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Quick Fix: Aromatherapy Massage
2008-06-04 14:11:00
You know how at the end of the day, your body feels so stiff and your brain can't stop working? A massage can melt all of these in a matter of minutes!I spend thousands for good body massages because they are very effective in changing your mood and your disposition in a snap. Today I went for an aromatherapy massage and when I got home, I felt so refreshed and my body is ultra-relaxed. It feels like I didn't even go to work at all and that I just woke up *__*Good night everybody! You too deserve to feel good ^^
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Meet my Car - Speed Racer
2008-06-02 13:11:00
Taken at Mall of Asia last week. Today I set a new time record, I was at home before 7:00PM and my mom was beaming when she saw me getting off the tricycle.If I had this car or had the guts to drive in EDSA, maybe i'll be home before 6:00PM.It was great to see the Mach 5, we thought it was a real car but it was just a fiber glass replica. Things like these make you feel bright in a snap :)
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Long Weekend Ahead! Go to the Beach
2008-06-01 06:41:00
June 9 is a holiday which falls on a Monday and I can't wait to hit the beach!This morning, the first task that I have is to look for a nice beach in Batangas with fine white sand and affordable rates. I think I will go to one of the beaches in San Juan Batangas. I badly want to go to Subic but it's too far and I don't have enough time.I just have to take this opportunity to freshen up and reap some benefits of hard work and also share it with my family. I may have work on Saturday so I just scheduled to go there on Sunday and be back on Monday afternoon.I am so excited! :) waves, sand, and water - perfect!Check out this site, very helpful in finding nice beaches in Batangas
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Ang sarap Tumakas
2008-05-31 11:34:00
Andito ako ngayon sa Tagaytay. Minsan parang ang sarap tumalon sa bibig ng bulkan. Ang sarap ding magpahinga tuwing Sabado tapos bukas ulit, gusto ko naman lumanggoy ulit kasama ang pamilya ko.Gusto ko mag punta sa beach. Sabi kasi mahaba ang pahinga sa susunod na linggo dahil walang pasok ng lunes. Hahanap ako ng dagat na mapupuntahan namin ng pamilya ko.Ang sarap ding magtagalog :)
Anya and Lace
2008-05-25 03:18:00
This is my most unforgettable moment in Australia : )Being able to walk Anya to school and also fetch her in the afternoon.
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I'm going to CeBit Australia :)
2008-05-17 08:17:00
Tomorrow is the day I first fly to Sydney, now I am loading my iPod and Asus Eee with stuff to prevent myself from having panic attacks on the plane, you know how I am scared of flying everytime.It's a great opportunity, my first international tech event ever. I'll attend an e-marketing and seo conference too.I'll get to be with my sister for 1 day when I fly to Melbourne, then next day I will fly to Brisbane to meet important persons.I also get to set foot on Singapore again but only the airport, haha :)Maybe when I go there, I'll be back blogging much once more.Have a safe trip to me.
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Go back to writing my blog?
2008-05-03 15:31:00
Hmmm... I've been thinking that somehow, blogging has its downs too. Like one, it's getting featured on local television like it's some past time for nomads, angst-filled teenagers, desperate employees, and get quick rich wannabes.Second, some people are lured into a virtual world where conversation is in the form of comments and interactivity is called twittering. For some time I stopped blogging and looked out for other activities such as - living.Creating a social profile in the real world is much more enjoyable than adding strangers to facebook, multiply, and friendster.Maybe, I am just one of the few who are already saturated with the web at the moment. So for now, I'll be out spending my time on earth wisely in the real world :)Whenever I have deep thoughts like this though, surely, I'll have to immortalize them here.
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Mariah Carey - still hot
2008-04-20 09:32:00
And she mentioned YouTube in this song :)
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Jabs and Straights
2008-04-19 09:43:00
A big whew for the week that was, I grabbed a new hobby/sport/time-killer and it's made up of jabs and straights, boxing gloves, weights, and lots of sweat. Thank you to my friends that pushed me to join this gym.They have a boxing ring, a boxing trainer, a fitness trainer, all the gym equipments I need, a swimming pool and a luxurious shower and locker room. Definitely this is my perfect place to bust stress and I always love the smell of testosterone around me. I welcome myself back to weight and fitness training.It's also perfect to getting me fit enough for our summer outing.Let's get ready to rumble!
Job Opening: Technical Writers (Night Shift)
2008-04-16 03:59:00
Brisbane Technologies Inc. is now hiring Technical Writers (night shift).Candidate must have the following:? A college degree, university diploma, or professional equivalent in a professional writing related area of study? Professional technical writing and/or training development experience? Proven experience working on large documentation projects created within a defined content development cycle? Exceptional written and verbal communication? Strong technical skills? Experience with web technologies, familiarity with the application development process and associated terminology, preferably in relation to Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Server? Experience with Microsoft Office products including Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook? Competent with Adobe PDF creation and manipulation? Experience using a Content Management System and XML an asset? Willing to work on night shiftInterested applicants may submit their resume to: lace.llanora@brisbanetechnolo...
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Grey's Anatomy - Back in 2 weeks! Promotional Photos
2008-04-13 05:23:00
On April 24, 2008 Grey's Anatomy will make its most anticipated return!Promo Video for episode 4.12Grey's Anatomy 4x12 Promo #3Uploaded by SchokowutzPreview photos for episode 4.13 can be seen here :http://spoilertv-greysanatomy.blogspot.c om/2008/04/episode-413-piece-of-my-heart. htmlAddison is back and I can't wait for some Meredith x Derek scenes. Grey's Anatomy makes my world spin, and it gives me one more reason to live every week. haha :)For those who don't watch Grey's Anatomy, blimey, you are missing a lot. Grab the previous season DVDs and get yourself addicted. It has everything I need, medical procedures + hot doctors + complicated love angles.I hope Meredith and Derek get married and I wish the nurse named Rose disappears.Yey!
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Get yourself Busy Relaxing
2008-04-05 04:12:00
It's Saturday and a long weekend, everybody deserves the rest. I especially think I need this although I wouldn't mind earning more money :) T'was a good week except for some bits that come with the roles I play. So what are we waiting for? Let's get rolling to relaxation island and you don't have to splurge to get some "ommmm" moments.1. Buy a Face Mask - buying and choosing masks at Watson's is already calming as it is. Plop the wet mask on your face, dim the lights and put your legs up. Your laptop has got to to get some zzz's to, so just close it but keep the iTunes playing instrumental spa-ish music. This should be done for 15-30 minutes.2. A Leg Scrub - if you're ultra-busy, you've been walking miles around desks and workstations, back and forth. so definitely, those corporate legs need some lovin'. Go to the nearest salons and ask for a leg scrub, this is good because you get the massaging effect while the attendants scrub your legs. You'll come out both relaxed an...
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What's your Monday Motivation?
2008-03-30 15:29:00
Many people find it hard to wake up on a Monday , the first working day of the week. Your body has just recovered and is tempted to oversleep just like during the weekend. Before you plan on throwing your alarm clock on the wall, think of the things that you look forward to!It could be the morning walk to the train section, the free newspapers, and your 30 minute nap while on the road.Here are a few things I always look forward to:1. Breakfast at Jollibee - a bit costly but there are plenty of choices, from Php 35 to Php 75 and you always get hot brewed coffee. I always make sure that I come to Jollibee on time so I can devour my breakfast slowly and happily. The coffee surely perks me up just in time.2. The "bridge" nap - I call it bridge nap because this is the sleeping time you get inside the car while on your way to work. It makes waking up early easy because you know that you can get back to sleep inside the car.3. Free MRT Tabloids - If you are on time, you can get free decent ...
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Free Google WiFi from TV?
2008-03-26 12:38:00
You have got to love Google with all their kaboom ideas, who would've thought that those empty channels and white space in TV can be converted to WiFi? Yup! And Google wants this white space WiFi free for all.I hope this pushes through and reach the Philippines someday. Empty TV channels always remind me of horror movies but now, not anymore! These creepy sshhhhh sounding signals can spell free Internet 24/7.There is some resistance from TV stations since this may interfere their signals, but with Internet TV, who needs TV stations? Just kidding :)Go get it Google!
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Pretty Hot Sunday - Halo Halo Time!
2008-03-23 14:12:00
It is very hot these days and today we decided to go out for halo-halo, shaved ice mixed with fruit, sweet beans, and topped with icecream.We walked out of the village, and it really is summer! Lots of dried leaves on the streets and the trees are going bald without greens.Inside the mall, i found out that Iceberg was already gone. Iceberg is my favorite fast food halo-halo stall. So we have not much choice but to go to another restaurant named MXT. The halo-halo was just okay. The ube wasn't really ube, no leche flan, and they mixed 3 flavors of icecream in one scoop. Although the halo-halo was successful in making us feel cold.The best halo-halo is in Digman in Cavite, 15 minutes away by car from our home. Azrael has a post dedicated to Digman in his blog.
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Manila Oceanarium Day Out
2008-03-23 03:09:00
My family and I went to the Oceanarium last Thursday together with heaps of other people who chose to spend the holiday there. Lots of kids and adults, and the Oceanarium is a happy place for both.Of course there were a lot of fish, main attraction seems to be the huge Sting Rays who gained popularity because of Steve Irvin's death. There was also the Japanese spider crab that looked delicious inside its cold aquarium. My mom enjoyed seeing the attractions, we took lots of photos, but if you are going with your parents or grandparents, watch out because they might feel dizzy because of the thick crowd in the first few areas.This is the main attraction, the oceanarium tunnel.
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Breaded Bangus at Pupung's
2008-03-18 14:58:00
Breakfast at Jollibee, lunch dessert at the nearby cafe, and breaded Milk Fish Belly for dinner. I had a great day today and I expect a widening of the hip area.The breaded bangus is from Pupung''s (Mall of Asia branch), and I swear it tasted like Chickenjoy and nothing like a fishy-fish. It's lenten season so I made an effort to avoid meat. You can also see up there in the photo, another favorite - Laing. And on the right side is fish sauce with hot peppers. I was having a fiesta awhile ago, really.So, remember, if you need Pinoy Comfort Food, then visit Pupung's at Mall of Asia. Cheap and yummy, thumbs up!
Bean Hoppers Sunday, Marimar at SM Bacoor
2008-03-16 12:49:00
At last my plans are pushing through, like having a coffee break at Bean Hoppers here in our local mall. It's nice to get out just for the sake of going out.My favorite cheesecake was not available so I tried the chocolate cake instead. Boy, it was very delicious. Soft and gooey chocolate inside but the sweetness is just right. I just paired it up with Americano coffee. I am in no position to review coffee, but I recommend for local coffee reviews. You too can start enjoying REAL coffee with some guidance from the said blog.The mall was overflowing with people, Marian Rivera is having a mall show and the fans are going crazy. I wanted to see her too, mind you, I enjoy watching her whenever the bus shows the Marimar soap opera. Yet the crowd was very thick, I never even got a glimpse of her shadow. If you don't know who Marian Rivera is, below is her audition video for the role of Marimar :)Wow I had a great weekend, something I missed for a very long time :) Have a g...
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Manny Pacquiao Wins vs. Marquez
2008-03-16 05:39:00
For people still waiting for the TV broadcast, Manny Pacquiao defeated Marquez woohoo! :) Wow, for a moment pinoys will forget their troubles and enjoy watching this winning match once again.I'm happy for Pacquiao yet I can't imagine how much tax BIR will issue upon him again *lol* Pacquiao beat Marquez by only 1 point, whew that was close!Time to wait for the TV broadcast :)
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Trip to Quaipo and the Search for Concert DVDs
2008-03-15 09:49:00
Yesterday was daomisyel's birthday! :) I was able to leave work early and got to join her and her brother Az to Quaipo, Ongpin, then Recto. We visited Quaipo church which was jampacked with people and I felt like I was having a field trip.We walked around blocks in search for Wai Ying restaurant which served cheap but very delicious authentic Chinese food. I ate there before with my work friends over at MCO (miss them so much). The food was excellent, perfect for the festive occasion of Misyel's birthday! :) haha and I was able to buy Chili Sauce made of fried hot peppers (labuyo) with oil. Not really sure of the concoction used in chili sauce but it's the only thing that can satisfy my appetite for hot food. The bottle only costs around 120 pesos.After which we headed over to Recto in search for DVDs. I was particularly searching for Kenny Rogers (macho man) DVD and I found it! and that signaled the end of a very happy Friday for me.Today was great as well, I was able to spend a...
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Missed the Incubus Concert - Wish I was there
2008-03-09 09:48:00
I've been feeling sick the last few days and now I have no other choice but rest and be well for Monday. Az had to find someone to use my ticket and I am very sad. It's his favorite band and of course, I'd love to share his Incubus moment with him. hu-hu-hu :(
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Kenny Rogers - not the Chicken
2008-03-08 13:08:00
Have you noticed lately that most restaurants and fastfood joints now have LCD TVs mounted on their walls? Like one morning I was having breakfast at Jollibee and was so amazed that they were playing Avril Lavigne's collection of interviews and performances. I had a good day because of that, I liked Avril when I was in college.Then, on my way to work todoay the bus was playing a special DVD of Kenny Rogers , he sang all his beautiful songs that I didn't even know he sang. A memorable point in the show was when he said something like "I promise that when you are having rough times, I will get you through it with my songs" and wow now I am a fan haha :)I dearly want to buy an LCD TV for my room and mount it on my wall. Too bad I'm not crazy enough to try online slots. I only have one day off and sometimes, my housemates are stressful so it would be nice if I can make MY ROOM an amazing cocoon to get back all my energy and weave some ideas at.There is also a new cafe in Ortigas call...
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Will Google Sites kill Microsoft Sharepoint?
2008-03-01 11:49:00
This post - very long overdue because of my flu. But, Google is getting bigger each day even when Google stocks seemed to decline a bit last week. Everyday there seems to be something new and one of the even newer stuff Google has is the Google sites.If you are familiar with Microsoft Sharepoint (which looks very challenging to setup, it would need ultra brain powers from System Administrators and Programmers), Google sites also lets you share files, activities, track contacts, and put up both intranet and internet websites. What's more, Google sites is free and the API is coming out soon which can be customized further to suit your needs.Yet in my mind, MS Sharepoint is targeting really huge enterprises while Google targets Mom and Pop websites and the casual users. Google sites was just released this week and there might still be more features that can come out of its sleeves. So, hooray for Google again and it's definitely time to experiment with Google Sites .Google Sites Website
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Here comes Google Adsense for Video
2008-02-26 13:00:00
It's looking great for online videos and also for publishers who embed YouTube on their blogs and websites. Google Adsense for video will let us earn and enjoy more at the same time. Watch how it works below:I am not sure but I guess the opportunity is bigger for video makers, time to get our digicams and let the cameras roll! :)
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My first $100 from Blogging
2008-02-24 07:21:00
Yehey! Aside from being a hobby, blogging was able to give me $100. Some professional bloggers earn $100 a day and that's because they dedicate time and a hefty amount of braincells to their blogs.Read more from Pinay Money Maker
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Can't Connect This - Huawei Modem E220 and Smart 3G Sim
2008-02-23 13:03:00
It's been three weeks with Asus Eee and I've spent more than enough time trying to activate the Smart Buddy sim card to work with the generic Huawei Modem . Even that sentence sounds tiring enough.Huawei ModemThe Huawei modem is made in china, supposedly you just place any 3G enabled sim card and it should connect to the Internet. According to forums, this is also the brand that Globe uses for its visbility service. And Smart is also using a similar modem for its plan 799.So first off, I grabbed a Smart Buddy sim card and inserted it into the hardware. It didn't work so I tried activating the 3G sim card by texting and waited 24 hours for activation. Still, the sim card didn't work so I figured to get it to the Smart Wireless Center and the guy there wasn't helpful either. Note: Hardware is working, sim card is not.He told me that in order for the sim to work, I gotta buy a 3G phone. I said, "what for, that's why I have this modem" and the man said something that the reason the...
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Where to Earn Blog Money
2008-02-17 03:21:00
Last night, Azrael was ecstatic for being able to sell lots of advertisements on his blog. He is using Text Link Ads and at the moment, each link in his blog costs $10. I am not sure if this is a daily thing or what but that's a great way to monetize your blog.I had TLA before but because no one was buying ads, i took it down. I guess it takes time and patience since I remember Azrael placed his TLA long before he got some bids.Right now, I'm making a faster progress with Project Wonderful, and they really are wonderful for making some cents from my blog. Easy to setup, easy to earn. Can't ask for more.And then, I am still loving Smorty for giving me some topics to write about. Most of the time it's about online casino and a shopping cart software. Speaking of online casino, there is gossip that some movie stars earn a lot of money from this stint. I don't know how it works though haha. It was mentioned in The Buzz magazine which Azrael buys for the comics of his friend Gerry.I...
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Pimp your Bookmarks - Must Visit Quality Sites
2008-02-17 01:50:00
Are you tired of having to search the Internet for good stuff everyday? Don't you wish you had a list of quality blogs to visit daily? It's your lucky day because here are some links for you to visit on a Sunday! I've also thrown a nice video from awkward Pictures via youtube entitled "Coffee Break".Links for the Gagdet Geek for the Internet Freak com/ / for streaming video fans's the "Coffee Break" video from Awkward Pictures.And also, happy 23rd birthday to me! :)
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5 days with Asus Eee PC- How to Get Full Desktop Mode, Skype Beta 2.0, and
2008-02-14 13:29:00
Hello! This post is a summary of the common things you would like to do with your new Asus Eee PC. I documented the first 5 days I had with my Eee PC and bunched them together with the codes I used to install primary softwares.Day 1 ? was able to add full desktop mode by tweaking Eee PC via the terminal. To access the terminal, just press ctrl + alt + t.The name of the programs needed to enable the full desktop mode is KDE and Kicker. Once inside the terminal, type away the following:sudo bash [press enter] apt-get update [press enter] apt-get install ksmserver [press enter] apt-get install kicker [press enter]Then type exit to get out of the MS-Dos like environment. You will now see a full desktop mode choice whenever you press the power button in easy mode.Day 2 ? Realized that the Skype that came in with the Eee PC is not the updated version. You can't use webcam function with that and you need to get the Beta 2.0 version of Skype for Linux, Xandros.How to install Skype in Eee ...
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How to get through Financially Scarce Days
2008-02-12 12:41:00
Not just me but everyone seems to have a flat wallet lately. Maybe some intergalactic force is affecting our financial houses BUT what's important is how to smile while knowing that we are broke indeed.That sounds psychotic but by being moody we just amp up the feeling of being 'broke', so what we need to do is find the funny things about it. Like:1. Experience bringing packed lunch to a restaurant and just order water or soda while your friends do the real ordering.2. At least you still smell good and can still afford to buy soap and shampoo.3. You get to spend more time at home because you don't have gimmick money. Actually, going out is energy consuming. At home you can just relax and catch up with your mom.4. You're just days away from your weight goal because you've been avoiding fatty frappes and fancy desserts.5. Realize that Dunkin Donuts is really the cheapest "pasalubong" out there.and then convince yourself some more that this too, shall pass.
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