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How Public Opinion Has Been Made Irrelevant in America
2008-07-24 00:27:00
Glen Greenwald ( writes: One of the most striking aspects of our political discourse, particularly during election time, is how efficiently certain views that deviate from the elite consensus are banished from sight -- simply prohibited -- even when those views are held by the vast majority of citizens. This discrepancy is a potent commentary on how our democracy more | digg story
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Firefighters Appalled at 9/11 Billboards
2008-07-24 00:26:00
International Association of Firefighters press release: “There’s a big difference between honoring and remembering the fallen – fire fighters and civilians – and shamelessly plastering the image of the burning Twin Towers on a purely political billboard with an offensive statement currying favor for or against a political party."read more | digg story
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11 Reasons America is the New Top Socialist Economy
2008-07-24 00:25:00
How free market ideology backfired, sabotaging capitalistic democracy.Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch, reports: "Welcome to the conservative's worst nightmare: The law of unintended consequences. Why? Nobody wants to admit it, folks, but the conservatives' grand ideology is backfiring, actually turning the world's greatest capitalistic democracy into the world's newest socialist economy...."read more | digg story
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Joe Klein Appalled at McCain's Comments on Obama
2008-07-24 00:21:00
From The Huffington Post: "Appearing on Anderson Cooper 360 tonight on CNN, Time Magazine columnist Joe Klein said that John McCain's comments Tuesday that Barack Obama is willing to lose a war to win an election were the most scurrilous he had ever heard by a major party candidate.On his blog on the Time Magazine website, Klein wrote that the comment 'smacks of desperation.'"read more | digg story
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Is There A Secret Presidential Succession Plan?
2008-07-24 00:20:00
Does the Bush administration have a secret succession order that bypasses Congress?Bruce Ackerman (Slate) asks: "Suppose the worst happens, and the next terrorist attack hits Washington hard, taking out the president and the vice president. What happens next?New Yorker writer Jane Mayer's new book, The Dark Side, opens with a shocker.... "read more | digg story
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McCain: Not a Gaffe: A Fundamental Misunderstanding of Iraq
2008-07-23 19:54:00
Ilan Goldenberg reports: "John McCain made a mistake this evening, which as far as I'm concerned, disqualifies him from being president.� It is so appalling and so factually wrong that I'm actually sitting here wondering who McCain's advisers are.� This isn't some gaffe where he talks about the Iraq -Pakistan border.� It's a real misunderstanding of what has happened in Iraq over the past year.� It is even more disturbing because according to John McCain, Iraq is the central front in the 'war on terror.'� If we are going to have an Iraq-centric policy, he should at least understand what he is talking about.� But anyway, what happened...."Continue reading.Related:McCain Gets History Of The Surge Wrong, CBS Doesn't Air FootageTechnorati tags: Ilan Goldenberg, John McCain, Iraq, Anbar, Gaffe, Sunni, Sunni Awakening, Politics, 2008, Presidential Election, news
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Dennis Kucinich: Thanks to You, Impeachment Will Be Heard
2008-07-23 06:29:00
Bob Fertik reports:Tell your Representatives to support impeachment by cosponsoring H. Res. 1345: lnetwork/142Rep. Dennis Kucinich has led the fight for impeachment since April 2007, when he defied Speaker Pelosi and courageously introduced 3 Articles of Impeachment (H.Res. 333/799) against Vice President Cheney. On June 10, Kucinich defied Speaker Pelosi again and introduced 35 Articles of Impeachment (H.Res. 1258) against President Bush.When Pelosi refused to allow hearings on any of the 38 Articles of Impeachment, Kucinich returned to the floor of Congress to introduce one more Article of Impeachment against President Bush (H.Res. 1345).Thanks to massive pressure from and our pro-impeachment allies, Speaker Pelosi finally allowed Chairman Conyers to hold a hearing this Friday. Kucinich will finally get a few minutes to argue for impeachment, along with Rep. Robert Wexler, former Rep. Liz Holtzman, and former Salt Lake City mayor Ro...
Obama in Iraq
2008-07-22 03:00:00
Juan Cole for Informed Comment writes about Barack Obama 's visit to Iraq , as well as the recent attempt by the Bush administration to "muddy the waters this weekend regarding the interview of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki with Der Spiegel, in which he expressed approval of Barack Obama's plan to get US troops out of Iraq within 16 months of next January." (Truthout)Juan Cole, Informed Comment, reports: "Der Spiegel proves al-Maliki story correct; series of bombings hit Baghdad."Despite all the talk about Iraq being "calm," I'd like to point out that the month just before the last visit Barack Obama made to Iraq (he went in January, 2006), there were 537 civilian and ISF [Iraqi Security Force] Iraqi casualties. In June of this year, 2008, there were 554, according to AP. These are official statistics gathered passively that probably only capture about 10 percent of the true toll. That is, the Iraqi death toll is actually still worse now than the last time Obama was in Iraq! (...
It’s the Economic Stupidity, Stupid
2008-07-20 20:35:00
Frank Rich (NYTimes) writes: "THE best thing to happen to John McCain was for the three network anchors to leave him in the dust this week while they chase Barack Obama on his global Lollapalooza tour. Were voters forced to actually focus on Mr. McCain’s response to our spiraling economic crisis at home, the prospect of his ascension to the Oval Office could set off a panic that would make the IndyMac Bank bust in Pasadena look as merry as the Rose Bowl...."Continue reading.Technorati tags: John McCain, Frank Rich, New York Times, U.S. Economy, Social Security, Politics, Presidential Election, 2008
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John McCain: "It's All In Your Head"
2008-07-19 21:27:00
Courtesy of've been listening to John McCain and George Bush talk about the economy, and we've noticed a pattern: they keep saying the problems are all in our heads.McCain's campaign co-chair Phil Gramm had to step down because of controversy over his comment that we were in the middle of a "mental recession." But the truth is, John McCain threw Phil Gramm under the bus for saying, less artfully, what he himself has said repeatedly. See it by clicking the video below. Once you've watched, pass it on!Technorati tags: John McCain, Video, Politics, Psychology
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Send Karl Rove to Jail!
2008-07-19 04:54:00
Tell the House Judiciary Committee to hold Karl Rove in contempt and send him to jail.This sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Well, it's not. We have a unique opportunity right now to send Karl Rove to jail, but only if we take immediate action.... Click here for more information.Technorati tags: Karl Rove, Petition, Activism, Jail , Contempt, House Judiciary Committee, Congress
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Al Gore: A Generational Challenge to Repower America
2008-07-18 23:17:00
Courtesy of "We Can Solve It"For complete transcript, click here.Technorati tags: Environment, Global Warming, Energy Policy, Al Gore , Speech
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The Real-Life ‘24’ of Summer 2008
2008-07-13 21:45:00
This is a MUST READ:Frank Rich ( reports: WE know what a criminal White House looks like from “The Final Days,” Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein’s classic account of Richard Nixon’s unraveling. The cauldron of lies, paranoia and illegal surveillance boiled over, until it was finally every man for himself as desperate courtiers scrambled to save their reputations and, in a few patriotic instances, their country.“The Final Days” was published in 1976, two years after Nixon abdicated in disgrace. With the Bush presidency, no journalist (or turncoat White House memoirist) is waiting for the corpse to be carted away. The latest and perhaps most chilling example arrives this week from Jane Mayer of The New Yorker, long a relentless journalist on the war-on-terror torture beat. Her book “The Dark Side” connects the dots of her own past reporting and that of her top-tier colleagues (including James Risen and Scott Shane of The New ...
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The Death of Reaganomics
2008-07-13 21:14:00
E. J. Dionne reports (Truthdig): "The biggest political story of 2008 is getting little coverage. It involves the collapse of assumptions that have dominated our economic debate for three decades.Since the Reagan years, free-market clichés have passed for sophisticated economic analysis. But in the current crisis, these ideas are falling, one by one, as even conservatives recognize that capitalism is ailing...."Continue Reading.Technorati tags: Reganomics, E.J. Dionne, Truthdig, Barney Frank, U.S. Economy, Conservatives, Republicans
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Stalling on Impeachment
2008-07-11 03:18:00
Veterans For Peace in a dramatic confrontation with Chairman Conyers over his indecision on impeachment"Since June 9, when Rep. Kucinich's introduced 35 articles of impeachment, the articles have remained shelved in the House Judiciary Committee. Chairman Conyers has the ability to bring the articles to a vote in the committee, but he is undecided on a course of action. In a June meeting with Veterans For Peace, Rep. Conyers promised to present his decision on impeachment in early July. However, Conyers failed to present such as decision during a meeting held with Veterans For Peace (VFP) on Wednesday, July 9. Members of VFP believe that Conyers is deploying stall tactics and that he has no intention of moving forward with impeachment. Conyers, once again, has promised to present his decision in a meeting planned for July 25."The Real News Network - StoryTechnorati tags: Impeachment , Impeach, Bush, Cheney, Conyers, Veterans for Peace
Stop Big Media: Veto the FCC New Rules
2008-07-11 02:41:00
After receiving thousands of your phone calls and more than 250,000 letters, the Senate rejected the FCC's plan to let the biggest media companies get even bigger. Tell the House of Representative to take a stand and veto the FCC.Take Action: Tell the House to Veto the FCC | digg storyTechnorati tags: FCC, media, consolidation, congress, activism
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"Get FISA Right" response to Senator Obama on myBO
2008-07-09 03:08:00
The following letter was written by members of Get FISA Right, a group of Obama supporters committed to protecting Americans from unwarranted surveillance:Dear Senator Obama,Thank you for taking the time to respond to us with your post "My Position On FISA" dated July 3rd, 2008. In your response, you pledged to "listen to [our] concerns, take them seriously, and seek to earn [our] ongoing support," and in that spirit, we would like to continue this conversation. We ask that you help transfer our passion and political activism into getting the FISA bill right -- more | digg storyTechnorati tags: Barack Obama, FISA, Blogs
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2008-07-07 20:27:00
Firedoglake � FISA : Dialing For The Rule Of Law: "Tomorrow is the vote on the FISA bill. �What say we welcome back Senators and their staffs from the 4th of July holiday with a rousing �bit of patriotic support for the rule of law?.... �" For info on action you can take now (including links to call tools to help you get in touch with your Senators, continue reading.Technorati tags: FISA, Firedoglake, activism, Congress
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House Judiciary Committee: Rove Must Testify
2008-07-04 20:23:00
Think Progress (via AlterNet) reports:"Former Bush adviser must tell Congress what he knows about U.S. Attorney purge, Don Siegelman prosecution...."Photo Credit: AlterNetTechnorati tags: Karl Rove, Don Siegelman, Congress, Subpoena
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The Secret War in Iran: Part 3
2008-07-04 20:15:00
The Real News Network reports: "Late last year, Congress agreed to a request from President Bush to fund a major escalation of covert operations against Iran , according to current and former military intelligence and congressional sources. In his recent article "Preparing the Battlefield," Seymour Hersh, investigative journalist and famed author for The New Yorker, says that the leadership of the Democratic Part y has authorized spending over $400 million in support of a presidential finding that greatly expands the use of secret operations inside Iran, including perhaps the use of lethal force. The covert activities involve support of the minority Ahwazi Arab and Baluchi groups and other dissident organizations. They also include gathering intelligence about Iran's suspected nuclear weapons program. "This president has read it this way: anything that has to do with the military, even if it's intelligence collection by the military, is part of warfare, preparing the battlefield," H...
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Give 'em Hell, Russ!
2008-07-01 22:45:00
Russ Feingold Responds to FISA Bill: "I teased some of my colleagues and said we can celebrate the Constitution on July 4th and maybe when we come back you'll decide not to tear it up."-Russ Feingold on FISATechnorati tags: Russ Feingold, FISA, Congress, Activism, Politics, Democratic Party, Republican Party
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Is Obama a conservative or a progressive realist?
2008-06-30 19:03:00
The Real News Network:Alterman and Escobar debate if Obama is a conservative politician or a progressive who knows how to winEric Alterman argues that Obama is a political realist, a consensus politician who understands that he must compromise in order to be electable.Technorati tags: Obama, The Real News, Politics, Foreign Policy, Election, 2008, Presidential
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Israel: Culture of fear
2008-06-29 01:46:00
Judith Norman and Alistair Welchman (Jewish Peace News) write:"This opinion piece (link below) discusses what is perhaps the most significant psychological mechanism acting to help make the Jewish community support Israel ’s occupation: the fear of collective annihilation. Seth Freedman argues that a culture of fear like this has a life of its own, independent of whether it is grounded in something real, and, indeed, has a tendency to create objects of fear where there are none. Of course this psychology is very much in the interests of those who seek to perpetuate the occupation and who encourage this culture of fear. Thus, a people as victimized, oppressed, dispossessed and essentially powerless as the Palestinians under occupation is magnified into a monster that threatens the existence of a nuclear-armed state. This is a neat argument, and explains, for instance, the disproportionate hysteria over the Qassam rocket attacks. While it is fairly easy to use blunt geopolitical re...
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Couldn't Agree More....
2008-06-27 20:52:00
Jason Rosenbaum: The Obama Problem:"...The harsh reality is, Barack Obama can and will tack towards the center on issues that are important to progressives during the general election. We can argue until we're blue in the face that this is not a smart thing to do, and by extension, that the country is ready for real progressive leadership, but Obama will do what he wants to do. Unless we are willing to actively work against him, we have no leverage.I am not willing to actively work against him. I'm not willing to call on people to pull their money and their volunteer hours either. But two can play at Obama's game.To me, Obama's methods are obvious. He is selling out a constituency without leverage (progressives) to burnish his centrist image, which he believes will bring him more votes in November. Obama is practicing, as BooMan puts it, "raw political calculation." Well, guess what; I can do that, too!..."Continue reading.Technorati tags: Obama, Election, Progressives, 2008, Pr...
New Bush-push for US-Iraq security pact
2008-06-27 20:19:00
US submits new unspecified proposals hoping to get security agreement in Iraq despite staunch oppositionThe Real News Network: "In a meeting between US President George W. Bush and Iraqi President Jalal Talabani they discuss what Bush calls 'a strategic framework agreement that suits the Iraqi government.' The push for a deal on a US-Iraq security pact has been stepped up after Washington submitted new, unspecified proposals. The pact would allow permanent US bases in Iraq as well as immunity from prosecution for US citizens. Many Iraqis say this would violate the nation's sovereignty and fear this would leave Iraq under US domination for years. The Real News Network's Senior Analyst Aijaz Ahmad comments."Technorati tags: The Real News, Bush, Iraq, Security Pact, Foreign Policy
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Congressman Wexler: Inherent Contempt for Rove
2008-05-16 03:05:00
Congressman Robert Wexler : "Last night, I appeared on MSNBC's Verdict with Dan Abrams to discuss Karl Rove 's outrageous refusal to appear before Congress regarding serious allegations that he used the US Justice Department to take down a prominent Democratic politician. It is alleged that Mr. Rove personally instigated the prosecution of former Alabama Governor Don Siegleman. The case has been criticized by legal experts, and 52 former state attorney generals – both Republicans and Democrats – have criticized the case and called for an investigation. (You may view the clip here.)If Rove refuses to testify voluntarily and ignores the subpoenas that will certainly be issued, he should be held in Inherent Contempt of the House of Representatives.No American is above the law. None of us should be able to ignore Congress without consequence. If Mr. Rove ignores a subpoena from the Judiciary Committee, then the House of Representatives should pass an Inherent Contempt citation ...
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Olbermann: Mr. President, the War Isn't About You
2008-05-16 02:53:00
MSNBC: "Olbermann reacts to President Bush's recent interview with and online users of Yahoo. Olbermann takes issue with Bush's claim he gave up golf to honor dead GIs ...." As usual, Olbermann shows how well the title "Idiot in Chief" describes the current occupant of the Whitehouse: For complete transcript and video: Click Here.Also See:Will Bunch | President Bush Committed Political Treason Today"I've seen a lot of sad things in American politics in my lifetime -- the resignation of a president who became a national disgrace after he oversaw a campaign of break-ins and cover-ups, another who circumvented the Constitution to trade arms for hostages, and yet is now hailed as national hero. And those paled to what we have seen in the last seven years -- flagrant disregard for the Constitution, the launching of a "pre-emptive" war on false pretenses, and discussions about torture and other shocking abuses inside the White House inner sanctum.But now it's come to thi...
Why Tom Hanks Endorses Barack Obama
2008-05-04 22:41:00
Beware: Celebrity Endorsement Trouble viewing this video? Click Here. Hat tip to Huffington Post. tag">Tom Hanks , Endorsement, Barack Obama , video, Politics, Election, Primaries, Indiana, North Carolina
Pushing the Single-Payer Solution
2008-05-03 00:10:00
Pushing the Single -Payer Solution | Amy Goodman: "It's time for the candidates to stop dancing around real health-care reform and get behind a single-payer system.As the media coverage of the Democratic presidential race continues to focus on lapel pins and pastors, America is ailing. As I travel around the country, I find people are angry and motivated. Like Dr. Rocky White, a physician from a conservative, evangelical background who practices in rural Alamosa, Colo. A tall, gray-haired Westerner in black jeans, a crisp white shirt and a bolo tie, Dr. White is a leading advocate for single-payer health care. He wasn't always...."Technorati tags: Amy Goodman, Health Care, Universal Health Care, Single Payer Health Care, Democrats, President, Election
Gas Tax Gotcha
2008-05-02 22:42:00
Hillary Clinton continues her dishonest campaign to say anything that might benefit her politically--no matter what the truth happens to be. The current debate over her and John McCain's proposed federal gas tax holiday is a case in "...We have to agree with Sen. Barack Obama, the only candidate who has refused to play this game. 'It's not an idea to get you through the summer,' he said. 'It's an idea to get them through an election.' His opponents no doubt hope that Mr. Obama's stand will prove to be political suicide. We think it qualifies as political courage."Also See:Gas Tax Holiday Is A Bad Idea | The Progress Report:SUMMARY: Rising gas prices are hitting Americans hard, while oil companies rake in record profits . As the economy falters, calls to deal with the price of gasoline have reached the halls of Washington, D.C. "[L]awmakers are considering ideas they might have nixed months ago, including temporarily lifting the federal gas tax and ...
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