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Unsecured Loans For Emergency Uses
2008-05-27 03:22:00
The market for lending companies is getting really competitive these days and many people are searching for low interest rates and higher limits for Unsecured Loans . The search may be a difficult one due to the fact that lending companies are in this business for a profit as well. They are lending you money at a very high risk because no collateral is required. Therefore it is understandable and legitimate for the lender to charge a high interest rate to compensate for the risk involved. The repayment for such unsecured loans really falls on the honesty and the credit record of the borrower.Unsecured Personal Loan are loans where the lender has no claim on the borrower's property should he fail to repay. Instead, the lender relies solely on the ability of a borrower to meet their loan borrowing repayments. There are individual cases of lower interest rates whereby if you have a good credit history, never defaulted on any loan repayment, or perhaps you are a regular customer of the...
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Small Business Loan for Expansion and Upgrading Equipment
2008-05-27 02:16:00
So after all our hard work in setting up our business online or in real life, we have reached a plateau and stagnated somewhat. Although this may be a comfortable phase in your business but you feel that you could have done better. What is the next step then? You whipped out your profit and loss statements and calculated the cost plus the pros and cons and have decided to expand your business. Where can you find extra funds or a Loan to finance the larger store or factory for your equipments and what about purchasing newer machines to ease the manufacturing or speed up the production?Although you can get grants and fundings through banking institutes and government subsidies but as any experienced business owners have gone through, this takes up time and a lot of red tape in filling and submitting forms and documents. An easier solution would be to apply for a Small Business Loan which can be done online or over the phone. The amount of unsecured loan granted can range from $10,000 ...
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Factory Original Memory Upgrades Keep Computers Running Smoothly
2008-05-26 08:38:00
These days we often find that there are so much on the internet that we want on our computer that computer memory capacity is always insufficient. Often when we download some software programs, a few songs, games and movies and that's it, the computer can't cope anymore. So the next option would be to upgrade our Apple Memory & MAC RAM.However, some people would tell you all kinds of horror stories when you try to add memory to your computer. This is because you need to get memory modules that are an exact match of those originally installed at the factory. Otherwise, you would get into a lot of trouble not to mention additional cost to get it fixed and working again. Imagine the how much the cost is compounded if you are upgrading for an entire network as with schools, government departments, corporate offices and so on. Nevertheless, with the right memory module, you can even get up to 2gb Memory Upgrade for less than $100 depending on the manufacturer of your computer.So y...
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Personal Loan for Your Home Based Business
2008-05-26 04:22:00
If you are operating a business from home on the internet, you would know how important to keep your computer peripherals in working condition and need be even at state of the art versions to ensure that you stay ahead or even just to keep up with the competition. So just like any business, you may need some start up capital if you already have some kind of a plan on how to go about your home based business. Personal Loan would definitely qualify for such a situation. This is a small amount unsecured loan that can be applied online in a hassle free manner.Loan for personal use to purchase computer equipment or home office furniture is fairly easy to obtain and usually do not require any documents or plans to be submitted. Generally there is no collateral needed so you can start off your business with the right footing. If you already have a business set up and in need of upgrading your computer hardware and software, you can also make use of this provision.It is not easy to keep af...
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Man Almost Dies After Overdosing On Water [Digg]
2008-05-24 17:29:00
A fit and healthy 23-year-old man nearly died after overdosing on ordinary drinking water after a gym session.
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It’s Not a Campaign, It’s a Mission [Digg]
2008-05-24 16:23:00
The youthful zeal of the Ron Paul movement does recall the early Goldwater movement, which was also jam-packed with people dropping out of graduate school, college, maybe even high school, to devote themselves 24/7 to what they called the ‘revolution...
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Shop Smart at Black Friday Site
2008-05-24 13:14:00
Shopping and buying gifts have never been easier these days. With the click of a mouse, you can literally gain access to hundreds of shops at your finger tips. I know not many people are so fond of queuing at cashiers or searching for parking during festive seasons. The crowd and rush would deter anyone from wanting to get what they are searching for even the best of times but last minute holiday shopping does dampen our moods and tire us out unnecessarily.Here is where a Black Friday site that can offer you the best of the 2008 thanksgiving specials without leaving the comforts of your own home and you can take your time to browse at the goods and products at your leisure time. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when major retailers around the country discount products to help kick off the Christmas shopping season. Normally you wouldn't know of the retailers' discount rates and offers until you receive your circulars in the Thanksgiving Day newspaper. However, on the Bla...
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What is your idea of a dull evening?
2008-05-24 12:28:00
I am not sure why this topic sounds interesting for me to write about even. I mean my idea of a dull evening? Duh...ok, perhaps I am feeling kind of dull myself. My eczema outbreak, skin problem that is, almost made me too self conscious to leave home. In fact I just let myself be confine to my air conditioned bedroom! The temperature is just not showing any mercy to me outside either. When I sweat, I get into trouble. Itchy and bleeding skin. When I don't sweat, I get into trouble. Flaky and dry skin.Back to my idea of a dull evening, sitting in front of the laptop and playing computer games. Not that there isn't blog work to do, just that sometimes I don't have the mood to do anything. There are forums to visit, meme to answer to or just visit other people's blogs but the mood thing gets in the way. I only chat with one person online which is my brother who is living abroad but he holds a full time secular job while I am just a full time housewife. So only get to meet him onli...
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Interview with Professor Indiana Jones... [Digg]
2008-05-23 20:48:00
Dr. Indiana Jones has become an American hero for his adventurous, unique brand of archaeology. Throughout his career, Dr. Jones has captured history’s most legendary relics, risking life and limb against odds and enemies. Adventure, women and war seem to follow him wherever he goes...
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A View From The Top: Burj Dubai [Digg]
2008-05-23 19:57:00
The pictues says it, best view of burj from the top.
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'Powers of 10' (1977 science documentary) [Digg]
2008-05-23 19:52:00
This famous short film takes the viewer exponentially outward from a picnic in a park -- first one meter, then 10 meters, then 100 meters, etc. -- to show humanity's place in the universe, and then reverses the process, going inward by powers of ten to look inside the human body and finally inside individual atoms.
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North American Union to Replace USA? [Digg]
2008-05-20 01:37:00
President Bush is pursuing a globalist agenda to create a North American Union , effectively erasing our borders with both Mexico and Canada. This was the hidden agenda behind the Bush administration's true open borders policy.
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Madden 2009 News :: Do Over! Madden Mondays Week 6 [Digg]
2008-05-20 01:33:00
Do over! If only life imitated EA SPORTS REWIND.
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An Appeal to Admiral Fallon on Iran - by Ray McGovern [Digg]
2008-05-20 00:21:00
it should come as no surprise that, despite the unanimous judgment of the 16 U.S. intelligence agencies that Iran stopped the weapons related aspects of its nuclear program, Gates is now saying that Iran is hell-bent on acquiring nuclear weapons.
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Poetry In Motion @ The Preakness [Digg]
2008-05-19 23:53:00
A picture is worth a thousand words... A sequence is priceless.
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Professional Doctors and Caregivers at Cliffside Malibu Drug Rehab
2008-05-19 03:55:00
Many of us would probably have a preconceived idea about drug abuse and drug addiction. More so that the movies stereotyped drug addicts as criminals or people low on morals. Parents, teens, older adults, and other members of the community tend to believe that drug abusers and addicts should be able to stop taking drugs if they are willing to change their behavior. These has no doubt makes it difficult for their families, their communities, and the health care professionals who work with them to help them on the road to rehabilitation.Real experience and research shows that drug addiction is a chronic, relapsing, and treatable disease. It is a disease with both physical and psychological roots and therefore rehabilitation needs to address these two factors to deal with it successfully. Drug Rehab must then be able to cleanse the addict's system and treat the mind off dependency of the drug used.Addiction Tre...
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Kobe Bryant Passes to Himself for 2-Handed Dunk [Digg]
2008-05-19 03:30:00
It's the ability to make stuff up in mid-air that makes Kobe the closest thing to Michael.
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Week Number 117
2008-05-19 02:47:00
1) What is the worst experience you have ever had in a car?I was resting with my eyes closed while hubby was driving. Then something made me open my eyes and I saw a speeding bus turning a steep corner losing control with its tail just inches away from the car. The bus then spin a full round of 360° and overturned by the curb. We barely made it but fortunately our side of the road curb was wide and hubby managed to drive to the side to avoid the collision. Surprisingly none of the passengers were hurt even though the bus was lying on its side by then. 2) Who is your personal hero, and why?Jesus as he was the role model for someone who had strong faith in God.3) Name the one thing you have done that has caused you the most guilt during your lifetime.I don't know how to answer this question. I try to look forward instead of regretting the past. If I had wronged anyone, I try to make amends as soon as I can. 4) What is the most important duty or chore you perform regularly?Blogging a...
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Mega64: Marcus' Corner Interviews Cory Barlog [Digg]
2008-05-16 21:47:00
Week 1 of a 6-Week series entitled "Marcus' Corner " by Mega64. This week Marcus interviews God of War II developer David Jaffe....oh, wait, Cory Barlog. Hopefully he is as cool as the guy Marcus thought he was. Watch to find out what other bad decisions Cory Barlog has made recently.
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Female Train Conductor Leaves Mic on While...(NSFW Audio) [Digg]
2008-05-16 21:47:00
The train goes in the tunnel...the train goes out of the tunnel...the train goes in the tunnel...the train goes out of the tunnel...
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Half the price!! [Digg]
2008-05-16 21:47:00
Get it with only half the price!!!
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Fat loss 4 idiots reviews [Digg]
2008-05-16 21:32:00
Know how to lose weight easily with the help of "fat loss 4 idiots".
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Best Practices of Good Touch Screen Interface Design [Digg]
2008-05-16 16:06:00
Touch screen interface design is a tricky thing for some people who’ve been designing for a mouse-bound audience. But with the coming of the iPhone and a host of other touch-screen equipped smart phones at attractive price points (Like the Palm Centro and HTC Touch) I’m thinking about touch screen interfaces more and more. Maybe you should be, too.
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Bob Ross is Alive! [Digg]
2008-05-16 00:02:00
The worlds most famous public access painter Bob Ross is alive and well! And hes much darker than I remember him being.
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Web Conferencing Appliance
2008-05-15 17:23:00
Multinational companies with branches all around the world can communicate with their Company Executives and staffs via web conferencing these days in very simple methods. In a web conference, each participant sits at his or her own computer and is connected to other participants via the internet. This can be either a downloaded application on each of the attendees computers or a web-based application where the attendees will simply enter a URL (website address) to enter the conference. Nevertheless not all web conferencing appliances are the same. They may need you to subscibe to different functions separately such as Web conferencing, Web seminar, Remote support and Remote access but with the RHUB 4-in-1, you can assign any attendee in a meeting to present his computer screen to all meeting participants. Best of all there is nothing to download. When you start a seminar, your attendees can join the meeting from any platforms with a full-fledged browser. There is ...
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A Truck That Runs on Coffee Grounds [Digg]
2008-05-15 03:12:00
The truck above is also powered by a wood gas generator, except this one runs on coffee grounds. The Cafe Racer is a 1975 GMC pickup that essentially burns up used coffee to create a combustible gas. The gas is filtered on its way to the engine and, Viola, a caffeine-powered truck.
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Rollforming Equipment
2008-05-14 17:08:00
When factory manufacturers need to continuously bend a long strip of metal, typically coiled steel, they need a rollform equipment to perform this task. This procedure is called rollforming whereby coiled steel is passed through consecutive sets of rolls, or stands, each performing only an incremental part of the bend, until the desired cross-section profile is obtained. Rollforming is ideal for producing parts with long lengths or in large quantities.A metal forming machine can be complex because each profile requires a carefully crafted set of roll-tools. Because of the high cost of the roll sets, simulation using the Corpra FEA software is often used to validate the designed rolls and optimize the forming process to minimize the number of stands and material stresses in the final product.Sophisticated duplex rollformer can even change from one product to the next on a rollforming line without any downtime. All it takes is a touch of a button for the inboard and outboard portions...
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LifeLock Identy Theft Prevention Service
2008-05-14 03:10:00
Criminals come in many forms. One of the very insidious ways in the midst of the boom of electronic age and the golden age of IT (information technology) industry, out comes the set back in the form of identity theft. Identity theft is committed when a criminal steals your personal information to commit crimes, charge fraudulently to your credit card accounts, pretending to be you to make illegitimate claims, slander your good reputation and many other insidious ways.This can affect your personal financial circumstances not to mention that you may get into trouble with the law enforcement too. If your identity is stolen, you may have difficulty getting loans, credit cards or a mortgage until the matter is sorted out. What can help prevent these from happening?You may want to try the lifelock service for identity theft prevention. The company is so sure about its services that it offers a guarantee that should your identity get stolen while you are a member, they will spend up to $...
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How are you feeling today?
2008-05-14 02:30:00
It has been a while since I have done any tags or meme. Didn't really feel like socializing too. Nevertheless, hope to get a bit more active in this aspect. Thanks to Milet to start the ball rolling here with this tag. Rule:1. List 6 things that describe yourself today.2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs.3. Tag other online friends you know.1. Busy - With blogging actually. But as I've said I do need to do a bit of a social networking. Get going on visiting other blogs and commenting as well.2. Tired - These days I am feeling lethargic and tired a lot. I slept so much but still fel that it is not enough.3. Fed up - with the recurring skin problem that disrupts my routine.4. Hungry - as of now because I am on a health supplement program that needs fasting.5. Dull - my senses that is. Must be the lethargy and lazy feeling.6. Sluggish - no surprise here.Links: Creative In Me | Little Peanut |Me and Mine | Pea in a Pod | Sugar Magnolias |A Slice of Life...
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Blog for Cash with Bloggerwave
2008-05-14 00:33:00
If you are new to blogging and you want to know how you can actually earn via a blog, here is a simple opportunity that you can look into. It is called Blog gerwave. Once you have set up your blog, you keep posting some good content to your. After about 3 months or so when you blog is properly indexed by the search engines and also acquired some traffic, you can go on to the next step. Sign up and join Bloggerwave by clicking at the banner and once your blog is approved for assignments, you can then blog for money. You have full control over the assignments you choose to do and therefore you are actually writing and posting things that you like and earn at the same time. Blog: Make Money is no secret anymore. Try it out before you miss the wave.
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