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I hope this blog will be a place where other horse lovers can join me to share a mutual love for, and understanding of, our magical equine companions, and exchange stories our own experiences with, and concerns about, them.


Happy new year 2008!
2008-01-01 12:39:00
As another new year blossoms, may your life’s journey be filled with love, new hopes and friendships. May this bright New Year bring even more joy among your horses.     HAPPY 2008 EVERYONE!
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Merry Christmas
2007-12-24 11:05:00
Now is the season to be jolly. We wish you all joy, love and happiness for Christmas ! May Jesus Bless you and your family as you go on all your rides
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Queen For A Day
2007-06-23 05:03:00
Again a horse stumbled out of the gate, and again that horse was in front at the finish. Only it wasn’t Curlin, and it wasn’t even a colt. It was Rags to Riches, who not only took on and took down her male contemporaries, but did what no filly had done in more than a century: win the Belmont Stakes . And ...
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Street Sense Heads for Easy Street, and the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundat
2007-06-03 21:10:00
No surprises for me this week with the news from the Street Sense connections that their boy would be passing on the Belmont Stakes, and they have sold him as a stallion prospect to Darley Stud, which already owns his sire Street Cry and dam Bedazzle. The only reason, at this point, for Street Sense to keep racing at all is ...
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The Triple Crown Goes Back on the Shelf and A Rivalry
2007-05-26 16:57:00
My toes were ‘curlin’ with excitement while I was watching the stretch run of the Preakness last Saturday and wondering if and when my chosen steed would ever change his leads. He finally did, and I suppose I can offer myself a pat on the back for picking Curlin to win, and even more for narrowing the competition down to him ...
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Preakness Prognostications
2007-05-19 13:30:00
  War Admiral was not the only casualty of the 1938 Pimlico Special, which became the famous match race immortalized in the movie ‘Seabiscuit.’ The Pimilico infield’s slight promontory, known as Old Hilltop, on which hundreds of thousands trainers and racing fans had stood through 67 years of racing was leveled in April of 1938, so that it would not obstruct the ...
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The Street Fighter Triumphs
2007-05-12 11:10:00
Well, I didn’t do too badly with my Kentucky Derby predictions; I just had the wrong horse finishing first. Street Sense and Calvin Borel took their time, picked their spots, and in general put in one of the finest horse/jockey team efforts, in making hash out of a twenty-horse field, that I have ever witnessed. Riding with their ...
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Kentucky Derby 2007
2007-05-01 15:28:00
Beyer speed figures. Dosage indexes. Post positions. Track conditions. Past performances. Put them all in a jockey’s cap, toss them up in the air, watch where they fall, and then try reading some sense into them. You’ll have as much chance as anyone of picking out the name of the 2007 Kentucky Derby winner. As with every Kentucky Derby, the one ...
Galloping Gold: How Much Is a Triple Crown Winner Worth?
2007-04-23 17:52:00
With the Kentucky Derby of 2007 approaching, all race fans are slowly turning their eyes towards Churchill Downs in Louisville, where the hopeful Thoroughbred bluebloods and their entourages will soon be descending. Should one of those royally-bred horses–Circular Quay, Street Sense, or Cowtown Cat, for instance– prove very, very good, and very, very lucky, he will, in mid-June, have a ...
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Haflingers: The Other Austrian Breed
2007-04-12 20:19:00
Everyone who cares about horses knows about the Lipizzaner of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria. I, in fact, made a blog post here about them not long ago. But not very many people outside of Austria, including here in Canada, are familiar with a breed of horses even more indigenously Austrian than the Lipizzaner. I did ...
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Icelandic Ponies: Pasos of the North
2007-04-03 13:43:00
When doing the research for my blog entry on Paso s, I wanted to know if there were any the horses which could perform the Paso Llano so closely associated with the Peruvians. The answer, which surprised me, is ?Yes.? But what surprised me even more is which other breed has this delightfully smooth action in its collection of gaits. To ...
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Peruvian Pasos: The Best Ride on Earth?
2007-03-27 17:07:00
Although spring officially arrived less than a week ago, I am already planning a summer trip to visit my friends in Missouri. We were debating what we would do for our week together, and got one idea from the website for a farm about ninety minutes southwest of Saint Louis. The farm offers week long trail riding vacations?I ...
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Barbaro?s Baby Brother
2007-03-22 18:04:00
With all the racing sites happily reporting that Barbaro ?s yearling brother now has a name, Nicanor, after another foxhound in the same painting from which Barbaro?s name was taken, I thought I would take a look at what has happens to the younger siblings of other great racehorses. The truth is that a breeder is about as ...
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Remembering Misty through Mists of Time
2007-03-13 17:12:00
When I was in the fourth grade, more years ago than I care to remember, my teacher, Miss Sears, would read one chapter of a book to the class each morning. I still remember how excited I was when she chose Marguerite Henry?s ?Misty of Chincoteague? as one of the books she would read that year. And as I was ...
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Airs Above the Ground
2007-03-06 18:32:00
Pluto, Conversano, Favory, Neapolitano, Siglavy, and Maestoso. Are they names of characters from one Shakespeare?s more obscure plays? No. But they are responsible for some of the elite performers of their species. Those six names belong to the six stallions from which every Lipizzaner, the magnificent white ballet-dancing stallions of the Spanish Riding School, is descended. Pluto was a grey horse of Spanish ...
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Barefoot in the Parks: Houston?s Police Horses
2007-02-27 20:40:00
A few weeks ago I wrote about a hoof treatment known as the ?Barefoot Trim?, based on the theory that horses? hooves were much better off if they were allowed to go shoeless. The idea is that iron shoes will not permit the hooves to expand as they com into contact with the ground, and if they are not expanding properly, ...
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