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Actual Case History Of Dogs and Cats As Presented By Dr. Pink Pinkerton Herbal Extraordinaire


Meet Jeff....Working to Improve His Heart
2008-04-15 15:49:00
Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I received a request from Jeff 's person Colleen. Poor Jeff has congestive heart failure and it's causing Jeff to have ascities, which is water retention withing the abdomen.Ascites is excess fluid in the space between the tissues lining the abdomen and abdominal organs (the peritoneal cavity).Colleen (Jeff's person) whats Jeff to be more comfortable because he has been miserable. The main symptom of course is the very hard and rounded stomach due to this water accumulation.The other symptom that Colleen wanted to address is that Jeff constantly has to pee. Also he has no stamina and gets tired very easily.Dr. Pink Pinkerton, the herbalist extraordinarie, where very happy to work with Colleen and Jeff.Our Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis is Heart , Kidney and Spleen Yang vacuity with water flooding pattern.This called for the treatment principle to fortify the Spleen and warm the Kidneys, free the flow of Yang and disinhibit water.We used the formulas ...
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Max The Cat.....No More Loose Stools
2008-04-10 03:09:00
Dr. Pink Pinkerton, although he is a dog, does want all of his patients to have a happy herbal outcome. So none the less, although Max the cat is indeed a cat, Dr. Pink and I checked in on Max to see how his loose still situation was going.Happy to report that Max has now solid stools...Good Job Max The Cat!Hi Holly, I got your message, not sure why your email to me bounced. Maxx is doing well and the powder has very much helped "solidify" things. I'm happy to have it handy because this happens to him whenever he gets stressed, and he's the nervous sort. Thanks for checking in! Sheryl
Update on Snoop Dog's Wheezing
2008-04-06 03:28:00
I did my follow up today with Snoop Dog ...he has a pretty heavy wheezing formula and Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I wanted to know how Snoop was doing.Deanna says Snoop Dog is doing better, but the herbs are upsetting his stomach. Dr. Pink and I wrote back to Deanna that Snoop Dog needs to get on a formula to now treat the root problem of the wheezing, because he no longer in an acute situation. They are taking him off the Cortisone and the herbs have helped him do this.But now its time to put him on tonics to deal with the root problem.I hope Deanna follows through with this, because the wheezing herbs are bitter and's probably really giving him a stomach ache. Now he can breath, but I'm sure he has a stomach ache and I've heard he farts alot...Oh no!From: deanna Date: 4/5/2008 3:30:44 PMTo: PawHealerSubject: Re: How's things?  Hi Holly,He seems to be doing pretty good!The only thing it seems to upset his stomach a little as I'm having a little trouble getting him...
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Puppy With Mange....And about Us.
2008-04-05 22:04:00
Dr. Pink Pinkerton took on this case and its about an 8 month old shop puppy that has mange on a portion of his hind leg.What is so funny about this case is that Dr. Pink and I know that Andrea thought we were wacked out.That's because we are not, at least at this point, very brand orientated. We think this put off Andrea a bit when she spoke with us and received her order.Every formula is formulated by me, of course Dr. Pink Pinkerton has had his say in the matter as well.Anyway, Andrea was expecting a fancy bill and fancy bottles, we gave her neither! But we did give her is results!As you read through these posts, you can see she is a bit skeptical.....until she found that pus began to ooze from the spot of mange on her puppies leg.Now hair is growing back in the area, and from what I can gather, its better.I also informed her that while the puppy is taking the herbs that the dog should be eating cooked food, not raw food. This is because the herbs to clear the skin condition are...
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Unhappy Non-Customer
2008-02-19 16:27:00
This person never bought herbs from Pawhealer. But she is unhappy with us and wants to let others know it.So I thought I would do it for her. She believes that we are only interested in selling herbs, which of course is not true. There is very little money to be made selling herbs for pets online. We do this because we love to help animals and its that simple. She also does not believe that I have a dog with renal disease. Anyone how reads my blogs knows about Sweet Orbit and his journey of living with Kidney disease...Yes I do have a dog, I have four of them!But we feel it is important that we give this pet owner a chance to say what she thinks of us.She is entitled to her opinion, so I will post it for her;Holly, Want to let you know I would like you to take Mickeys and mined blogspot off your website. Because I didn't like your answer to what you was saying about Mickey and I and about me canceling your herbs. I feel that you are progressing Mickey condition wrong with the publ...
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Another Thank You To the PawHealer Team
2008-02-10 07:06:00
We've been so busy, that Pinky and I have neglected to keep up with our posts. We're going to make an effort to post at least every other day. That's because we are having wonderful success with our very complex cases.This thank you note is from a pet owner whose dog has Congestive Heart Failure. Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I conferred and we decided to make a fundamental change to Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang, which is a formula that helps move the blood through the heart.We added a very famous herb called Dan Shen the base formula. This wonderful herb is the most studied herb for heart related issues. And as you can read from the thank you note below, our modification helped the quality of life for a very sick little dog.Here is the thank you note from a very happy dog mom! Dear Admin,There is a request posted by TheresaDetail AreFirst NameTheresaLast NameAddress SubjectMy OrderPhone NoBest Time to Callafter 4:00 or anytime on weekendsDetailsThis is my second order of this and the last time y...
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Herbal Neck Support For The Dachshund
2008-01-27 16:44:00
Steve Marden a prominent holistic DVM has recommended the use of a formula called Bu Gan Tang for dogs that are more prone to Liver Blood Deficiency. He goes on to say that the dog breeds that especially benefit from this formula are Dachshund s, Rottweilers and Dobermans.I have actually used this formula on my own Dobie, in his case I used it because he was getting a little "nippy" (a tad aggressive), and I attributed his aggressive to this specific problem which is the deficiency of Liver Blood. It worked like a charm. Now when he gets "edgy" because he is an old guy, I give him this particular formula, and it calms him. It makes sense doesn't it? If his blood is getting nourished, it only stands to to reason, that it would be quite soothing for his soul, thus relaxing him so that he has more patience and does not bite other dogs on the butt!I have used Bu Gan Tang modified very successfully on Doxie's that have what I call the "Doxie spastic back". That's when for no appare...
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Dogs With Collapsed Trachea
2008-01-27 05:36:00
Pinky and I are really bummed. We had about 5 posts about our dog patient's with the disease of Collapsed Trachea. But when we were putting up our new blog, we had to delete the old one because there was some sort of problem, and we didn't save our posts!Boo Hoo.So, we thought we would start again, but this time we are posting some very valuable information about a recent study about dogs that have a Collapsed Trachea.Read it carefully because what it's saying is that Collapsed Trachea may be a infectious disease and not just a genetic problem. That's what I say on my website because we help dogs with a Collapsed Trachea by giving herbs that clear toxic heat, with is a heat evil (germ).Here is the study...I know that any information about this terrible condition is important to dog owners who have this awful problem.Veterinary Radiology & UltrasoundVolume 48 Issue 3 Page 199-203, May?June 2007To cite this article: ANGELA MAROLF, MARGARET BLAIK, ANDREW SPECHT (2007)A RETROSPECTIV...
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