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Greens for Greens supports active and comprehensive campaigns by the Green Party and its candidates. News about the Green Party worldwide.
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Green Party prepares for the ?Occupy May Day? General Strike
2012-04-26 23:32:00
WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party members will participate in the May 1 General Strike organized by the Occupy Movement and the May 1 Coalition and will join thousands of union members, students, immigrants, and others across the US in the first national strike in the nation’s history, with simultaneous strikes in other countries. Rallies, marches, and picket lines are ...
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Green Party Hawaii Certified
2012-04-26 15:55:00
Green Party certified By COLIN M. STEWART Tribune-Herald Staff Writer The Green Party of Hawaii announced that it has been certified to be included on Hawaii partisan election ballots. As a result of obtaining the required number of petition signatures for the third year in a row, the party will automatically be included in all ...
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Being Green: Presidential hopeful Jill Stein aims to rebuild a broken syste
2012-04-08 17:48:00
By Greg Hanscom [Grist] Lost amid the carnival of embarrassments that is the Republican presidential primary is the fact that there is another primary race underway: the Green Party’s. “What?” you say. “Those guys are still around?” Well yes, but they’re not guys. The front-runner in the race is Jill Stein, a Boston physician and veteran activist and candidate ...
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Colia Clark Wins NY Green Party Nomination for US Senate
2012-03-24 04:03:00
Anti-War  Candidate calls for Green Jobs, Hydrofracking Ban, Foreclosure Halt Colia Clark won  the unanimous vote of the Green Party State Committee to run for US Senate at a  meeting held in Manhattan. (Video of her acceptance.) Clark, a long  ...
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It?s Time for Labor Movement to Say: Not One More Penny for the Democrats!
2012-03-22 14:00:00
[articles reprinted from March-April 2012 issue of The Organizer newspaper; to subscribe, please contact <> I of course suggest labor turn to the Green Party -RS] It’s Time for Labor Movement to Say: Not One More Penny for the Democrats ! EDITORIAL On March 12, the AFL-CIO’s Executive Council voted unanimously to endorse President Obama for ...
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Green Party Slams Cuomo, Lawmakers for Midnight Sellout of New Yorkers
2012-03-16 13:41:00
The Green Party blasted Governor Cuomo and state lawmakers for their middle of the night votes to continue gerrymandering of state legislative districts in exchange for passing Cuomo’s assault on the pension benefits of government workers. The Gr...
Prez cand Stein (G): Obama?s own Iran statements are ?loose talk of war?
2012-03-09 15:40:00
[From: On the Wilder Side] Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein  said today she opposes the escalating efforts by PresidentObama  and some members of Congress to push the United States toward war against Iran . Dr. Stein said that Obama is engaged in the same kind of “loose talk of war,” if not quite as extreme, as ultranationalist Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. ...
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GP to Obama: The problem isn?t just foreign oil, it?s all fossil fuels
2012-02-01 14:47:00
Green Party to Obama : Whether foreign or domestic, it’s time for America to cut oil and gas from our energy diet WASHINGTON, DC — President Obama’s energy policy shows a dangerous disconnect from the real nature of the current energy ...
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People?s State of the Union: A Green New Deal for America
2012-01-26 15:53:00
  People ’s State of the Union : A Green New Deal for America  from Jill Stein for President on Vimeo. READ THE FULL TEXT:   Tags: Jill Stein, State of the Union <BR/>
Obama State of the Union ?subverts New Deal? says Stein
2012-01-26 15:47:00
Jill Stein, Green Party presidential candidate, called today for a Green New Deal to counter the “trickle down economic agenda” laid out by President Obama last night in his State of the Union address. Stein plans to release her alternative at 8:30pm Eastern Time in a “People’s State of the Union : A Green New Deal for ...
Editorial: Andrew Cuomo Wants Your Child To Compete In The Hunger Games
2012-01-26 15:42:00
Kids from rich and poor districts compete against each other in a high-stakes game designed to reinforce a rigid class system. The plot to Suzanne Collins’ smash hit The Hunger Games , or Governor Andrew Cuomo’s new scheme for $200 million ...
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People?s State of the Union: A Green New Deal for America
2012-01-26 05:39:00
People’s State of the Union: A Green New Deal for America from Jill Stein for President on Vimeo. READ THE FULL TEXT:
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Australian Green Party Leader: U.S. Climate Denial Machine ?Being Directed
2011-12-12 14:46:00
[Via: NationofChange ] If President Obama needs a role model for his stance (or lack thereof) on climate change, he should look no further than the Deputy Leader of Australia’s Green Party , Christine Milne. In a wide-ranging interview with Climate Progress at the COP 17 climate talks in Durban today, Senator Milne outlined her strategy ...
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The Four Stages of Revolution
2011-12-06 21:25:00
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Green Party Hopeful Vies for Suffolk Legislature
2011-11-09 00:59:00
[From Long Island Press] Ian Wilder, secretary of the Suffolk County Green Party (left),and Cesar Malaga, Green Party candidate for Suffolk By Timothy Bolge County Legislature Cesar Malaga is a 73-year-old retired engineer from West Babylon and candidate for Suffolk County Legislature vying to become the first Green Party nominee to win a seat on ...
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Green Party candidate peddles his message
2011-10-26 04:46:00
[From Cheektowaga Bee ] by MATT KRUEGER Editor Roger McGill, a firefighter with Bellevue, is a Green Party candidate for the Cheektowaga Town Board.Roger McGill found a new way to pound the pavement. It’s more like he’s gliding over it while delivering his promise of a more efficient town government all over Cheektowaga. McGill, the Green ...
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Cesar Malaga, Candidate for Suffolk County Legislature 14th LD
2011-10-09 17:52:00
Cesar Malaga Candidate for Suffolk County Legislature 14th District Tags: suffolk county legislature <BR/>
VIDEO: Cheri Honkala Visits Occupy Wall Street |
2011-10-09 17:39:00
  Cheri Honkala visits Occupy Wall Street from Jason Bosch on Vimeo. Tags: wall street <BR/>
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Why We Should Have Watched This Terry Jones Koran-Burning Video
2011-09-20 18:03:00
[From GOOD by ANN FRIEDMAN] When Florida Pastor Terry Jones threatened to publicly burn the Koran last September, President Obama personally implored him to change his mind. Jones agreed not to do it. But on March 20, Jones and another pastor at his church followed through on his earlier threats:   Few U.S. media outlets paid any ...
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Greens Gain in Germany, and the World Takes Notice ?
2011-09-03 07:33:00
BERLIN — A string of Green Party victories and strong electoral showings acrossGermany , from the conservative south to the port cities of the north, are helping to redefine politics among voters who are increasingly losing faith in the more established parties. The Green Party is poised to extend its march into the mainstream on Sunday when ...
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The Green Party of the United States endorses the Durban+10 Coalition
2011-09-02 22:08:00
ASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party of the United States has endorsed the Durban+10 Coalition and its efforts to enact the agenda of the 2001 World Conference Against Racism, which took place in Durban, South Africa. The goal of the Durban conference was “to eradicate racial discrimination, inequity, colonialism, xenophobia and related intolerances” throughout the ...
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NY GreenFest & GP National Meeting Videos
2011-08-25 19:27:00
Videos from the last two New York Green Fests, held August 2009 and August 2011 in Alfred , NY are now available as free downloads on iTunes.
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Green Party a natural fit for Loewen
2011-08-21 05:00:00
 Eric Loewen of Aylmer local provincial candidate By NICK LYPACZEWSKI TIMES-JOURNAL Elgin-Middlesex-London Green Party candidate Eric Loewen was born five years after his party was formed in 1983 but says, despite his age, he’s ready for the big leagues. “It is a big step up,” says the 22-year-old Aylmer resident. “I don’t have a lot ...
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Green Party Candidate for San Francisco Mayor Crashes Debate
2011-08-11 15:10:00
[From: Ballot Access News] San Francisco holds its non-partisan mayoral election on November 8, 2011. On August 8, nine candidates were invited to debate each other at the Castro Theater. Terry Baum, a registered Green who has the backing of the San Francisco Green Party , was not invited. She was told there wasn’t enough room ...
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Meet your Green party candidate for Ottawa-Orléans
2011-08-11 15:00:00
Tanya Gutmanis. Photo: Courtesy of the Green Party of Ontario   By Jonathan Perron-Clow Tanya Gutmanis is a young person with a passion for living green. It’s no wonder then that she tries to get involved as often as possible in Green Party activities – including running in her second election of the year this ...
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An Obama volunteer laments: A Politics Now Q&A
2011-08-11 14:55:00
By Peter Nicholas LA Times It’s no secret that some of President Obama ‘s supporters are unhappy with his performance. Polls show that Democratic voters have largely remained loyal to Obama. But some who campaigned for him in 2008 are nonetheless disillusioned by a presidency that has fallen short of their expectations. Digging deeper into this phenomenon, ...
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Michael Moore needs to apologize! ? an open letter
2011-08-08 17:47:00
Dear Michael –   Thank you for your latest Open Letter to the American public, reprinted below. As always, it is very well written and right on target. Except for the fact that what you urge us to do does not seem to match what you do. I refer to your stirring exhortation, near the end of your letter, ...
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Debt Ceiling Deal: The Democrats Take a Dive
2011-08-02 14:04:00
By Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone So the debt deal has finally been reached. As expected, the agreement arrives in a form that right-thinking people everywhere can feel terrible about with great confidence. The general consensus is that for the second time in three years, a gang of financial terrorists has successfully extorted the congress and ...
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Rejecting nuclear power
2011-07-22 21:10:00
Suffolk Closeup By Karl Grossman July 20, 2011 The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster has caused several nations to say no to nuclear power, mainly through elections, referenda and protests. But the position of the U.S. government, including the federal officials who represent Long Island, is different. Despite Fukushima, as U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer says, “I’m still ...
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Political Notebook: Lesbian adds Green tint to mayor?s race
2011-07-22 04:36:00
  [From the Bay Area Reporter ] by Matthew S. Bajko   Mayoral candidate Terry Baum (Photo: Courtesy Terry Baum)       Green Party candidate Terry Baum is angling to become San Francisco’s first out lesbian mayor. But in a city dominated by Democrats with no elected lesbian officeholders, the Castro resident and celebrated playwright is ...
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