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Aringsburg's German Shepherd Dogs is a blog that provides technical knowledge on the German Shepherd Dog breed for the German Shepherd Dog fans. Starting from the History of the breed to tips on Training, Caring and Feeding a GSD, this blog is an ins
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Skin Problems in German Shepherd Dogs
2011-10-16 12:56:00
What are the chief causes for skin problems in German Shepherd Dogs ?Most German Shepherd Dog owners, both newbies and even some of the old owners, arise this question. What are the major causes for skin problems in German Shepherd Dogs. Vets are oftens called for skin problems in German Shepherd Dogs and even re-occurrences of the skin problems in their GSD. German Shepherds are prone to skin problems more than some of the other dog breeds. So here's why?First cause includes heavy infestation of internal and/or external parasites. Second cause includes bacterial, yeast or fungal infections, causing severe hair fall and develop patches, redness, swelling and sores.Third cause includes fly bites and gnats that eventually cause hot spots on your German Shepherd's skin.Fourth cause includes extended time pass in water and/or in dirt Fifth cause includes thyroidSixth cause includes allergies in certain foods, plants, grass or weedsSeventh cause insufficient nutrition. Nutritional defic...
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Intensive Hydrotherapy Session helped German Shepherd Puppy to Recover from
2011-10-16 11:57:00
A German Shepherd puppy "Fred", that has been suffering from severe joint pain and couldn't walk effortlessly has been put to intensive hydrotherapy session. Good news is that after having undergone a tenure of well planned hydrotherapy session, Fred is almost fit to join the training session to serve as a police dog. Fred had been diagnosed with displastic hip at the age of 6 months. Vets and canine experts planned to to put poor little Fred in a course of swimming sessions. Fred has successfully passed his assessment test to start off with the training program with Devon and Cornwall Police in January, 2012."Fred's police dog career looked like it was over before it had begun but, following his hard work in the pool, he is now one of eight puppies about to begin their training as police dogs. Fred was literally thrown in at the deep end and has worked hard to ease his stiff joints and build up the muscles in his legs. There is now no reason why he won't go on to become a succes...
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German Shepherd Dog Movements Best Explained: GSD Video Clips
2011-08-27 12:20:00
Hey....If you have dropped by this German Shepherd blog to gather some information about German Shepherd DOg breed, you need to know many things about it. You will probably find your desired info here. Take a tour throughout this blog, but beforw that you can watch out a coulpe of videos that has been shot to educate on GSD movements. Click on German Shepherd and you will be redirected to "About German Shepherd Dog" - the largest online resource for information on German Shepherd DOg breed. You can get in touch with a few top GSD Twitters and follow them on the Twitter to know what they are up to and how they maintain their dogs... Click Here!
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Obi - The POlice German Shepherd Injured in UK Riot
2011-08-16 08:45:00
The three-year-old German shepherd Dog Obi was on his duty with his handler Constable Phil Wells on the front line in Tottenham. Obi and his handler experienced a real life threatening phase amidst the mob where people were throwing bricks and bottles aimlessly. One of such items struck Obi in his head, badly cracking his skull right above the left eye. PC Wells said, "I have never experienced stuff coming at us from all sides like that before." PC Phil Wells said, "Obi is trained in public order, and that may be dispersing a crowd or pushing them back. We were on a stationary point when we came under heavy bombardment. There were lots of missiles coming at us, bottles, bricks, petrol bombs, street furniture, too many to count and one hit Obi on the top of the head. Initially he was a bit shocked but I gave him a checkover and tried to avoid any further injuries and after the initial shock he seemed fine so we carried on for another couple of hours. Afterwards he was assessed and an...
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Categorization for Dog Breeds
2011-06-23 22:18:00
When it comes to choosing a dog breed... German Shepherd Dog is not always the right choice for you. If you do not space to provide to your dog, if you live in an apartment and if you allergic to dead follicles, this GSD would probably be the wrong pick.Dog Breeds can be categorized in several ways:1) Categorization for Dog breeds according to size...Toy dog breeds Small dog breeds Medium dog breeds Large dog breeds Giant dog breeds2) Categorization for dog breeds according to popularity (as per the number of registrations per year)... Highly popular dog breedsModerately popular dog breedsLess popular dog breeds3) Categorization for dog breeds according to group...Gun Dog GroupHound DogsPastoral GroupTerrier GroupWorking GroupUtility Group4) Categorization for allergenic dog breeds... Low shedding dog breeds Hypoallergenic dog breedsHigh Shedding dog breeds5) Categorization for dog breeds according to working ability...Guard dog breedsWatchdog breedsProtection dogsAnd ...
Environmentally Engineered Aggression in German Shepherd Dogs
2011-06-10 17:01:00
Frustration-Elicited Aggression in German Shepherd DogIf you are a German Shepherd Dog enthusiast, chances are that you have always liked to meet new German Shepherd owners and mingle with new GSDs around. It is quite normal for a real lover of GSD breed to look for more information on GSD, which makes him or her develop a tendency to stay in close relation with the GSD breeders, and experienced owners. I am pretty sure that if you have been meeting new German Shepherds, you have, at least once in your lifetime, come across a German Shepherd Dog strange behavior - either too submissive or too aggressive. Large breed like German Shepherd Dog sometimes turn out to be really difficult for novice owners to keep, especially in apartments, or with a family where nobody has time to take him on walk or to play in the yard. German Shepherd Dog is a working breed and can hardly staycalm without doing something. Frustrated dogs - especially for a breed like GSD sometimes become hyper aggressiv...
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Top 10 Dog Lovers and Canine Organizations to Follow on Twitter
2011-04-09 13:56:00
If you are a German Shepherd Dogaddict, you can follow us on Twitter ( and get to know more about these canineinsteins...And here goes the list of top 10 dog lovers and canine organizations to Follow on Twitter10) About German Shepherd Dog dot Com9) Jeff's GSD Info8) American Kennel Club7) Canadian Kennel Club6) Animal Planet5) LIFE+DOG Magazine4) ASPCA3) Tails Pet Magazines2) GSD Adventures1) Missing Pet Register
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Your Behavior Can Contribute to The Aggression of Your German Shepherd Dog
2011-03-22 06:00:00
Is your German Shepherd Dog aggressive? Aggression, to the desirable extent, is a part of the breed's natural character, although these dogs usually make great companions for your family and can prove to be quite good with kids. Too docile nature of German Shepherd will compromise his guarding and protective instincts, and would make him undesirably friendly with strangers, which is a serious fault in his character. While, on the other hand, too aggressive nature can be a way to get over you... that is to become the alpha member of the pack. His over aggression can be a challenge thrown towards you to acquire the alpha position. Do not surrender your position to your dog. Successful and technical dog ownership demands you to be the leader of the pack. It is only if you are the alpha of your pack, that you can be successful in your attempts controlling your dogs. Retaining the alpha position of the pack doesn't mean you will yell at him. Remember... Yelling, punishing and hurting h...
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Pituitary Dwarfism in German Shepherd Dogs
2011-03-19 06:44:00
Pituitary dwarfism in German shepherd dogs is a rare kind of autosomal, recessive inherited disorder. This condition is irrepairable and is characterized by the lack of growth hormone, thyrotropin, prolactin, the gonadotropins and undeveloped pituitary gland. Although these hormones are not secreted properly, yet corticotropin secretion remains unaffected, which leads to dwarfism in GSD. Researches have been carried out throughout the world, on Pituitary Dwarfism in German Shepherds.Studies have shown that mutation of a gene encoding a transcription factor which is responsible for precluding the expansion of pituitary stem cells after differentiation of corticotropic cells may be the probable cause of Pituitary dwarfism in German shepherd dog. Treating this condition is almost impossible, but identification of the specific mutation will help in a DNA test for potential breeding dogs. Selective breeding may erradicate the problem.Pituitary dwarfism recessive inherited abnormality. S...
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About German Shepherd Dog Changed its Server
2011-03-15 14:04:00
Howdy buddies??? How's it going? Here is an announcement about my website have been awfully busy in resolving certain very serious problems related to my website About German Shepherd Dog. I have a dream with this website and that is too make it one of the world's largest online GSD resources. With this in mind I created this website that is run by a team of genuine GSD people, including vets, trainers, highly experienced owners, GSD breeders and pet writers and editors. I have been working too hard and have been researching more on the breed with my team so that I (We) can share our knowledge, discoveries & findings and news regarding the breed.I hosted this site with a hosting company (Featured Host - a fake branch of Websys) in India, after purchasing the domain through this company owner (Arindra) from Hostgator. After running this site for over a year or so, I was surprisingly shocked to discover that About German Shepherd Dog has been all...
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Happy New Year Dog Lovers
2010-12-31 22:00:00
Hello German Shepherd Dog Lovers ...This post is dedicated to all animal lovers - irrespective species and breed...Let me wish you a very very Happy and Prosperous New Year . Now guess what the amazing fact about this year is?Date of 1st Jan = 1-1-11 (d-m-y)Date of 11th Jan = 11-1-11 (d-m-y)Date of 1st Nov = 1-11-11 (d-m-y)Date of 11th Nov = 11-11-11 (d-m-y)Let's celebrate the start in a great way by resolving to be better and more responsible owners for our pets. Take time this first week of the year to ring in the Year 2011 with some new and precious habits that can benefit you and your pets.1) Let's stop misusing check chains.2) Let's stop abusive training methods3) Let's make it a habit to talk to our dogs and cats and birds and any other pets every day at least once.4) Let's hug them at least once a day5) Let's Update our owner information!6) Let's raise voice against animal crueltyThis New Start is a great time to indulge ourselves in becoming more valuable partners for o...
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Opportunity opens for German Shepherd Dog Clubs and Organizations
2010-12-07 06:48:00
About German Shepherd Dog reveals an opportunity for all German Shepherd Dog Non-Profit Organizations and Clubs to have a FREE listing of their organizations. About German Shepherd Dog team aims at eventually enlist all the Non-Profit organizations and clubs related to the German Shepherd Dog breed in the website. All they need to know are the perfect address contact details and name of the concerned persons related to a specific club or org. They expect the clubs and the organizations to provide the About German Shepherd Dog team to provide all necessary information in regard to any alteration in their concerned person and/or contact details.
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GSD News: GSD Breed Standard Amendment
2010-11-26 06:46:00
Good News German Shepherd Dog Lovers!Good news is that the breed standard for German Shepherd Dog breed has been amended in terms of their coat types. Yes, GSD owners who are enthisiasts of the long coat variety of German Shepherds will be happy now to learn that the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) has approved adopting the long coat type as a distinctictive breed variety with effect from January 1, 2011. In the resolution of 2008 -2009 Federal Assembly, the SV had filed a motion with the FCI for adopting the coat type ?Long Straight Topcoat with Undercoat? as a distinctive variety in the GSD breed. I feel really glad to inform you that the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) has approved the motion filed by the SV with effect from January 1, 2011.What does this mean?By approving this motion of the SV, the FCI allows the specific variety of German Shepherd Dog breed with ?Long Straight Topcoat with Undercoat? hair type:1) To participate in the breed surveys2) To ...
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World Seiger Results 2010
2010-10-04 14:27:00
As usual the German Shepherd Dog Club of West Germany (e.i. SV) had just sponsored the world's largest German Shepherd conformation specialty show this year... 2010! It was a real blast like every year. This year (2010) the German Seiger Show or The World Seiger Show was held in Nürnberg (Easy Credit Stadion) between September 3rd to September 5th, 2010 and there were around 1500 German Shepherds and an incredible number of 30,000 spectators bustled up the show arena. In 2009 is also a remarkable year! In the year 2009 at Ulm, Germany the Sieger Show had been held for the first time.Are you looking for the show results? Check out the detailed show results for German seiger show 2010 and results for German seiger show 2009. Don't miss out checking the entire report for the world seiger 2010. You can find Links to Other Titles too! You can also find the detailed results of GSD breed at Cruft Show this year at Cruft show 2010 or here.Congratulations to all the winners at world seiger...
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What more you need to know about GSD
2010-09-17 07:25:00
Did you know... a white German Shepherd dog named Daz has been crowned to be the world's loudest dog?Did you know... officials of Dublin City Council ban on German Shepherd Dog and other specific dog breed?Did you know that there are tons of technical words which can be found in German Shepherd Dog dictionary?Did you know you can learn a lot about the GSD breed from German Shepherd Dog FAQ?Starting from German Shepherd Dog standard to anything about German Shepherds, you can get to know more about the breed. If you want to be a better owner for your dog you need to know your shepherd better. We have just stepped out of the alfa phase and entered the beta version with our GSD portal - About German Shepherd Dog.About German Shepherd Dog is my dream child for which I have been gathering information from rare of the rarest sources. You can find any information on the breed on this website, which is run by me and my team - a group of GSD people who have been studying on the breed for ye...
About German Shepherd Dog - A Website Dedicated to GSD Lovers and Their Dr
2010-07-20 11:23:00
Howdy friends! I have not posted anything for long - I admit. Well, let me tell you that I have a good news for all German Shepherd Dog lovers. I am honored that my blog "German Shepherd Dog Information" has been highly acclaimed and I have got waves of praises from you guys.I have received emails from many of you, and many of you have sent me multiple emails praising me for my highly researched work that I have done with this blog. This motivated me in purchasing my own domain name and hiring a host. Friends I have created my own website About German Shepherd Dog.The design of this website has been done by my friend's web solution firm - "Aribiss". Since the website is a dynamic website and involves tremendous volume of coding, it is taking him a little time to complete. Although it is apparently completed, still there are certain designing issues which requires to be done. The work is in process.About the official website of "About German Shepherd Dog"About German Shepherd Dog is...
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STAY - Allie Larkin's First Novel
2010-06-10 07:38:00
This is a press release about a novel "STAY", written by Allie Larkin, one of my dog lover friends who lives in Rochester, New York, with her husband, Jeremy. The novel features two German Shepherds, ARGO and STELLA, and a three-legged cat. You can find the pic of majestic ARGO in the cover of STAY itself. This book is a must-have collection in the library of all GSD lovers. The novel delineates the life of a young woman whose friendship with lovely black German Shepherd helps her recover from a broken heart. Using her own camera, Allie snapped a few shots of her beautiful dog, ARGO, and as soon as we saw his trusting eyes, we realized that ARGO was our star.I wish all the very best to my friend Allie for her first novel STAY that has been published June, 2010.************************************ ***********************************?Smart and with emotional depth, this is a cut above the romantic comedies that flood the market every summer.? ?Kirkus Reviews ?Larkin debuts with a fu...
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DFS Crufts 2010 Breed and Class Results For German Shepherd Dogs - Pastoral
2010-03-13 06:24:00
Friends....The Cruft Dog Show is on! The world's most prestigious dog show the most visited one that witnesses lacs of spectators and thousands of contestants is the Cruft Dog show. The Cruft Show 2010 is the 120th annual event which started on Thursday, March 11 and will be on till Sunday, March 14. The first day of the Cruft Dog Show was the for working and pastoral breeds. Held at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre, UK, the Cruft Dog Show 2010 is featuring 180 dog breeds composed of 28,000 distinctive specimens. Here are the results of Breed and Class for the German Shepherd Dog (Pastoral group), judged by Mr. R W Kinsey. Check out the results below...Breed Results BEST OF BREEDCLOKELLYS LAGOS (Dog) Owner: MRS C KEENBEST PUPPYVENEZE ERIK (Dog) Owner: MR & MRS J & P CULLEN DOG CHALLENGE CERTIFICATECLOKELLYS LAGOS (Dog) Owner: MRS C KEENBITCH CHALLENGE CERTIFICATEHAZROH QUAXIE (Bitch) Own...
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How to handle an Overly Aggressive German Shepherd Dog
2010-02-12 14:56:00
If you are a lover of German Shepherd Dog breed, chances are that you have always liked to meet new German Shepherd owners and mingle with new dogs. By doing so, I am sure that you have, at least once in your life time, met shepherds with strange behavior. Overly aggressive German Shepherd Dogs are menace to not only the owners but also the other animals and friends of their owners they meet. The fact is it?s due to the lack of knowledge of the owners that many shepherds become aggressive. Well, aggression is a genetic trait that stimulates the protective drive of the breed. Over aggression in German Shepherd Dogs is a psychological imbalance and a serious fault in the breed, being a deviation from the standard of GSD behavior.Now this topic is all about tips and tricks to handle an overly aggressive German Shepherd Dog. The piece includes some points that may help you make your German Shepherd Dog learn good habits. The process of teaching should start at the very young age, but si...
Wishing you Merry Christmas
2009-12-24 08:17:00
Some relationships grow stronger with time! And this has what happened with me and my readers of this blog. With passage of time Aringsburg?s German Shepherd Dog has grown to mark its name in the web. I?m blessed to have dog lover pals like you, who have loved my blog. I have always cherished your thoughtful comments placed for many of my posts on my dream breed ? the German Shepherd Dog.Let me take the opportunity of this Christmas time to wishing you and your dogs and other members of your family and friends all the millions of reasons to be happy. May my Lord bestow His blessings upon you all and upon all animal lovers on the planet. Let us pray for peace for the homeless animals around us who are devoid of love and food. Wishing you Merry Christmas and good life ahead! "May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through!"
Purely Genetic Traits in German Shepherd Dog: German Shepherd Dog Character
2009-09-25 14:20:00
Genetic Traits in German Shepherd DogSome of the character traits in German Shepherd Dogs are purely genetic. Just like the components like pigments, anatomy etc. are engineered into the dog genetically, so are these traits. Well bred GSDs have all positive traits in common. This post on character traits in German Shepherd Dogs is going to talk about the purely genetic traits in the breed - starting from the physical endurance to agility, distractibility and a few more! Physical Endurance: Physical endurance describes the overall physique of the dog including sturdiness, muscular tone and general physical condition. This is a genetic trait and breeders must keep this in mind while breeding. A well bred dog usually has a good physical endurance. A dog with an excellent physical endurance spends less energy while working. This ensures both quantity and quality of work within a specified amount of time.Agility: Agility is another remarkable feature in German Shepherd Dog breed. Agility...
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Natural Traits in German Shepherd Dogs: Psychological traits in GSD - Physi
2009-09-20 08:46:00
Psychological traits in GSD physiologically basedHello friends... hope you have liked post psychological and genetic character traits in German shepherd Dogs . Check out the last post on NATURAL TRAITS IN GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG. As I said before, I intend to write about some other character traits in German Shepherd Dog breed that are psychological, but physiologically based. That means these traits are purely psychological. While identifying the character and personality traits in German Shepherd Dogs, you can clearly notice that these animals have high degree of self confidence, and shows typical behavior of aloofness at times, which will make a stranger think twice to make friends with them immediately. Alike some of the other dog breeds, the heavy-weight personality of German Shepherd Dogs blends well physique of the breed. Physiological traits in German Shepherd Dogs are the traits backed by the mechanical, physical, and biochemical functions in the dog.Here are the details of the ...
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Character traits in German Shepherd Dogs - Psychological and Genetic Traits
2009-09-13 14:40:00
Psychological and Genetic Traits traits in German Shepherd Dogs Just as all breeds have their own respective characters German Shepherd Dog has its very unique character traits too. A German Shepherd lover would always describe the breed as royal, assertive, courageous, adaptable, intelligent and powerful and last but not the lest the most talked about dog breed in the world. Well, now it?s important to discus the character traits that have made German Shepherds the most popular of all dog breeds. Picking the right breed is of utmost importance for you if you are a first time owner. If you are in love with this breed, you need to know his character traits in advance so that you can handle him correctly as he grows.Here are the details of the character traits of German Shepherd Dog breed:Since the character traits of the dog depend of more than factors, they are grouped under heads such as Purely Psychological traits, Psychological + Genetic traits, Psychological + Physiological trait...
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Brindle German Shepherd Dog - The Lost Pattern
2009-08-09 16:42:00
The Lost Pattern in German Shepherd Dog Breed - Brindle GSD Colors and patterns in German Shepherd Dogs have always allured the breed?s lovers. Sadly some colors and patterns are no longer existing in the German Shepherd Dog breed, as far as my knowledge goes. Blue is one of the rarest colors in the breed, while merle and brindle German Shepherd Dogs are almost out of existence. This post is about the brindle German Shepherds and is dedicated to those readers of my blog who really spare thoughts about colors and patterns in German Shepherd Dog breed. Irresponsible breeding program and negligence have thrown many patterns and colors into extinction; and brindle is just one of those extinct patterns in German Shepherd Dogs. I think it?s just because of the illogical decisions of some Kennel Clubs that many breeders and owners do not prefer keeping and breeding certain colors and patterns. I want to show my heart felt gratitude to those organizations that are working to prevent certa...
German Shepherd Dog Coat Color: Dilute German Shepherd Dogs
2009-07-26 16:14:00
I am really lucky to have some good dog lover pals around me. Yes, most of my peeps are dog lovers and some of them are specifically German Shepherd lovers. Rizia Robertson is one such friend of mine who seems to have given her heart to German Shepherds. During my last conversation with her, I told her I can talk about dogs for centuries without even getting tired. She said, ?well you have a friend here who loves talking about dog ? especially GSD?. Are you wondering why I?m talking about Rizia? Well guys, I just want to let you know that she has been the first one to inspire me to write about gene dilution in German Shepherd Dogs . My last post on Gene Dilution in German Shepherd Dogs was written being inspired by Rizia. Truth be told here? I had written the article on GSD gene dilution for blue and liver pigments some times back in 2007, but never published it until I felt the urge post it after having days of discussion with Rizia. I would like to thank her because of this. Rizia,...
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Gene Dilution in German Shepherd Dog ? Blue and Liver Dilution
2009-07-19 18:37:00
Blue German Shepherd Dogs and Liver German Shepherd DogsThe blue and liver GSDs had been the rarest genes once upon a time that have always captured breeders? attention. Fortunately these genes are not as rare as it used to be some years back. The search volumes for the blue and liver GSDs in the Internet have been on a rising, which is gives an indication that people are looking for these genes more these days, either for puppies or to get information about the blue and liver German Shepherd Dogs. There are actually two possible dilutions for the black color in German Shepherd Dogs - ?Blue Dilution ? and ?Liver Dilution?. Here?s just some information about these rare German Shepherd genes ? the recessive blue and liver gene.Colors of these German Shepherds are different from the regular ones that we usually see in the dog shows. They are real striking in appearance, if bred correctly. If not bred well, these dilutions usually come with blues and brown nose, while the standard requir...
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German Shepherd Dog Show ? What Does a Judge Look For in a perfect GSD?
2009-07-16 22:21:00
German Shepherd Dog Show Candidly speaking, I don?t show my dogs like the many other dog breeders and owners around me. I try to attend as many dog shows as possible ? especially the German Shepherd Dog specialty ones. If you want to learn about the German Shepherd Dog breed, it?s not enough to just read books. You need to visit shows and should try to evaluate why certain dogs win and others don?t. Reading books and gathering information about German Shepherd Dogs is like the home work that you used to do back in your school days. Try to apply your knowledge in the dog show; be a judge yourself. Remember, judging a dog ? especially a complicated breed like German Shepherds is just next to impossible unless you know the breed well. At the same time you must know what actually a judge looks for in a dog in the ring. Well, he looks for mainly working ability, for which the German Shepherds were originally developed. Keeping this in mind, judges compare every single dog exhibited in the...
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How to Help a Battered German Shepherd Dog Regain Confidence
2009-06-26 17:26:00
Helping a Battered German Shepherd Dog gain Confidence My Experiment with Rani Rani was a German Shepherd Dog whom I had purchased from an owner who used to torture her. Rani (3 years old female) hailed from a good bloodline, as her pigmentation and structure said, but did not have the essential mental trait of a pure bred German Shepherd. She was a bit too difficult to be handled. Shy was shy and sometimes too aggressive to human. She used to bark continuously when kept alone, while couldn?t tolerate other dogs when kept together. She was highly unpredictable. This was due to the fact that she had lost trust in human beings, which is too common in most abused dogs.Most German Shepherd Dogs that have been abused often becomes too difficult to be handled. Read out an article: How to Deal with Difficult Dogs. Remember, once they have lost trust in you, you cannot treat them in the way you treat other pets. And that had what exactly happened to Rani. She even couldn?t stand other dogs ...
White German Shepherd Dogs - Should Not be a Separate Dog Breed
2009-06-25 12:38:00
White German Shepherd Dog InformationI have been receiving so many emails from my readers, looking for White German Shepherd dog information. Although I own the regular black-and-tan German Shepherds, and not the white one, yet I can share my little bit of knowledge on white German Shepherd Dogs that I have gathered by studying about them all these years.Greif - the grandsire of the first registered Shepherd ? Horand von Grafrath was a white dog. Hence the gene for the white coats has always been a part of the German Shepherd Dog breed since it?s very inception around 1898. Strong efforts had been made by Germany and other countries of the world to eliminate the white German Shepherds, but an increasing popularity have been noticed with passage of days. Around hundreds of whites German Shepherd Dogs are being registered in Canada, and thousands in the United States each year.The white color was made disqualification in GSD Breed Standard by the German Shepherd Dog Club of America s...
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How to Establish Your Alpha Position in The Pack
2009-04-26 08:45:00
Hey... here's something that every German Shepherd dog owner should know. I call these the rule of thumb that you should follow to ensure that your dog know his position in the family - the human pack. If your GSD gets aggressive when you touch his food or growls at anyone in the family, these rules should be followed strictly. Remember, our dogs are the most lovable member of the family, but they should have a clear rank in the pack and they should know that perfectly. Dogs - especially the dogs like German Shepherds, Rottweillers, Dobermann Pinschers etc. that lack in this clear order are the most unhappy member of the pack and might even become nightmare for you. You need to understand your German Shepherd Dogs and it can be done by seeing the way way he carries himself! Sometimes, your German Shepherd Dog might not be showing signs of aggression, however the dog might suddenly start showing signs of separation anxiety, such as destructive behaviors when you get out of your hous...
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