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Refrigerator Monster!
2008-05-15 13:48:00
Jamie is really into things lately, like the refrigerator! She is able to open it on her own and then tries to hide in it and of course pulls out a lot of food. Usually this ends in quite a mess. I love that the boys can go and get themselves snacks but Jamie gets ...
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Netflix Coupon
2008-05-14 20:39:00
Oops, someone just told me our Netflix link wasn’t working. Here is the corrected link and the coupon codes for a 4 week free trial. * M9194467445 * M3197467405 * M4190487475 * M9192487435 * M77939153145 * M70930153175 * M79934153105 * M78932153135
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Redefining Kid Music
2008-05-14 13:11:00
Heather and I had an epiphany about kids music recently. We really don’t like it very much. There are a few songs I like, but most of the music we have for the kids we tolerate, but don’t enjoy. The litmus test is when one of these songs starts playing while your ...
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Robin Update!
2008-05-13 13:28:00
We have been keeping an eye on our Robin family as they grow and when the parents fly away we’ve ran out a few times to get some up close pictures. Here is the day that the first 2 babies hatched (the 3rd one hatched a day later): We have a great close ...
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Sports Themed Birthday Party
2008-05-12 19:21:00
I have been meaning to post about all of the kids birthday parties we’ve had over the years. I am currently planning a 4th of July party for Ben and Jamie since they are born in July and Ben will be 4 this year.  Ethan is already planning his Star Wars party even though he ...
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My First Year as a MOM: Restaurants, Playgroup & Hockey!
2008-05-11 20:14:00
Happy Mother’s Day everyone! For a blog blast today I am remembering way back to when I first became a mom, its only 5 1/2 years ago really but it seems like forever now! Things were much simpler with just one baby and now as I try to prepare myself for the 4th baby its ...
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Crazy Chickens!
2008-05-11 01:32:00
These birds are not at all the cute fuzzballs that arrived to us less than 3 weeks ago but to me they’re still cute and the crazy combo of fluff and newly sprouting feathers is comical. They are very active now and are enjoying their monster sized dog kennel. John was kind enough to climb ...
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Beautiful Dog!
2008-05-09 13:50:00
Reuben has his share of quirks and can be a real butt head but he is a gorgeous sweet dog! Even when he is impatiently waiting for someone to kick his volleyball.
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100 things about ME (well how about just 50)!
2008-05-08 22:14:00
I just saw someone do a “100 things about me” post for their 100th blog post and thought what a fun thing that is (even though this will be my 218th post). Plus why not write some about ME instead of mainly the kids? When I got to about 20 in this list I ...
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Review: Were You Raised By Wolves
2008-05-08 13:44:00
Thanks to the Parent Bloggers Network we were given a copy of the book Were You Raised By Wolves ?: Clues to the Mysteries of Adulthood by Christie Mellor. Now, I have to say it was a strange book to get from PBN since it is geared towards people who are new to adulthood and just ...
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Spikey Siting
2008-05-07 15:10:00
Our favorite backyard snake made an appearance yesterday. I tried to get a full body shot of him so you can see his girth and his stubby tail. Unfortunately, Spikey was not very cooperative and took off for the safety of the woodpile.
Netflix 1 Month Free Coupons
2008-05-07 13:03:00
We just got some more Netflix coupons codes in the mail.  These coupons are good for 1 month while the normal Netflix free trial period is only 2 weeks.  My recommendation is the Planet Earth DVDs.  The video is absolutely gorgeous and the wildlife is amazing. To redeem a coupon simply go to: Then enter one of ...
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Our first ever lost tooth!
2008-05-06 14:59:00
Ethan lost his first tooth last night and none of us knew it was even loose! I’m not ready for him to grow up so I secretly wasn’t too happy (especially since it happened right after I got home from a kindergarten meeting, thats too much in one night for me!). He is very happy ...
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Star Wars Stuffed Animals
2008-05-05 13:52:00
Ethan and Ben are on such a Star Wars kick.  Here is Ethan’s latest creation, his stuffed animals dressed as all the Star Wars characters. Darth Vader is my favorite.  He’s wearing the lacrosse pads with the red tea cup helmet and red spoon lightsaber.  The other critters wearing cups are all Stormtroopers.  Look is the ...
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Blog Blast: Mother?s Day Recognition
2008-05-04 17:37:00
This week’s Blog Blast is about how we’d like to be recognized on Mother ’s Day and its sponsored by Johnson’s Baby Cause and of course the Parent Bloggers Network. Most moms expect some type of gift on Mother’s Day, even if its just a simple scribbled card from the kids (of course a favorite!). I ...
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Chickens grow fast!
2008-05-02 12:47:00
Our cute baby fuzzballs are now at least twice the size they started at and have wings and little tails. They are VERY active as well. We had started them in a 10 gallon tank and in less than a week we moved up to a 20 gallon long tank but they’ll soon be moving ...
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Netflix 1 Month Free Trial
2008-05-01 13:59:00
Netflix just sent us some more 1 month free trials. These are only good if you haven’t signed up before and you must return all DVD’s and quit before the end of the month or they will charge you for the second month. We’ve been back with Netflix for over a year now and are ...
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The Forest
2008-04-30 13:37:00
I love eavesdropping on the kids while they are playing.  Here’s a conversation they had while playing Star Wars in the yard while I was working on our chicken coop in the garage. Ben “The Stormtroopers are coming, hide!” Ethan “I see Darth Vader, he’s in the forest!” Ben “That’s why he said ‘Use the Forest , Luke’” Ethan ‘Not ...
Review: Momma Rock?s Rules
2008-04-29 15:16:00
When the Parent Bloggers Network asked me to review Mama Rock ’s Rules I was a little apprehensive because I am not a fan of parenting books. I decided to try it out because I am a big fan of Rose Rock’s son, Chris Rock. What I discovered was not a book filled with ...
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Unplugged Project: Birds
2008-04-28 13:23:00
What a fitting unplugged project for us this week! We have had our baby chicks for almost a week now and they are certainly a project but we’ve had quite a few other bird encounters as well. If you haven’t been at our blog to see the chick posts you really should scroll on down and ...
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What is a mom?
2008-04-27 20:12:00
This weekend’s blog blast is about what makes a mom. With Mother’s Day approaching the Parent Bloggers Network is teaming up this time with Microsoft and its ?Portraits of Mom? campaign that runs from April 19-May 11, 2008. I wasn’t going to participate this week because being a mom is so important and special and ...
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Baskin-Robbins 31 cent Scoop Night April 30th!
2008-04-26 14:03:00
I love ice cream and I wish we had a Baskin-Robbins somewhere near us, especially when I heard of this great event they are having on April 30th: I think you would enjoy the upcoming Baskin-Robbins 31 Cent Scoop Night as a fun, affordable way to celebrate the warmer weather with the kids. On April 30th, ...
Wing feathers starting!
2008-04-25 20:21:00
Our chicks are 5 days old today and are starting to look bigger. They are also starting to sprout little tiny wing feathers. Its very cute (as is everything about them but the poop). Ethan and I can tell them all apart very easily now despite the 4 Ameraucanas being pretty similar. The 2 Wyandottes are ...
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A new addition to the playfort
2008-04-25 13:34:00
As if John doesn’t have enough projects to do already (chicken coop, pool deck, bathroom redo, etc…) I added another this week, but it was a very quick one. I thought it would be fun for the kids to eat lunch in their fort more so I decided John should put up some pulleys, clothes ...
More Chicken Pictures!
2008-04-23 16:48:00
I had started to get pretty nervous that getting these chicks would be too much for me while pregnant with baby #4 but now that they are here I am glad we got them. The kids love them and are having a blast with them. They are very cute and seem healthy and happy ...
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2-day old chicks!
2008-04-23 13:08:00
Our babies came a day early! I picked up 6 noisy little chicks from the post office after lunch yesterday. They are cute and seem healthy. I gave them food and water and they ate and drank right away and just kept at it. They are a lot more cute and alert than I thought ...
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Review: Vincent Shoes & 20% Off Coupon!
2008-04-22 13:16:00
I’ve always bought my kids’ shoes at Target or Payless (I think the only exceptions are Robeez and soccer cleats), so when I got the offer of 2 free pairs of Vincent Shoes to review I was very excited to give their little feet a chance to experience some higher quality footwear. I couldn’t ...
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I need to be nominated for something!
2008-04-19 15:14:00
Yesterday when my mom came over she starting singing the Clean House show song “Who wants a clean house” and she is right my house is terrible. The “tops” of things are filled worse than ever (except the fridge is good) and there are toys everywhere! I think I’d rather get nominated for TLC’s What ...
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PBN & Get In Her Head Blog Blast on gifts
2008-04-18 15:15:00
For this week’s Parent Blog gers Network Blog Blast we’re talking about gifts,the good and the bad! PBN is teaming up with GetInHerHead .com, a free service for couples who want to get gift giving right every time. I can’t remember getting a really bad gift so I am either not that picky or I block out gifts ...
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Free Bird House Plans
2008-04-17 14:10:00
Here are two free bird house plans I found when looking ideas for our bird house project. These plans had the best directions and diagrams of the ones I found online. In the end I decided on a book from Amazon because I was looking for more options for different species of birds. ...
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