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The 411 on unique invitations from weddings to baby showers.


Wedding Ivitation Format: The One Minute Guide
2007-08-03 17:27:00
Wedding invitation formats used to follow a very formal format, but now days it is more of a relaxed process. This having been said, there are still guidelines to follow for writing well received invites for your potential guests. The steps can be broken down into ten areas that will take you no more than ...
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Save on Wedding Invitations
2007-07-18 19:40:00
Some of the first things you?ll spend money on when you decide to get married (besides the ring) are the wedding invitations. While you want your invitations to be classy, unique and of good quality, you?ll probably also want to find ways to save on wedding invitations as well. Here are the top ways to ...
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Financial Wedding Advice
2007-07-18 19:24:00
Planning a wedding is stressful, paying for it is the same deal. There are certain things you need to pay attention to when it comes to the wedding, the following advice will help you with the financial part of your wedding.   By now, you may have come across some services which require a deposit. Is ...
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Writing a Wedding Poem!
2007-07-18 18:47:00
Writing a poem can make anyone nervious, especially when it’s for a wedding. Fear not, here is some advice on how to best write a wedding poem. Fear not. It’s easy. We don’t want fancy-shmancy, perfectly rhymed, flowery Hallmark-card kinds of poems. We want a collection of images and details, things you remember, put together in ...
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Planning a Wedding on a Budget
2007-07-18 18:03:00
Unfortunately, the average couple spends over $25,000 on their wedding. Financial problems also is a dominating factor in marriage problems. Read on to learn about how you can budget your wedding and minimize your debt and financial disputes. How to have a wedding and still have money left for a honeymoon Tips from Consumer Credit ...
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Essentials for Writing Wedding Invitations
2007-07-16 18:14:00
There are essential steps to take with the wedding invitation wording that you may overlook. Some of these things may seem obvious to most, but they are essential to make sure that every detail is clear to everyone. It sounds silly, but it is important to include the full names of the bride and groom ...
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Five Common Mistakes w/ Wedding Invitations
2007-07-16 18:03:00
Wedding stories never run short and the list of disaster stories seems to be the longest. There is any number of pitfalls to be avoided, in order to have a wedding that you will truly enjoy, it?s important for you to make an effort to minimize mistakes. Mistakes most often show up in the ...
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Putting Together Wedding Invitations
2007-07-16 16:58:00
Wondering if wedding invitations are a worth while expense?  In proper etiquette they are a must, although times change many people still want that traditional wedding.  And if you choose not to purchase wedding invitations, will you spend extra time on the phone reminding people when and where the wedding is after they have forgotten. Certainly ...
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Wedding Invitation Wording Sample
2007-07-16 16:48:00
It’s easy enough to get writers block when writing a simple note to a friend; many people are unsure what to write when it comes wedding invitations. Let us give you some advice and show you a sample of how to word you wedding invitation. You need to consider “Why are you inviting guests?” ...
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How to: Baby Shower Invitation Wording
2007-07-12 21:57:00
If you?re worried about baby shower invitation wording, don?t be, they?re not as important as you may think. The best words are those that come from the heart, what really matters is the celebration of a new life, the card only has to get people there. With that in mind, here are a ...
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Wedding Invitation Etiquette: What you need to know
2007-07-12 21:45:00
Weddings are hard period and knowing proper wedding invitation etiquette is no walk in the park. If you?ve never made and sent wedding invitations before, then you need to know what proper etiquette is. To help make it easier on you, here are some rules to follow. General Invitation Etiquette If your invitations are ...
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