasco until I almost spew my lungs out. It?s terrible. I can?t focus nor concentrate. And the noise I create annoys the people around me. Sneezing?s a tough chest workout too. It?s worse when ...
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2008-01-22 12:03:00
I was on my way close to the bus stop to catch service 106 this morning when I reached for my pocket and found out that my wallet was missing. Darn. It left it in my room. So I have to go back wasting 10 minutes of my time just to get hold of that ...
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2008-01-18 04:12:00
It doesn?t take much really to make me happy. Aside from a Blackberry Curve, there?s this one thing that you won?t need to fork some dollars out to send me a cheer. It?s free and it?s called ?sunset?: I do have a soft spot for this special event of nature. It draws me ? never failing ...
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