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Why Girls Become Strippers
2007-11-06 06:04:00
I have visited a gentleman's club or two in my lifetime. Each time I go, other than the nice scenery, I often wonder how a woman could get to the point of getting nude in front of a bunch of guys they don't know.From my point of view, there are three main reasons. The first reason being the opportunity for a quick influx of cash to better their future. In addition, there own personal desires play a huge role in their life changing decision. By this I mean some women desire attention from males to make themselves feel better and they would go to this extend (becoming a stripper) to get the feeling of them being on top of the world. Finally, previous experiences in life and their skills and attributes greatly affect girls in their decision to become strippers. A common theme I encounter when chatting with strippers is that they often come from a single-parent background and either was abused or left home very young for whatever reason.I suppose there are the true few who actually do...
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Muslim Extremist
2007-10-31 04:59:00
Please watch this video of an ex-muslim woman, it is the absolute truth about muslim extremist and one I wish they would all absorb. I believe these extremist call for struggles when there aren't any. You can't force people to believe in your God or religion and kill them if they don't. The Koran is an archaic book made in a time when some of those things were relevant. If the entire ancient world believed in the same ideals as these extremist, they wouldn't even have a book to write in as the world would've been too busy fighting each other over senseless things to accomplish any great works and contribute to mankind in a positive way. Please watch...
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Africans vs African Americans
2007-10-30 01:49:00
Being introverted by nature, I observe a lot. One thing I often observe is that nearly every true African I have met has been well educated, speaks very intelligently, and is always eager to learn more. I wonder why that was but all I had to do was take a short look at African Americans .African Amercians tend to take education for granted for whatever reason and either can't comprehend or care about the longterm impacts of this decision. I think I read somewhere that Opra was building her own school in Africa and got into a discussion with someone over it. My point was simple, "kids just don't give a damn in America." Here you have endless possibilities to learn from K-12 and even lots of assistance and incintives to continue your education into college. Not many places on earth have so many opportunities and yet I just read in our paper that we have 10 schools who have more dropouts than students graduating....This is Indiana, the conservative capital of the mi...
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The Point Of Marriage
2007-10-27 00:48:00
What is the point of marriage?? A lot of women in Indiana center their whole lives on getting married and plan everything out in detail leading up to that day. Once they get married, they feel as though their life is complete.When you get married you give up A LOT of your freedom and individuality. You begin to lose a lot of your friends. You have to learn to "compromise" which is synomous with forgetting who you really are. And all of this for the sake of being with someone for the rest of your life....I havent met too many people who said they were happier after they got married but rather they tell me "never get married".I know there are no perfect couples, only couples who try to look perfect.When looking at my own marriage, I truely believe we were both happier when we just dated (although we are happy now). That way we still had our own lives outside of our relationship. I believe this is why many marriages fail. You need to be you and take time for you.Why cant you ha...
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Uncle Tom
2007-10-25 23:46:00
Why is it that a lot of black people view other blacks who speak very intelligently, dress professionally, and act mature as being "fake" or "acting white". What really makes a person "black" besides their skin??Is it because they dont dress like a fool?Is it because they went to college?Is it because you are jealous?Is it because they can get along with other races?It may be a combination of these, but in my opinion it is because the person is just ignorant and cant open their minds to other realities or possibilities. More than likely the person they are calling fake has:1. more money then them 2. more degrees 3. and ultimately in a better position in lifeJust because you are educated does not mean you are white or act white....So what makes a black person black???
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Obama and I
2007-10-25 04:32:00
A pic of Obama and I
Hip-Hop and Rap Music
2007-10-25 01:31:00
I recently came across a dvd series called "The Truth Behind Hip Hop" by G Craige Lewis. I have to admit that I was extremely skeptical about it until I saw a clip on YouTube about Jay-Z. I was completely shocked. Here is a guy I grew listening to all the time and to hear something like this come from his song, I was speechless.Here is a clip:
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Young Black Men
2007-10-24 23:16:00
I really get tired of seeing young black men walk around with their pants sagging, wearing the latest in "hip hop" clothing thinking they are fly, talking as though they didn't pass 5Th grade with their slang, and being weak-minded in general.When I see individuals like this, I just shake my head in shame. I think they are a disgrace to black people and the sad thing is that they just don't get it. To me they are just trying to fit in and succumb to peer pressure easily.Music videos and magazines say it is cool to dress the way they do. Wanting to fit in or belong to something, they allow their conscience to be influenced by what someone else thinks or says.The truth of the matter is, they look like idiots. You will never get a good job dressed/speaking like that and if they had any education, they would realize the fallacy of their reality. That way of life is not the way to live. It may be cool when you are 12-20 but what are you going to do when you are 30???The solution to th...
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"Black Girl Syndrome"
2007-10-24 17:59:00
What is "Black Girl Syndrome "? Black girl syndrome is a mindset many black women have based on their life experiences. Typical symptoms of this include:1. A frequent attitude over small topics2. "Don't tell me to shut up" "You aren't my daddy" "You get on my !@*&# nerves" etc. comments3. Rolling of the eyes4. Frequent need to "win" arguments5. Disrespect for white women6. Constantly talking back7. Mood swings8. Lack of ability to remain calm and relaxed under pressureIf you date someone with the majority of these symptoms, they have "Black Girl Syndrome". This condition is actually more common than not and could even include other races depending on the environment they grew up in.A lot of black men despise this condition and is one of the main reasons why, I believe, they are gravitating more and more to dating other races. Black women are being viewed as "too needy", "having bad attitudes", and being "difficult to be with". A strong black women is a scary thought to a lot of...
Being Black In Corporate America
2007-10-24 04:59:00
Being black in corporate America and being successful is analogous to being a chameleon....I have always been told, "you have to work twice as hard to get 1/2 as far". I was always like "whatever". But as I became more wise, that statement made more and more sense.From my experience, you have to learn to adapt to the environment of the "majority". This means that almost everything you were taught growing up in a black family ("don't let white people talk to you like that", "you better stand up and demand respect", "don't be a punk", "dressing hip hop is cool", etc.) has to be pushed aside mentally in order to achieve any real success in corporate America.There are going to be MANY times when your "boss" or someone in a more senior position doesn't like you for whatever reason and will try to make you crack under pressure. The thing is, you can't give them that satisfaction..They want you to "get ethnic" on them which gives them an excuse to take further action. They will sa...
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