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Oh No, Say It Isn't So...
2008-03-29 05:00:00
Not The Big 5-0!Here are some pics from my Pop-Pop's birthday celebration. We took him out to eat at a spot we have never gone to before called the "California Pizza Kitchen". Anyone who knows my Pop-Pop, should also know that he LOVES italian food. It was a really nice place, the food was good, and we had a great time!Mommy, me, and Great Aunt Wanda. Great Aunt Wanda & Uncle AndyPop-Pop & GrammyMommy & MeGreat Aunt Wanda & Uncle AndyMePop-Pop, Me, and Great Uncle Andy & Aunt Wanda
Happy 50th Birthday Pop-Pop!
2008-03-24 05:00:00
From Grammy, Mommy, and Me!If you want to wish my Pop-Pop a happy birthday, you can leave a comment on his blog... click here!
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To all of our family and friends...
2008-03-23 05:00:00
Christian Glitter by From Mommy, Grammy, Pop-Pop, and Me!We went to SBC today and I learned that this was another special Sunday called "Easter". There are lots of people at my church on most Sundays but, it seemed like there were even more there today. They all must have known that it was "Easter" too. We sang and clapped our hands, just like we always do, and I had a good time. Pastor Reed told us the story of how "Jesus rose" on this day and that He lives in all of our hearts. I didn't understand some parts of the story but, I guess I will when I got older.The "palms" that Grammy saved in the "vase" last Sunday were a little droopy but, they made it to "Easter Sunday", just like she said they would. I was hoping that we could keep them forever but, it looks like they're not going to last that long.Here are a few pics of me and my two "Easter" bunnies that Grammy took after we got home from church. Mommy said that they were both given to me for my first ...
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"Palm Sunday" @ SBC
2008-03-16 05:00:00
Sermons 4 Kids Today was a special day at my church... it was something called "Palm Sunday ". I'm still learning my days of the week and I had no idea what a "palm" was but, I found out when we got to church.Pastor Reed talked about a big parade that the people had for Jesus. He said that Jesus was riding down the street on something called a "donkey" and the people waved their "palms" and cheered for Him.After the service was over, SBC gave everybody some "palms" to take home. They were long, yellow, and green. I got a chance to hold some and it was fun waving them back back and forth.When we got home, Grammy took all of our "palms" and put them in something called a "vase". She said that would be a good place to keep them until next week, when we will celebrate something called "Easter Sunday" so, stay tuned.Here are some pics that Grammy took before we left the house and at the church. She said to tell you to click on the image of Jesus at the parade for a special surprise... it...
A Lesson In "Potty Training"...
2008-03-01 06:00:00
From a Place Called "I-K-E-A"Today, my Pop-Pop and Grammy went to a store called "I-K-E-A" and they took me along for the ride. I usually like the places they take me to but, when we got to this store, it just didn't look like the kind of place where I could have any fun. Boy, was I wrong!After we walked around in the store for a while, we found a play area just for kids called "SMALAND". I got really excited about it, only to find out that I couldn't stay and play because I'm not "potty trained". What a bummer! I tried to explain that I'm working on the "potty thing" and I just need a little more time but, it didn't seem to matter to anyone. You either knew how to use the "pot" or you didn't. Needless to say, I was quite upset.We continued to walk around in the store and just when I thought all hope was lost for having any fun, we found another play area... something called "The Ballroom". I've never seen so many balls in one place before! I saw kids rolling around in the ba...
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What's Happening?
2008-02-28 06:00:00
Let's Play Catch Up!First, we want to say "thank you" to everybody who came to the "pretend party" that was held at my blog for my Mommy's birthday... Pop-Pop, Grammy, Godmomie Latoya, Cousin Shirley Ann, Cousin Ina, Cousin Melanie, Cousin Miles, Cousin Najah, Cousin Samaya, Cyber Lurker, and Black Wolf. She got all of your birthday wishes and presents... a vacation to Jamaica, 2 cars, a laptop computer, some jewelry, an enigma, a pet rock, some dentures, and I gave her a chia pet! We celebrated her birthday with a family trip to the movies and a meal at her favorite restaurant, Bahama Breeze, in King of Prussia.Well, I've been 2 years old for one month and 4 days and it's really been fun! Now, I can do all kinds of "big boy" things... like go up and down the steps in my house, knock on a door when it is closed (and burst right in), feed myself with a spoon (But, what's the deal with forks?), cover my mouth when I cough, open something called a "refrigerator" (and slam it shut)...
Happy Valentine's Day
2008-02-14 06:00:00
From Mommy, Grammy, Pop-Pop, & Me!
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TO: My Mommy
2008-02-06 06:01:00
Love Always,Pop-Pop, Grammy, and Me!
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Welcome To The Party!
2008-02-06 06:00:00
I Need Your Help...Today is my Mommy's birthday and I want to make this the best birthday ever. I'm too young to give her a real birthday party so, my Grammy helped me put together something called a "pretend party". As you can see, the room is all set and you are my guest so, make yourself at home. If you have a minute, please leave my Mommy a birthday wish and/or present. I know that would put a big smile on her face and make her very happy.Thank you dropping by and helping me with the pretend party. Grammy said to make sure you get a slice of "pretend birthday cake" before you leave!
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It's A Thomas Affair
2008-02-03 06:00:00
Click on logo to learn the history of themost famous little tank engine in the world!Today, me and my Mommy got a chance to spend (something she calls) "quality time" playing with my Thomas & Friends train set. We set-up our own Island of Sodor on the something called the "living room coffee table". I learned how to connect my track pieces but, we worked together to set the whole thing up.I never told you which train pieces I got for Christmas so, I'll tell you now. I have Thomas, Percy, Gordon, Annie, Clarabelle, Harold (the helicopter), Sir Topham Hatt, and 3 circus cars with 3 animals. I also have the Sodor Mail Station and Engine Wash. Mommy said that we can add on more train pieces as time goes on. After everything was all set up, we had a great time playing with it. Even Pop-Pop joined in on the fun while he was watching something called the "Super Bowl". Here are the pics and a little trivia for you...Q. There's something different about the way I look in all of these p...
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A Very Special Day
2008-01-24 06:01:00
The Early EditionExtra, Extra...Read all about it!(click on newspaper to enlarge for reading) The Late Edition2 Candles, Cake, Ice Cream, and Pics!
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A Birthday Surprise!
2008-01-24 06:00:00
I also went to a special place just for kids called "Chuck E. Cheese's" to celebrate my 2nd birthday. There were lots of kids there just like me who came to play and have a good time. I heard that it is a great place to celebrate your birthday and after being there for a while, I think so too. There was a big sliding board that I liked and lots of other fun things to do and ride on. I even rode in a car with Barney! My Mommy told me that she went to a lot of birthday parties there when she was a little girl. When it was time to eat, we had something that is definitely on my list of favorites... pizza! Here are some pics that we took at Chuck E. Cheese's. Grammy said that you can click on the logo above for more information, just in case you want to take your kids there. Tell them that The Booga Wooga said, "It's a really fun place to go!"
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Breakfast + Lunch = Brunch
2008-01-12 06:00:00
click logo for more information Today, my Pop-Pop got up and decided he wanted to take us out to have something called "brunch". So, we got in the car, traveled to a part of Philadelphia called "Germantown", and went to a place called the "Trolley Car Diner. It was a warm and friendly place...lots of people were there and Grammy said it was like "the place that time forgot". Here is a pic of the old #23 trolley car that sits right outside the diner. It was closed because it's wintertime but, in the summertime, it serves ice cream and you can sit at the tables outside to eat it. This is a pic of the diner where we had our brunch. It sits right next to the old #23 trolley car. Because there were so many people there, we had to give our name, sit down, and wait a little while before our table was ready. Usually, I get really upset when I have to sit still and wait for anything because I like to run around and have fun but, Mommy said that I was being a really good boy today. Mommy dec...
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My 1st "Big Boy" Bed...
2008-01-09 06:00:00
No More Crib for Me!
TO: All Our Family & Friends...
2008-01-01 06:00:00
From Pop-Pop, Grammy, Mommy, & Me!
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Family Christmas Dinner 2007
2007-12-30 06:00:00
Annual Day at Nana Faye'sOn Saturday, December 29th, everybody went to my Great Nana Faye's house to celebrate Christmas together. The highlight for me was seeing Nana Faye and all of my aunts, uncles, and little cousins..old and new, from near and far. We had fun just running and playing for hours.Here are pics of me and my Cousin Jackson playing with my Thomas & Percy trains. We made them go C-R-A-S-H, B-O-O-M, over and over again!My Cousin Miles and his Mommy, Cousin Melanie. My Cousin Jaden and his Mommy, Cousin Amber.My new little Cousin Troy, Jr. ("TJ") and his Grandmother, my Cousin Jessie. And, here's the rest of the, eating, hugging, kissing, laughing, sitting, smiling, standing, talking, walking, watching TV, etc. You get the picture...we had a great time!
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My Second Christmas
2007-12-26 06:00:00
Turn Your Speakers On Make an on-line slide show at
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The Next Generation: 12 Strong!
2007-11-10 06:00:00
Me & My Cousins...Can you find our names?Here's a little something to keep you busy until my next post. Me and my Grammy went to a place called the "internet" and found something called a "word search generator". We used it to create this thing called a "puzzle". It has my name and the names of my cousins. See how many names you can find. If you get really desperate, you can hit the Show Answers button but, that's no fun! Try to keep the answers hidden. You can note the names you found and how long it took you to complete the puzzle in the comments. We hope that everyone's name is spelled correctly; if not, please forgive the error and let us know the correct spelling. Also, I have two cousins named Jaden but, the name only appears once in the puzzle to represent both of them. Now, are you ready? On your mark, get set, GO! The countdown clock is ticking...Good Luck!AANNIHALIANASNYLAOLKIHDPMLLLOMIASBAT MHLEAJRSCANKNMAEIAELTAPALECSAEAOLIRAEASON AITNIIAEJAAHACYJAJKAAHOSCEEIOKIIIII...
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Rain, Rain, Go Away...
2007-10-29 05:00:00
Don't Come Back Another Day!Yesterday was a typical Sunday like any other for me. I woke up, ate breakfast, and got dressed. After that, we all piled in the car and went to SBC. I like going to church because I always have a good time clapping and singing. When the singing stops, what I do from that point on varies depending on how I'm feeling. Sometimes, I just fall asleep, which is what I did yesterday. When I want to move around and have fun, Mommy takes me to the child care room. There are always other kids to play with and plenty of snacks to keep me happy until the service is over. Sunday is also a good day for Mommy to pick up all kinds of "stuff" that I need . We usually do that after church so, we went to the supermarket and a store called "Target". I like riding in shopping carts so, that's what I did in both stores. Grammy saw a Thomas & Friends carry case in Target that she thought I might like because I watch the TV show all the time. Since Grammy is in charge of...
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Let The Learning Begin...
2007-10-25 06:00:00
But I Like Arts & Crafts!It seems like only yesterday that I was strapped in a baby seat or trapped in a playpen and could only watch the other kids have all the fun at day care. Then, I learned how to crawl and spent only limited amounts of time out of the seat and playpen so I wouldn't be in the way while the other kids played. After what felt like FOREVER, I learned how to stand up, walk, and run so I could finally play with the other kids too. We had so much fun and absolutely NOTHING was expected of us. Those were the days! Now that I'm a big boy, the time I spend at day care is changing and it's not just about running and playing all day anymore. Ms. Bea and Nyeisha are beginning to teach me about things called alphabets, numbers, colors, and shapes. We also spend time doing something called "arts and crafts". I really like that because I'm learning how to use paper, crayons, paint, glue, and construction paper to make all kinds of really cool stuff. Ms. Bea and Nyeish...
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Movin' On Up!
2007-10-21 06:00:00
Service of Licensure & OrdinationTrue Vine Missionary Full Gospel Baptist ChurchSaturday, October 20, 2007This was a very special day for my Godmomie Latoya was elevated in ministry and we all went to their church in Chester, PA to see it! My Godpopie Justin presented her and three other people called "candidates" for elevation in the Class of 2007. There were lots of people there...some of them traveled all the way from a place called "Virginia" on a bus. We were proud of Godmomie Latoya and she was very happy! After the service was over, we all went outside to take some pics together. My Mommy's friend, Marsha, was there and we also got a chance to meet my Godpopie Justin's parents, my Godmomie Latoya's Mommy, and other members of their families. Elyce was there too!On the way home from the service, we stopped at one of my favorite spots to get a bite to eat...McDonald's! Don'tcha just love the french fries and milk shakes? The toy suprises are really cool...
My Favorite Things
2007-10-14 06:00:00
Toys, TV, Storybooks, Food...On those rare occasions when I'm not playing the "NO! and STOP!" game with my family, these are some of the things on my list of favorites too. What are some of your favorite things?
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Spread The Word...
2007-10-11 06:00:00
Troy Ellis, Jr. is Here!October 9, 2007, 9:26pm7 lbs + 13 ozs, 20 + 1/2 inchesFamily Members...check your email for pics!Congratulations to Rikki & Troyfrom The Martins
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The Booga Report
2007-10-03 06:00:00
"What's Your Name?"Can you believe it is October already? It seems like September was only here for a minute in my house but, here's the scoop on what's been happening...I am really keeping Mommy, Grammy, and Pop-Pop on their toes these days. Anything and everything that is not nailed down in the house is mine-all-mine to play with! I have plenty of toys but who wants to play with those when there's TV remotes to hide (O-o-p-s!), little things called "nic-nacs" that go c-r-a-s-h when they hit the floor (O-o-p-s!), other things called "CDs" to pull off of shelves (O-o-p-s!), keys to throw in the trash (O-o-p-s!), books or magazines with pages that you can actually tear (O-o-p-s!), something called "record albums" to pull out of their covers and drop on the floor (O-o-p-s!), pots to drag out of cabinets (O-o-p-s!) and well, you get the picture. I even discovered that if you pull on something called a dresser scarf or a place mat, everything on it will come sliding toward you...and...
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TBW Multiple Choice Quiz
2007-09-02 06:00:00
Pictures Can Be Deceiving...My Great Aunt Wanda & Great Uncle Andy came over for a visit today. They also brought someone very special with them...Great Aunt Wanda's mommy! She came all the way from a place called "Pittsburgh". See if you can guess what we are doing in each of the pics during our visit.1 (a) Great Aunt Wanda just finished a cup of something to drink and gave the cup to The Booga OR (b) The Booga just finished a cup of something to drink and didn't offer Great Aunt Wanda any. 2 (a) Great Uncle Andy is showing The Booga how to fold a napkin OR (b) The Booga is showing Great Uncle Andy how to fold a napkin.3 (a) Great Uncle Andy thinks The Booga is getting the hang of folding the napkin OR (b) The Booga is getting frustrated because he had to show Uncle Andy how to fold the napkin again!4 (a) Great Aunt Wanda came over to show both of us how to fold a napkin OR (b) The Booga has had enough of folding napkins for one day.5 (a) Great Aunt Wanda's mommy (left) came ove...
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Thank God It's Friday, Again!
2007-08-27 06:00:00
Friday, August 17thHere are some pics that my Godmomie Latoya justsent me of another TGIF that we spent together.Niles, Elyce, and Nyobi were there too!We had a great time...thanks Godmomie Latoya!
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A Very Special Shopping Mall...
2007-08-25 06:00:00
Willow Grove ParkToday, my Pop-Pop and Grammy went to a place called Willow Grove Park and took me along for the ride. It was a big shopping mall with lots of people, stores, and room to run.As we looked around the mall, they told me a story about another Willow Grove Park that was there a long time ago before the mall was built. It was something called an "amusement park" and it was filled with all kinds of fun things for kids to ride on. Even though my Pop-Pop and Grammy didn't know each other back then, they both remembered going to the park many-a-summer with their family, church, or friends. Just then, I looked up and couldn't believe my was a big merry-go-round...right there in the mall! Of course, I just had to get on it so, me and Pop-Pop went for a ride. After we got off the merry-go-round, Grammy told me that it was built and put in the mall as something called a "symbol" so people would never forget the old Willow Grove amusement park. I had a nice time at the...
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Great-Grandmothers are mothers who are great...
2007-08-18 06:00:00
Over the riverand thru Route 42to Great Nana's house we go!
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Inner City Blues (Make Ya Wanna Holler)?
2007-08-12 06:00:00
I'm b-a-c-k! I know I've been missing in action for a while but that's because Mommy said it was too hot to do anything except stay inside under something called an "air conditioner". I don't really know what that is but I know it made us feel nice and cool. It was so hot that I even learned how to say the word "hot"! Anyhoo, I'll try to bring you up to speed on some of the goings on since my last post.I saw the doc for my 18 month check-up a while ago. He said that I weighed 25 lbs + 6 ozs and I'm 31 inches tall (it's a been a while since I've reported my stats). He asked my Mommy if I was doing things like talking, feeding myself, and climbing stairs. I've been talking for a while now but no one seems to know what I'm saying. People want me to repeat what they call "real" words but I'm a leader, not a follower...they should repeat after me! I can feed myself too but I have to work on the mess that I make when I do it. I really like climbing the stairs but I'm only allo...
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Male Bonding 2
2007-08-04 06:00:00
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