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Personal Development is the act of actively seeking, gathering, and utilizing information in order to enrich your life. This blog covers topics such as health, money, blogging, goal setting, time management, communication, leadership and law of attra
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Event: Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman Speaks to 100+ Students
2011-08-14 19:01:00
Last week I had the privilege of hosting an event in NYU Dental School. Over 100 students attended. As an executive member of the school’s Aesthetics club, I wanted to bring the students together to learn about a top aesthetic case out in private practice. The speaker was also a very successful businessman, and we ...
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Personal Development Group
2011-08-08 21:45:00
I love sharing and connecting with like-minded people. Years ago when I discovered the power of personal development, and journaling, I decided to write much of what I learned in this blog, share with the world, and make friends in the process. Throughout this time, this blog has given me the opportunity to meet thousands of ...
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Losing 16.4 lbs in 42 Days
2011-07-06 14:41:00
Eating by way of the Primal lifestyle is really second nature at this point. Meat, poultry, eggs, vegetables, nuts, butter, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, occassional small amounts of dairy, and my weekly piece of 85% dark chocolate – that’s the name of the game, and from it I’ve made a lot of tasty ...
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21 Day Challenge: Transition From Sugar Burner to Fat Burner Metabolism
2011-06-15 15:19:00
No disease that can be treated by diet should be treated with any other means. ~Maimonides During the past semester of dental school (or more accurately, the past 2 years of it), I spent a lot of time eating shit. Many 16-hour study days, fueled by barrels of coffee filled with sugar, and layers upon layers ...
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Meet the Authors: Tim Ferriss and Ramit Sethi
2011-05-29 08:57:00
“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” ~Mark Twain Now that the second year is behind me I get about a minute to breathe as I transition into clinic and start studying for the board exam. My idea of using that minute is spending time with good ...
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No Judgment: Why Mark Sisson doesn?t want you to do the dishes
2011-05-26 16:26:00
?Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire.? ~William Butler Yeats Last night I had the honor of meeting one of my long time heros Mark Sisson. I think of this man every time I eat, literally, and he?s responsible for lightning a fire for me, many of my friends and family, and many ...
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The Most Meaningful Thing You Hope to Accomplish In Life
2011-01-16 17:21:00
Meaning, and ‘most meaningful’, are all very subjective terms. Pretty much everything we see, hear, and feel is open for interpretation, and skewed by our past experiences. I believe it’s the meaning that we choose to place on things, whether deliberately, or without thought, that is the driving force to why we make all of ...
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My Automated Morning in 2011 (and The Turkey Agreement)
2011-01-13 18:49:00
I have to be honest, Dental School pushes me to my limits. A lot of times I feel like I’m paddling in the middle of the ocean, and just when I get a hold of a raft, they make things harder. They know exactly what we’re going through, they know when we adapt, and they ...
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Responsibility. Integrity. Civility.
2010-12-30 07:19:00
My bud Chris Brogan doesn’t do New Year resolutions. For several years now, he just picks three words that he uses to guide him through both his everyday and business decisions. He put it out there as a challenge for us to think of our own three words for 2011. I was riding the bus from ...
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Homeless for the Holidays
2010-12-23 22:40:00
“Charity is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.” ~Jane Panitch Last night I decided to watch a little bit of Hulu. The movie Homeless for the Holidays , starring Matt Moore as Jack Baker (who IMHO resembles Adam Sandler), was up on the popular list, so I went for it. Spoiler alert: The Baker family was in trouble financially, ...
Alex Shalman in SUCCESS Magazine 12/2010
2010-12-16 03:14:00
I’m not going to lie, I’m thrilled and humbled about my inclusion in SUCCESS magazine‘s December issue. It is a pleasant surprise because of the way that it came to fruition. I shouldn’t even say fruition, because it’s not like I had a strategy to this happening. Right after the first semester of dental school, in ...
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The 4 Steps To Living An Awesome Life
2010-11-29 13:00:00
This is a guest post by Pace Smith of the Connection Revolution. Imagine someone who lives an awesome life. A rock star, a millionaire, a professional surfer, a monk, a bestselling author — whatever comes to mind. Photo by TravOC What do they have that you don’t? More importantly, how did they get it? All the awesome ...
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Volunteering: hot chocolate for the blue soul
2010-11-02 22:55:00
Since NYU Dental School is part of the larger New York University, we get a lot more opportunities trickling down to us by association. One such opportunity is the Reynold’s Social Entrepreneur program that features great speakers and also has a scholarship to help students get started on this path. Just as all the ideas of ...
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The Negative Psychological Effect of Facebook on Children
2010-10-11 19:26:00
Do you ever wonder what kind of deep permanent damage Facebook , and the internet in general, is doing to children? That would be an interesting longitudinal study. After watching The Social Network, and just recently reading Ronn Torossian‘s take on “Is The Internet Written in Ink?” it got me thinking about what this means for future ...
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7 Ways To Cultivate the Ultimate Personal Freedom Through Minimalism
2010-06-30 23:46:00
I’m glad that you’ve exercised your personal freedom by choosing to stop by my site and give this article a read. I hope that you leave with even more freedom than you came with! In this life I am free. How is that possible? How can that be when the laws of government and gravity, and ...
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5 Reasons To Take Moderation In Moderation (and Go All Out)
2010-06-27 07:55:00
“Never go to excess, but let moderation be your guide.” ~Marcus Tullius Cicero The above quote, from our beloved Ancient Roman Lawyer, Writer, Scholar, Orator and Statesman, is great for certain situations. However, I’m a firm believer that even moderation should be taken in moderation, meaning that sometimes life calls for extremes. When does life call for extremes? When ...
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Learning about Success: From my uncle, the entrepreneur
2010-06-02 00:43:00
This is a guest post by Monica Rozenfeld. Entrepreneur ?s are a rare breed, often misunderstood and coined crazy for their spontaneous ideas, non-stop schedule and lack of rest. It takes a special person to go against the fold, and create their own job, career and life path. Some people try their whole life, and fail. But ...
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50 Ways to Be a Better Boss
2010-05-13 11:47:00
This is a guest post by Mark Foo. Whether you are a newly appointed boss or you have been in this position for a long time, it is important for you to aspire to be better at what you do. People think that being at the helm is a glamorous job. Well, ...
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Standout Comments [win an iPad]
2010-05-04 17:34:00
Sometime in August of 2009 I got a crazy idea for a WordPress Plugin. It was born out of my frustration that great people stopped by to comment on the site, but sometimes I’d lose touch with them and wonder where they went. Having no programming experience, I tracked down the best plugin developer in the ...
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Standout Comments
2010-05-04 17:34:00
[Update: Earlier this week I decided to pull the plug on this project. WordPress plugin development is not where I see myself going in the future, and it's more important now than ever for me to narrow my focus and put my heart and soul into things I'm really passionate about, now.] Sometime in August of ...
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How to Live Life to the Fullest
2010-03-17 17:04:00
This is a guest post by Mark Foo. One must live life to the fullest, rather than spend it drifting into obscurity. So, unless you savor every minute that you use up sitting in your office chair or counting the moments that go by while you settle down on your couch, you really need to go ...
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30 Day Trial: The Lifestyle of a Gym Rat (or Daily Workouts For Normal Peop
2010-03-01 12:39:00
Photo courtesy of Joseph Lasalla of Humans evolved in motion; hunting, fighting, and surviving. Since starting NYUCD in September, I’ve lost track of how many 16 hour days were spent sitting in the same spot (my version of surviving tigers like Dr. Baker and Dr. Roy ) This isn’t a complaint, but my current ...
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50 Signs That Tell You Your Life Sucks!
2010-02-19 19:51:00
This is a guest post, written by Mark Foo. It can be tough when you feel that your life sucks. Not only will your daily grind become boring, but your overall existence will be just that – existence. Fortunately, there is much room for improvement even if you consider your life to ...
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Organization. Consistency. Focus.
2010-02-15 14:18:00
It’s amazing how when we go through life, some people seem to effortlessly stay ten steps ahead of us; even if they’re working their assess off. That’s what I see when I think of my good friend, and future dentist, Nick Levintov. While being among the hardest workers in our class and always putting in the ...
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Build Confidence With A Package Of Successes
2010-02-07 17:00:00
This is a guest post by Armen Shirvanian. To get into a state of feeling winning confidence, you need to form a foundation of successes for that confidence to lean on. A person who feels hesitation or weakness to implement a plan, or to ask for something, would be smart in building up a package ...
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Are You Toxic?
2010-02-04 11:00:00
This is a guest post by Bianca Perilli. This might be old news, but I am just BLOWN AWAY by the alarming statistics of disease in our country.  Did you know that 80% of Americans are overweight and 30% are considered to be obese?  Worse, The World Health Organization states that 75% of all American deaths ...
30 Day Trial: 4 Lessons Learned from Perfect Class Attendance (and Energy M
2010-02-02 15:20:00
In order to satisfy my curiosity about how perfect attendance would affect my school performance, I decided to undertake a 30 day trial, during which time I would not allow myself to miss class; no matter what. My thoughts going into this experiment was that I would have different types of exposure to the material, be ...
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8 Simple Steps to Setting Your Priorities in Life
2010-01-15 00:26:00
This is a guest article by Mark Foo Setting priorities is very important to having an efficient life, but it doesn’t always have to be difficult. When you take the time to set your priorities, you’re more likely to reach your goals and reach them faster. Who wouldn’t want that? You can learn how to set priorities ...
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Finish Strong
2009-12-27 06:10:00
“We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.” ~Jim Rohn The earth shook beside me as the enemy missiles exploded just a few yards away from me. I leaped for cover, only to discover that I ...
How to Clear Your Mind
2009-12-21 18:39:00
This is a guest post by Mark Foo There are many ways to learn how to clear your mind. If you find that your mind is racing and you wish you had better control over it, you can try to find a solution that works for you personally. You can try relaxation techniques and other strategies ...
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