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Thomas Paine's Corner is a site dedicated to advancing universal human rights, fostering social and economic justice, and supporting the cause of all oppressed, exploited, and impoverished human beings on our Earth.
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I, Thomas Paine, Two Hundred Years Hence*
2009-06-10 05:05:00
Image: Good Point by ~SrVnDaNKIt is Monday, 8 June 2009, two hundred years to the day since my miserable death, though I should add that while death was, indeed, miserable it was a swim in the sea compared with my life as it finally turned out. However, I have been dead for too long to want to harp on those wretched final years of my life?the assassination of my character, of my person, the unspeakable hypocrisy of it all, my freefall from grace and renown, the poverty, ill health, my seeking refuge in a bottle. But if there remains even one son or daughter of Liberty and Democracy in this present day?that is, the person to and for whom I write, as opposed to those who celebrate the cartoon Tom Paine, never thinking to read my works or to carry forth the struggle?then I should think that such a son or daughter of Liberty is unlikely to protest my assuming the privilege of penning this brief posthumous account. If not a single such person remains who is, in word and deed, committed t...
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Starvation, Aid Agencies and the Benevolence of the Imperialists
2009-06-10 05:04:00
October 1, 2007. A World to Win News Service. There are aid agencies all over the world whose mission, they say, is ?to help the poor in the poorest countries.? Public budgets and private donors in the world?s most powerful countries allocate billions of dollars to these ?benevolent operations.?There is rarely a year when some oppressed countries, especially in Africa, are not faced with a food crisis due to a natural disaster or war. Globally, between 800 million and a billion people are chronically hungry. Some 25,000 people die every day due to hunger and related causes.When a new disaster or famine comes about, once again people in the West are bombarded by appeals, and of course good-hearted people show their kindness in order to save the hungry. This is as far as it can go in Western mainstream advertising. There is no mention of the root cause, nor of who is responsible?and still less of how people can free themselves from chronic hunger and repeated natural disasters. In fac...
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Let's Be...Frank
2009-06-10 04:55:00
"This is exactly what Obama's idol, Ronald Reagan, did with his starter's pistol in the race to the bottom 30 years ago with the destruction of PATCO, which accelerated the financial warfare against the working class in America."By Vi Ransel6/2/09Picture this. A man who owns a Fifth Avenue apartment in Manhattan, a private plane and a horse farm, a man who profited from investments in Chrysler and GMAC, a private equity manager worth over $600 million, who had a million dollars in shares of both Chrysler and GMAC... That man is telling US auto workers - no, he's demanding - that they take a permanent, and HUGE, reduction in their living standard, which includes the immediate elimination of dental and optical care for hundreds of thousands of retirees and their dependents. That care was in their contract, and contracts are so, dontcha know, sacrosanct that CEOs of "underwater" financial institutions could not be asked politely to take smaller, multimillion dollar bonuses - because...
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The Uniformity League
2009-06-08 01:11:00
Image: Somnambulist Society... by *candygrl191Essay by QuestioneverypreceptSimulposted with A Wrinkle in Time5/31/09Evaporating CultureThere is no requisite skill set for the community outside of the walls of culture. We can poke our head over the wall of separation from faux life and real experience and we?re already equipped with the language to understand the infinite spectrum. It?s not because there is some prefabricated jargon but rather that the language is revitalized when we come out of it, ?it? being the sensory deprivation realm, and come into a territory where we rediscover our forgotten faculties.We can get down to formulating our own content and finding a new originality in parts of us that felt bland and banal before. We?re like that old man finding a youthful swagger. It feels as if we?ve known this thing all along, that it had always been apart of ourselves but we locked it away in some appliance box and let it collect dust in the attic. We couldn?t do that with engi...
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Obama Administration Targets Environmental and Animal Rights Activists as E
2009-06-08 01:09:00
by Stephen Lendman6/6/09What began under George Bush continues under Barack Obama - targeting dedicated activists with "one of today's most serious domestic terrorism threats," according former FBI Deputy Assistant Director of Counterterrorism John Lewis before a Senate panel in May 2005. Called "eco-terrorism," it grew out of the 2001 USA Patriot Act that created the federal crime of "domestic terrorism" and applied it to US citizens as well as aliens.In his February 2002 testimony before the House Resources Committee, Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health, the FBI's Domestic Terrorism Section Chief, Counterterrorism Division, James Jarboe defined eco-terrorism as:"the use or threatened use of violence of a criminal nature against innocent victims or property by an environmentally-oriented, subnational group for environmental-political reasons, or aimed at an audience beyond the target, often of a symbolic nature."As a result, innocent people are targeted, accused, convicted ...
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WTF Obama?
2009-06-08 01:00:00
By Camille Marino & Dave Warwak6/6/09 Corpse-muncher,As you well know, we are at a very tenuous point in history. Will your continued apathy cause civilization to end in oblivion or will you leave home and help humanity salvage the remnants of a misguided culture of apathy, ignorance, fear and violence??I think how we treat our animals reflects how we treat each other. It?s very important that we have a president who is mindful of the cruelty that is perpetrated on animals? Barack Obama ?If you want to change the world, the change has to happen with you first? Barack ObamaWow Mr. President! You write some excellent philosophy ? too bad for everyone your words are just empty footnotes in the fall of mankind.?All ancient philosophy was oriented toward the simplicity of life and taught a certain kind of modesty in one?s need. In light of this, the few philosophic vegetarians have done more for mankind than all new philosophers, and as long as philosophers do not take courage to seek...
The corporate state has no use for universal public education at all
2009-06-08 00:59:00
By Paul A. Moore6/6/09When AIG got its credit default swaps in a bunch, they were not shut down and reconstituted by the US Treasury Department. They were invited to back a truck up to the US taxpayers vault and shovel dollars into it. They made several trips. What is it now, $180 billion? What were the performance bonuses for AIG's failed managers and traders, $454 million?When Citigroup, Bank of America, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and others were driven into insolvency by reckless banking and investment practices they were not shut down and reconstituted by the US Treasury Department. They were invited to take over the US treasury and to run it themselves. And if there was not enough in the American people's vault, the Federal Reserve offered to print more money for them. What was the bank bailout, $700 billion in its first installment?In the wake of the bankruptcy filing by General Motors, it is widely reported that the "US taxpayer owns a 60% share" in the failed au...
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3 Reasons Why Murdering an Abortion Doctor Isn?t Being Called ?Terrorism?
2009-06-03 07:02:00
"...Timothy McVeigh bombing the Oklahoma City building is not terrorism."By Will PotterSimulposted with Green is the New RedJun 2nd, 2009Dr. George Tiller, one of the few late-term abortion providers in the country, was murdered inside his church on Sunday, and the only suspect is Scott Roeder, a man The New York Times said ?had professed an anti-government, anti-abortion philosophy.? U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder called the murder an ?abhorrent act of violence,? but he hasn?t used the word ?terrorism.? Not once.Why?As a bit of context, if you?re new to this website, the FBI labels the animal rights and environmental movements as the ?number one domestic terrorism threat? even though those activists have never harmed a human being. At the very worst, underground groups like the Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front have released animals from fur farms, destroyed SUVs and set fire to empty buildings.When animal rights activists or environmental activists are arrested...
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Heresy of the First Order: We are the ?Third Chimpanzees?
2009-06-03 04:57:00
Image: Bleeding Earth by =Psy-XXEssay by Jason Miller6/2/09?On this dot, tiny lumps of impure carbon and water, of complicated structure, with somewhat unusual physical and chemical properties, crawl about for a few years, until they are dissolved again into the elements of which they are compounded.?--Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) from ?Dreams and Facts?Russell?s nihilistic characterization of Homo sapiens injects some much-needed perspective into a world in which our species of intellectually evolved primates suffers a collective delusion of grandeur. In ?Dreams and Facts,? Russell further savages our God-complex with the powerfully humbling reminder that our solar system is but ?an infinitesimal speck? and the Earth a mere ?microscopic dot.? He does apply some soothing salve to our wounded egos with the observation that, ?No man can achieve the greatness of which he is capable until he has allowed himself to see his own littleness,? but his decimation of our grossly-overinflated s...
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Jentsch harms both animals and people
2009-06-03 04:56:00
If Jentsch's work is so crucial, why doesn't he volunteer himself or members of his family as test subjects?Forwarded to TPC by See You in the StreetsAuthor unknown6/1/09J. David Jentsch (pronounced "Yench") uses primates in addiction studies. Interestingly, the article written about him in the Los Angeles Times ends with his saying that animals don't suffer the psychosocial pain that underlies addiction. Jentsch has therein unwittingly cited and acknowledged one of the arguments made by the animal rights movement!Substance abuse is clearly an area of inquiry that lends itself admirably to human clinical studies. People , unlike animals, can dialogue with the examiner and discuss their experiences with addiction. Millions of dollars squandered to make tweakers out of monkeys could be allocated for educational and counseling programs to identify and address the socioeconomic and psychodynamic underpinnings of addiction in populations at risk for use of intoxicants.Here are another ...
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Animal rights activists say they set Reno fire
2009-05-30 20:31:00
By SCOTT SONNERThe Associated PressSimulposted with NAALPORENO, Nev.May 27, 2009Animal rights activists have claimed responsibility for a fire that gutted the Reno business office of a company that ships monkeys from China for scientific research in the United States and elsewhere.Reno police and fire officials began investigating the arson claim by the Animal Liberation Front after The Associated Press sought comment about an e-mail the group circulated to media outlets and posted on a Web site."At this point we are looking at it as a lead," Reno police spokesman Steve Frady said Wednesday. "There is evidence of arson. At this point there is no physical evidence to link this with the group claiming responsibility," he said.No one was injured in the fire that broke out about 4 a.m. on May 18 and caused an estimated $300,000 damage to offices of Scientific Resources International Inc. just southwest of downtown Reno, Frady said.The North American Animal Liberation Front Press Office,...
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The Rise of Critical Animal Studies: Putting Theory into Action and Animal
2009-05-30 20:30:00
By Steven Best[2]5/27/09Simulposted with ICAS?The capacity to contain and manipulate subversive imagination is an integral part of the given society.? Herbert MarcuseIn the last three decades, animal studies has experienced an exponential growth rate in the academy. The ?animal turn? in academic research has moved throughout humanities, the fine arts, and social sciences; it has crossed into fields such as psychology, philosophy, anthropology, political science, sociology; and it has made its mark in literature, history, cultural and critical studies and the arts, geography, philosophy, feminism, and queer theory. Currently, there are at least 40 courses being offered in departments that span these disciplines in universities and colleges in North America, the UK and New Zealand. The turn is manifest in an explosion of articles, books, conferences, and academic programs opening up from Canada to New Zealand.Without question, these trends will continue and animal studies will evolve ...
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Against the Tortured Logic of Obama's Placebo Presidency: A Call for the Au
2009-05-30 20:29:00
Image: Gates of HELL by ~lahunoxnaakalEssay by Phil Rockstroh5/27/09From time to time, events unfold that are so large in scope, so all-encompassing in their implications that one's initial response is muted by an inability to categorize it all within the realm of experience. Previous reference points prove of little service. One's image of oneself and one's place in the world is under seize, perhaps even in danger of being torn away. One stare's into the abyss, until the abyss removes its dark shades and makes direct eye contact. The mind buzzes; one's thoughts scuttle in circles like stunned insects.On a collective basis, we as a nation are living through such a time. At present, we are witnessing the descending spiral of Icarusian Capitalism; our sacred delusion of the perpetual ascendancy of a god-like market place lies broken in the dust. Malls and Mcmansions stand abandoned, desolate as the edifices of forgotten gods, as the come-ons of the salesmen of deregulated capital...
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Intelligence is a piano.
2009-05-30 20:28:00
By Vi Ransel5/27/09"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people." - John Adams, second president of the United StatesIntelligence is a piano. And ours is out of tune. It takes practice to use it for the purpose for which it was intended. But we all have intelligence, since we developed it ourselves during the process of evolution, arriving in the present as a group of self-aware beings possessing free choice."So imagine if you will, that you live in a world where the 'laws' of economics are a mystery confined to the high priests of finance (much as the workings of the weather used to be solely the province of shamans). Holding on to this knowledge is vital, and explains why so many opposed, and still oppose, the creation of a REAL education system. Indeed (the fact that) so many aspects of our life flow from restricting knowledge of the workings of our economy is why, when push comes to shove, capitalism is presented to us as a 'force of nature' over...
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The Value of a Pale Blue Dot
2009-05-30 20:27:00
by Peter Singer5/26/09The eighteenth-century German philosopher Immanuel Kant wrote: "Two things fill the heart with ever renewed and increasing awe and reverence, the more often and more steadily we meditate upon them: the starry firmament above and the moral law within."This year, the 400th anniversary of Galileo's first use of a telescope, has been declared the International Year of Astronomy, so this seems a good time to ponder Kant's first source of "awe and reverence." Indeed, the goal of the commemoration - to help the world's citizens "rediscover their place in the universe" - now has the incidental benefit of distracting us from nasty things nearer to home, like swine flu and the global financial crisis.What does astronomy tell us about "the starry firmament above"?By expanding our grasp of the vastness of the universe, science has, if anything, increased the awe and reverence we feel when we look up on a starry night (assuming, that is, that we have got far enough away ...
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Animal Liberation Front Delivers 4 Incendiary
2009-05-30 20:26:00
Animal Liberation Front Delivers 4 Incendiary Devices to Nevada Primate Supplier Scientific Resources International Imports, Imprisons, Sells Non-Human PrimatesCross-posted with NAALPO5/26/09Reno, NV: In an anonymous communique received by the Press Office last week, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) claims to have delivered four incendiary devices to Scientific Resources International, a company that imports and sells non-human primates for research. The company targeted, located in Reno, Nevada, admits to shipping the animals from China and selling them to medical vivisectors; they would not confirm the attack or state whether the devices resulted in significant damages to their operations.The communique reads:In the early morning hours of May 18th, four incendiary devices were planted at Scientific Resources International, a supplier of non-humyn primates for use in vivisection labs all over northern Nevada. The concept of animals existing as "resources" is utterly despicable, an...
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So who are the terrorists here?
2009-05-26 07:32:00
Julie Leyva recently submitted some questions to the North American Animal Liberation Press Office. Jason Miller wrote the reply.5/26/09What is your occupation and for how long?There are four of us serving as press officers for NAALPO:Jerry Vlasak is a board certified trauma surgeon, a former vivisector, and a seasoned animal liberation activist who speaks, writes and debates on behalf of nonhuman animals. Jerry co-founded NAALPO and has been a board member of Sea Shepherd and the spokesman for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.Camille Hankins has over 20 years of corporate marketing and management experience; co-founded Win Animal Rights (WAR), a group dedicated to shutting down Huntingdon Life Sciences, in 2004; founded the New York Animal Liberation Front Supporters in 2003; and is heavily involved in outreach to educate the public about the underground animal liberation movement.Lin Bingham works as a writer and graphic designer. He is a vehement advocate of tota...
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Revisiting The Island of Dr. Moreau
2009-05-25 22:15:00
By Steve Best"Strange as it may seem to the unscientific reader, there can be no denying that ... the manufacture of monsters -- and perhaps even of quasi-human monsters -- is well within the possibilities of vivisection."- H.G. Wells"You cannot recall a new form of life."- Erwin ChargaffEverywhere in popular culture today, one finds deep-rooted anxieties about science, technology, and the fate of the human. Thus, in recent films such as The Fly, Jurassic Park, Species, Godzilla, and Deep Blue Sea, as well as in shows like Prey and, of course, The X-Files, the focus is on biological mutations, experiments gone awry, and the creation of monstrosities.Such media texts are responding, in part, to a chemically saturated, increasingly synthetic, ozone thinning, global warming world that has produced frogs with one eye or five legs, encephalitic babies, lower sperm counts in men, and diseased and diminished human beings affected by environmental chemicals that mimic their hormones and dis...
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In The Age Of Separation
2009-05-25 22:13:00
Image: Separation by ~ageoflossBy Sylvain LamoureuxMonday, May 11, 2009"Be independent and strong""Don't rely on anyone else""Don't get pushed around""Money makes the world go round""There are winners and there are losers""Men are from Mars, women are from Venus"Funny how we have become a society that desperately searches for a 'connection' to other people but we don't seem to be able to talk and open to anyone and we even pay 'professionals' to talk with instead of the ones we supposedly 'love'. We talk to 'friends' that echo back our fears and supply some of their own but at least they are 'on our side'. We forget that a person's good deeds far outweigh their wrongs and instead focus ourselves on the 'bad' in order to justify to ourselves the inability to love that we ourselves possess. If nothing else, society teaches us that there is 'bad' in everyone and that it could come in any form; so we stay on guard and are always ready to blame.No wonder people don't k...
Human Rights Situation In Occupied Palestine
2009-05-25 22:13:00
By Stephen LendmanMay 25, 2009On March 15, 2006, the UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly 170 to 4 (with only the US, Israel, the Marshall Islands and Palau against) "to establish the Human Rights Council (HRC), based in Geneva, in replacement of the Commission on Human Rights , as a subsidiary organ of the General Assembly....responsible for promoting universal respect for the protection of all human rights and fundamental freedoms for all, without distinction of any kind and in a fair and equal manner."HRC "is an inter-governmental body within the UN system made up of 47 states responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe."At its tenth session this year, HRC prepared a report titled: "Human Rights Situation in Palestine and other Occupied Arab Territories" and delivered it on March 20. It deals mainly with grave human rights violations in Occupied Palestine, especially due to Operation Cast Lead against Gaza.It states that the "Occ...
Israel and Gaza on a summer mind
2009-05-24 08:55:00
Graphic by the amazing David DeesEssay by Scott Ewing4/8/09Simulposted with Axis of LogicI think I can safely credit Israel i foreign policy with ruining my summer. If you're the empathic type - it's hard to go to the beach and swim in the sun while, several thousand miles beneath your feet, people are being killed en masse by people who should know better about how not to treat people - based on their own historical experience.Israel violated a ceasefire and launched a sustained assault on Gaza last Boxing Day while many of us were on our bach couches, sailing our boats, and favoring a stretched stomach.1,400 people died from planes, tanks, bombs, missiles, and small arms.You can reread that last line again if you need to.These are events. And they happened.At the time, if any of us looked at the daily newspaper about the events then our own vague take-home from reading would be that the events were a religious squabble, fueled by some Islamic splinter group hell bent on global do...
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Why Aren't Michelle Malkin or David Horowitz Going to Prison With These Ani
2009-05-24 08:11:00
"Ann Coulter has advocated Presidential assassination, poisoning a judge, and the killing of Times reporters.....The activists are trying to protect animals, while the right-wingers are defending the greedy, corrupt, and powerful - and being handsomely paid for it."By RJ Eskow9/12/06Simulposted with the Huffington PostToday, three animal rights activists were given prison sentences of four to six years each for maintaining a website that included the home addresses of animal experimenters and the executives that supervised them. A few months ago, wacky conservative conspiracy theorist David Horowitz endorsed and helped publicize a site that listed the home addresses of the New York Times employees and executives. He's still at large.The animal rights activists were convicted under a rarely used 1992 federal law, the Animal Enterprise Protection Act. The law states that anybody who travels interstate "or uses or causes to be used the mail or any other facility ... for the purpose of...
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Vegetarianism, the Holocaust and the Myth of Civilization
2009-05-24 08:10:00
By Mark Hand5/23/09Simulposted with Press ActionLierre Keith?s new book The Vegetarian Myth is generating lots of passionate discussion on vegetarian and vegan blogs and message boards. Here are a couple examples of comments recently posted on the Vegans of Color blog:?I was just reading about the book elsewhere. I don?t want to buy it though? I don?t want to support the project. I?ll see if I can get it from my library.??I would be tempted to review it but not if I had to actually support the book by buying it. And I only say tempted because I really wouldn?t want to give this book any more publicity than it already has.?These commenters appear interested in reading The Vegetarian Myth, although they seem more inclined to pick up a copy at a library rather than purchasing one. But does borrowing the book from a library mean you won?t be ?supporting the project??Libraries are more inclined to keep books on their shelves?i.e., not discard them?if they?re getting checked out. And libr...
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Obama's shameless obsession with misery and death
2009-05-24 07:56:00
By Dave Warwak5/23/09At an Italian Market, Obama publicly munched on pig corpses and moldy tumor-feed and laughed it off quantifying the experience in monetary terms.Obama scavenged through moldy creations before deciding to munch on provolone moldy blood and innards. "I'm thinking I need some cold cuts," the corpse-muncher announced as he nibbled on the cancerous products of misery and further explained, "The fresh mozzarella sounds good. But I want to try the salami." Obama then lowered a thin slice of death in his ever-hungry corpse-hole, announcing to the world, "Good stuff!"Robber-of-life shop-owner Sal Auriemma packaged a quarter pound of salami imported from France made of horsemeat and a fired ricotta miserable nightmare---which Obama shamelessly likens to pound cake---and provolone and mozzarella crimes against humanity.Corpse-munching hit-man Auriemma refused to let Obama pay, but the blood-sucking tyrant insisted taking responsibility at every level for his shameful publ...
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Classwar in America, the Ongoing Assault - From the Gilded Age to Tea Bagge
2009-05-23 02:50:00
Image: Capitalism by ~Cubist-Assassin64By Vi Ransel5/21/09Protectionism. Capitalists were all for it before they were against it. When manufacturing took place in America , when they paid workers enough to buy the products they produced, adding a tariff/tax/fee on to the cost of imported goods made by these same manufacturers' competitors overseas, was fine. It just made sense. It was good business to prevent your domestic market from being flooded with cheaper goods from overseas, because that would lower domestic manufacturing's ability to make enough money to stay in business. And this is exactly how the British and the Americans built their global empires.But when "free trade" was elevated to the god of the marketplace, when American manufacturers had the ability to locate manufacturing overseas in order to take advantage (and I do mean take advantage) of "cheap labor platforms" - that is, to stand on the backs of poor people in other countries who had no choice but to work at ...
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Gaza Disowned: The Pope, Israel and ?Reconciliation?
2009-05-23 02:48:00
By Ramzy Baroud5/21/09?Gaza is not on the Pope ?s itinerary, nor will it be. There will be no change in these plans. But I?ll say it very clearly, the Pope is absolutely not going to Gaza.?Such were the astounding comments made by the Pope?s spokesman in Israel , Wadie Abunasser, prior to Pope Benedict XVI visiting Palestine and Israel.As if there was no massacre in Gaza, no families entirely slaughtered, no human rights violated to match the record of the most grisly of crimes in modern history. As if Gaza were a mere irritant in the annals of human suffering. More, as if there were no Catholic flock in Gaza. To clarify, there are actually nearly 2,000 Catholics in Gaza, apparently not important enough for the ?cut?.Now, there are a lot of important religious sites to see around the Holy Land, lots of old churches, stones, ruins and the like?sites of much more significance, such as the Western Wall, the Holy Sepulcher and so on? far more important than visiting the site of a fresh ma...
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"Over the Rainbow"
2009-05-23 02:47:00
"Baum had dark message as well. As Brown explained: "there are invisible puppeteers pulling the strings of the puppets we see on the stage, in a show that is largely illusion." The Federal Reserve and most central bankers rule world economies by controlling their money, their very lifeblood without which commerce can't function. As long as that continues, Wicked Witch power will prevail."By Stephen Lendman5/20/09This writer just completed a six-part series on Ellen Brown's remarkable 2007 book titled "Web of Debt." This article follows from it by picking up on the theme she struck, using L. Frank Baum's "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" as a combination parable, monetary allegory, and political manifesto for change at a time it's most needed.Published in 1900 as an American fairytale, it became a popular staple, later made into the classic 1939 film staring Judy Garland, the 1975 award-winning Broadway musical, The Wiz, featuring the first-ever all-black cast, followed by a hit film ...
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Who is to Blame for the Tent People?
2009-05-23 02:45:00
Karen Hersh, an out of work truck driver, arranges canned food in a shopping cart at a homeless tent city March 4, 2009 in Sacramento, California. The tent city is seeing an increase in population as the economy worsens and more people are becoming unemployed and having their homes slip into foreclosure. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) By Garda GhistaMay 19, 2009Hyderabad, India--In America, more and more people are subjected to the humiliation of losing their job, and then when they cannot pay their mortgage they get a fat wad of papers delivered to their door by the local sheriff telling them in brief to pay up or vacate. And then they have to leave or be thrown out of their own home. And then when no job is forthcoming they cannot even downsize to an apartment. They are forced to go to the lowest level of subsistence. They buy a tent and pitch it near some water, maybe a river or a tap somewhere.I was becoming more and more appalled living in America in 2008 and up to May...
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Driving You Out of Your Wretched Fucking Mind
2009-05-23 02:44:00
Image: Shaman by ~WildforgeEssay by Frank Joseph Smecker5/20/09?The seer, man of many faces,Clown and fool and wise man,Relates to us in punsThe spaces between the worlds.?-Brooke Medicine EagleThe shaman is one who perceives a reality that is beyond the social construct and beyond the physical. S/he has transcended the physical realm of the societal order and has experienced the numinous world of the spirits and gods, and after which, the shaman returns to the community as an interface between worlds for his/her people. The shaman is a healer in the sense that s/he recognizes the arbitrary split between the societal order and the otherworldly context that enmeshes all life, and with this experience the shaman shares his/her insight with the people, taking them out of themselves and offering them a change in perspective. S/He reminds his/her people of the ?inter-categorical anomalies; he [sic] makes them forget their carefully tended divisions? (Schmidt, 71), if only for a little wh...
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Somebody open this cage
2009-05-23 02:43:00
By --==rObOt==--5/20/09 This Cell, This PlaceResearch OverloadPluck My Eye, But Only After It's StabbedWith An ElectrodeShock Me Beat MeWill They Ever Feed ME?They fight to free oil? They fight to free dollars?Where are the soldiers fighting to free me?Guantanamo Bay is nothing compared to what I go through every dayWar on Terror?Terrorists Live In This Lab Disquised As ScientistsI Can't WalkI Can't EatThe Only Love I GetIs When Me They BeatI Can't Bark, Meow, Jump, Hop, Breath, Piss, Shit NOTHINGWhere Are The Freedom Fighters? The Cry From America?The Only Friend I Have, Can't Even Breath AnymoreThe Only Skin I Have Left Is Nothing But SoresThe lights are offOr are they?I can't even tell anymoreMy eyeball is in a box left paw is in a drawerSomebody open this cageI can't take it anymoreShock MeBeat MeWhen Will Someone EverFree Me?Thomas Paine?s Corner wants to periodically email you links to the most recent material and timeless classics available on our divers...
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