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Joe Soltis writes about writes about local, national and global issues related to Christianity, Catholicism, Faith in America and the issues of the day
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Faithful Citizenship Cancelled, Fr. Pavone on August 20th & More
2008-04-28 16:25:00
The Cleveland Catholic Forum has cancelled the May 2nd event entitled Faithful Citizenship due to insufficient ticket sales. We do, however; have some very exciting news! Priests for Life The Cleveland Catholic Forum in partnership with Lawyers for Life will be hosting Father Frank Pavone from Priests for Life on August 20th. Fr. Frank Pavone is one ...
Religious Freedom Attacked in the USA
2008-04-21 15:14:00
The rights of Christians are under attack again! Consider what has happened just in the last week: In New Jersey, East Brunswick High School officials told football coach Marcus Borden he cannot kneel and bow his head while members of his team have a student-led pre-game prayer. In Wisconsin?s Tomah Area School District, a teacher refused to ...
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U.S. Ambassador Ray Flynn: The Catholic Vote
2008-03-19 21:07:00
Join the Cleveland Catholic Forum and former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican for Faithful Citizenship: The Catholic Vote . Ray Flynn , former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican, bestselling author, and former Mayor of Boston, joins the Cleveland Catholic Forum for our 2nd annual Saints Dinner and Silent Auction as we honor Mary, the Mother of Jesus. You ...
The Role of Faith in Public Life
2008-02-23 14:14:00
The Cleveland Catholic Forum recently had an event entitled “The God of Washington: Religion, Liberty & The Founder of Our Country.”   The keynote of the event was theologian, author of 26 books, and former U.S. Ambassador, Michael Novak.  He talked about his latest book, Washington’s God, Liberty, Religion & The Founder of our Country. The Cleveland Catholic Forum hosted this event for two basic reasons: First, we love God, and second, we love our country Looking back, I remember when I was a young boy, my Mom and Dad would point to the American Flag and I would look up to it with awe as they told me that the flag symbolized the sacrifices of generations that created and built a nation. Today, that nation offers more freedom, hope and love for God and neighbor than any nation before in history. I see in daily life, talking with family, friends, coworkers, and volunteer organizations, and in the heart and soul of America, that Love for God and neighbor is still ...
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Berkeley City Council Condemns Our Soldiers
2008-02-11 14:48:00
You may not be aware of the situation in Berkeley , California. Here is the situation. The Berkeley City Council has told the Marine Recruiting Office to get out of Berkeley. Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina has put together a video that shows you explicitly what the City Council members of Berkeley said about our Marines ...
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Why Giuliani Failed
2008-01-30 21:05:00
After John McCain?s 3rd straight primary victory, as well as victories by Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, and Rudy Giuliani ?s non-stop failure to win a primary or caucus, Rudy Giuliani is set to announce that he is withdrawing from the race to win the Republican Party Nomination. Many pundits are shocked by his fall from grace ...
The God of Washington
2008-01-16 18:08:00
Join the Cleveland Catholic Forum and theologian, author, and former U.S. ambassador, Michael Novak, on Tuesday, February 19, at St. Bernadette Church in Westlake. Join us at 7pm for Rosary and Mass. An 8pm talk by Michael Novak concerning religion, liberty and the Father of our Country, George Washington , will follow. Get Full Event Details Download ...
The Good of The Church
2008-01-15 14:13:00
During our last Cleveland Catholic Forum event, “Cleveland Church Clustering: Building Faith Communities Beyond Parish Boundaries,” I gave a brief talk prior to Bishop Roger Gries keynote address,that highlighteda simple fact: As good Christians we often focus on the flaws of the Catholic Church and look for ways to improve them. However, every now and then, ...
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Cleveland Church Clustering
2008-01-02 18:23:00
Join The Cleveland Catholic Forum & Bishop Roger Gries Cleveland Church Clustering: Faith Communities Beyond Parish Boundaries How Church Clustering Will Build the Church in the Diocese of Cleveland Join the Cleveland Catholic Forum and Bishop Roger Gries on Friday, January 11, 2008, at St. Bernadette Church in Westlake, OH. Join us at 7pm for Rosary, Mass and the ...
Merry Christmas from the Cleveland Catholic Forum
2007-12-21 16:25:00
Dear Friends, On behalf of the Cleveland Catholic Forum I want to wish you and yours a very blessed & Merry Christmas ! Warm Wishes, Joe Soltis P.S. Starting January 2nd I will be resuming regular blog postings.
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Let My Son Live
2007-11-27 16:36:00
It was March 16th of 2006, and I was looking at my newborn, premature son in the neo-natal intensive care unit. I prayed to God with all my might that he would be alright and make it through. As he lay in his incubator taking 160 breaths every minute to stay alive, I looked at him ...
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Pro-Life Scientist Urges Federal Funding of New Stem Cell Technique
2007-11-27 04:48:00 reported the following story: Two teams of scientists have reported that they have succeeded in directly reprogramming human skin cells to turn into embryonic-like stem cells. The groups have produced what are called “iPS” cells (induced Pluripotent Stem cells) by adding four genetic factors to a human skin cell. No embryos are created or destroyed, ...
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Defeating the War Against Christmas
2007-11-16 16:17:00
The American Family Association recently notified their membership that Lowe?s, the home improvement store, was no longer calling Christmas Trees, ?Christmas Trees?, but instead was referring to them as ?Family Trees.? Once the network of religious conservatives was notified, a flurry of emails and phone calls was sent to Lowe?s corporate headquarters. In less than ...
Mike Huckabee Almost 1st in Iowa
2007-11-16 14:43:00
A New American Research Group Poll came out yesterday that has Governor Huckabee at 24% in Iowa ? that is within 2% of Governor Romney. Governor Romney has spent $10,000,000 in television ads in Iowa and Governor Huckabee has spent $0. This definitely is going to show that money is not the most important thing ...
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Bishops Link Voting with Salvation
2007-11-15 13:38:00
The Houston Chronicle reported the following story this morning: Proclaiming a sense of new energy and empowerment, the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops on Wednesday instructed Catholic voters that their eternal salvation could be at stake when they cast ballots. Bishops emphasized that voters must consider the church’s teachings on abortion and other moral issues when they select ...
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You Can Not Eliminate God from the Heart of America
2007-11-07 22:59:00
I am an America n. I love my country. I love my heritage. I love my God. A group of well funded ?elitists? don?t want me or you to love our country, its heritage, or the God of our forefathers. In recent weeks The Washington Monument was stripped of its religious history by a work to hide ...
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The Golden Compass - Atheism for Kids
2007-10-30 19:35:00
Catholic League president Bill Donohue discussed the league?s reaction to the upcoming movie, ?The Golden Compass ?: ?New Line Cinema and Scholastic Entertainment have paired to produce ?The Golden Compass,? a children?s fantasy that is based on the first book of a trilogy by militant English atheist Philip Pullman. The trilogy, His Dark Materials, was written to ...
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What is a Real Man?
2007-10-25 23:21:00
A real man is someone who brings integrity to everything that he does A real man is NOT someone who lies and cheats to get to the top A real man works hard for the betterment of himself, his culture, his family and his friends A real man is NOT someone who works hard only for money, power, ...
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Maine School Hands Out ?The Pill? Without Parental Consent
2007-10-19 15:17:00
King Middle School in Portland, Maine will give students access to birth control pills and patches without parental consent after a local school board approved the plan Wednesday, 10-18-07. So now girls as young as 11 years of age can get on “The Pill ” without their parents ever knowing. I was talking with my wife about ...
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Mike Huckabee Ties for 2nd in Iowa Poll
2007-10-19 15:17:00
Rasmussen recently reported Mitt Romney had support from 25 percent of likely Iowa caucus-goers, compared to 19 percent for Fred Thompson, 18 percent for Mike Huckabee , 13 percent for Rudy Giuliani, and 6 percent for John McCain. Statistially, Mike Huckabee is now tied for 2nd place in Iowa. If a presidential candidate can win the ...
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The Folsom Street Fair Should be Shut Down
2007-10-09 18:57:00
Please read the following article to understand more about an event called “The Folsom Street Fair ”, which Miller Beer sponsored.This articlecontains graphic descriptions of the Folsom Street Fair , an annual sexually-charged and perverse event in San Francisco with approximately 400,000 participants. This article was published by Baptist Press. ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP)–An estimated 400,000 people congregated in ...
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Archbishop: Deny Giuliani Communion
2007-10-05 13:24:00 recently reported the following story: Roman Catholic Archbishop Raymond L. Burke is threatening to deny Holy Communion to presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani due to his support for abortion rights. In 2004, the St. Louis archbishop said he would deny Communion to Democrat John Kerry. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported: ?Asked if he would deny Communion to Giuliani ...
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Miller Beer Slams Christianity
2007-10-01 13:30:00
I received the following email in my inbox this morning. I ask you to sign-on to the Miller Beer Boycott and enjoy a nice cold Budweiser or Bud Light instead. Catholic League president Bill Donohue announced a national boycott of Miller Beer on ?Fox and Friends.? He explains why today: ?Never have we experienced greater corporate arrogance ...
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16 Catholic Senators Vote to Fund Abortions
2007-09-27 20:04:00 - Sixteen Catholic senators recently voted against an amendment that would have restored the Mexico City Policy. The policy, instituted by President Reagan in 1984, prohibited U.S. taxpayer dollars from funding organizations that perform or promote abortions in foreign countries. Catholic activist Judie Brown, president of American Life League, says she was especially disappointed ...
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Pro-Homosexual Law Targets Churches
2007-09-25 21:45:00
London ( Christian groups are warning that proposed new equality laws could wreak havoc on British churches and lead to the further secularization of society. As part of its efforts to streamline decades’ worth of anti-discrimination law, the British government is currently drawing up a new Single Equality Bill, which is expected to come before ...
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How to Conquer Evil in the World
2007-09-20 20:49:00
Iranian leader, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has threatened to wipe the nation of Israel off of the map. Terrorists have the goal of killing the maximum number of innocent men, woman and children in order spread their hateful ideology. Politicians are often corrupt and selfish, looking for their own self-interest over that of their own nation. ...
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9/11 and the Power of Prayer
2007-09-12 03:26:00
On today, the anniversary of the murder of 3,000 American innocents, please pray for our soldiers and their families. Their daily sacrifice, hardship and heroism is more than most American?s sufferings in a year?s time. Please pray for peace and reconciliation between the religious factions and tribes in Iraq. Pray for a free and stable ...
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Yes, Religious Groups Can Meet on Public Property
2007-09-07 18:03:00
There is often an anti-religious attitude that finds its way into major media outlets. As a result, sometimes folks are misled as to what their actual rights are. So I encourage you to let others know that in a 6-3 decision in Good News Club v. Milford Central School, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a ...
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Why go to Church?
2007-08-28 14:26:00
People often tell me that they don’t like going to church because they don’t get anything out of it.  I can understand where they are coming from because I used to feel the same way.  I always went, but often left feeling no different than before I came into church.  However, it became different when I changed my perspective and went to church for the greater good. The simple fact is that going to church is not just about getting something out of it for you.  You go to church to serve God and serve others. God is your Creator. He loves you and He will do anything for you that is good for your soul.  To put it simply:  He’s a great guy - and He would like you to be there with Him. Also, everyone at church is depending on you.  The Church is a community that is dependent upon its members for success.  If no one goes to Church, there is no Church.  If no one prays, there are no prayers being said.  If no one volunteers in the Church, no work gets done and no difference ...
Giuliani deflects questions about his Catholic faith
2007-08-24 14:46:00
The Associated Press Staff Reports recently reported the following story about pro-abortion presidental candidate Rudy Giuliani : DAVENPORT, Iowa - Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani says that whether he’s a good or bad Catholic is a personal matter. A questioner at a town-hall meeting in Iowa noted President Bush’s success in winning the support of Catholic voters and ...
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