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Welcome to my home. It's not much, but I was raised by frugal parents who taught me to read and think and live by traditional means. Here is the non-medical perspective of a small town respiratory therapist.. I like to write about anything from fami


What interesting times these are
2008-05-12 05:31:00
Hillary and McCain have made calls recently for Congress to get rid of the gas tax over the summer season in order to give consumers a break and, hopefully, boost the economy. Obama doesn't want this tax. This only makes sense, considering he's probably going to be the democratic presidential nominee, he doesn't want to take a chance the economy will improve by November. While Hill is a dem, she
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From the new deal to a broken system
2008-05-11 05:27:00
John Maynard Keynes warned that as soon as the depression was over the government would need to scale back government programs, and cut spending. He warned about what might happen if people took his economic policies too far. FDR, too, was not a proponent of big government. He wanted to create programs that would help the poor until they were able to get back on their feet (welfare), and help
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All speech: A call for national unity
2008-05-09 19:59:00
Any candidate who gives this speech, or one similar to it, will become president in landslide proportions: Good afternoon, Americans. I stand before you today as a candidate for President of these here United States of America at a time our fathers and mothers only dreamed about as they were fighting for and building this great nation. We are now enjoying levels of prosperity, economic
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McCain can still win despite historical trends
2008-05-09 10:15:00
I just finished reading Paul Krugman's post in today's issue of, and I had to laugh as he sounded quite optimistic about Obama's chances of winning in November. He writes that, "Assuming that Mr. Obama is the nominee, he’ll lead a party that, judging by the usual indicators, should be poised for an easy victory — perhaps even a landslide." Yes, he is absolutely right on, if you
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McGovern dems hand gift to lucky McCain
2008-05-08 02:25:00
When the democratic party shows its true colors and becomes brave enough to run on their liberal left agenda, which is where there hearts truly lie, and is what they would prefer to do as opposed to pretending to be moderates and conservative, they lose every time. George McGovern was the most liberal person to ever run for the office of the president, and he lost in a landslide to Nixon. And
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We are all susceptible to liberal fascism
2008-05-07 17:31:00
Liberal Fascism , as we saw from yesterday's post, is an attempt by governmental leaders to perfect society in name of doing what the "will of the people" calls for by tinkering with the government; by creating social programs, a type of totalitarian government with regulations, laws, tax hikes and the like to create an ideal state (utopia, a perfect society). "Today's liberals," writes Jonah
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Gore still blames bad weather on global warming
2008-05-07 02:22:00
While I proved in a post a while ago that global warming does not cause bad weather, Al Gore refuses to give up the mantra that global warming is the cause of all inclement weather. In simple terms, inclement means harsh or stormy. Of course, whatever means is necessary to advance the global warming agenda the global warming crowd will do. And why not, when the global warming is a billion dollar
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Progressivism is liberalsim is fascism
2008-05-06 17:41:00
Johah Goldberg has written an excellent and intelectually deep book called "Liberal Fascism : The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning." It's quite interesting, because it brings up a concept about liberalism that I had heard of before, but was not aware that it was a form of fascism. Perhaps it's because liberals control the media and write the history
Only you can solve the health care crisis
2008-05-03 17:27:00
One of the biggest strategies of the democrats to win the White House in 2008 is to appeal to the 47 million uninsured people in the United States, and telling them that they will create a universal healthcare system so everybody will get "free" healthcare. I placed free in quotes in the last paragraph because you and I know that when a politician says something is free, what it really means is
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Another optomistic economic spin by the Times
2008-05-02 19:26:00
The New York Times must really be trying to shed the "bias" shadow, as it has released another article today about the economy, and instead of starting with evidence that the country is near or heading into a recession, it started with the good news first. So here, in my investigation to show that the New York Times has a liberal slant, I'm almost tempted to say it doesn't exist. Still my sample
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The NY Times upbeat about economy today
2008-05-02 10:26:00
Perhaps the NYTimes .com reporters read my last post, because there is a really cool article today, "Economic Clouds? Wall Street Sees Signs of Sunshine that was quite optimistic by Vikas Bajaj, that is very optimistic about the economy. For the record, I implied yesterday that by their post about the latest economic report, the Times seemed to make sure no reader saw anything optimistic about the
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The media can shape the economic mood
2008-05-02 00:53:00
The way people perceive the news is often determined by how the news is reported. A perfect example of this was presented to me today as I was perusing the media outlets at my fingertips here on the Internet. First I went to and read one story about how the economy is bruised and battered, and "growing at just a 0.6 percent pace as housing and credit problems forced people and
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Conservatives are not anti-choice
2008-05-01 04:30:00
Another fallacy one hears about quite often via liberals in the media is that because Conservatives are pro-life they therefore have no respect for a woman's right to choose. Truth is, most conservatives are pro-life, but they are NOT against a woman’s right to choose. Hugh? That’s right: conservatives are more for a woman’s right to choose than liberals. Liberals believe you have a right to
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Conervatives are not pro war and anti peace
2008-04-30 02:48:00
Despite what the liberal press will have you believe, conservatives are not pro war and anti peace. More accurately, many conservatives believe that the best way to obtain peace in some rare instances is via war. When I hear anti-war liberals carrying that infamous symbol of peace, and shunning every time a conservative politician is mentioned because, "those guys don't want peace," I shutter. I
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It's time for new strategy for peace in Middle East
2008-04-28 21:44:00
As I'm reading the NYtimes today and learn about a mother and her four children being killed by an Israeli missile, I feel for her and wonder if there will ever be peace in the Middle East ; will there ever be peace between Israel and the Palestinians. I get so tired of hearing about Israel's attacks on the Palestinians, and hearing so little about the Palestinian attacks on Israel. It's almost
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10th Amendment backed again by Supreme Court
2008-04-28 20:49:00
We here at Freadom Nation love the 10th Amendment , and we are glad that once again this amendment was supported by the current Supreme Court . I always thought it odd how easy it was to cast a vote. All I do is walk up to a booth, write my name and address on a piece of paper, and then I receive my ballot. It seems it would be easy for someone to make a list of people they know will not vote
Conservatives are not anti-gay
2008-04-27 21:27:00
We here at Freadom Nation will not avoid sensitive issues, however we will tread lightly. That said, another fallacy of the left is that because conservatives are against gay marriage they are therefore automatically anti-gay. The truth is, most conservatives are against gay marriage, but most conservatives are not anti-gay. I, however, have many friends who are openly gay or lesbian. In fact,
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Conservatives are not anti-stem cell research
2008-04-27 01:05:00
How many times have you heard that conservatives simply don't care about finding cures for the various diseases that ail our society today? And some basic proof for this is the fact that conservatives have been against stem cell research since its inception as an idea in science. Here is a link to a blog, Down with Tyranny, that highlights exactly what I'm talking about, where republicans were
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Global warming does not cause more bad weather
2008-04-26 03:07:00
I was reading this other blog and came across a post the author wrote regarding climate change. She wrote a list of the complications caused by climate change, or a warming planet. I stopped after I read the first one on the list, and came here. Number one on her list was this: "Warmer temperatures can generate extreme weather and increase natural disasters like Katrina that endanger the food
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The democratic party controls the media
2008-04-23 16:54:00
While conservatives keep chanting that the media is bias, many liberals continue to chant that conservatives are full of crap; that the media is not bias whatsoever. Better yet, liberals chant that liberals do not control the media. However evidence going all the way back to 1964 says they do. According to a survey done at George Washington University in 1981 of 240 journalist on their
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Conservatives are uncaring, idiots, fools & bigots; That's what they'd
2008-04-23 15:46:00
Be careful what you read, because they will try to hypnotise you into believing you are a fool. Do not look at the object on the right, as they will try to spin your ideas and beliefs and make people think you are wrong when you are actually right. You know it and I know it, but they will have you made to be nothing more than an idiot who is too blind to see the truth: that conservatives are
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Nickelodean shapes the minds of our children
2008-04-22 14:45:00
How our children perceive images and society is not so much controlled by parents anymore as it is by the number of images they see on TV. I will use Nickelodeon as an example. I love Nickelodeon. Despite how some parents complain that Sponge Bog Square Pants is a bad role model for children, I love that cartoon and watch it with my kids. Sometimes I simply like to watch something for mere
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Mr. Carter, Hamas does not want peace with Israel
2008-04-21 21:10:00
In the wake of Jimmy Carter s speaking with Hamas , the leaders of that group claim to have offered Carter a deal that would amount to "a ten year truce with Israel if Israel agrees to withdraw from all the lands it seized in the 1967 war," according to the associated press. According to the article, "Hamas would accept a Palestinian state limited to the lands Israel seized in 1967 — an implicit
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New Time mag cover epitome of elite media bias
2008-04-18 20:43:00
Media bias? What Media Bias ? With that question in mind, I had to do a double take when I found out via the Business and Media Institute that for only the second time in 85 years Time magazine decided to forgo its traditional red border for green for its April 21 issue. Not only that, but "Time took the famous Iwo Jima photograph by Joe Rosenthal of the Marines raising the American flag and
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McCain looking impressive today
2008-04-16 22:50:00
What the American people want, according to the polls, is a government that is responsible and in tune to what they want. They want fewer taxes and fewer government programs and a strong military. Thus, McCain was right on with what the American people want, when he said: "As president, I will also order a prompt and thorough review of the budgets of every federal program, department, and agency
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