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This is just a personal journal about life, liberty and the pursuit of technology.
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I Welcome Our New Czar Overlords (Healthcare)
2009-12-21 08:14:00
For the first time in my life I now fully understand lemmings, and why these fur balls run off the cliff. Because that is what America is about to do by passing this healthcare bill. (Politico) The Democratic Party?s decades-long push to remake the U.S. health care system cleared a major hurdle early Monday morning, ...
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A Smart Phone Christmas (Darnell?s Going Broke!!)
2009-12-14 17:56:00
Ghetto!!! It seems my brothers, sisters, cousins, neices and nephews have one thing in common: they all want smart phones for Christmas !! Being the chief geek in the tribe I decided to pick up an iPhone when they first came out, then purchased the iPhone 3GS later on (although I do miss my iMetal friend–I hope ___ ...
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Unemployment: Government Says 10%, Says 17.2%?
2009-12-04 20:51:00
This will probably come across as depressing news, which I hate to post on a Friday. However it is a good reminder that no matter who is in power (Democrat, Republican, etc.) you should always take government propaganda news with a grain of salt, unless it comes from NASA (at least when they’re not talking about the weather). (Hat ...
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I Am America? (Stephen Colbert)
2009-12-04 02:53:00
So on my birthday (many moons ago) my brother bought me the book “I Am America (And So Can You!)” by Stephen Colbert . Problem is, he bought it via audio form (as that’s his favorite way to “read” a novel), which I usually don’t like as most podcasts put me to sleep. I was thinking ...
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Happy ?Feast On Turkey Flesh? Day!
2009-11-26 20:01:00
Happy thanksgiving everyone! I want to express my gratitude for all my friends and geeks (whether your a tech geek, space geek, politico animal or “almost normal”), as well as the brave men and woman who are currently serving overseas. While I’ll be busy feasting on the flesh of my favorite fowl (to the horror of ...
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Whenever I Feel Lonely And Sad, I Can Always Count On The Muppets To Cheer
2009-11-25 05:22:00
So today my sister and her boyfriend Mick came and visited me, and along with my cousins and Dad we went feasting over at buffet heaven (aka the Golden Corral). Unfortunately my sister and Mick were unable to stay for Thanksgiving, which made me feel a little sad. This probably has more to do with the fact ...
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Oh Me Of Little Faith!
2009-11-24 02:09:00
Sometimes I wonder why God constantly tests our love with money. If you love God, tithe to the church (Malachi 3:10-11) and don’t forget to help out the poor too (Luke 14:12-14). If you love your country, pay your taxes (Luke 20:22-25)–even if that includes universal healthcare (LORD help us all if that massive behemoth of ...
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Why ?V? May Fail (Hint: Interspecies Breeding)
2009-11-17 05:52:00
Despite having grown up on a healthy diet of scifi, I fear that one of my favorite shows is about to take a cliff dive starting this week. You see these two sentient beings below? The boy is a human while the girl is an alien with human flesh ontop. They also like each other and ...
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Miyamoto Musashi: The Book Of Five Rings
2009-11-11 22:49:00
So I’ve decided to read a book by Miyamoto Musashi called “The Book of 5 Rings ” (which is really popular in the east). I remember reading about Musashi when I was younger (a novel dramtizing his life) and was pretty amazed at not only his “chaotic” pragmatic fighting style, but his approach to life and ...
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To Those Willing To Do Violence On My Behalf?
2009-11-11 18:04:00
…I officially salute you! Happy Veterans Day, and a special shout out to my Dad, brother, Samantha, Jerry, as well as to Aaron & Andrew who are currently serving. Thanks for bloodying up the bad guys on my behalf, and may God bless you in the future for your desire to sacrifice for us in the ...
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Sweet! iPhone Battery Extender (Within 24 Hours)
2008-05-09 03:40:00
It looks like I can finally order my iPhone battery extender via Mophie, as there never seems to be enough energy for the phone to go around.Here is a video review, courtesy of iPhone Buzz:I'll have to put this on the "must have by next month" list, as I am cash right now (or rather I have the cash, although I don't feel like breaking my budget).(Hat Tip: Macworld)
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No Domain Love For Me?
2008-05-09 03:31:00
I guess now I am receiving a 404 error when visiting my domain. Oh least Google responded.~DarnellUpdate: And we're back up!
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CBS Highlights Israel's Air Force (Video)
2008-05-03 19:02:00
(Hat Tip: IsraelPolik)Here is a video highlighting the Israeli Air Force from CBS.No doubt the Iranians are watching this video as well, although I hope they "take the hint" as the last thing we need is another war in the middle east (as I do not think Israel is going to lose it, especially if Hillary gets elected).
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Be Right Back...
2008-05-02 18:29:00
This site should be back up before lunchtime is over (which means I have 30 minuets to correct a DNS error).~DarnellUpdate (5/3): Well, I was not able to fix it, but I did report it to Google, and they will take a look at it next week. :-)
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Sporting Blogger On My Head
2008-04-09 20:14:00
Hmm...on second thought, I look like some type of "Geek Thug."
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Kosher Keyboard Plus Hebrew Equals Happy Darnell
2008-04-08 00:50:00
After about a week of waiting, my Hebrew /English keyboard has finally arrived.Update: looks as if the iPhone "chops" half of your message when sending it to Blogger.Anyways, like I was saying, this will help me finish up some "must do" homework tonight, not to mention help me with my class tomorrow.
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Video: LG Vu Phone (iPhone Killer?)
2008-04-06 01:03:00
It looks like there is another "iPhone clone," this time by LG (note: to my knowledge LG was the first that came out with the touch screen, but Apple popularized it).Sprint (via Samsung) released a similar version earlier, although it may need a few more months of development as the phone was crashing in front of the tech press.LG seems to be more of a finished product, although ironically it seems to be exclusive to AT&T (just like the iPhone). Verizon and Sprint must be hating that. :-)
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My Ugly Mug...
2008-04-03 05:40:00
Here is just an image of me goofing off at church. One of my friends took the image via the iPhone.
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Sprint Releases iPhone Killer?
2008-04-02 22:27:00
Finally, a phone to take on the iPhone! (although I am still in love with mine).Its called the Samsung Instinct, and from the video below it sure does look fairly interesting.Its from Sprint , and they are promoting this phone on (hat tip: CrunchGear).They are releasing it this June, which should help them compete against AT&T. It only holds 2GB of memory, although hopefully they will be offering more (as I am approaching 2GB on my iPhone).My only advice to Sprint is to make sure there are a lot of "third party apps" to go along with this phone, otherwise they will only be able to retain people on their own network at best (as the iPhone is already gone over 1,300 apps).
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Radio On My iPhone?
2008-03-25 04:30:00
Hey, this is definitely something I never dreamed stumbling upon. And the best part is not even TechCrunch mentioned this (although Eric did suggest something to this effect).Basically its a "radio" station for your iPhone. It will stream music to your iPhone, giving users the ability to choose which genre they want to listen to (or better yet, the Beatles if that's all your into).Here's a video explaining the details.I came across this while searching the iPhone Web Apps, and users can access on their iPhones by pointing their browser at Corrected post for grammar.Update: Engadget posted about this about two months ago. You just can't win.
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iLuv My New iPhone
2008-03-21 17:43:00
So I finally ordered an iPhone, and despite a few headaches with FedEx, transitioning over to my new phone was pretty seamless.One thing I did catch my attention was how much AT&T's customer service has improved since like--forever (but this might be do to the fact that they bought out Cingular, whose support rocked!).Unfortunately, I can not upload any images from the iPhone to this blog (the Safari browser does not function very well on, but I will upload a picture of the iPhone later on (or better yet, a video!).Update: Corrected some spelling, plus here is the video of a quick snapshot of the iPhone. Note: For those of you looking to purchased a refurbished iPhone, you can find the link over here, and as far as the Obama videos go, you can check out Yes We Can as well as the Building A Religion on YouTube).
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Am I Back Up?
2008-03-09 22:25:00
Testing whether the site can come back online.
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Another Blog Test...
2008-03-09 21:40:00
Site will be down temporarily. Just resolving a semi-old DNS error.Will be back up in an hour.
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So My Mean Uncle Wants To Help Me Buy An iPhone
2008-02-17 16:30:00
It looks as if my mean Uncle may be giving me the necessary cash in order to purchase an iPhone later on this year.(KlTV 7 News) Individuals earning 3,000 to 75,000 a year get a rebate of 300 to 600 dollars. For families making up to 150,000 annually, your rebate could be up to 1,200 dollars, plus an extra 300 for each child under 17. But how exactly will the rebates affect taxpayers like you?Rebate checks are coming as early as May for millions of Americans.Since you probably have to make at least $75,000 to get the $600, that probably excludes me from the full rebate (note: you can figure out how much you will probably get thanks to this handy dandy calculator).Unless I can locate a decent smart phone in the next few months, my future phone choices will be: do I choose the 8gb model or the 16gb?Note: For international readers who do not understand the joke, I am referring to my Uncle Sam.
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Video: Merry Christmas (Star Wars Style)
2007-12-24 23:41:00
To all my friends and family, I like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas !Try not to drink too much Eggnog (as it may not be good for your health).In order to celebrate the season, I decided to post a holiday parody involving Walking in a Winter Wonderland and Star Wars --mainly because its one of the few movies everyone in my family enjoys. Cheers!
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I Need To Exercise
2007-12-03 18:47:00
No, I have not gained any weight or lost my six pack, but I have not done any running/exercise in well over a month!Although I hate running/exercising, it does relieve stress, which is easy to catch during this Christmas season, as I already have one gift on the way, one in the process of being completed (no details will be spilled here) and another I can only do 4 days before Christmas! (I'll explain later on)Getting back exercising, I am trying to figure out a way to do it so that I am not bored out of my mind as running around for two miles is not that entertaining.Perhaps its a good time to purchase a Nintendo Wii. For Me. :-)But that's not going to happen with all the gifts I have to buy.Running it is. :-(
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Gotta Love Christmas Shopping!
2007-11-25 15:40:00
I have yet to finish gathering all the presents for the holiday season! The worst part is that my last present will be ready by Christmas Eve. Oh well, at least everyone will enjoy their gifts!
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Test Post...
2007-11-11 23:23:00
Just ignore this post.I am just testing out whether or not a new feature by Feedburner is...burning correctly.Stay tuned!Update: It burned correctly, but the feed was not to my liking. Source code has now been removed.
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Video: gOS Computer For $200?
2007-11-04 06:36:00
It's been on the news, and the site ThinkgOS has more info about it. Basically its a inexpensive computer running linux with heavy Google influence on it.Wal*mart has them for sale at around $200. Here is a video via YouTube for the curious.(Hat Tip: The King Kong Blog)
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Global Warming No Longer Politically Correct?
2007-09-29 00:41:00
It could be just me, but has anyone noticed this in the news?For those of you who care to watch, it seems whenever reporters mention anything about global warming, they refer to it as "climate change."Even Google is doing it. In fact, the last time they mentioned the words "global warming" was last April.I'm seeing the same thing in the news, which use to shout out "global warming" every time they thought Al Gore was watching (or Goracle as many on the right are now calling him).Could it be that Bush is actually winning the "weather war" when it comes to who is responsible for heating Earth up?
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