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Marty Davis' Chickaboomer delivers politics, TV news, news media, talk radio, with wit and erudition. The beautiful brainy baby boomer babe blows off blowhards and boneheads. Marty is a former network radio and TV news anchor.
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Keith Olbermann: King Leer
2008-06-09 14:12:00
It seems like a couple of centuries since His Holiness Pope Walter reigned as God's deputy on the airwaves. Even longer if you think about leave-'em-laughing funnyman Keith Olbermann . The leer, the smug histrionics, the relentless needling, the shameless self-puffery, the accusatory rants excoriating Bushies and other Republicans as well as cable competitor Fox and its temperamental bully, Bill O'Reilly. And, of course, the comedy. "Is Olbermann's snide act on MSNBC the future of TV news?" Howard Rosenberg LA Times Olbermann and Matthews co-anchored MSNBC's coverage of this year's party caucuses and primaries, and when Obama clinched the Democratic nomination this week, calming down these guys would have required a defibrillator. But the low point was New Hampshire, when they spent probably 15 minutes giggling at and making fun of the speech McCain gave after topping that primary's GOP field... few viewers would be shocked if Olbermann slapped on Groucho brows to get a guffaw...
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2008-06-09 13:29:00
NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg summarily rejected by Obama and McCain. Mike's ego desperately desired to grab the spotlight by claiming center stage in an ABC News debate between the two candidates. Both sniffed "nyet". "Rivals Give Mike A NY Nix" NYP NYDNABC News Martin Bashir caught his brain tumor in time after hitting his head on a "Nightline" set hanging light. NYP"I have no journalistic training... Over time, I've become more like a traditional journalist," I'm now much more skeptical and much more distanced." Over-the-hill blogger babe Mayhill Fowler busting Bubba's thin anger bubble. Howard Kurtz Wash PostRepublicans and YouTube orchestrate a contest to send an amateur photog to the Repub convention in Minnesota. B&C"Part of the reason that networks seem to be losing their exalted status is that news programming, typically great for the image and not so much for the ratings, has been given over to the cable news stations. When issues of civic moment are nigh, consumers have...
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Anderson Cooper: The Shirt Off His Hack
2008-06-09 13:16:00
?Anderson Cooper , ?you?re not my boo.? ? Number two-selling T-shirt in CNN's put your favorite CNN headline on a cheap-T-shirt store. #3: ?1 in 3 workers hung over at office.? Top headline/shirt: "Obama Makes History". NYT's Brian Stelter wonders if CNN reporters can write funny New York Post headlines... I've ordered my T-shirt: "18 Million Cracks In The Glass Ceiling".
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McCain: Strange Agent
2008-06-09 12:56:00
Conservative Repub Bill Kristol wringing his hands in today's NYT: "They could have done so well tonight, shown a tone of confidence. Instead it looks like a bad Congressional race: dumb green puke background, small crowd ... Makes me want to cry.? Soon after Republicans finished shedding tears of frustration, Democrats were weeping tears of joy. Obama spoke about an hour later in a packed sports arena in St. Paul, Minn. His speech was well written and well delivered. In any case, with the battle against Hillary Clinton behind him, everything seems to be going swimmingly for Obama. Meanwhile, the McCain campaign dog-paddles along. And almost every Republican I?ve talked to is alarmed that the McCain campaign doesn?t seem up to the task of electing John McCain.Relax, Bill. That's McCain under the blanket...
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Media Drop Ball On Secret Conclave
2008-06-08 23:49:00
Update: Cryptome has photos. Is that Fed head Ben Bernanke or did someone steal his wax figure from Madame Tussauds? If you Bilder, they will come - flashing ambush photogs the bird...While the salivating one-dimensional mainstream media were foaming at the mouth over Hillary, the most significant, albeit unsexy, global story over the weekend taking place outside Washington, DC remained as virginal as Britney Spears used to be. Hillary was there. So was Obama. But no one's confirming. They HAD to be there but secretly... Here's The 2008 Bilderberg Public List. Previous attendees. If terrorists blew up the Chantilly, Virginia Marriott they would've taken out two-thirds of Europe's political and business leaders and a third of North American honchos. The 2008 Bilderberg Conference - usually in Europe (last year Istanbul) and not a chain hotel. No press. No press conference. Press release: "The meeting is is private in order to encourage frank and open discussion." Tell that to the...
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Ari: Catcher Of The Awry
2008-06-08 23:31:00
Former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer denies ex-underling Scottie McClellan's book bomb that the press sucked up to Bush on the Iraq war. "At the risk of agreeing with one of my toughest protagonists in the briefing room - NBC's David Gregory [far left, groovin' w/Karl "MC" Rove] - the press was tough, plenty tough. I have the scars -- and the transcripts -- to prove it." Wash Post editorial
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Chuck Schumer: Bite Your Tongue
2008-06-08 22:10:00
New York Senator Chuck Schumer (who doesn't like his junior senator much) positions his lizard tongue to lick the #1 crack in the "18 million cracks in the glass ceiling" after Hil's I-I-I-Me-Me-Me exit yesterday. "I always wanted to taste defeat." Captions anyone? Certainly you can do better than Shakespeare: "Let the candied tongue lick absurd pomp." Hamlet Act IIIHillary and Bill should've heeded Shakespeare's "Give thy thoughts no tongue."
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Neigh, Neigh
2008-06-08 21:40:00
O, the Cosmic Irony. On the day Hillary bagged her presidential horse race, the presumptive Triple Crown nominee Big Brown came in dead last at Belmont. The phrase of the day is just as applicable to Hillary: Big Brown Didn't Deliver. NYDN "Worst Finish Ever for A Triple Crown Contender" NYDN "Brown's Down At Belmont" NYP NYT
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Hillary: Fade To Black
2008-06-08 16:56:00
Couldn't Hillary have sucked it up and pretended to be graceful in her concession rant yesterday? The bitterness was obvious to anyone with eyes and ears. The speech was deliberately robotic until she got to her "accomplishments." Peggy Noonan NYP: She was as gracious as she could be. I mean that literally. It was the closest she could come to grace. It was all about her - I, me, me, I - and not about the man who needs her support. When she referred to Barack Obama, it was all poker-face and passive-voice. When Mrs. Clinton speaks and wants you to believe she means something, she gestures with her hands and arms, and attempts inflection. But here, in praising the presumptive Democratic nominee, she used the same voice she had used on the trail to attack him. When she got to the parts of the speech in which she endorsed Obama, she seemed to be making a point of reading. She lowered her eyes to the text and read with a comparatively flattened voice, and with little expression. When s...
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Jim McKay: He's Gone...
2008-06-08 16:25:00
CBS News prez Sean McManus lost his dad yesterday - the venerable TV sports gentleman Jim McKay. He was 86. Of what they're not saying... The ABC "Wide Word of Sports " broadcaster and unapologetic "Uncle Sam" anchoring Olympics coverage proved his professional mettle and compassion during the Arab terrorist massacre of Israeli athletes at Munich in 1972. NYT: he left the hotel sauna and was about to go into the swimming pool on his only day off, he received word that Arab terrorists had invaded the Israeli living quarters in the Olympic Village. Mr. McKay hurried to the studio, and for 16 consecutive hours he anchored ABC?s extraordinary news coverage, with field reporting from Peter Jennings, Howard Cosell and others.The episode ended with the killing of 11 Israeli athletes, coaches and trainers. When that word reached Mr. McKay, he said he thought that he would be the person who told the family of David Berger, an Israeli-born weight lifter whose family lived in Shaker Heig...
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Hillary: Vagina Monologues
2008-06-08 15:41:00
Anyone other than me get a carnal cackle ouf of Hillary 's "18 million cracks in the glass ceiling?" Dana Milbank Wash Post Georgia O'Keefe Museum Gallery
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MSNBC's Trash Talk
2008-06-06 21:25:00
Watch NBC's Andrea Mitchell shout over a garbage truck consuming drained bottles of Grey Goose vodka outside Hillary's house on MSNBC's "Morning Joe " this a.m. TV Newser vidJoe Scarborough : "A lot of shredded documents from the campaign are leaving us right now." Yucks all around.
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David Gregory: Shake Your Groove Thing
2008-06-06 21:16:00
If David Gregory's as good a mover in bed as he is dancing, his lovely wife, Beth, is a very lucky lady. David got down to Chris Brown and Mary J. Blige on "Today" this a.m.:Maybe there's another reason Bush nicknamed the 6'7" or whatever he is NBC WH correspondent "Stretch"....
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Separated At Birth: Dustin Hoffman & David Muir
2008-06-06 16:49:00
Yet another vain victim network Tee Vee newsdude bitching about his high-paid gig. "Marathon Man" Men's Vogue: In a shrinking news industry, on-air talent are increasingly called on to do everything ? shoot footage, write a blog, anchor a webcast ? and Muir has embraced multitasking with the enthusiasm of NBC's Brian Williams , to whom he is often compared, and the Úlan of the late Peter Jennings, whose encouraging words he still carries with him. Like both men, Muir got his start young, as a teen gofer for a local station in Syracuse. While still attending Ithaca College, he both anchored and produced a weekend newscast there, timing segments at the anchor desk with a yellow stopwatch even as he was delivering them ? and then driving 60 miles to meet his buddies for Saturday night's last call. Metrosexual Muir's trials triggered a comparison in my Friday-fried mind between his pedestrian "Marathon Man" ordeals with older version Dustin Hoffman 's in 1976's "Marathon Man". I wat...
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Fools Rush In Part Deux
2008-06-06 15:34:00
Both Jossip and Gawker gleefully jumped the gun when they reported a "Fox News intern" blabbed on her blog: "My head boss, a fairly well-known producer, gave me a Meryl-Streep-in-Devil-Wears-Prada long list of things to do one day, 3 hours before I had to leave." Jossip Later he walked in, threw his healthcare card on my desk, and said, "Oh, by the way, figure out my healthcare stuff, would ya? Like the online account." GawkerLet's go on the record with USC junior "Bookworm" blogging on College On The Record: "I actually don't work at Fox News, but a different subdivision at Fox. I don't know anything about O'Reilly, but I will say that everyone here has been extraordinally nice.Jossip snidely retracts: "Bad news, kiddos: The USC student who was said to be interning at FNC is actually just interning at one of the bajillion divisions of Fox (okay, it?s 20th Century Fox in LA). Not that writing about her experience there is any less stupid." "The Foolish Fox News Intern Blogger Do...
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Keith Olbermann: Three Faces Of Peeve
2008-06-06 14:08:00
Keith Olbermann has as many personalities and accents as Hillary Clinton. And just as tortured. Here he is last night imitating Rupert Murdoch's Australian lilt. Gawker vid :44 in
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Makeup Free Kathie Lee
2008-06-06 13:52:00
Katie Couric and her YouTube camera invade the sanctity of NBC's "Today" show make-up room zeroing in on an unmasked Kathie Lee Gifford. Without her paint Miz Kathie Lee could pass for a Wal-Mart cashier.
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Climb Crime
2008-06-06 13:08:00
Apparently those two spidermen scaling New York Times HQ didn't get the memo: The Times is not hiring. Scaling back, dudes... NYP NYT Video
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Cable TV: Fools Rush In
2008-06-06 12:13:00
Update: NBC's Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" just had her standup in front of Hillary's house interrupted by a garbage truck's trash compactor. Garbage in, garbage out...Did you witness the absurd heights of Tee Vee news mouth-foaming last night as the media locusts swarmed around Hillary Clinton 's multimillion dollar DC digs believing Barack Obama was inside? CNN's Anderson Cooper covered the stake out with endless speculation from guest talking heads about 1) What does it mean if he walks out alone? 2) Shouldn't they exit the house and wave? 3) Why is Obama there? 4) Is Bill Clinton inside? 5) What does it all MEAN? 6) What are they talking about? 7) Is he offering her the VP slot? We're talking 10 p.m. and CNN kept using a shot of Hill's pad in daylight while veteran political reporter Candy Crowley decamped in the night shadows. CNN's hour of speculation was the cable Tee Vee version of Jerry Seinfeld's "show about nothing." O, the absurdity of it all. It wa...
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Back To The Future
2008-06-02 14:05:00
Time Warner and GE goin' to The Chapel of Love? Yeah, yeah, yea-yeah-yeah. Newsweek : A goal for GE would be to avoid the huge tax bill it would incur in selling NBC Universal outright to Time Warner in a transaction valued in the tens of billions of dollars, say the sources familiar with the situation. One model for such a transaction might be the deal GE struck in 2003 to bulk up NBC by combining it with Universal, then owned by Vivendi. That combination left the French company with a hefty, though minority, 20 percent stake in NBC Universal. Under a similar scenario, Time Warner and GE could combine most, if not all, of their entertainment operations into a newly formed separate company, in which Time Warner would be the majority owner. The bet is investors would better recognize the value of a pure entertainment entity with big media brands, propelling the stocks of parent companies Time Warner and GE. And if that happens, the two Jeffs might just live out their corporate car...
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Vanity Unfair
2008-06-02 13:45:00
Bill Clinton's 25 hundred word rant on Vanity Fair 's "The Comeback Id" piece is blaming, tedious, and false. As Hillary told Obama: "If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen." Todd Purdum is scorched and burned by Bill's poison pen: This piece was written by Todd Purdum, who is married to Dee Dee Myers, former White House Press Secretary. Purdum's disclosure of this in the piece does not, as Vanity Fair apparently concluded, remove the obvious conflict of interest. It's a conflict that would likely not be contemplated at more reputable publications, especially considering that, as a result of this relationship, at least one source's anonymity was revealed to others.Clinton did not address the piece's reports of Bubba's continued dicking around with other women. But he did say in the third person or maybe one of his "Sybil" personalities: "In his role as spouse/surrogate, Bill Clinton is still the gold standard."Clinton attacks Purdum's speculation ("he's not a...
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Keith Olbermann: Poetry In Motion
2008-06-02 13:21:00
Howard Kurtz Wash Post on TV talking heads' Scott McClellan Bush bash spin: [Keith] Olbermann hailed the book, "What Happened," as "a primary document of American history" that contained "poetry." Talk about role reversal: It was Olbermann who said in 2005 that "whenever I hear Scott McClellan talking about 'media credibility,' I strain to remember who it was who admitted Jeff Gannon to the White House press room and called on him all those times." (Gannon, a conservative blogger with an X-rated past [a gay hooker], now says, "Scott McClellan's credibility is zero.")So is the credibility of the Big Three TV networks. Katie Couric admitted last week she was under pressure to positively spin the Iraq war. Anderson Cooper's CNN reporterbabe Jessica Yellin pointed the same finger at MSNBC brass.Kurtz: MSNBC spokesman Jeremy Gaines calls Yellin a "disgruntled . . . news reader" who worked there for one year and who had "little to no contact with editorial decision-makers." Yellin sa...
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Keith Olbermann: The Empire Strikes Back
2008-06-02 12:16:00
This on top of what Olbermann owes in California. Total: 100 grand. Olbermann WatchProfessional angry person Keith Olbermann favors tax-and-spend liberals, but he didn't pay his own taxes. reports that New York state has issued a tax warrant or judgment against the MSNBC host for $2,269.50 in back taxes owed by his personal corporation, Olbermann Broadcasting Empire Inc. Asked about the delinquency the other night by journalist Evan Gahr, the otherwise loquacious Olbermann uttered nary a word as he scurried into Trump Palace, where he bought condo apartment 40B last year, according to public records. "This was a bookkeeping disagreement between Keith's accountants and the state which was resolved months ago," an MSNBC spokesman told Page Six. Gahr was surprised to see Olbermann on foot. "Is the belt-tightening so severe at NBC that the peacock network can't afford a car to take Olbermann home?" he wondered. "If so, there's a bright side for Olbermann: Nobody c...
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Bob Dole On The Dole
2008-05-30 22:32:00
The politician with the most annoying voice in Congress (runner-up Joe Lieberman) will be droning before the mics with Bush turncoat Scott McClellan. Detroit Democratic Congressman John Conyers, chair of the House Judiciary Committee, wants to haul McClellan before a new hearing on the Miss Covert America Valerie Plame CIA leak case. Politico Former Senator Bob Dole brands McClellan a "miserable creature." "Your type soaks up the benefits of power, revels in the limelight for years, then quits, and spurred on by greed, cashes in with a scathing critique." Me To Bob Dole: "Your type soaks up the benefits of power, revels in the limelight for years, then quits, and spurred on by greed, cashes in... on K Street making big bucks as a rich, powerful lobbyist." Shut up, you corrupt old hypocrite! Dole represented Indonesian oil interests; the bizarre deal to let Dubai run U.S. ports. "For a $560,000 fee, Bob Dole, the former Senate majority leader and 1996 Republican presidential nominee,...
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Ferrel Cat Claws Tom Brokaw
2008-05-23 17:06:00
"Ron Burgundy" interviews Tom Brokaw . "Have you been keeping up with your Pilates?" Brokaw: "I do heated Yoga as well... Diane Sawyer comes by but she doesn't come topless." Burgundy: "In 1989 I heard you say 'The Dow Jones just took a fist up the butthole today'... I took a crap on your lawn." Funny Or Die videoWhy Brokaw agreed to do this is beyond me...
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Hillary: Bridezilla
2008-05-23 16:43:00
Are Barack and Hillary headed to "The Chapel Of Love" for a shotgun wedding?"Groundswell Of Calls For O-Hill Union" NYP "Can Clinton Muscle To A VP Nod?" Roger Simon Politico "What Does Hillary Want?" Time mag NYT NYDN
More About: Barack Obama , Hillary Clinton , New York Post
Fleet Weak
2008-05-23 15:34:00
Chicks, recall the "Sex and the City " episode where the girls go to Fleet Week and Charlotte bares her breast in a bar to a hot, horny Navy guy? The first assignment for a hot new WCBS TV weatherbabe entertainment reporter? Fleet Week! "This is the best first day I could've possibly imagined!" gushed Megan Glaros, a former model and NFL cheerleader. Richard Huff NYDN
NBC's Peter Principle
2008-05-23 14:36:00
Keith Olbermann as Tim Russert 's fill-in on "Meet The Press ?" Oh, yeah, baby! Johnny Dollar's Place and Olbermann Watch. Make sure the Obsessive-Compulsive Manic One has a double dose of Effexor an hour before... Last night he sunk his talons into John McCain. NewsBusters
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A New Broom Sweeps Clean
2008-05-23 13:53:00
The blessed end of May sweeps sweeps a couple of anchors off the WNBC anchor desk. We told you yesterday about the resurrection of Sue "What the F are you doing?" Simmons and Chuck Scarborough. WCBS Ch. 2 is mulling the replacement for Jim Rosenfield - miracle cancer survivor Steve Bartelstein (right) and Don Dahler. Richard Huff NYDN Two hundred miles south in DC, NBC's weak prime time lineup is blamed for O & O's WRC's slim win at 11. Wash Post30 mil viewers got sucked into the "American Idol " finale. NYP 32 mil if you believe the Wash Post. The NYT analyzes the two Davids.
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Cheap Shot & Costello
2008-05-22 23:47:00
CNN anchoress Carol Costello carps that Cindy McCain looks like a Stepford Wife. NewsBusters Costello: "Mrs. McCain look like - well, Glenn Close in the movie 'The Stepford Wives.'" Miz Carol is referencing Cindy's Vogue spread where the brilliant Wash Post fashion czarina Robin Givhan observes: "If there is one word the picture seems to be aggressively striving to evoke, it would be "relaxed." McCain's studied repose is in direct contrast to the image she projects in campaign photographs in which she is pressed, polished and so stiffly poised that she often looks like a wax replica of a political spouse. There's nothing especially natural or nonchalant about her Vogue portrait. One can almost see the fingerprints of the assistant who adjusted her hands just so and one wonders how long she had to hold her head at what looks to be an uncomfortable angle. But the implied message is unmistakable: I am not a Stepford wife."As for Michelle Obama 's Vogue spread, her image conveys "C...
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