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Pakistan: Taliban Threatens Singers And Actors With Death
2009-03-15 11:26:00
Nazia Iqbal, a singer from Peshawar who is known as much for her beauty as her popular melodies, retired this week from singing and joined the Tablighi, a conservative religious preaching group.She was just one of a group of singers to make the enforced transformation.Wagma, another Pashtu-language woman singer, said that she had also received death threats and joined the group of preachers."In the initial stage, I joined the group under threat, but now I have realised that this is a noble way of life and I shall stick to it and shall never return to singing," she said.The death knell for Peshawar's once vibrant cultural life is one more indication that the Taliban has infiltrated the gates of Peshawar, a strategic frontier city close to the border with Afghanistan.Peshawar, the capital of the troubled North West Frontier Province (NWFP), is a staging post from where the US is attempting to embark on development projects to counter the "Talibanisation" of the region.But its citizen...
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Virginia: Islamic School Revises Textbooks... Some Hate Still Remains
2009-03-13 05:19:00
An Islamic school in Northern Virginia with close ties to the Saudi government has revised its religious textbooks in an effort to end years of criticism that the school fosters hatred and intolerance.While the Islamic Saudi Academy deleted some of the most contentious passages from the texts, copies provided to the Associated Press show that enough sensitive material remains to arm critics who claim the books show intolerance toward those who do not follow strict interpretations of Islam.Astrid Riecken/The Washington Times Christine Brim is part of a group of critics who believe the textbooks at the Islamic Saudi Academy promote intolerance toward non-Muslims. The Northern Virginia school recently developed new Islamic studies textbooks in an effort to address the criticism.The academy, which teaches nearly 900 students in grades kindergarten through 12th at its Alexandria campus, developed new Islamic studies textbooks for all grades after a 2008 congressional report called portio...
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Iran: Presecution Of Christians
2009-03-13 05:09:00
Found this great question an answer with the founder of Farsi Christian News Network. You can read the whole thing here.An interview with Saman kamvar, managing director of Farsi Christian News Network (FCNN) and Christian representative member of the Iran ian Human rights activist committee. In recent years the Islamic Republic of Iran has systematically and often through violent, repressive, and anti human rights methods treated the Christian resident of Iran, especially those who have newly embraced the Christian faith and are Farsi speaking. Meanwhile, in view of the fact that Iran is named among the top three countries in the world accused of violating the human rights of its Christian population, the reactionary sensitivity of the government has increased in recent years. In the context of the recently committed acts of repression and persecution towards the Christians of Iran, discriminatory laws, systematic violation of human rights, and the recently proposed and approved by ...
UK: Citizens Who Stood Up Against Radical Muslims At Protest Arrested
2009-03-13 04:24:00
And update to this story from Glenn Beck.
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Two Charged After FBI Raids Former Office of Obama's Pick for Information O
2009-03-13 03:52:00
After looking at this list of corrupt Obama appointees it makes one wonder if anyone in his administration isn't corrupt.A District of Columbia employee and a technology consultant were charged with corruption counts Thursday after FBI agents raided the former office of the man tapped to be President Obama's chief information officer. The White House said it was notified in advance of the search at the office of Vivek Kundra, who was formerly the D.C. technology officer. While the raid was happening at his old office, Kundra was giving a speech elsewhere on his new goals for government contracting.Kundra was not a target of the investigation, a source told FOX News. But Yusuf Acar, a city technology worker who worked under Kundra, was charged. He was ordered held without bond pending a hearing Tuesday. Prosecutors said $70,000 in cash was found during a search of Acar's home. Technology consultant Sushil Bansal was released but was ordered not to engage in overseas financial tran...
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Lawyer Who Represented A Jihadist Now Appointed By Obama To Justice Deparme
2009-03-12 23:43:00
Thanks to Infidels Are CoolTony Ward is the President?s nominee to head the Justice Department?s Civil Division. If you want to know how far we are past 9/11, there?s your answer: John Walker Lindh?s defense attorney is going to work for Justice. I?m not saying he wouldn?t do a perfectly competent job, It just seems like one of those things that might have stuck out, once upon a time.
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The Jihad On Facebook Continues... Muslims Hack Christian Facebook Groups
2009-03-12 23:40:00
Jihad Watch has the details.Chicago (IL) - The Facebook group, Christian s On Facebook, has become the latest target of attack for hackers who are posting pro-Islam messages. At 11:15am CDT today, the group's name was changed to "La ilaha illallahu Muhammadur Rasulullah", which means "There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the messenger of Allah." Since then the name has changed no fewer than ten times.The Christians on Facebook group itself has over 327,000 members from all variations of the Christian faith. This channel or group hack appears to have been designed to replace the fundamental tenants of Christianity with those of Islam.At 11:58am, the name began changing repeatedly to variations of the following: "La ilaha illallahu Muhammadur Rasulullah" "La ilaha illallahu Muhammadur Rasulullah -- In ALLAH We Believe" "La ilaha illallahu Muhammadur Rasulullah - There Is No God But ALLAH" "There is No God but ALLAH; Muhammad is the messenger of Allah"The attack appears t...
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Netherlands: Jihadist Attack Stopped Today
2009-03-12 23:37:00
Thanks to Islam In Europe:Amsterdam escaped a terror attack Thursday. A telephone call to the police Wednesday night said that three men wanted to set off explosives in packed stores in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. The authorities cleared branches of IKIA, MediaMarkt and Perry Sport Thursday morning and other stores remained closed due to 'a threat'.Only on Thursday evening was it clarified what the threat was. The telephone call was made from an apartment in Brussels, which was also searched.Seven people were arrested in the Netherlands , including a family member of somebody involved in the attacks in Madrid on March 11, 2004, five years and a day ago. They are six men and one woman aged 19 to 64, Dutch of Moroccan background.The police thinks that the direct threat is over with the arrests, but they are not excluding anything. The investigation is still ongoing and it is unclear when the shops will open again.
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Update: Amir Ali Is Dead
2009-03-12 23:02:00
Apparently Amir Ali who I posted about here has died. I posted video of him on a Chicago tv show stating that Islam will rule the USA. Well according to this he is dead. On November 14 he went for a heart scan and it was determined that he needed open-heart bypass surgery, which was successfully performed on the 16th. At 1 am on the morning of the 19th he was observed by the nurses to be sitting in his bed and reading. At 4 am, while he was sleeping, his heart slowed down and stopped. The doctors were unable to resuscitate him. He was buried in Chicago on the 20th, which was attended by one of the largest funeral gatherings ever held by Muslims in Chicago.It appears that he passed away this past November.Creeping Sharia has more info on Amir Ali and the organization he founded.
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Pakistani Jihadist Group Targeting In The US
2009-03-12 03:58:00
PAKISTAN terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) is an even bigger threat than Al-Qaeda, said US security experts.And they say it could be targeting the US.'We are and should be concerned about the threat LeT poses, given its global network,' Mr Juan Zarate, deputy national security adviser for counter-terrorism in the Bush administration, told the Chicago Tribune in an interview published on Sunday.Intelligence agencies report that potentially many tens of thousands of Pakistani s have been trained in LeT's guerrilla camps in Pakistan.And a small number are active in the US.'It doesn't just reside in South Asia. It is an organisation that has potential reach all over the world, including the US,' Mr Zarate said.Mr Bruce Riedel, chairman of the Obama administration's Pakistan-Afghanistan strategy review team, said he believed such a 'global jihadist syndicate' of disaffected young Pakistanis was the most likely mechanism for launching an attack on US soil.Authorities said thousan...
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Minnesota: Indictments Forthcoming For Somali-Americans Suspected Of Helpin
2009-03-12 03:05:00
Thanks to Jawa ReportFox News reports that at least one Somali -American who was attending the University of Minnesota student missing since last year is being probed by a federal grand jury. Three others are being probed and may face charges of materially aiding a terrorist organization.The way the story reads, it sounds like all four were students at UM: A woman who identified herself as a 20-year-old student at the University of Minnesota said she testified before the grand jury [yesterday] morning, after receiving a subpoena on Friday. A copy of the subpoena obtained by Fox News says, "You are hereby commanded to appear and testify before the Grand Jury of the United States District Court." The subpoena told her to appear at 9 a.m. local time. She said FBI agents previously told her that she has "some important information" related to an ongoing FBI investigation. The woman told Fox News she knew four of the Minneapolis-area men who went missing late last year, but she said...
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Joe Biden Believes Only 5 Percent Of The Taliban Are Determined Jihadist
2009-03-12 02:54:00
You have got to be kidding me. In response to this the Taliban said there is no such thing as a "moderate" member of the Taliban. See here.?5 percent of the Taliban is incorrigible, not susceptible to anything other than being defeated. Another 25 percent or so are not quite sure, in my view, the intensity of their commitment to the insurgency. And roughly 70 percent are involved because of the money, because of them being ? getting paid.?Robert Spencer does a good job of breaking this down and showing how ridiculous it is.According to the vice president -- and don't ask where he came up with these precise numbers -- only 5% of the Taliban is "incorrigible" (i.e., are determined jihadis); 25% are on the fence, sort of; the other 70% are in it for the money (i.e., they are not serious about this whole Islam, jihad, and sharia jazz, but are "frustrated," "impoverished, "disaffected," etc., and so let's buy them off.)Thus, according to the vice president of the U.S., 70% of the Tal...
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Sudan: Jihadist Threaten Another 9/11
2009-03-12 02:36:00
As Sudan Tribune writes, "an alliance of Sudanese Islamic jihadists and Darfur Arab militia groups pledged to carry out attacks against countries that are supporting the decisions of the International Criminal Court (ICC)" in retaliation to the last weeks indictment of Sudanese president, Omar al-Bashir, for the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Darfur since 2003.The alliance promised "world imperialists and CIA agents in US, UK, and France with another September 11 attack." The group also called for assassinations of the ICC chief prosecutor and Darfur rebel leaders.The joint statement was signed by the Martyr Abu-Qiseissah Suicide Group, Ansar Al-Sunnah Al-Jihadiyah Group, the Group in Search of Martyrdom, the Martyr Ali Abdel-Fattah Brigade, and the Darfur Lions Brigade.Earlier, high ranking officials from Iran, Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad visited Khartoum after the ICC arrest warrant was issued and expressed full support for president...
UK: Muslims Protesters Call UK Government Terrorist
2009-03-11 14:09:00
Thanks to Jihad Watch:
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UK: Muslims Abuse Soldiers As They Return Home From Iraq
2009-03-11 14:07:00
More on this at Hot Air
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Brooklyn: Jewish Synagogue Threatened By Jihadist
2009-03-10 12:21:00
Thanks to Pamela for this story.An Arab male is currently being interrogated by the NYPD after screaming ?Jihad threats? in a Boro Park Shul.Highly credible sources tell YWN that sometime early Monday afternoon, a 36-year-old male entered the ?Sephardish Shul? located on 14th Avenue and 45th Street and began reading a paper with various ?Jihad-type threats?.Thanks to the quick response of Boro Park Shomrim, the suspect was quickly apprehended, and was placed under arrest by officers of the NYPD?s 66th Precinct.Detectives from the NYPD INTEL Division are currently speaking with the ?Middle-Eastern man? at the 66 Station-House.Deputy Inspector Peter DiBlasio along with Brooklyn South Chief Joseph Fox reminds the community ?if you see something, say something?.Additionally, Inspector DiBlasio tells YWN that there is no reason for concern, and assures the community that extra officers have been added to keep the streets safe throughout Purim.SOURCE
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British Born Muslims Supply Al Qadea With Weapons
2009-03-09 22:54:00
No surprise here.The three along with a Muslim convert were part of a Birmingham terror cell whose leader was convicted of plotting to kidnap and behead a British soldier on video, the Old Bailey was told.Using the earthquake in Pakistan in late 2005 as a cover, the three collected funds from their community on the pretext of sending out humanitarian aid.Instead they diverted the money to buy vital equipment needed by the terrorists to fight coalition forces.Spending tens of thousands of pounds in high street chains such as Aldi, Lidl, Argos, Millets and Maplins, the cell bought outdoor equipment and electrical goods not available over the counter in Pakistan.Among the items were winter clothes, night vision goggles, laser sights, binoculars, compasses, first aid kits, tents, walkie-talkies, mobile phones and other equipment needed to equip the terrorists.They also bought night time cameras and computer equipment for the "AQ media boys" to record the wills of suicide bombers and oth...
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Israel: Muslims Desecrate Jewish Holy Book
2009-03-09 22:52:00
Muslims tore and performed other acts of desecration on Jewish prayer books and books of Psalms at Maarat Hamachpelah, the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron, according to HNN.The desecration was discovered Monday evening as Jews gathered to read the Book of Esther as part of Purim observances. During the day, entrance was granted only to Muslims for a special day on their calendar.SOURCE
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American Hamas Supporters Blog
2009-03-09 22:33:00
View his blog HERE.Just thought I would point this out. Also he has a Youtube channel and posted this video of himself saying he supports Hamas .
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American Muslim Prays for Release of al Qaeda Terrorists
2009-03-09 22:24:00
Our jihadi friend in North Carolina is apparently praying for And Al Qaeda member to be freed. Jawa Report has the details.
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Saudi Arabia: 75 Year Old Woman Sentenced To 40 Lashes And Prison
2009-03-09 22:21:00
Our wonderful friends the Saudi sA Saudi Arabia n court has sentenced a 75-year-old Syrian woman to 40 lashes, four months imprisonment and deportation from the kingdom for having two unrelated men in her house, according to local media reports.According to the Saudi daily newspaper Al-Watan, troubles for the woman, Khamisa Mohammed Sawadi, began last year when a member of the religious police entered her house in the city of Al-Chamli and found her with two unrelated men, "Fahd" and "Hadian."Fahd told the policeman that he had the right to be there, because Sawadi had breast-fed him as a baby and was therefore considered to be a son to her in Islam, according to Al-Watan. Fahd, 24, added that his friend Hadian was escorting him as he delivered bread for the elderly woman. The policeman then arrested both men.Saudi Arabia follows a strict interpretation of Islam called Wahhabism and punishes unrelated men and women who are caught mingling.The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and...
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Egypt: Muslim Sets Fire to Christian Man, Murders His Father
2009-03-09 14:34:00
A Muslim man set fire to a Coptic young man, murdered his father and wounded his younger brother, after it was rumored that the young Copt allegedly had a relationship with the Muslim man's sister.The events took place in the small village of "Dmas" Meet-Ghamr, after a rumor spread around of a relationship between the 25-year-old Copt Shihata Sabri, and the sister of a Muslim man named Yasser Ahmed Qasim.Yasser went to Coptic Shehata, holding a gasoline canister, poured it over him and set him on fire, as bystanders looked on in horror. The young Copt threw himself into the adjacent canal to try to put out the flames from his burning body. The fire left burns all over his body, leading to his death.Following this incident, people in the village rallied and when the 60-years-old Sabri Shehata, father of the Coptic victim arrived, he was attacked by a group of Muslims stabbing him with knives and daggers; one stab penetrated his back to come out of his abdomen below the rib cage, res...
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The Myth Of Two Talibans
2009-03-09 14:28:00
Walid Phares takes on the idea that Obama will talk with "moderate" parts of the Taliban. In fact by my observations, it is even more complicated than that: the US Administration is being advised that any change in strategy in Afghanistan is better than the previous situation. It is being told that the surge model as applied in Iraq may work, if modified to meet Afghanistan?s ?complexities.? The President must also be attracted to the idea that an ?engagement? with some quarters of the Taliban will fit perfectly with the global idea of engagement, sit down and listening that he seems to have adopted for the entire region. But many questions still need to be answered. Does the plan require a dialogue with the Taliban organization as a whole or with elements ?within? the organization? Apparently the US channel is to be established with ?elements? not with the leadership of the network. Then the next question is: if they aren?t part of the top leadership, are these elements able to swa...
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London: Anti-Sharia Protest
2009-03-09 14:17:00
Pictures of the protest here:
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Daily Mail Removes Reference To Islam In Honor Killing Story
2009-03-08 11:24:00
I posted a story from the UK about a man that told his wife "read the Quran" while he was murdering her. See here. Well now the Daily Mail has now removed this reference to the Quran. See the story now here. Just another example of the UKs dhimmitude.Thanks to Jihad Watch for pointing this out.
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Chicago TV: Muslim Leader Says America Will Become A Muslim Country
2009-03-08 03:48:00
This is from a tv show that airs on Chicago tv called Underground Railroad. I just posted about this show here. The host of the show is named Clifton Raheem Bradley. He has created at Youtube channel for the show which can be viewed HERE:Below is video of a man named Amir Ali who is the head of Institute of Islamic Information and Education which is based in Chicago. You can visit their website here: is the video of him calling for America to become an Islamic country. And stating America WILL become an Islamic country. This video is dated February 24 2009. Also here is a video of him talking about his organization.There are entire videos of this man on the Youtube channel. When I get a chance I will watch them and post anything of importance. MORE TO COME....
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Chicago: Racist TV Show Airing
2009-03-08 03:38:00
I just stumbled upon an interesting Youtube channel Here.Apparently this show is airing in Chicago :See the talk show named the Underground Railroad with(interviews).The host is (Clifton Raheem Bradley)and the Host is (MR. Terry).Go to my website to see more film .The TV show comes on channel 19 in Chicago(USA) on Saturdays at 10:30pmThere is some very interesting video titles on this Youtube channel like:The Evil of some White People and Their PresidentPresident OBAMA'S NO Punk ! Part 1 White Focks Bring it ON ( The Fight )Islam's coming to USA ! And Yes Europe !!MORE ON THIS TO COME....
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Thailand: Tract Left On Murdered Mans Body Warns "Dont Hurt Muslims"
2009-03-08 03:09:00
Suspected insurgents gunned down two brothers and burned their bodies as they rode a motorcycle to sit an exam in Pattani yesterday.The victims were identified as Hirun Sudmas, 36, an assistant village head and local defence volunteer, and his brother Arun Sudmas, 40, who worked as a janitor at a local school.They were scheduled to take an exam at the provincial university in the morning.A five-page leaflet was found at the scene of the killing, warning government officials not to "hurt" the local Muslim population.Meanwhile, a local academic said statistics showed insurgency-related incidents in the Muslim-majority region were on the rise, with the brutality only getting worse.Assoc Prof Srisompob, director of Prince of Songkhla University's Deep South Watch Centre, said the insurgency had become worse since January, in terms of both the frequency and the violence of incidents.He said the attacks were having a psychological impact on residents, many of whom had no hope that the au...
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Child Marriage In Saudi Arabia
2009-03-08 02:59:00
Just found this great article on child marriage in Saudi Arabia . Read it all. It explains that the concept of child marriage in Saudi Arabia is not just some fringe idea. Yet despite this Saudi Arabia is still considered one of our closest allies. I will never understand this.In the nation of Saudi Arabia the despotic feudal system remains and the rights of girls, women, non-Muslims, Shia Muslims, and others, are violated by the Sunni Islamic justice system. Despite this, major nations still desire to trade with Saudi Arabia and the oil factor and geopolitical issue, appears to override human rights. So when will Saudi Arabia be challenged by the international community?Before focusing on deeper political issues it is important to mention that laws in Saudi Arabia are based on Sharia Islamic Law and the Hadiths. Therefore, we are not talking about people on the margins of society who have no power, but who support child marriage; on the contrary, we are talking about major political...
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Obama Ready To Have Talks With Moderate Parts Of Taliban
2009-03-08 02:48:00
What "moderate" parts? I said it once and I will say it again. Obama is the Chamberlain of our time. Thanks to Gatewaypundit for pointing this out from the New York Times:President Obama declared in an interview that the United States was not winning the war in Afghanistan and opened the door to a reconciliation process in which the American military would reach out to moderate elements of the Taliban , much as it did with Sunni militias in Iraq.
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