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We constantly analyse global real estate markets and then offer objective insights into not only investment prospects but also pointers to how and where to and not to invest.
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2007 Deloitte Global Hotel Ranking Report
2008-08-15 19:00:00
It seems 2007 was another massive year for travel as the Deloitte Global Hotel Ranking Report clearly shows. With a 6% increase in global travel over the previous year, 2007 has overtaken tourism forecasts for the fourth year in succession. It seems that despite the property gloom people are still travelling in huge masses. The report ...
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Is it a Great Time to Buy Property in Florida Now?
2008-08-14 11:22:00
Florida has always been a popular playground for city escapees who want to enjoy the sun, surf and of course the popular Mojito cocktail, while they watch the sun set over the ocean. Living in Florida is about the lifestyle and having fun. Despite the great attraction, Florida seems to suffer too from the global property ...
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Egyptian High End Vs. Budget Property Market
2008-08-13 19:00:00
Egypt hailed as the hidden opportunity for property investors, offers interested parties many ways to spend their dollars. Whether you are attracted by luxury, or prefer to buy a budget property, choices are available to anybody who is serious about buying in Egypt. We wanted to show you exactly what is possible and introduce some amazing ...
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Hyde Park - Exclusive Villa Community in New Cairo, Egypt
2008-08-13 18:30:00
Spread across 4 million square meters, Hyde Park is the most exclusive villa development in Egypt . The developments strongest features are the 3,000 detached and attached luxury villas nestled with a 1 million square meter landscaped park, which happens to be the biggest private park in Egypt. Hyde Park - New Cairo Overview Hyde Park is for ...
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Hurghada Village Apartments - Egypt
2008-08-13 18:00:00
Hurghada is a popular tourist resort town on the Red Sea in Egypt . Famous for its lifestyle, easy living and countless attractions it attracts people from all over year round. Easy accessible from Europe, Hurghada has long been a destination for tourists. In recent years however, Hurghada has seen a sharp rise in new developments and ...
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Is Villa Leopolda The Most Expensive Home Ever?
2008-08-12 19:00:00
A Russian oligarch is the brand new owner of Villa Léopolda on the coast of France's Côte d'Azur. The monumental sale of the Villa Léopolda has made headline news when the estate was sold last week for a total of $750 million after being on the market for some time. Deemed the most expensive house ...
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5 Things To Consider Before You Invest Overseas
2008-08-11 16:11:00
Investing into a property portfolio has been the dream of many would be entrepreneurs. While investors can quietly build a fortune by buying into the right market, the whole process can just as quickly bring you from utter excitement to gloom. It isn't enough to simply find a lovely looking property for the right price anymore. ...
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International Property New Beat - Vietnamese Developers, Waterfront Ras Al
2008-08-06 22:19:00
Vietnamese real estate developers developing smaller apartments [Vietnamnet] Dubai property prices - why the only way is up [Arabian Business] Select plans waterfront projects in Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah [Zawya] Beijing property market 'basically stable,' supply rising [Quamnet] Rents falling in Singapore [Asia Property Report] Ups and downs of Shenzhen's housing property market [China Daily] How to move to France [Times ...
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Where To Buy Property In Egypt - A Low Down
2008-08-05 15:44:00
Just five hours away from the UK, lies a different world - Egypt . Known for its rich and history laden past, Egypt has attracted tourists for many years. In more recent years however Egypt has been known to attract a good number of property investors because of the favourable prices. The market is buzzing with retires, ...
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Hungary Property Grand Prix
2008-08-04 19:00:00
Sunday's Grand Prix in Hungary certainly wasn't short of surprising events. The race started out uneventful. Massa was leading the field, followed by Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen in third. Disaster struck for Massa though when he suddenly lost a seemingly clear home run due to engine failure only three laps from the closing line. Hamilton ...
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Axis Residences Deluxe in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
2008-08-03 19:00:00
The Axis Residence Deluxe is a 33 storey serviced apartment block in Pandan, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia . With a fast expanding economy, Malaysia shows a GDP growth of over 5.5% since 2004 (confirmed at 6.1% for 2007). As the capital city, Kuala Lumpur is placed ideally to benefit from this growth and has therefore developed into a ...
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What?s Happening In Berlin?s Property Market
2008-08-01 13:03:00
Berlin Mitte Skyline (credits: Dennis Gerbeckx) Reports about Berlin's flourishing property market are not shy in the last few months. It seems that the capital of Germany has finally morphed out of its sleeping beauty shell and climbed into the international limelight when the rest of Europe licks their wounds. We hear of shiny, modern new property ...
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Uncertain Times for Foreign Property Owners in Goa
2008-07-30 19:00:00
Goa Vainguinim beach We just read an interesting radio interview transcript between BBC presenter John Waite and some expat UK property buyers that purchased property in the little slice of Indian paradise called Goa. It seems that one little word can potentially cost hundreds of them their home. The word in question is "uncertain" and it ...
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International Property News Beat - Rio Ferdinand in Morocco, A UAE Hedge &
2008-07-30 12:55:00
UK House prices forecast to rise by 25% over next five years [Guardian] Rio Ferdinand adds to Moroccan property to his portfolio [Express] Dubai: A World Leader In "Green" Architecture [Napsnet] Britons' dreams crumble in Costa del Sol housing collapse [Telegraph] World's Best Places To Invest In Real Estate [Forbes] Is UAE property a classic hedge? [Gulf News ]
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Mixed Signals from Indonesia?s Housing Boom
2008-07-29 15:18:00
Jakarta Skyline Property stocks are hot property in Indonesia right now as reported by Reuters last weekend. Investors can get huge reduced gifting stakes in retail hotel complexes, commercial development and housing projects. Some of these gifting (schemes) are reduced with a 70% discount against the property's own selling price. While share prices have skydived in the ...
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Most Expensive Cities - Mercer 2008 Cost Of Living Survey
2008-07-28 21:08:00
                              GUM Shopping Arcade: Moscow's most exclusive shopping mall Mercer have just released their new list on the cost of living in cities around the world. If you remember, we blogged about their list last year in the Mercer Global Cost of Living Survey . There have been some interesting changes although the top position for most expensive ...
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Property Buyers? Guide to China
2008-07-28 11:00:00
China's property laws are not easy to see through if you have never been there or are not familiar with local laws and customs. On our journey through the online world of information we came across many contradicting messages and while trying to sort through all the stuff we came up with the following information. ...
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Is Greece Europe?s Forgotten Market?
2008-07-25 16:29:00
A Marina community in the town of Naxos, Greece Greek islands are well renowned for their sunshine, laid back lifestyle, great food and not to forget Greek folk songs. While other Europe an markets approach a stand still, there appears to be an increasing number of rich Europeans buying luxury properties on the Greek islands. With popular ...
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Consolidating European Housing Prices
2008-07-24 12:01:00
The need to consolidate European housing market data was emphasised in a recent piece from the FT. They stated that based on the current information available, there is difficulty in finding relevant European housing market data for market comparison purposes. Creating such a database does make sense, however we also feel it might not be as ...
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Celeb Property Round-up
2008-06-07 16:18:00
Celebrities are forever making headlines with the million dollar properties they buy and sell. After all, they are just people like us, only with a lot more cash in their pockets and sometimes bigger egos to boost. We took a peek into some of the latest news clips and played paparazzi to show you how ...
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Brazil Surges Ahead With Real Estate Sales
2008-06-06 08:24:00
For Brazil ians, the dream of owning their own home has become one of reality since the government changed their regulations back in 2005. Like never before, Brazilians are able to purchase their own homes now by finally being able to obtain finances. The “fiduciary alienation” rule allows loan lenders to legally own the property, until it ...
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The World?s Most Expensive Office Rent Markets Revisited (2008)
2008-06-04 13:39:00
Global economies have been harshly affected by three major factors; soaring food prices all over the world, the disruption in the financial and credit card markets within North America and the massive increase in energy prices for net consumers. Despite all the impact these events have had on the global economy, the U.S. posted a 0.6% ...
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Middle Eastern Real Estate Investments In London
2008-06-03 16:48:00
London is set to become the new playground for Middle Eastern wealth, judging by the recent headlines and news clips that made their rounds. Where the nations from the Gulf have long enjoyed London as their summer playground to escape their hot desert sun, new economic developments are fast seeing a massive influx of new ...
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Global House Prices: Where?s Hot and Where?s Not
2008-06-02 20:47:00
The latest Knight Frank Global House Price Index 2008 has just been released, revealing some interesting and alarming facts. While the West continues to crumble, new markets have emerged and grow stronger by the minute. The global real estate doom has caused a massive drop in real estate property values from Japan to Ireland and ...
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International Property News Beat - Toronto Condo Boom, Northeast Brazil & N
2008-06-02 08:55:00
Global property demand slumps as credit noose tightens [CityWire] Is the Condo boom in Toronto sustainable? [Financial Post] UK Land Registry figures show property prices down 0.2% [Mortgage Strategy] Credit crunch sees global property prices tumbling [Independent] Move over Dubai, Ajman is the new emirate on the block [Times, London] Brazil Invites World to Make Tourism Money in the Northeast ...
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10 Must Read Property Investment Books
2008-05-31 14:54:00
Property investors aren’t often born masters. Most have to learn the hard way about what to do and what not when it comes to international investments. This can be a slow, costly road to travel and if it wasn’t for books, we would have to pay someone to do all the research for us, ...
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Vivre La France - Or So It Seems
2008-05-29 16:54:00
France seems to power on, in the international property power struggle on who keeps their heads afloat and who doesn’t. While markets like Spain and Vietnam collapse, France is stronger than ever. The strong Euro doesn’t seem to deter Brits from investing in France’s wide range of affordable properties. Some put this down to the obvious ...
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Vietnam Housing Market - Another One To Bite The Dust
2008-05-28 13:15:00
According to Vietnam ese news sources, Vietnam’s residential property market is experiencing heavy losses at the moment. Gone are the days of investor surges racing to invest their dollars, in a hope for a tidy profit. Due to the current global property gloom, many domestic Vietnamese property markets are now facing falling property values. By far the ...
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Property Grand Prix - Monaco
2008-05-27 15:02:00
Monaco proved to be another thriller of a Formula # 1 race this year with plenty of action and unexpected twists and turns. The team with the best judgment calls won fair and square this year with Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen suffering a wheel location problem before the start which resulted in a drive through penalty ...
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International Property News Beat - Global Housing, Hot Vancouver & Dubai La
2008-05-26 22:26:00
Global housing markets: Structural cracks [The Economist] UBS warns of losses to international real estate [Market Watch] Lakshmi Mittal to buy Britain?s most expensive house for £117 million [Telegraph] Vancouver ’s residential market stays hot [International Herald Tribune ] Interest in European property on the wane [AboutProperty] Foreign investors remain optimistic about real estate in Vietnam [Viet Nam News ] Vietnam to permit ...
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