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Tropical Enlightenment...Between Sessions. Music, culture, health, environment & Surf! Make urself a Pina Colada & enjoy. Brought to u by the creator of Ben Is Dead Magazine
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We Love Kilian Martin?s (Skate Film) Altered Route
2012-06-01 00:33:00
Crap. It’s beautiful. What else can we say? If you haven’t seen it already, watch dancer, surfer, skateboarder Kilian Martin take skating somewhere beyond the board and asphalt. Directed, filmed, edited by Brett Novak. Song: Adventures in Your Own Backyard by Patrick Watson. Like what you see? Help Brett make more skate vids: And while we’re ...
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Kelly Slater and Julia Louis-Dreyfus Have Something in Common
2012-03-24 05:07:00
They both like shredding the gnar, brah. I rarely subject myself to Twitter but what I caught in my five minute descent merited a chuckle. Even better if you imagine Elaine doing her dance while saying it.
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Hawai?i Storm March 2012 Best Picts
2012-03-11 22:25:00
Often when there are storms on the islands, especially on Kauai, we end up getting stuck somewhere (with our friends, family, roommates, boyfriends getting stuck somewhere else). There are just not that many options on an island whose main highway is one lane in each direction ? especially when the few bipasses are also being ...
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From the Streets of Japan: Love and Anger Sound Good About Now
2012-02-26 09:35:00
Diatribe for a Post-311 Generation: The Frying Dutchman‘s humanERROR* How far have we strayed as humans to satisfy a quest for power, technology, and a seemingly advanced (still surprisingly subservient) society ? and has it been worth it? Or better yet, will our children’s children’s children think it was worth it? There are pros and cons regarding ...
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Inflicting Our Surf Spots with Nuclear Power
2012-02-17 03:18:00
There’s much radiation on the brain lately ? whether you are thinking about it or not. Fukushima radioactive particle releases are continuing despite being ignored by a majority of the population, and despite the reactors existing in some Fantasyland version of “Cold Shutdown” ? a term which is soon to be redefined by the Japanese ...
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Politicking: The Truth Ain?t in the Puddin?
2012-01-22 19:45:00
Laws banning same-sex marriage on the grounds of morality = Lie. Laws like NDAA, Patriot Act protecting citizens against terrorists = B.S. Proposed bills like SOPA  and PIPA protecting artists from copyright infringement = if only that was all it did. And the latest, potential legislation protecting fetuses from cannibalism? Think there might be a ...
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Surfrider Japan Tsunami Debris Conference on Kauai
2011-12-09 21:23:00
There’s been little news regarding what coastal communities should expect as the debris from the March 2011 tsunami starts showing up on the shores of Hawai’i. As it hits Midway and makes its way down the island chain, we can’t ignore the reality: It is coming. Considering how many people chose Hawai’i as their vacation destination; ...
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Getting Worse All the Time: Fukushima
2011-09-30 17:50:00
Testing south of Tokyo showing large amounts of radiation in car air filters. Burning of radioactive materials throughout Japan. Why? And how will the children be paying for this? If we’re not removing the kids from these contaminated areas, how can we protect them? Everyone on this planet should be seriously concerned about and proactive ...
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Overheard in Hawai?i: Campin? Brah
2011-07-15 08:01:00
Hawai’i offers up the best in overheard conversations. Some backdrop for today’s lil’ snippet: Summertime; a time when many of the locals camp at the beach all season long. And when locals camp, they do it right: showers, power, sometimes you’ll even find couches, fridges? the works. It’s like a home away from home. And ...
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Diary of a Harry Potter Addict Book Now Available
2011-07-05 10:00:00
The new book, Diary of a Harry Potter Addict is out now! Paperback available at our Amazon affiliate eStore. eBook available via Amazon, iBookstore, and B&N with more online retailers to be added soon. A humorous take on a serious issue, Diary of a Harry Potter Addict captures the struggles of an anonymous Harry Potter fan ...
Coming Back Soon
2011-04-21 00:06:00
Aloha, Thanks so much for your patience…even if you weren’t planning on being patient. Life is amazing through all it’s pain and beauty – sometimes it’s enough to simply try to persevere. A small sliver of light in the storm so we hope to be posting more Coconut Girl Wireless soon – this is just ...
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CoconutGirlWireless News Tweets
2010-12-27 19:04:00
Though we may, on occassion get a little bit behind here at CoconutGirlWireless, we’re regularly updating our news tweets. Follow CoconutGirl on Twitter! We follow back all eco-conscious surfers!
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Billy Hamilton and Sava Dog Surfing Movie
2010-12-14 18:29:00
Laird Hamilton ’s daddy Billy Hamilton surfing with his awesome grrl dog Sava! Enjoy. And thanks to Allan Thomas for the music – check him out!
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Hawai?i's Homesless Keiki: There Are Ways to Make Santa Real
2010-11-28 16:28:00
The Christmas Wish Program (Project Hawai ’i) is one of the charities we give to each year. It’s inspired by one hard workin’ wahine, Magin Patrick, who is like the fairy godmother to Hawai’i's homeless keiki. This year they’re extending their outreach from the Big Island and are even combing the beaches of Oahu, to find ...
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Andy Irons Memorial Paddle Out Hanalei Kaua?i
2010-11-18 08:45:00
Shooting above and below the ocean, hope this footage captured a sense of the memorial paddle out for one of the greatest surfers of our time, Andy Irons – in his hometown of Hanalei, Kaua’i, Hawai’i. It was sincerely a struggle to fully catch on film the magnitude of the event. Mahalo to the Irons ...
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Chatting with SurfingList?s Brett Hollman
2010-08-23 10:46:00
My local community has an amazing monthly board swap but if you aren’t so lucky and Craigslist isn’t cutting it, SurfingList may be for you. Here we have a quick chat with surfer and SurfingList creator Brett Hollman…. How did SurfingList get started? I started SurfingList about six years ago with the idea that there ...
The End of Surfing
2010-07-16 18:10:00
And we thought it happened with SUPs and the soulless Costco boards. Welcome, the Chanel surfboard. Hmm, then again, I would have loved to go surfing with CoCo….
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Hands Across the Sand this Saturday
2010-06-22 22:23:00
  Many of us will be driving our cars to the beach this weekend. That’s okay. Hands Across the Sand is a movement made of people of all walks of life and diverse political affiliations and modes of transportation. This is more about the universal quest to utilize optional, clean power sources. The Hands Across ...
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Swimsuits Surfer Girls Should NOT Wear
2010-06-17 21:47:00
There are always issues when fashion eludes function, and visa versa, and this is certainly the case with water gear for surfer girls. Personally, I feel companies who have sold themselves as girl / women surf companies, though they have some lovely clothes, have let the average Jo surfer girl down in terms of truly ...
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Surfers Are NOT All Stoners
2010-05-17 19:46:00
…But They Can Make Amazing Stoner Art! Taken from the web site: Wonder How To: “Surfer, chef, and artist Jim Denevan ‘makes temporary drawings on sand, earth, and ice that are eventually erased by waves and weather.’ Check out these beautiful ephemeral designs, crafted on the beaches of Northern California.” More luscious picts at Jim ...
Tiger Shark Nibbles in Hanalei Bay
2010-04-20 19:11:00
We can’t always get mad at the sharks when we get in the way of their feeding frenzy. Yesterday afternoon a tiger shark (who’s been spotted cruising Hanalei Bay the past week or so) got a little close for comfort. Reportedly a baby whale has been hanging out in the bay and a few big ...
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Tweetle Dee, Twitter Dum, Coconut Girl Tweetz
2010-03-23 18:31:00
Catch Hawai’i surfer grrl threads ‘n’ ramblings on a more frequent basis.
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Hawaii Homeless Keiki Need Your Kokua
2010-02-28 20:17:00
There are many homeless children in Hawai’i, but being homeless shouldn’t mean growing up without opportunities for health, security, education, joy?. There’s one woman and one program located on the Big Island * that seems to go above and beyond in order to provide and make a difference and that’s Magin Patrick and The Christmas Wish ...
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Was the Hawaii Tsunami Warning Actually a Drill?
2010-02-28 06:10:00
We have a follow-up on the Chile tsunami potentially hitting Hawaii and the post-tsunami rumor mill. We’ll keep the info nicely tucked away in the “allegedly” category. For your consideration: 1) We have offshore buoy reports that accurately predict swells (size and direction) coming into Hawaiian waters. These are the buoys that give us our ...
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Tsunami Hawaii: Surfing the Tsunami (part two)
2010-02-27 17:00:00
Right now everyone is still asleep here in Hawaii . Word is they’re going to blast the sirens at 6am. That’s when the town is going to wake up, cancel their surf ‘n’ sun plans and stock up. If there’s one thing people living Hawai’i know how to do, it’s stock up. Especially because if any ...
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Is Hanalei Bay Reef Dying?
2010-02-26 19:38:00
It sounds like a shock value headline, but the truth is one of the most beautiful places in the world is in crisis. Hanalei Bay in Kauai is one of those beaches that repeatedly lands itself on the top ten lists. Though there has been some focus on the issue in November of last year, ...
More About: Environment , Hawaii , Reef , Dying
The Sensual Allure of Marijuana
2008-06-02 22:40:00
The spirit of marijuana is female. She is alluring, very seductive. In her presence time passes almost without one noticing. Her sweet fragrance intoxicates the senses and uplifts the mind. She is delighted by heroic men and sensual women. When a couple shares marijuana, they are allowing her participation in their relationship. Accepting their invitation, ...
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Should Surfers Be Insured?
2008-05-23 21:17:00
Thought this an interesting way to advertise health insurance for surfers, which was direct marketed to me on MySpace. So I curiously clicked, and found the Platinum Kaiser Plan is just $195.00 a month (!), for an average Hawaii surfer, who might like swimming with sharks (I’m assuming the sharks in the ocean, not the ...
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Fave Podcast: The Thomas Jefferson Hour
2008-05-07 18:13:00
It was 1996, when the book Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West came out, that I found myself gettin’ into T.J. History always seems more enjoyable in the form of a story, and this journey’s written in such a way that it sweeps you up in characters and ...
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Surfing the Tsunami
2008-03-19 02:09:00
Every so often, when a tsunami warning or incident occurs, talk ensues about the history and potential calamities of the next tsunami to hit the Hawai’i Islands. One of the quandries debated among the surfing community is what one should do if a tsunami takes place while out in the water (only people who do ...
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