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All about the Somali culture, traditions, music, poetry, politics and nomadic customs


Somali Hospitality II
2008-05-26 17:58:00
  A story has it that once a weary traveller came to a nomadic family by dusk. Unable to continue on with his journey, he decided to stay the night with the family that night. But due to the rainless season, the family had nothing much to offer. Noticing this, the guest did not expect a ...
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Somali Hospitality
2008-05-24 16:26:00
  Somalis are renowned for their hospitality. Though in their breast lies an indomitable spirit, sculpted by the asperity of their surroundings, Somalis are generally a pleasant people with a keen eye for generosity and are known to indulge in the pleasures of conviviality. In the vast arid countryside, where the nomadic settlers roam, hospitality is of ...
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2008-05-21 19:07:00
  Dear Friends and Fellow Bloggers, Please accept my sincere apologies for I have neglected this corner of mine for a very long time. Though I have no very good reasons to explain my long hiatus, I have been inundated with work and moving houses but will resume posting (hopefully regularly) from now on.   As many ...
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Gaaf Poetry
2008-03-30 19:49:00
  Once the drumming starts and the Gaaf is initiated, silence fills the air. Every ear is tuned towards the person reciting the poetry or singing, in order to assess and judge the worth of his/her words. Addressing everyone present, the young girl starts the ceremony with these lines:   Hoobe hobaala hoobala hoobalow Ee hoobe hobaala hoobalayey hadaba Salaamu ...
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In Peace, May Thou Rest
2008-03-19 18:45:00
boaters sunset Whenever I close my eyes I see her. Her ageing face, pleasant with a few incipient delicate wrinkles; her skin, dark against the resplendent multicoloured stole gently resting on her shoulders; her wizened eyes still bearing the same reprimanding look that she had always effortlessly maintained; her greying hair neatly tucked away under the ...
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Somali Cultural Weddings - Gaaf
2008-03-18 00:26:00
    As the sun plummets down the horizon, the joyous people of the village depart company after the Gelbis to prepare for the more interesting part of the ceremony and the festivities continue through the night. Demonstrative of the happy times they are having, everyone in the village as well as the neighbouring settlements ...
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Somali Cultural Weddings - Gelbis
2008-03-10 18:50:00
The Gelbis (escorting the bride to her new home), as I said earlier, is the occasion that marks the commencement of the wedding ceremony. And this (above left) is how it starts, with the women slowly making their way to the hut ululating, drumming and singing songs of praise and various wedding songs ...
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2008-03-10 11:54:00
Greetings all, I am back after my inexplicable month-long hiatus. Much has been happening lately and that has kept me occupied for over a month or so; so much so that I haven?t even had the time to visit this blog. Bear with me friends, I will resume posting in a few days insha-Allah. ...
Spot the difference!
2008-02-07 12:13:00
  The Raw Somali   The trained Somali   Is there anything wrong with these two images, or is it just me?   obtained from JSTOR.
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2008-02-02 00:50:00
The Xeedho is a custom usually prevalent in the Northern parts of Somali a . After the wedding is consummated and the bride and groom settle peacefully in their newly constructed home, it is time for opening the Xeedho or as it is called in Somali Xeedho-fur. This usually occurs on the seventh night, - the final ...
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2008-01-25 22:33:00
  Gelbis - the process of escorting the bride and groom to their newly constructed hut/house is one of the pre-requisites of Somali weddings. The above song is usually sung during such processes.
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Somali Cultural Weddings
2008-01-19 03:06:00
  During the rainy seasons of Gu? and some times throughout the moderately infrequent rains of the Dayr seasons, the pastoral nomads of Somalia ?s countryside rejoice in the abundance of wealth that they have. It is at this time when most of their animals give birth. The once barren earth now becomes fertile; the top ...
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Somali Music back
2008-01-09 21:37:00
Salaan Sare, The Widget on the side, which had stopped working for a while, is now back on track. For all those who have requested, the songs are all there, with plenty more to come soon. And if you can’t find the song you are looking for, just let me know by dropping me a comment ...
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The politics of Crop Rotation
2007-12-31 21:26:00
Somalis have suffered much. They have endured much conflict and have lost countless citizens as a result in the past twenty years of fighting. Yet, to this day, no one knows exactly why we went to war in the first place! In order to find a solution to the problems currently facing Somalia , it is ...
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To Mogadishu
2007-12-29 16:49:00
  Another year went by - almost slipped without being noticed much. It has been one long volatile year for Somalia with the arrival of the Ethiopian forces to help the incredibly incompetent Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia. Today the Ethiopian forces have almost obliterated the weak and vulnerable people of Mogadishu and the very ...
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Eid Mubarak
2007-12-18 22:08:00
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The Battle of Jidbaale
2007-12-14 23:19:00
  click on the above image to read entire letter or click here to read   This letter dated January 1904, speaks of of the tragic battle of Jidbaale where so many Somali s lost their lives. Though the Dervishes lost a thousand men in the Battle of Jidbaale, yet the opposing forces led by the British Army also ...
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Nomadic Culture
2007-12-11 22:44:00
Continuing on from my previous post on Somali Culture , here are a few other images that I managed to obtain from Somali heritage.   Dhiil la Culayo - The woman in this picture is inserting smouldering branches into the Dhiil. Once inserted, they are left inside for a while and then shaken vigorously. This process is ...
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No Post
2007-12-07 18:18:00
Salaamu Calaykum dear friends, I have been rather busy lately and have been unable to update this blog, and probably would not be able to do so for the next few days either. So, until we meet again in a few day?s time, I shall leave you with this brilliant video. Do enjoy? Native, I haven?t forgotten ...
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Somali Music Collection
2007-11-30 23:48:00
Here is the latest update of the Flash widget on the sidebar. I have added some new songs and below is a list of all the songs in the player. These classical songs stand as a true testament to the lyrical prowess of their composers and are held in an esteemed place in the Somali ...
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Teddy Teacher
2007-11-28 20:10:00
  I have been following this story lately and it is surprising how it has escalated over the past few days. Miss Gibbons has been arrested and charged in Sudan for naming or allowing a teddy to be named Mohamed, whichever the case maybe. Whether she named the teddy herself or let her pupils name the ...
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The Process of Displacement
2007-11-25 18:31:00
An old lady escapes in a wheelbarrow Plumes of dust sombrely soar above the once beautiful city of Mogadishu. The putrid smell of decaying bodies and the stench of blood nauseatingly drifts in the atmosphere. In the ravaged streets, the ruthless sounds of bullets, rocket-propelled grenades and rattling gunfire coupled with the loud cries of ...
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Somali Culture
2007-11-20 13:40:00
On the wall behind the woman is Salli or Derin. It is mainly used as a prayer mat, but it is also used to sleep on and sometimes it is spread out for the guests to sit on when they arrive. Notice that the man is sitting on one. The object on the wall where ...
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I am Somali
2007-11-13 15:55:00
These are the words to the classic song Soomaali Baan Ahay that I’ve tried to translate. I must say, though, that any translation from Somali to English doesn’t give much justice to the original and doesn’t convey the message accurately. If you spot any mistakes in the translation, or you find any better words to ...
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Sheep Logic vs. Goat Logic
2007-11-09 11:00:00
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Dialogues in the Diaspora
2007-11-02 16:23:00
Somali art, film, music & culture DIALOGUES IN THE DIASPORA Sunday, 4th November 2007 7pm-11pm Hackney Empire, 291 Mare Street, London E8 1EJ Tickets: 15/ - 20 at the door Booking: 020 8985 2424/ Numbi is the largest celebration of Somali culture and music to hit London. This imaginative and passionate festival is to be held annually in London with ...
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A Sea Change
2007-10-30 13:29:00
Dear readers, There hasn?t been much activity on this blog for the past few weeks for so. And I have a good reason for this, or at least I believe I do. The past few weeks have been somewhat hectic and, in the greater sense, life transforming. As of the past Saturday, I am no longer ...
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A Nomad?s utensils
2007-10-10 00:56:00
Hadhuub - made from Caw, the Hadhuub is used for milking goats and, very rarely, camels.   Haan or Aagaan - largely made from Caw and in some parts of Somali a , the Qabo tree. The cover and the cavity upon which it sits are both usually made from Gaatir tree. Haan has two purposes. ...
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A nomadic Experience 2
2007-10-01 21:39:00
A Nomadic experience 1 I woke up from my sisters hut. Beside me, stacked in some corner or hanging from the boughs were Sati, Sallad, Bocor, Hadhuub, dhiil, etc. ? the very finest of a Somali nomad?s handmade utensils (I will explain these in another post hopefully in detail). Being my first time sleeping on a ...
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