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On economic liberty & social liberals? anti-Republican narrative
2012-06-01 01:44:00
Last week, our reader Chris H offered a comment which goes to the heart of the Republican dilemma among gays — and social liberals, particularly those who live in what current Breitbart blogger John Nolte dubbed the “blue islands” which dot our nation’s increasingly “red” landscape: I had an interesting experience this weekend. I was ...
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As he dubs notion of liberal media bias a ?sham?, is Dan Rather offering fu
2012-06-01 00:27:00
In his Daily Caller piece on Dan Rather’s Wednesday appearance on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart?, Jeff Poor reports that “one-time CBS ?Evening News? anchor Dan Rather said that allegations that the mainstream media reports news from a liberal perspective have been greatly overstated.” Poor includes this excerpt from Rather’s remarks on the Comedy Central ...
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Yahoo! leads news with former Carter aide?s musings on contents of Mitt Rom
2012-05-31 23:34:00
While the conservative blogosphere is abuzz about how Mitt Romney’s team outorganized the Obama campaign’s attempt to trash the presumptive Republican nominee’s Massachusetts record and the candidate’s press conference outside Solyndra, Yahoo! chooses to lead their news with the speculations of a former Carter administration official. Walter Shapiro, according to his USA Today biography, “served ...
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Even the Huffington Post notes Obama?s anti-Bush obsession
2012-05-31 21:37:00
Their image promoting the unveiling of the White House portrait of the immediate past President of the United States:
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Did First Circuit Use 10th Amendment to Strike Down Portions of the Defense
2012-05-31 18:36:00
At first blush, the First Circuit ruling overturning portions of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) , those denying “federal benefits to married gay couples”, appears to be on shaky legal ground:  ”In its unanimous decision, the three-judge panel of the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston said the 1996 law that defines marriage as ...
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Once again, a plea for civility in the comments
2012-05-31 18:01:00
My most recent post on the Grenell matter should have been an occasion for our readers to consider yet again the most unreported story in the gay media  – and indeed a social phenomenon that only receives passing notice even in the conservative press, that of the of strong intolerance among certain liberals toward people ...
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Has CNN devoted more time to Donald Trump . . .
2012-05-31 17:28:00
. . . and his endorsement of Mitt Romney than the “news” network has to the failure of the Senate Democrats to pass a budget in over three years? UPDATE:  Seems I’m not the only one noting the network’s obsession with Mr. Trump.   From Jennifer Rubin: Peter Wehner blasts CNN. ?There are dozens of significant ...
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If Barack Obama didn?t have the legacy media on his side. . .
2012-05-31 00:40:00
. . . he’d stand no chance of being reelected.
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Barrett can?t name any school districts harmed by Walker?s reforms
2012-05-30 21:39:00
Ace reports perhaps the most significant comment Scott Walker’s opponent has made in the course of the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall: [Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett] cannot name any school districts harmed by the Act 10 reforms, and appears to agree with the proposition that it’s helped many (in as much as he does not dispute this part ...
Watcher of Weasels ? Last Nominations of May 2012
2012-05-30 21:32:00
Council Submissions The Noisy Room ? Stalking the Blogosphere – BlogBurst Friday for Free Speech The Colossus of Rhodey ? This Is Even Funnier Because Of Her Obstinance Simply Jews ? Viktor Dvorakovsky: an undermartyred Russian Islamist The Independent Sentinel ? Obama?s Truth Team Engaging In Deceptive Propaganda The Political Commentator ? The IPO: Did Facebook ?Jump the Shark?? Joshuapundit-Memorial ...
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Grenell says social conservatives didn’t force him out–and rece
2012-05-30 09:02:00
Shortly after we learned that Richard Grenell decided to step down at Mitt Romney’s foreign policy/national security spokesman, I tried to reach the former aide to John Bolton to ask him a simple question:  whether or not, he, like most gay conservatives, received more grief from the gay left than from social conservatives. Well, my blogger friends may or may not have passed my messages on to Mr. Grenell.  But, I may finally be getting an answer — or a close approximation of one.  A reader alerted me to blogger William A. Jacobson’s post where that law professor excerpted an article from Palm Springs’s Desert Sun reporting the gay Republican “took heat from both the political left and the right“: In an interview with The Desert Sun, Grenell said: “The far left doesn’t want a gay person to be conservative and the far right doesn’t want a conservative to be gay. Some of the most hateful, mean-spirited intolerant comments about me be...
Why Obama is ill-disposed to call his policies “Keynesian”
2012-05-30 09:01:00
I had been planning a post on Obama’s claims to be a skinflint, but other bloggers have easily disposed of the disingenuous claim that the Democrat has “has presided over slower growth in federal spending than any president since Dwight D. Eisenhower.” Funny how he makes that claim when my Obama-supporting friends defend their guy, claiming we needed a macroeconomic stimulus to jumpstart the economy.  ”I thought,” writes Victor Davis Hanson, . . . one Obama swore to us that borrowing $5 trillion was vital — Keynesian pump priming, stimulus, averting 8 percent–plus unemployment, and all that. But now another Obama claims that his serial $1 trillion deficits are proof not of “growth” of the sort that improved GDP and reduced unemployment, but rather of fiscal discipline that stopped reckless Republican spending. So Obama over the last four years brought both austerity that checked wild Bush spending, and also Keynesian growth that snapped us out ...
Like John McCain, Hillary, in 2008, wasn’t prepared for the legacy me
2012-05-30 00:54:00
“It’s a matter of record,” blogger Chris Reed observed reminded us yesterday, “that Bill Clinton thought the fawning media coverage (go to the 4:10 mark) of Obama gave him the Democratic nomination and the presidency in 2007-08″  (via Instapundit). Perhaps Mr. Obama wouldn’t have had as easy a time of it had Clinton’s wife been better prepared for a media that didn’t treat her with kid gloves.  Up until her bid for the White House in 2008, Hillary Clinton faced a generally supportive media.  It seems that until she started campaigning in the Buckeye State’s Democratic presidential primary that year, she had taken for granted that the media would treat her as the previously had. Only that year, they found a candidate they liked even more than her — whose narrative was even more compelling than hers. Given how close was the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination that year, one wonders if Mrs. Clinton would have se...
Why does Arianna Hufffington keep forgetting to mention that Jon Corzine is
2012-05-30 00:36:00
Check out the leading headline on AOL’s home page: In the article linked, we learn that “former MF Global CEO Jon Corzine has been hit by the housing crash“: The ex-Governor of New Jersey recently sold his Hoboken penthouse apartment for $2.8 million, 14 percent less than what he paid for it in 2008, Bloomberg reports (h/t Business Insider). . . . . The housing crash isn’t the only crisis Corzine is dealing with, though. Corzine is coming off the bankruptcy of MF Global last fall when the brokerage firm made a failed $6.3 billion bet on European debt, losing more than $1 billion worth of customer funds. Even with that money now largely accounted for, the collapse is a major blemish on Corzine’s resume. The Obama campaign returned $70,000 worth of donations to Corzine in December as result, according to Bloomberg. How nice to report that the Obama campaign returned that tainted money, while failing to note how energetically both Mr. Obama and his Vice Presi...
Obama: one-hit wonder?
2012-05-29 18:45:00
Willie Brown, the former Democratic Speaker of the California State Assembly wrote yesterday: The president’s trip to the Bay Area last week made it painfully clear that the Barack Obama re-election campaign has lost its mojo. There was no life, no personality, no memorable line or moment and no real enthusiasm in the entire fundraising foray. In short, there was no buzz. It was like a summer rerun of a show that wasn’t very interesting to begin with. . . . . Obama was more than a candidate last time out. He was a popular and cultural phenomenon. A rock star. But the trouble with rock stars is that they drop like a rock once fans conclude they are “over.” Via Weasel Zippers via Instapundit.  To borrow the California Democrat’s image, seems Obama is like the singer who happens to stumble upon the right song at the right moment.  With that that song, he zooms to the top of the charts and the critics awed by the power of that one song define him as the n...
Donald Trump: this week’s Obama campaign shiny object
2012-05-29 18:31:00
It looks like Democrats have found their shiny object for this week.  Over at HotAir headlines, they link the New Obama ad: Why won’t Romney stand up to Trump ? Pam Spaulding, my favorite leftie blogress is on top of the story. The presumptive Republican nominee has stated the obvious that, well, he doesn’t agree with all his supporters.  Now, I’ll grant that it would be better if Mitt Romney wasn’t participating in a fundraiser with the other Donald.  (Sorry, friends, the Donald is always clad a in a sailor shirt and hat and no pants.) Does the Obama campaign really believe that the American people will judge a candidate not by his own experience and platform and define him by some of his more eccentric supporters?  Wonder how they would react should conservatives demand that Obama, to borrow and paraphrase an expression, differentiate himself from his more extreme supporters. UPDATE:  Looks like Mitt Romney is not going to play the Obama Democrats game. ...
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The Althouse Interestingness Standard
2012-05-26 18:07:00
Ann Althouse explains why she didn’t read a Jeffrey Rosen, er, Jeffrey Toobin piece in the New Yorker: I have an interestingness standard, not an it-was-in-The-New-Yorker standard. Diva.
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Watcher of Weasels ? ?Lusty Month of May? Winners
2012-05-26 18:00:00
The Watchers Council has announced its winners for the penultimate May 2012 competition and they are as follows. Among the council nominees, the rankings: *First place with 3 2/3 votes! Joshuapundit ? What Does Peace Mean Anyway? Second place with 2 2/3 votes ? The Razor- Geert Wilders: A 21st Century Canary in a Coal Mine Third place with ...
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Thinking outside box not welcome in political realm
2012-05-26 17:23:00
Ann Althouse linked this earlier today: Thinking outside the box may solve problems in the real world. But in the political realm, creative noodling will get you cast into the outer darkness. No matter which way you lean, The Machinery requires cogs, not cognizance. She was talking about Democrats taking Cory Booker, but it relates ...
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Whither liberalism?
2012-05-25 22:48:00
Liberalism “, writes Roger Simon today, “as an ideology is in its death throes. Only the power trip remains.”  Maybe that explains why the president is having trouble coming up with an agenda for his second term. Roger reached his conclusion, in part, by observing the reluctance to all too many liberals to engage in serious ...
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I stand with Stacy. And Aaron. And Patterico
2012-05-25 09:21:00
Today, I join my fellow conservative bloggers in standing with bloggers Stacy McCain, Aaron Walker and Patterico, uniting as Michelle Malkin puts it, “for Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin” Day.  She asks us to check Patterico?s blog for more revelations about his plight. Also bookmark Aaron Walker?s blog, Stacy McCain?s, and Liberty Chick Mandy Nagy?s Twitter feed. Read the comprehensive investigative ...
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GOP becoming increasingly accepting of gay Republicans
2012-05-25 09:00:00
Reader MV passed along a McClatchy article on a “quiet transformation is taking place in the Republican Party, which has begun to embrace openly gay candidates ? and among gay Republicans , who now feel more comfortable speaking out in a party that may have accepted them but didn?t always show it.” The article reports how ...
Second term agenda? What second term agenda?
2012-05-25 08:44:00
Last October, I asked What could Obama accomplish in a second term? Two months later, I wonder if he had anything planned should he win reelection.  Even, as I blogged last month, a liberal pundit is wondering what’s on the Democrat’s agent after November 6. Asking what Obama?s second term would look like, Commentary’s Alan Goodman ...
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Was anyone arrested for criticizing W?
2012-05-25 07:40:00
Recall that North Carolina teacher, now suspended without pay, who upbraided a student for daring to, as she put it, “disrespect” the President of the United States in her classroom.  She had told her class that it was “criminal to slander a president”: ?Do you realize that people were arrested for saying things bad about ...
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WeHo?s The Abbey bans ?bachelorette? parties
2012-05-25 02:40:00
Over the past decade, the Abbey has grown into one of the premiere gay watering holes in West Hollywood (if not all of Southern California).  When passing through the Southland, many of my gay friends insist on stopping by.  And as the establishment’s profile has increased, it has drawn an increasingly mixed crowd, including a ...
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On Pastor Worley, Crackpot Ministers & the Media
2012-05-25 02:04:00
Over the past week or so, I have seen numerous postings on Facebook and a number of stories on CNN about a North Carolina pastor who somehow seems to have forgotten about the biblical injunction to love your neighbor”: I figured a way out, a way to get rid of all the lesbians and queers, ...
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Not proud of Obama?s shift on gay marriage
2012-05-25 00:45:00
Yesterday, I wrote that I’d “have to agree to disagree” with Richard Grenell’s expression of “pride in the president?s patently political statement” announcing his shift on gay marriage.  Like two-thirds of Americans in a recent poll, I believe the Democrat flipped on gay marriage “mostly for political reasons“.  Not even one quarter of Americans surveyed ...
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Richard Grenell, gay conservatives & the GOP
2012-05-24 19:18:00
in 2004, in the decision that would (indirectly) launch my blogging career, Log Cabin passed up an opportunity that Richard Grenell yesterday seized with relish–the chance to articulate the role for gay conservatives within a party whose  entire agenda we do not support. By failing to endorse George W. Bush (and making a spectacle of ...
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Big Labor pouring money down drain in Wisconsin?
2012-05-24 18:27:00
?The Left, labor, Democrats, which planned to embarrass” Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Mike Allen of Politico on MSNBC this morning (as quoted by Jim Geraghty), ”instead have made him a national figure with a very bright future,?  adding ?It was money poured down the drain by Democrats and the Left in a presidential election year.? Indeed. Wonder ...
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Even though Obama flipped on gay marriage, Richard Grenell remains faithful
2012-05-24 08:18:00
When I first posted on Richard Grenell’s stepping down from the Romney campaign, I wrote that it was . . . absurd to think that, as one social conservative quoted in Rubin?s piece suggests, that Grenell might ?decamp from Romney to Obama ? should that latter come out in favor of federal recognition of same-sex marriage. ...
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