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Gary V @ 25 to rock Nokia Theatre Los Angeles June 7
2008-06-07 11:49:00
By Jay FerminLos Angeles : It was very good seeing Edgardo Jose Martin Santiago Valenciano briefly again last night in Glendale. And I can’t believe it has been 25 years since Gary V, as he is popularly known, went solo from the de La Salle ‘Kundirana’ as well as the ‘Hotshots’ days of 1983 and the first solo concert at the Araneta Coliseum in April 1984. His popularity was being felt throughout the Philippines (there was no internet then) when news from Manila would sometimes hit the provinces weeks late.I can still remember when family and friends of mine decided to bring Gary V to Bacolod in Negros Occidental for his first ever Bacolod concert! I was put in charge of security and crowd control. I took the job thinking it was easy. I underestimated his then fast growing popularity with the droves of young fans. When he went for a ‘live’ radio interview at Bacolod’s Magic FM 103.5, I have to reroute his exit to the back of the radio station as we cannot move thru th...
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2008-06-03 09:06:00
Rodel E. Rodis, June 2, 2008 Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA), the national vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s "point man" on the Filipino veterans equity issue, expressed great disappointment at news of the lack of unity in the Filipino community’s support for S. 1315, which he described as the “last best chance” to get a Filipino veterans equity bill to pass the US Congress. “I can understand the sentiments of those who support full equity,” Rep. Honda told me in a telephone conversation on May 28, “I support full equity myself. But it just won’t happen.” There are major political and fiscal reasons why a bill that would grant approximately $900 a month to 18,000 Filipino WW II veterans will have no chance whatsoever of being passed by the US Congress and signed into law by Pres. George W. Bush. A “full equity” bill would cost about $194-M a year and almost $2-B over 10 years. Even the Filipino Veterans Equity Bill (HR 760...
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Is History Repeating Itself in China?
2008-06-03 08:07:00
PerryScope: by Perry DiazIn 1402, when Zhu Di became the third emperor of the Ming Dynasty, China embarked on an ambitious mission to extend its empire around the world. Zhu Di, who became to be known as Emperor Yong Le (or Yung Lo) -- "Perpetually Jubilant" -- built an armada of more than 3,500 ships including 250 humongous nine-masted "treasure ships," each measuring 400 feet long and 150 feet wide. By comparison, Columbus' Santa Maria only measured 90 feet long and 30 feet wide. Yong Le divided his armada into several fleets and sent them in different directions around the world in an attempt to control the trade routes which at that time were dominated by the Arabs, Persians, and Indians. The most popular of these fleets was commanded by Admiral Zheng He who led seven expeditions into the Indian Ocean by way of the South China Sea through the Strait of Malacca. Beginning in 1405, Zheng He's expeditions went as far as India, Madagascar, and southward along the east coast of Afr...
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Arnel Pineda of Journey: Touching interview on CBS News Sunday Morning
2008-06-02 01:02:00
"Now we know why, great story!!! Bands like this, give me hope for music and are WHY I love doing what I do.... :-)"Valerie Nerres, All Access Magazine Photographer / WriterOn the CBS News Sunday Morning interview with Journey and their new Lead Singer from the Philippines Arnel Pineda. Watch the touching interview on the video link below:
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News from Debra Stocker, Editor In Chief of All Access Magazine
2008-05-30 06:25:00
May 29, 2008News from Debra Stocker, Editor In Chief , AllAccess Magazine .comWell, well, music lovers. Have we seen some crazy weather here in Southern CA these days or what? With all the slippin’, slidin’ and twistin’ going on, it makes you wonder: Is CA really "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" from, say, Kansas? Or did Dorothy and her lil' house just land here too? Speaking of JOURNEY, did you know our last issue created an "off the charts" response? We had record-breaking hits to our website of over 60,000+ a day! AAM would like to thank all the magazines and webzines that ran our JOURNEY cover and interview by Valerie Nerres, especially PINOY WIRED ( and LIVE FROM LOS ANGELES ( Journey fans around the world read AAM and just like AAM, welcomed the band’s new frontman Arnel Pineda. So why all the interest in Classic Rock these days? I'm glad you asked. Classic Rock is the backbone to our music scene. May we never forget the cla...
Ellen DeGeneres on Journey & Arnel Pineda guesting on her show: "Unbeli
2008-05-29 06:53:00
By Jay Fermin PinoyWiredMay 28, 2008: JOURNEY--Neal Schon (guitar), Jonathan Cain (keyboards), Ross Valory (bass), Deen Castronovo (drums) and new lead singer Arnel Pineda—is hitting the road to promote REVELATION, the highly anticipated three-disc CD/DVD package set for release June 3 exclusively at Wal-Mart stores in North America.They guested at the Ellen DeGeneres Show which aired May 28, 2008. If you missed the it, here is the video clip:Journey performed two of their four hit singles, the first one they played is "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" with Arnel on lead vocals. This song was the first single that the band did a music video at a wharf in New Orleans during Steve Perry's time with the song hitting #8 on the charts. Arnel Pineda gave the song a new heart, depth & a lot of stage moves. Ellen exclaimed "unbelievable, unbelievable"...The second cut they did at Ellen's show is the truly amazing ballad "Faithfully" which I grew up on(high school days!). During its origina...
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Cosmetic Medicine: A Tale of Two Doctors
2008-05-27 03:16:00
Article and Photos by Jay Fermin www.PinoyWired.comGlendale, California: I have been very busy seeing doctors lately. No, I am not sick at all. I met up with doctors representing the 'Feel-Good' medical tourism explosion that is now happening in the Philippines. Even a major Philippine newspaper summed it all up with the headline: "RP is the Next Beauty Capital of Asia." I was invited to a press conference last May 3, 2008 of Belo Medical Group on their new partnership with United HealthCare, Inc. (U.S. Healthcare) at a restaurant in Glendale together with civic, business, and media representatives. Belo Medical Group's very own young CEO Enrique Soriano III was on hand to weave us thru the process, amid the chuckle and smiles of those present, and explained what the 'Beauty & Wellness' part of Healthcare is all about. You see it's all very simple. 'Feel Good' clinics are the favorite first 'Stop-over' of Balikbayans to the Philippines. They make arrangements in advance, t...
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2008-05-26 22:54:00
(Pres. and Mrs. Fidel V. Ramos with SF Consul-General and Mrs. Marciano Paynor, Jr.and WWII Veterans at the SF Philippine Consulate. Photo by George Gange).by Rodel E. Rodis, May 24, 2008It was an emotional roller coaster ride for the Filipino WW II veterans this past week as they rode high hopes that the House version of S.1315 - which incorporates the Filipino veterans' equity bill approved by the US Senate - would come for a floor vote in the House on May 21. The timing would have been perfect coming the week just before Memorial Day when Americans traditionally remember and honor veterans. The Speaker's plan, as they were told, was to present the House version of S.1315 for a floor vote under a Suspension of the Rules call which requires 290 House votes (2/3rds of 435 total members) to get the bill considered without killer amendments that would only delay if not defeat the bill. This would also ensure that the bill would be veto-proof. As the veterans huddled in the halls of...
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Esperon's New Assignment
2008-05-26 21:46:00
Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (C) and outgoing Philippine Armed Forces Chief of Staff Gen. Hermogenes Esperon (L) durng the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) change of command ceremony inside the military headquarters in Manila May 12, 2008. Esperon, who is retiring on Monday, will be replaced by Lt. Gen. Alexander Yano (R). Reuters PhotoPerryScope: by Perry DiazThe recent retirement of Gen. Hermogenes Esperon as Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines ((AFP) and subsequent appointment as Presidential Adviser on the peace process in Mindanao has made a lot of people agog in disbelief. In the relatively short time that he served as the head honcho of the armed forces, Esperon has politicized the military by serving the political -- and private -- agenda of President Gloria Arroyo. Esperon gained notoriety in the "Hello Garci" election cheating scandal during the 2004 presidential election. At that time he served as the AFP's Deputy Chief of Staff of ...
Madrigal Singers Set to Perform in the U.S.
2008-05-25 09:36:00
PHILIPPINE MADRIGAL SINGERS SET FOR2008 COMMAND PERFORMANCES IN THE U.S.Los Angeles, California/Manila, Philippines - The music and magic of the Philippine Madrigal Singers , one of the best choirs in the world, comes to Southern California and Nevada this summer as part of a series of Command Perform ances presented by Philippine Airlines and sponsored by the Rotary Club of Historic Filipinotown in association with the Philippine Patrons of the Arts-USA, TDRZ Productions, Inc. and with Asian Journal as the official media sponsor. With one-night only performances set in Las Vegas, San Diego and Los Angeles, the appearance of the Philippine Madrigal Singers (or “Madz” for short) will surely be a highlight of this summer’s concert season as well as part of the month-long Philippine Independence celebration. Many aficionados and devoted fans of the Madz look forward to their musical virtuosity, technical proficiency and soulful singing. With a highly eclectic repertoire -- fr...
Journey & Arnel Pineda featured in GQ Magazine June 2008 Issue; Guestin
2008-05-24 02:44:00
Arnel Pineda & Journey in GQ Magazine Arnel Pineda is featured in the June 2008 issue of GQ which is now on magazine stands everywhere. “He Didn’t Stop Believin,’” was written by Alex Pappademas with exclusive photos by Andrew Hetherington and spread over 7 pages of the magazine starting on page 118.The feature article provided a wide-scale background information on Arnel Pineda covering many angles including his bio and membership in different bands in Manila, update on Zoo Band regarding Arnel,the consular officer - Ben - who interviewed Arnel at the U.S. Embassy in Manila for his visa, and contrary feedbacks on Arnel as the new leaders by old and new fans alike.Pappedemos noted, “Pineda may have the most Dickensian backstory in rock history,” with this fairy tale story of a struggling Filipino artist chosen as the new lead singer in a world-renowned rock band. He touched on the numerous Asian fans at the recent Planet Hollywood Journey concert in Las Vegas as well as a...
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Movie Review: ‘The Sensei’ Delivers a Wake-Up Punch Against Hate
2008-05-23 04:48:00
By Jay FerminHollywood: Fil-Am Director Diana Lee Inosanto had a very important message that need to be expressed strongly in today’s postmodern world when we caught up with her. She was at the red-carpet opening of the 24th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival that ran May 1-8, 2008 at the Directors Guild of America (DGA). The message has faced a lot of challenges and took two years to complete. D. Lee Inosanto, daughter of martial artist Dan Inosanto (taking the namesake of her honorary uncle, the legendary Bruce Lee) is herself a martial arts practitioner together with her husband.The message was her directorial debut film ‘The Sensei’ which premiered at the Film fest and what Education Director (Matthew Shepard Foundation) Thomas Howard Jr. has labeled “A film that will change hearts and minds and save lives.” D.Lee Inosanto confides that she was compelled to make the film years ago after the senseless murder of Matthew Shepard in Wyoming in 1998. Matthew was tied t...
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Veterans Benefits Enhancement Act of 2007 Passes by a vote of 96 to 1
2008-05-22 08:55:00
U.S. Senator Daniel K. Akaka (D-HI), Chairman of the Veterans ' Affairs Committee, elatedly applauded his colleagues in the Senate for passing S. 1315, the Veterans Benefits Enhancement Act of 2007 by a vote of 96 to 1. Prior to voting on final passage of the bill, the Senate debated an amendment to remove a provision providing a limited pension for Filipino World War II veterans residing in the Philippines. This amendment was defeated by a vote of 56 to 41, with Akaka leading the charge for the Filipino veterans' pension. "The Filipino veterans of World War II fought bravely under U.S. military command, helping us win the war only to lose their veteran status by an Act of Congress. I commend my colleagues for supporting those veterans who stood with us," said Akaka. Akaka continued, "I am also very pleased that the Veterans Benefits Enhancement Act of 2007 can finally move forward. This bill makes needed improvements to veterans' benefits by expanding and increasing suppo...
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Ilonggo Association of So Cal New Officers
2008-05-22 07:55:00
Slideshow photos by Jerry Ubalde / All Rights ReservedIlonggo, where does this word originate from? Historically speaking, Ilonggo is a description of anything which comes from the province of Iloilo, Philippines. Iloilo was the original Ilonggo home base which gradually spread out to surrounding islands. This is where you see history dating back the 17th century and the Spanish period. Dubbed as the Queen City of the South, Iloilo has always been the center of commerce. Its port of call in San Pedro is utilized by an international blend of businesses who drop off and pick up goods for trade.The Ilonggo person is a gentle and fun loving individual who will go out of his/her way to make other people smile. The tagalog world “malambing” is normally used to describe an Ilonggo. It is a positive description for a culture that is comfortable in its identity and has no plans to change its image.Saturday, May 17, 2008 was when the ILONGGO ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA marked its 4...
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Gary Valenciano Concert with Martin Nievera,, and JabbaWockeeZ at
2008-05-22 07:38:00
JabbaWockeeZ, “America’s Best Dance Crew”, and of the Black Eyed Peas will join Martin Nievara in Gary Valenciano’s 25th anniversary concert at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on June 7, 2008.The best of the Filipino American community are coming together to celebrate Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano ’s 25th anniversary in showbiz at the new and prestigious Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, located next to the Staples Center.Allan Pineda, best known as of the Black Eyed Peas, a top performing pop/hip-hop quartet worldwide. Apl revolutionized Filipino presence in the American music industry when he composed, performed and included Tagalog in the Black Eyed Peas’ albums, such as the popular dance song, “Bebot”.The JabbaWockeeZ are best known for their recent victory as “America’s Best Dance Crew”, on the very popular dance reality TV series on MTV, hosted by American Idol’s Randy Jackson. Three of the six members of the Jabbawockeez who appeared...
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2008-05-21 05:05:00
THE GINA ALEXANDER PHILANTHROPY PROJECT HOSTSHOPE WORLDWIDE PHILIPPINES CELEBRITY BENEFIT TO AID CHILDREN IN THE PHILIPPINESLos Angeles, California — Gina Alexander, the Filipina entrepreneur, designer and purveyor of the of world-famous “Photo Handbags” that have garnered a huge celebrity-following – including Halle Berry, Matthew McConaughey, Penelope Cruz, 50 Cent, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and Green Day to name a few --- has dedicated her business and success to helping less fortunate children in the Philippines . Her Gina Alexander Philanthropy Project (GAPP) will host the 2nd Annual Center of HOPE worldwide Celebrity Benefit on Sunday, June 1 at the Twin Palms Restaurant in Pasadena, California. The overall goal of this event is to raise monies in order to bring aid to sexually abused children in the Philippines. The proceeds will fund a small village in Baseco & Laguna, Philippines where a child welfare protection system was created. The facility, which HO...
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The Arroyo-Lopez War
2008-05-20 15:49:00
PerryScope: by Perry DiazFinally, after almost 80 years of a family feud between two wealthy clans, it seems that the final battle has started. On one side of the conflict is the Arroyo clan, wealthy merchants of Chinese origin who gained political supremacy in the early 1900's when their patriarch, Jose Arroyo, was elected Senator in 1919. With the help of his close friend -- then Senate President Manuel L. Quezon -- his younger brother, Dr. Mariano Arroyo, was appointed provincial governor in 1928. On the other side is the Lopez clan headed by Eugenio "Ening" Lopez who used his newspaper El Tiempo -- founded in 1901 by his father, Benito Lopez, the first governor of Iloilo in 1906 who was assassinated two years later by a rival political faction -- to expose the jueteng ring that Governor Arroyo and a Chinese trader named Sualoy started in Iloilo. El Tiempo's incessant exposure of the jueteng operations finally paid off. Sualoy was charged, found guilty, imprisoned, and then dep...
Telltale Signs: BIRTH CONTROL
2008-05-20 07:19:00
Rodel E. Rodis, May 19, 2008 How will the Philippines survive soaring food prices? Through “birth control at home and friendly ties with the world’s top rice exporters”, according to Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in a press statement issued on May 10, 2008.Birth control at home? Wow. This was a surprising admission from a president who has consistently rejected 840 million pesos in annual donations of contraceptives and other birth control devices from the US and other donor countries and who has yet to spend a centavo of the 180 million pesos allocated in the current budget for birth control.But with the Philippine population increasing by two million mouths a year and with the price of rice and other food commodities skyrocketing, President Arroyo recognizes the general consensus in the Philippines that some form of population control or management (what she has called "birth spacing") has to be found for the country to survive this food crisis.Unfortunately,...
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A “Revelation” From Journey: New Singer, New Album, New Tour
2008-05-17 02:35:00
Interview: Neal Schon of Journey By Valerie Nerres "All Access Magazine"Photos by Valerie Nerres as appears In "All Access Magazine"ALL RIGHTS RESERVED So you thought Mark Wahlberg’s “Rock Star” dream – fronting a tribute band leads to replacing the real band’s frontman – only happened in the movies? Think again. Did Journey really find their new frontman, Arnel Pineda, by watching YouTube videos? Yes they did. Could a new album and a world tour be far behind? All Access Magazine’s own Valerie Nerres got the lowdown, and a whole lot more, in her interview this month with Journey guitarist Neal Schon.AAM: Neal, thanks for taking the time to speak with All Access Magazine. I was one of the photographers at your Las Vegas show March 8th and it seriously was probably one of the best shows I've ever seen.Neal Schon: It was very early on in our tour; I thought it was a little early to even do the DVD, but we had to get it done for the “Revelations” package to come out wh...
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Hanjin: Plundering the Environment
2008-05-12 16:01:00
PerryScope: by Perry DiazRecently, a series of anomalies concerning Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction, a South Korean company, have dominated the headlines of Manila newspapers. Considering that billions of dollars were involved in these transactions, "transparency" has once again come to the forefront of debate. Like the Chinese contracts -- NBN-ZTE, Cyber Ed, Fuhua, etc. -- which the Arroyo government negotiated secretly, it would seem that the same modus operandi may have been used in negotiating the Hanjin contracts. The first Hanjin shipyard was built in the Subic Bay Freeport in 2006 at a cost of $1.7 billion. A few weeks ago, it launched the first ship -- a $60 million container ship for a Greek shipping company. With 10,000 Filipinos employed, it's a boon to the sagging Philippine economy. The second Hanjin shipyard is to be located in the Phividec Industrial Authority in the province of Misamis Oriental in Mindanao. The shipyard -- which is projected to be completed...
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Ilonggo Association Inducts New Set of Officers
2008-05-12 07:37:00
Los Angeles: Another year has been given to the Ilonggo Association to come together and become one community. On May 17, 2008, they will be celebrating four years of service to Iloilo City and Island of Panay and will be inducting a new set of Officers for 2008 – 2010 at the plush Glendale Hilton lead by incoming President Eduardo “Butch Zaragoza”. The Ilonggo Association have pledged together to work hand in hand to achieve the vision they have dreamed of four years ago.Continuing the great Ilonggo spirit of service and camaraderie, the new set of Officers are: President Eduardo “Butch” Zaragoza (pictured), First Vice President Wilfredo Alejandria, Second Vice-President Rosemarie Chua, Secretary Mel Sarmiento, Assistant Secretary Dinah Servando, Treasurer Jerome Octaviano, Assistant Treasurer Alma Jesena, Auditor Rey Gayomali, Assistant Auditor Dexter Riobuya, Business Manager Yvette Untarya, Assistant Business Manager Orchid Ecchevaria, P.R.O. Rene Aaron, Assistant P.R....
2008-05-10 06:33:00
(Los Angeles) Actress-filmmaker, Diana Lee Inosanto (L) shares a moment with supporter and Pussycat Dolls' frontwoman, Nicole Scherzinger at the post premiere after-party following the SRO World Premiere of Ms. Inosanto's poetically touching feature narrative, THE SENSEI, Sunday, May 4 at the prestigious Directors Guild of America in Hollywood. The film marked Ms. Inosanto's directorial debut and was one of a remarkably large representation of cinematic works by Filipino and Filipino American filmmakers including an amazing nine World Class feature films in: FOSTER CHILD and TIRADOR (Brillante Mendoza), SANTA MESA (Ron Morales), PISAY[PHILIPPINE SCIENCE] (Auraeus Solito), NEO LOUNGE (Joanna Vasquez-Arong),TRIBU (Jim Libiran), BLOOD BROTHERS (Alexi Tan, produced by John Woo) and John Torres' magnum opus, YEARS WHEN I WAS A CHILD OUTSIDE which featured a live accompanying musical score. Inosanto, one of Hollywood's top stuntwomen and a practicing Martial Artist, is the daughter o...
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Hollywood Party ala Gringos
2008-05-07 03:43:00
A party is not a real party unless you can compare it to a Hollywood party. We are talking about talented, beautiful, eclectic, and energized personas that decide to meet in one location and harmonize. Factor in artists with great musical abilities singing from the heart and thus we have the embryo of a Hollywood shindig. You throw in a bikini contest plus ramp models walking to the beat of electronica, now, that’s a party !May 3, Saturday night at the Pig n Whistle (6714 Hollywood Bl, Hollywood CA) was where this happened. The 2nd anniversary of upcoming Filipino owned website was celebrated. The party kicked-off about 10:00PM with a bevy of beautiful people standing in line outside waiting for the attractive hostesses to check their names against the guest list. One could feel the aura and the rhythms of the Strip while standing al fresco. The perfect weather reminded me of that song “California Dreamin” by the Mamas and the Papas. Yes indeed, this was going to...
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East West Players Navigate Home on their 42nd Visionary Awards
2008-05-06 00:11:00
by Jay Fermin pinoywired.comLos Angeles: ‘Life Imitates Art’ or is it the other way around? Artists and supporters of the East West Players (EWP), the longest running theatre organization in the United States, came out to the Universal Hilton for the 42nd Anniversary Awards Night and Silent Auction last April 28, 2008. After more than 42 years of blending a cultural mix of Asian, Pacific and American culture in theatre, film and television, with distinct alumni from the likes of the late Pat Morita, (Mr. Miyaki in ‘The Karate Kid” tetralogy), to George Takei (the helmsman Hikaru Sulu) of the ‘Star Trek’ TV series, to our very own Fil-Ams, ‘The Three Filipino Tenors’ who were Master of Ceremonies of the evening’s event, as well as Alec Mapa, past EWP Visionary Awardee and actor in several TV series including Ugly Betty, Friends, Seinfeld and in film where he acted in Bright Lights, Playing by Heart and Super Sweet 16 just to name a few; EWP celebrated more than fou...
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Telltale Signs/ SAVE OUR PASTOR
2008-05-05 03:01:00
by Rodel E. RodisWhen Pope Benedict XVI delivered a homily at the Nationals Stadium in Washington DC on April 17, 2008, he asked the congregation to “love your priests, and to affirm them in the excellent work that they do.” A few hundred miles north of that stadium in Piscataway, New Jersey, the faithful parishioners of the St. Frances Cabrini Parish are doing exactly what the Pope asks them to do. They fervently love their parish priest, Fr. Edgardo Abano, and they are waging a holy war against the local Bishop to get him back. Last year, Bishop Paul Gregory Bootkoski (pictured on top) of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Metuchen, N.J. informed Fr. Abano that the diocese will be closing down St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School because enrollment was down, the school was underused, and St. Frances Cabrini Church was subsidizing the school. (in photo:Fr. Edgardo Abano)Despite the subsidy, Fr. Abano’s church was still able to pay the yearly assessments to the Diocese but not enoug...
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Gloria's Disenchanted Kingdom
2008-05-04 06:34:00
PerryScope: by Perry DiazIn my article, "Gloria's Enchanted Kingdom and the De Venecia Code" (August 4, 2006), I said: "In a demonstration of grandiose ebullience and unabashed optimism, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's State of the Nation Address (SONA) last July 24 belies the true state of a nation ravaged by political wrangling, corruption, poverty, terrorism, communist insurgency, and Muslim rebellion. To dramatize her grand vision of a progressive country, she sang praises to her own achievements and crystallized a rosy picture of the things to come in the remaining four years of her presidency." What Arroyo had planned to achieve during her tenure was an "Enchanted Kingdom" within 20 years. During the 27th National Conference of Employers two years ago, she told the audience, "Let's stay together. Let's dream together." And dream, they did.For the past two years, Arroyo's spin masters have been heralding an "economic boom," claiming that the country had never been bett...
2008-05-02 08:04:00
PHILIPPINE “CONCERT KING” MARTIN NIEVERA TO GUEST AT “MR. PURE ENERGY” GARY VALENCIANO’S LOS ANGELES CONCERT AT THE NOKIA THEATERby Ted BenitoMay 2008, Los Angeles, CA. – In a little more than a month, two of the biggest names in Filipino entertainment take center stage in one of the most prestigious venues underneath the Hollywood stars. Celebrating 25 years of music and dance, Gary Valenciano is set to entertain and inspire along with the Concert King himself, Martin Nievera. In an exclusive interview with me, Martin was, as always, gracious enough to answer questions about his upcoming appearance at Gary’s concert and to share some thoughts about his own 25th Anniversary celebration. ####Question: You'll be the special guest on Gary's show at the Nokia here in L.A. and for many people, your performance will be a highlight of the show. Are you planning anything special for the concert? Will you and Gary be singing a song or two together? Martin: Yes, I am gonna be...
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2008-05-01 15:46:00
Filipino American Diana Lee Inosanto, daughter of famed Pinoy martial artist/actor Danny Inosanto and Goddaughter of the legendary Bruce Lee, makes her directorial debut with THE SENSEI which World Premieres Sunday, May 4 as part of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Fest '08.Los Angeles: A RECORD NUMBER OF FEATURES INCLUDES WORKS BY DIANA LEE INOSANTO (photo) AND BRILLANTE MENDOZA. Pinoy Cinema is most assuredly on the rise again. A record number of films by Filipino filmmakers will be on tap at The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival presented by Honda, the largest regional event of its kind featuring Asian cinema, May 1 - May 8.The week-long event, which opened Thursday, May 1 with Academy Award-winning director, Jessica Yu's PING PONG PLAYA and closes with Tony Ayres' HOME SONG STORIES with Joan Chen May 8, will screen over 140 films from more than 17 countries at the prestigious Directors Guild of America and Laemmle's Sunset 5 in West Hollywood through the opening week...
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Los Angeles Celebrates East West Players’ 42nd Visionary Awards
2008-04-28 23:14:00
April 28, 2008, Los Angeles : The East West Players 42nd Anniversary Visionary Awards Dinner will be held tonight at the Universal City Hilton with master of ceremonies 'The Three Filipino Tenors'. The East West Players Visionary Awards is an event that salutes artists who have raised the visibility of the Asian Pacific American community through theater, film and television. Proceeds from the evening will benefit East West Players educational and artistic programs.East West Players 42nd Anniversary celebrates the "Home" that many Asian Pacific Americans in the entertainment industry have found at East West Players. For 42 years, East West Players has been a place for the Asian Pacific American voice to thrive like awardee Carrie Ann Inaba, judge for 7 seasons now of 'Dancing With The Stars.'(Photo at left)Masters of Ceremonies will be the THREE FILIPINO TENORS namely Lito Villareal, Randy Guiaya and Antoine Diel . This year's honorees include celebrated playwright VELINA HASU H...
It's Time for GK to Break Away from CFC
2008-04-28 07:15:00
In my article, "Quo Vadis, Gawad Kalinga?" (September 21, 2007), I said: "Gawad Kalinga is not just an organization, it's a movement -- an ideal, I must say -- driven by an army of believers: volunteers, advocates, beneficiaries, and benefactors. Indeed, Gawad Kalinga has taken a life of its own. It's scope has expanded to become an all-inclusive humanitarian movement. But does that mean that evangelization cannot be a part of Gawad Kalinga's mission? Sure it can. But not within the context of Couples For Christ. At the end of the day, there is only one way for Gawad Kalinga to go: move forward…on its own."At the time I wrote the article, Frank Padilla had already formed a breakaway group, the Couples For Christ Foundation for Family and Life (CFC-FFL). However, Gawad Kalinga (GK) remained with CFC. After the split, the two groups went their separate ways and the furor subsided. But underneath the appearance of civility between the two groups, the rivalry between their leaders ...
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