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Hottest Flickr Girls
Pictures of attractive girls from Flickr with funny captions
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Girls with Guns: Are we that Obvious?
2008-09-08 12:20:00
Is it this apparent? Do we men just find any excuse at all? What other fetishes can we come up with? Is the thought of a hot steel rod in a chicks hand all it really takes? Do we really have this much inadequacy about our penises that we have to see chicks holding guns? What size gun will it take to turn us on? Do we need to see a bazooka? Something that’s over a foot to make up for our 5 inch peckers? I don’t know how but in some way there will be a wallet fetish. Or even a pen fetish. I can see it now. Hot chicks with bics. Seriously, is there no limit? Has anyone seen gun insertion? Now that would be interesting. Pictures uploaded by gatsbye53
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Taya Parker is Today’s “How’s the View” Girl
2008-09-05 21:00:00
Click on the photo to view more of Taya Today is just one of those days.  It’s a day that I’m 100% frustrated that there are this many hot women out there.  It’s depression man.  There’s nothing to say or do about it.  I need a blow job.  It’s pretty simple.  I just need a damned blow job.  Thanks. Enjoy the rest of the view
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I’m into the Group Thing
2008-09-05 12:47:00
You know what’s best about groups of girls? Even if there are four average females standing in front you, chances are you’d definitely bang at least one of them. And there’s always a great chance that your buddy will take the proper wingman steps and follow suit with a drunk hook up with one of the “not so great” ones. It’s simple mathematics. Enough alcohol plus the chance that even if one of these girls isn’t so hot that she’ll potentially have great blasts equals you going home with a lady for the night, waking up in the morning wondering what you did and having a phenomenal story to tell your buddies. Pictures uploaded by gouldo55
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Denise Milani is Today’s “How’s the View” Girl
2008-09-04 21:00:00
Click on the photo to view more of Denise You can bet that this won’t be the only time that Denis is the featured model in this section. Good Lord. Over under on how many times I could probably have an orgasm with this woman in a 24 hour period? 24. I might be all out of ammo by the end of it, but so what? Enjoy the rest of the view
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Let’s Give ‘Em a Good Squeeze Shall We?
2008-09-04 12:59:00
Whether it’s assisted by the hands of the girl herself, assisted by her friends hands, or if it’s unassisted, the breasts can really take on a whole new life when they are squeezed together. It’s truly a blessing in this world. It’s like a push up bra without needing a push up bra. I don’t know why and I’m not going to fight it but there’s just something alluring about the divider line that forms. It transforms a man’s spirit and takes his once functioning brain and turns it into a quick pile of mud. Well, I’ll enjoy the mud for these few moments. Pictures uploaded by hedgehog and mandy
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Kitty Lea is Today’s “How’s the View” Girl
2008-09-03 21:00:00
Click on the photo to see more of Kitty For some reason Kitty Lea seems to be popping up in a ton of British men’s magazines lately. It’s not as though I’m complaining. Her most recent shoot shows her in a London subway. Now if rides contained this kind of entertainment I might be more incline to travel by public transportation. Enjoy the rest of the view
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From the Archives: Don’t Move, This is a Bust
2008-09-03 12:56:00
I had to post this again. Why do men love breasts so much? You know something? That’s not even something I’m going to get into now because why fight it? We just love them and that’s that. But what are they exactly? Breasts are what I like to call nature’s equalizer. They’re the best compensation instrument on the planet. What happens when you see a mediocre looking chick who is flat chested? She’s not hot right? She’s just a mediocre chick. What happens if you take that same girl and paste on a ridiculous rack? Well, this girl has endless possibilities, that’s what happens. And in all honesty I’m not saying this from a sexist point of view. I truly think it’s a fact. In the meantime enjoy these career boosting hoo ha’s. Pictures uploaded by hedgehog
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Irina Sheik is Today’s “How’s the View” girl
2008-09-02 21:00:00
Click on the photo to view Me and Isis’s full gallery Born Irina Shaykhlislamova and sometimes credited as Irina Shayk, is a fashion model who has appeared on the covers of such magazines as Annabelle, Jalouse and Bolero (Switzerland, June 2005). Sheik appeared in the 2007 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue as one of the 2007 Rookies and also makes an appearance in the 2008 edition. Yay! Enjoy the rest of the view
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Hotties In Heels
2008-09-02 13:22:00
I don’t know what it is about heels. I’ll never know. I mean why it is so damned raunchy and sexy when a stripper wears 5 inch heels on stage? Why is it so hot when a pornstar is wearing nothing but heels while she’s getting completely worked by 7 dudes? I suppose some thing are better left unsaid and unexamined. But seriously. I don’t get it. I’m definitely drawn in by it. There’s no question about it. I’d just like to know WHY. Instead of pondering this any longer, check out some of these high heeled chicks. Pictures uploaded by shoe.horn
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You Looking Back at Me Sweetheart?
2008-09-01 13:00:00
There’s something very alluring about being able to see a girl’s ass and her face at the same time. It’s almost a “you know you like this” kind of a look. Well, except when the chick weighs north of 300 pounds and you want to puke. But we’re not going to focus on that here. We’re going to focus on the tightly packed tushies and skimpy little bikinis. Enjoy this collection of girls who are looking back at us. Pictures uploaded by Kafercrazy
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Ana Ivanovic is today’s “How’s the View” Girl
2008-06-06 22:00:00
There needs to be more hot tennis chicks. Seriously aside from Anna Kournikova there arent any. And whoever says Maria Sharapova, stop already. She’s famous. We get it. See more of Ana Ivanovic Enjoy the rest of the view
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Hotties from the Drunken Editor
2008-06-06 14:17:00
Every single one of these pictures has the same message. At least from my point of view, there are two thoughts that hit me. The first. Why can’t I be there right now? The second. Can I please go back to college and have sex with all the girls I was supposed to? Whether or not these photos are something staged or something genuine is not really my concern. What is my concern is that there are girls out there that party like this, look like this, and act like this. And wherever those girls are, they’re just not in my room right now. And that is extremely disappointing. Pictures uploaded by Drunken Editor
Hockey Girlfriends are today’s “How’s the View” Gir
2008-06-05 22:00:00
Another hockey season is almost over and it’s time to reflect on the best part about hockey. All the hot celebrities chicks that hockey players score with! Full gallery at Allballs Enjoy the rest of the picks
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Candid Camera: Caught you not looking
2008-06-05 14:20:00
Sometimes pictures are better (but potentially a whole lot worse) when the ladies aren’t looking. Like if you got a midget to run and form tackle a hot chick who had no idea he was coming, and then recorded it? That would be an example of a successful candid shot. On the other hand if you were to take a shot of a semi attractive girl eating a greasy hamburger, it would be a little unappealing. If the grease on her hands were the used to lube up…you know. Well then she’d redeem herself and this would be a porn site. Fortunately or unfortunately we don’t display nudity but enjoy some of these candid shots. Pictures uploaded by PierreD
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Zoey Lister is Today’s “How’s the View?” Girl
2008-06-04 22:00:00
Zoe Lister is known in the UK for two things: first, and not so important, her starring role as Zoe Carpenter in the teen soap Hollyoaks. Her second, and more interesting claim to fame is her sexy photoshoots for the lads mags. Check out Bright Black Internet to view the full set Enjoy the rest of the picks
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Girls just being girls
2008-06-04 14:34:00
It’s always nice to see girls getting hammered, squeezing their tits, and licking their faces in an attempt to “innocently” post these pictures online in the hopes that they WON’T get seen? Who are we kidding here? The world has changed and quite frankly whether these pictures are of real events or simply attention drawing model poses, do I or should you care? The answer is “not at all.” I’m just pleased that giant cans are being stared at by other girls with giant cans. The internet is a beautiful thing. Pictures uploaded by mattphoto7 and pbear
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Leather Chaps are the Way to Go
2008-06-04 14:17:00
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with putting on a semi strip show in front of 12 year old boys is there? Apparently not. That’s how they do it in Europe. Here in the states, our auto and bike shows consist of girls holding signs and standing by a car completely motionless. In Europe? Leather chaps man. Leather chaps. I’ve also seen plenty of leg spreading, girls touching and nearly flat out porno sessions. If you want to draw a crowd US, you might want to consider implementing some of these strategies. It’s also not a terrible idea to show a picture of a girl masturbating for your car ad with the slogan being “own one of our cars and this will happen to you the day you buy it.” Pictures uploaded by Gymstar
Suck My Link: Megan Fox on Fire, Gina Carano, and Titans Cheerleaders
2008-06-03 22:01:00
Megan Fox might be one of the hottest women in the entire world and if Gina Carano were to beat the ever living sh*t out of me, I think I’d actually like it… a lot. The Link s
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Where there’s Water, There’s a Way
2008-06-03 14:53:00
Want to spill water on me? Fine. Want to piss on me? If that’s your thing and you have giant breasts then by all means go ahead. If it’s moist, if it shines, hell if it’s even near a toilet and you get water on your pants then it make me a little happier. Wetness is the bestness. I thoroughly enjoy pictures with the prospect of a girl getting soaked. P.S. Could the guys in the pool be any douchier? Pictures uploaded by JJ1212
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White T-Shirts Rule: Tushy in the Face and Nicole Graves
2008-06-02 22:00:00
Although I’m not going to lie, this T-Shirt would be considerably more valuable if there were tons of oil or water sprayed all over it. Top Links You can either get frustrated or simply appreciate an ass in your face - [Amateur Babes] Nicole Graves has a very talented chest - [Sexy Pix] (NSFW) Looks like Megan Fox will win this year’s Horny Award - [My Chill Pill] I don’t care how fat she gets, Jessica Alba is still hot - [Drunkenstepfather] The site may not be in English but the girls more than make up for it - [Omedi]
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A Very Hearty Hole
2008-05-13 22:09:00
Whoever designed those panties is an absolute genius.  And whichever fat woman tries wearing those for her husband is a complete moron. Picture uploaded by sszettella
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Cheryl Tweedy Is a Joke
2008-05-13 19:05:00
It’s actually funny how hot this woman is.  I would let her break every bone in my body except for one. Picture uploaded by reizgeriyi
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That’s How you Wear Lingerie
2008-05-13 18:01:00
It’s almost better with her clothes on don’t you think?  No?  Maybe?  OK fine I’d plow the absolute living shit out of her too. Picture uploaded by lindaduvallet
More About: Lingerie , Wear
You Can Just Tell
2008-05-13 14:00:00
I know it’s not the greatest picture in the world but you can just tell this girl is very hot. Either that or she’s a he. Picture uploaded by PierreD
Reading A Book
2008-05-12 22:42:00
Funny, that’s exactly how I read my books. Picture uploaded by jj1212
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This Guy Has the Right Idea
2008-05-12 19:38:00
Guy on the right:  “You don’t really think I was even remotely serious about this fat chick do you?” Picture uploaded by jj1212
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Underboob Cheerleaders!
2008-05-12 18:36:00
Yay!  Sure we know this a lesbian scene waiting to happen but I for one and am trying to believe that some high schools out there are really like this. Picture uploaded by snakeliquid
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I’m Hot for Schoolgirl
2008-05-12 14:33:00
Surprised Van Halen never made a follow up to “Hot For Teacher” involving this chick.  Good God. Picture uploaded by snakeliquid
I Want to Learn Gymnastics
2008-05-09 22:06:00
And I’d really appreciate it if this could would teach me by riding my pommel horse. Picture uploaded by italian angels
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Auto Show Babes
2008-05-09 19:03:00
It’s funny because the girl on the left is definitely hot but the girl on the right might be one of the hottest women I’ve seen in the last 15 minutes. Picture uploaded by cynikill
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