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Definition of a Conservative
2008-06-08 03:17:00
We have all heard the comments about the Republican Party lacking a brand and direction, while Conservative debate over what Conservatives are the movements leaders and strongest candidates. As many Conservatives around the Country try to answer questions about what it means to be a Conservative, an equal number are also asking that question. Enter Lyn Nofgizer, ...
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Oil Shocks: US Markets Get Hammered
2008-06-06 22:27:00
What a day for Wall Street.  The markets took a terrible beating today with the Dow Jones losing over 400 points. Oil skyrocketed more than $10 to settle over $138 per barrel.  Today’s spike set an all time record for a one day oil gain.  Gasoline prices continue to rise across the nation.  One analyst expects oil ...
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Coalition For Tax Credit Scholarships Continues To Grow
2008-06-06 14:00:00
We have been following the path of a bill to create tax credit scholarships for children in some of New Jersey’s failing schools.  The proposal has the backing of many child education advocacy groups such as E3 (Excellence in Education for Everyone) and from many across the ideological spectrum.  It was pointed out how such ...
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Race for the White House by the Numbers
2008-06-05 17:08:00
An Associated Press analysis of the 50 states and the percentage-point margins of victory in the 2004 race between George W. Bush and John Kerry. Electoral votes are in parentheses. BATTLEGROUNDS:    –Colorado (9): Bush by 5. Population growth and Hispanic voters give Democrats hope.    –Florida (27): Bush by 5. Always a hard-fought state given its large ...
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Testifying Before NJ Senate and Assembly Committees
2008-06-05 15:55:00
Blogging will be light from me today, as I am here in Trenton, at the State House Annex about to testify before the Assembly Health & Senior Services Committee in favor of Jay Webber’s AR124; “Designates September 2008 “Hydrocephalus Awareness Month” in New Jersey.” Then I am off to the 1:00pm hearing downstairs to testify ...
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Remembering Ronald Reagan
2008-06-05 14:00:00
Four years ago today the world lost a true hero.  There will never be another Ronald Reagan and we will all be forever indebted to him for all his contributions toward a better world.  We can all learn from history and take much from his words. A video tribute to Ronald Reagan : And from the 2004 Republican ...
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Good Primary Day for Conservatives
2008-06-05 01:37:00
No. Not in New Jersey. But in California and New Mexico, the establishment hand-picked candidates lost to the more principled, conservative candidate. The NJGOP should try that sometime. First in California: An open seat is available with the news that Congressman John Doolittle will be retiring at the end of this term, (linked to the Abramoff ...
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Blogger Conference Call III with John McCain
2008-06-04 23:57:00
I was invited to participate in my third blogger conference call with John McCain this afternoon. Senator McCain had a very brief opening statement and then took some questions. McCain started off the call by offering his congratulations to Senator Clinton on her hard fought campaign, and how she opened up the doors to woman around ...
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Take Action for Tax Credit Scholarships
2008-06-04 16:30:00
Support for tax credit scholarships continues to grow around the Garden State.  As momentum continues to grow, however, we must keep the pressure on legislators to ensure the scholarships become a reality.  The children of our state deserve no less. The bill (S-1607) that would create a pilot program for these scholarships advanced through the Senate ...
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Primary Day-After
2008-06-04 15:46:00
It’s finally over. Thank God. The primary season in New Jersey has finally ended, and while the nominees are now known, I think there are more questions today then answers. In the US Senate race, the establishment candidate Anne Esatbrook Andy Unanue John Crowley Dick Zimmer defeated Joe Pennacchio and Murray Sabrin. A race that can only ...
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Primary Day Reports
2008-06-04 00:45:00
{Update: Now that the work day is just about over, voting activity should pick up and I am bumping this post up to the top of the page for you to report your voting experience} The polls are now open and I will be voting later this afternoon. If you have voted already, please leave ...
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Exclusive Update from Murray Sabrin Campaign Headquarters
2008-06-03 23:57:00
Was able to grab George Ajjan on the phone for a few minutes to get an update on how things are going across the State in the race for US Senate. George echoes what everyone has been saying that turnout is very low across the State and with Murray representing the best position on the issues, ...
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Exclusive Update from Jack Kelly Campaign Headquarters
2008-06-03 23:41:00
Just got off the phone with Kelly for Congress Campaign Manager Frank Luna. Some of the information in this report has not yet been reported to any other outlets. The campaign is very excited about what they are hearing and seeing across the District. They have an army of unpaid volunteers working the entire District and ...
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Clinton: I Am Open To Being Obama?s VP
2008-06-03 21:52:00
A Ross Report source tell me that Hillary Clinton spoke on a conference call today with congressional supporters from New York. On the call, she maintains that she will NOT drop out of the race tonight, but instead will reflect on her historical campaign and how proud and gateful she is to her supporters nationwide. During the ...
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RNC Hires Team Giuliani For November GOTV
2008-06-03 21:12:00
If I wanted to win an election, and I needed people to run my field operations across the Country, I’m not so sure that my first phone call would be to the person who developed the failed Rudy Giuliani Florida or bust strategy, especially since that strategy went, well.. bust: The Republican National Committee has hired ...
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AP: Obama Clinches Nomination
2008-06-03 19:33:00
According to the Associated Press, Senator Barack Obama has clinched the Democratic nomination for President.  From the AP: Barack Obama effectively clinched the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday, based on an Associated Press tally of convention delegates, becoming the first black candidate ever to lead his party into a fall campaign for the White House. Campaigning on an insistent ...
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Convicted of a Crime for Something She Wrote
2008-06-03 18:40:00
Former movie star Brigitte Bardot has been convicted for speaking her mind.  Brigitte Bardot was convicted Tuesday of provoking discrimination and racial hatred for writing that Muslims are destroying France. A Paris court also handed down a $23,325 fine against the former screen siren and animal rights campaigner. The court also ordered Bardot to pay $1,555 in damages to ...
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Are GOP Voters Planning to Strike in November?
2008-06-03 17:38:00
Disgust and apathy is running high among GOP voters towards the party and candidates, and who can blame them. From the devastation of 2006 to the Senate Amnesty bill last summer to loss after loss in special elections over the last 2 months, what is there to be waving the Republican Flag about? The concern that ...
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Is It Over For Clinton?
2008-06-03 16:55:00
UPDATE: Clinton camp says AP story is incorrect.  Terry McAuliffe of the Clinton campaign said on CNN that the AP story is “100% wrong”.  He said Clinton will NOT acknowledge Obama as the nominee tonight. I also heard from a Ross Report source that Hillary Clinton will concede tonight that Barack Obama has the delegates to secure ...
Hanging Out With The Illegals
2008-06-03 15:49:00
New school field trip idea: Visit a day-labor work site and hang out with the illegal immigrants: It wasn’t your typical field trip that Danielle Quinto took her fourth-grade class at Our Community School in North Hills on last week. Her 25 students - all from lower- to middle-class working families - didn’t go to the ...
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Newt Says Drill Here, Drill Now!
2008-06-03 03:11:00
Former Speaker of the House and Director of American Solutions for Winning the Future, Newt Gingrich is reaching out to the American people to sign a petition to force Congress to drill for oil right here in the US of A, caribou or no caribou: “We, therefore, the undersigned citizens of the United States, petition the ...
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Ahmadinejad Still Aims to Make Israel Disappear
2008-06-02 23:47:00
Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad continued his same song of predicting that Israel would soon disappear: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad predicted on Monday that Muslims would uproot “satanic powers” and repeated his controversial belief that Israel will soon disappear, the Mehr news agency reported. “I must announce that the Zionist regime (Israel), with a 60-year record of genocide, ...
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Is Zimmer Legitimate?
2008-06-02 21:17:00
That is the question Max Pizarro asks in his PolitickerNJ column. Fresh off my interview with Congressman Dick Zimmer on Friday, Max takes a look at how Zimmer got to be in the race and if he is a legitimate contender, considering the lines he is representing were won by someone else. Also keep in mind ...
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Does McCain Have a Pal-In Sarah?
2008-06-02 19:11:00
Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a strong conservative, just may be in the running for the VEEP slot with John McCain: A tipster sent us word that John McCain’s VP advance man Arthur Culvahouse has been spotted in Juneau, Alaska. There’s only one reason he would be there - to meet with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin about ...
Domenici Backs Wilson For His Senate Seat
2008-06-02 17:23:00
Retiring Senator Pete Domenici has thrown his support to Congresswoman Heather Wilson to replace him in the Senate , passing over Congressman Steve Pearce for the seat. I find it interesting that with all the talk about a damaged “brand” for the Republican Party and how we need to find our way back to basics of the ...
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Handicapping the 7th Congressional District Race
2008-06-02 15:26:00
And there off!! With no polls to go by, other then some of the campaign’s own internal polls that had that particular candidate winning the race, (what a surprise), we are on our own to determine the outcome. Reaching out to some contacts who work within the horseracing handicapping industry, and providing data such as money raised, ...
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Confirmation that Tax Credit Scholarships are Good Policy, and Politics
2008-06-02 14:00:00
Two weeks ago it was pointed out how the evidence was showing Tax Credit Scholarships were good policy and politics.  As for the policy aspect there are numerous examples about the benefits to all involved (from tax payers to - most importantly - children, and the educational system in general).  Then, as for the politics ...
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Tomorrow?s New Jersey Primary
2008-06-02 13:45:00
New Jersey ans (at least a few of them) will head to the polls tomorrow to cast their vote in various races.  Voter turnout is expected to be low and the highest office on the ballot is U.S. Senate.  On the Republican side the most interesting races for national office are the U.S. Senate, and two ...
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GOP 3rd Congressional District: Vote Jack Kelly For Congress
2008-06-01 15:33:00
I’ve previously stated that I have paid more attention to the US Senate and 7th Congress ional District race then I have to the 3rd Congressional District. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been following the press releases and what has been going on in the race. I have also received a few emails from voters asking ...
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Interview with Dick Zimmer
2008-06-01 01:02:00
After the live debate yesterday at the Defending the American Dream Summit, a staffer for Dick Zimmer asked me if I was interested in interviewing the Congressman for a few minutes. While I didn’t have any recording equipment with me, I thought I would just ask a few questions and jot down notes, and then recap ...
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