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Safed Dreams
Photoblog of mystical town of Safed -Tsfat -Tzfat -Zefat. Small town life in Northern Israel through the camera lens.


Snow in Tsfat
2008-01-31 08:26:00
Here are some pics from this morning. As of now, more light snow is falling. My kids are pleased. I walked in to work to take pics and get out of the house a bit. I didn't bring my laptop in, so these are unedited." title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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Trinkets in Tsfat
2008-01-23 19:22:00
In one of the alleys, I think it's the Yosef Caro alley, there's a bunch of galleries and stores in a row. And then at one junction, there's a trinket seller. Sometimes you can find some really neat stuff among the trinkets." title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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Doggie in Artist Quarter Alley, Safed
2008-01-23 19:11:00
Reminds me of a joke. An Israeli is out walking his dog with his Anglo immigrant friend. After a few blocks, the Anglo immigrant has a very sad look on his face. The Israeli asks him what's wrong. "Even your dog understands Hebrew better than me."Okay, it doesn't translate that well ;). I thought this doggie looked pretty cute in the Artist 's Quarter .If you're lucky, we might get snow pictures sometime in the next few days. However, the snowline will have to drop a few more hundred feet. Some cars arrived from the Canaan neighborhood today with at least an inch of unmelted snow on them, but it was only rainy here. By afternoon the skies were freezing blue again." title="Atom feed">Site Feed
More Doors of Safed Old City
2007-12-12 21:38:00
I hadn't seen this one before. A couple of galleries moved here, which is right across from "Gan Hakasum", the Enchanted Park. When our kids were little, we used to call it "suicide park" due to rock structures and sharp inclines.Anyway, a couple of galleries moved in, and this lovely doorway leads into a courtyard with scultpures, artwork, and a cafe. Some beautiful works of art there. Coming back out, the door is just as lovely:" title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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Happy Hannukah from Safed!
2007-12-11 10:11:00
May your Hanukka be bright and light and fill you with inspiration!" title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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Kitty Cat in Safed
2007-12-03 14:29:00
The life of a cat in the Old City!Fall grape leaves, snoozing in the sun. Truly a cat's life." title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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Winter is late...
2007-11-18 18:22:00
A few images of the last few weeks.Some stunning days of clouds and sun.That's the view...And on a sunnier day in the Artist's Quarter. You have to admit, painted utility cabinets are lovely." title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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Jordan Valley views
2007-10-02 14:26:00
No pics of sukkah or lulav today. I got a cold on Shabbat, and am tired and weak. The days between Yom Kippur and Sukkot I had work reasons to go to Jerusalem, and snapped these shots.The one with the bouganvilla is at a rest stop in the Jordan Valley . I always marvel at how much the Samarian hills look like Mars this time of year. The moonrise was on the way home and is a view east towards Jordan. The might Jordan mountains at sunset/moonrise." title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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Green Olives in the Holy Land
2007-09-16 04:50:00
“But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God: I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever. (Psalms 52:8)”May everyone's year be fruitful and blessed.Olives are an amazing fruit. While bitter and almost inedible right from the tree, when pressed their oil is prized around the world. When soaked and rinsed and then cured, their fruits can be as varied as black salty olives to tart green olives.How great the wonders of the olive." title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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Elul growth for High Holydays
2007-08-22 16:57:00
These palm fronds will probably be cut right before Sukkot. The lovely summer growth is perfectly timed for providing schach for the mitzvah of Sukkah. Ah, Elul days leading to the High Holydays. If only I had time to really reflect. Just call me a working stiff." title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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Kever Ari at twilight
2007-08-08 14:13:00
Took this picture as the sun set into darkness. The gravesite of the Arizal was hopping even at that time of day. You have to admit, in Tsfat, even the graveyard is beautiful." title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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Tourist Season in Tsfat
2007-07-25 11:14:00
The tourist buses are a welcome sight in Tsfat. While the average tour bus only stops for less than 1/2 hour in Tsfat, which is a pity, it does help the local economy and lifts spirits to see folks visiting our little town.Here's a couple of shots from above the main bus parking area. You see the General Exhibition in the top photo, renovated from an old mosque. In the bottom photo you can see a tourist group walking towards the Old City. There are two alleys leading into our little mystical Old City. Some people take the path less travelled..." title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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Summer Grapes 2007
2007-07-03 06:48:00
In the Old City especially, the grape vines are like living poetry. There's something that calls out to take a picture when you see the ripening grapes.May we see them ripen in peace... wow private server" title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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Tsfat Alleys
2007-05-31 23:44:00
Behind the Rimmonim Inn in the Artists Quarter. Notice the oddly blue painted light covers. I dunno. Down the alley a bit further are some painted orange. " title="Atom feed">Site Feed
Iyar in the Gallilee
2007-04-19 21:26:00
Looking South from Meor Chaim neighborhood. Looking West from Mt. Canaan. The hillside behind Tsahal. Love those colors.Every day is a treat for walking to work in this beautiful place." title="Atom feed">Site Feed
Adar in Tsfat and Jerusalem
2007-03-13 13:31:00
Oh, just too busy to blog.This last weekend we were in Jerusalem , so a pic of the soldiers at the Western Wall.Then back up to the Galilee for the green green green that only happens in the Hebrew month of Adar." title="Atom feed">Site Feed
Winter Sunset in Tsfat
2007-02-05 12:54:00
Sunset over Meron and the mountains on the way home from work." title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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Spring is springing in Safed
2007-02-01 14:36:00
Signs of spring plants are springing up.I snapped these pics on the way to work.This is Shepherd's Purse. The heart shaped leaves are the source of its name. Shepherds often went about their day with pouches shaped like these leaves.Shepherd's purse is good for what ails your blood system, and for lots of female troubles. The activity dies quickly, so if you pick it, tincture it up the same day. Put it in a brown glass bottle with 45-50% alcohol (I get that nasty 95% cooking alcohol and dilute it in half with distilled water), and let it sit for about two weeks. Then filter off the tincture to a clean brown glass bottle. Helps with stopping bleeding.This is plantain, plantago lanceolata. Edible, mucilageonous. Great for skin abrasions, also for homemade cough syrup, oil infusions against pain, and more. Infuse it in olive oil with garlic for homemade ear drops." title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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Day trip from Tsfat to Nahariya
2007-01-04 10:20:00
I love Nahariya. It's an easy drive from Tsfat, and the sea air is a welcome change from the hills on occasion." title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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Pictures of Snow in Tsfat
2006-12-28 11:34:00
Just a few. The morning after the snow fell. 2 out of 3 kids were meant to go to school, but one wasn't feeling well and the other has a very cold classroom. The third had school cancelled.I still had to go to work.Which was an excuse to shoot pics! " title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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Road Trip from Safed to Tel Aviv
2006-12-24 22:17:00
It always amazes me how I feel like I'm in a different country when I'm in the Tel Aviv area and south of there. I did enjoy the big Azrieli mall. For a small town girl, it's a lot of fun. Most importantly, there were stores with Clinique products ;).This week I have to go to Sheba Medical Center for an afternoon workshop." title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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Canaan Spa, Mount Meron, Palatine Hall views in video
2006-12-17 20:28:00
Tsfat, another vantage. I was on the way home from the shopping center outside of town, Shaarei Ha'Ir (the Gates of the Town), and took these shots over a year ago. Strung them together with some free stock music loop. " title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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Winter movie
2006-12-14 21:24:00
I got inspired by my son playing with the Windows Movie Maker with still photos. There is a bit of video in this one, with the moving clouds bit.Another one on the way of spring views north and west from a northern point in town." title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood... for a shuk!
2006-12-13 12:48:00
On a lovely sunny winter day, the colors, sounds, and sights of the Safed shuk (0utdoor market) awaken the senses. " title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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Tsfat/Safed/Tzfat video
2006-11-28 17:44:00
Look what I did: Things to do on the way to work.Yeah, I filmed it with no tripod, I was on the way to work.December 6 update: I have closed my YouTube account and replaced the embed link above with the Google Video version. Basically, within one week I got two spam emails via my YouTube account for icky videos. So who needs them, when there's Google Video?" title="Atom feed">Site Feed
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