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Panama real estate information for investors, retirees, realtors. Advice on how to invest, hotest areas in the city, panama land investment and much more
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Property in Volcan, Panama
2010-01-30 02:33:00
In Chiriqui,Volcan a relative of my father is selling this property. It fully entitled, it has approximately 300 hectares and it is for sale for 2 Million Dollars.If you havent heard about Chiriqui real estate, I can give you a brief description of this market.Boquete is one of the hottest areas in Panam a , with several projects in development.The highland area wich includes Boquete and Volcan has an average temperature of 20.Please if you are interested, you can send me an email here. projectpanamarealestate@yahoo.comReseller s would have 1% commission fee over the 2 M.Here are some pictures of the area. I will add video as well in the next days.
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Panama mortgage financing
2008-04-05 22:48:00
January 1, 2007The following are the average terms and conditions of mortgage banks in Panama . This mean that specific rates and conditions may vary from bank to bank.Financing : Between 60% - 70% of the purchase price or appraised market value, whichever is the lesser.Interest Rate: From 6.5%, plus FECI 1% per year.Amortization: Maximum amortization of 20 years divided into Five (5) years renewable at the Bank’s option for three (3) additional terms of five (5) years each. The maximum amortization period will be subject to factors such as Borrower(s) age and Net Worth.Security: First mortgage over the property.Insurance: Banks generally require that the borrower(s) contracts a life insurance policy for the amount of the loan, endorsed to the Bank, and a fire insurance policy with catastrophic extension for the amount of the loan, endorsed to the Bank. The insurance must be underwritten in Panama.Bank Commission: Approximately 1% of the amount of the loan payable at time of loan dr...
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Panama real estate taxes
2008-04-05 22:47:00
Transfer tax must be paid by by seller at the moment of transfer of the property. A 2% real estate transfer tax is levied on the transfer of real estate based either upon (1) the sale price stated in the official purchase/sale document (sale contract) or (2) upon the official property value, which ever is higher. The taxpayer may choose to pay either (1) the 2% real estate transfer tax over the greater of the purchase price of the property or the oficial property value, increased by 5% per year of tenancy, or (2) to pay income tax at a 10% rate based upon the assessment value plus a 10% increase for each year of tenancy. If the taxpayer chooses this second option, no further taxes on capital gains on the transaction are levied. Sale of a new residential property is exempt from this tax if the buyer uses it as a personal residency.The real estate transfer tax can be offset as a direct credit against the income tax levied on a capital gain arising from the sale, if any. Income on capi...
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The New Panama Island Law
2008-04-05 22:46:00
The New Panama Island LawThe day that President Martin Torrijos stamped his signature to Law 2 in the island of Bocas del Toro, an initial group of 7 projects for an estimated amount of US$732 million were unveiled. Now there are other projects in the pipeline in the Pearl, Veraguas and the Parida islands, showing that investors were awaiting this law.... INTRODUCTION During recent years, Panama has become a top destination for tourists, investors and retirees from all over the world. Most retirees or “pensionados” come looking for more friendly, secure and affordable communities, such as Boquete, Volcan, the Caribbean islands of Bocas del Toro, the Pacific beaches and, of course, cosmopolitan Panama City. Incentives for tourism investments were first granted by means of Law 8 of June 14, 1994. The enactment of this law began the process of branding Panama as a tourism destination, attracting investors and tourists alike, but mainly in the hospitality sector. In the last few y...
Dupont Towers Panama
2008-04-05 22:44:00
BP-499 Dupont TowersLast updated: 2008-04-05 Province/Town: Panama CityExact Location: Punta PacificaType: Panama City ApartmentsTransaction Type: SaleSale Price: $331,000.00Sale Price Terms: Between Wanting a piece of the Panama City skyline? This project is located in Punta Pacifica, one of the newest and most modern neighborhoods in the city with magnificent views to the ocean and the city skyline. With easy access to shopping malls, supermarkets, fashion spots, and an infinity of places around the city, along with all the amenities just a walk away.This project is on pre-construction. It has 42 floors. It has different sizes of apartments starting from: 166mts with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms; 211.30mts with 2 bedrooms, family room and 2.5 bathrooms (maid’s quarters w/ bathroom); 265.60mts with 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms (maid’s quarters w/ bathroom)With an easy access to a different avenue, in 20 minutes you can be at the mountains, 1.5 hour at the beach, and 5 minutes fr...
Grupo Provivienda
2008-04-04 17:01:00
This new real estate group has many project to offer, one of the latest if BijaoYou can visit their web site here, better known as Central America's most modern and architecturally diverse city, has become the new hot trend in the international real-estate market. Panama’s changing skyline is due to the growing number of US and Venezuelan Residences that are choosing Panama as their number one place to live and retire. Panama has it all…incredible weather, modern centers, shopping, white beaches, rivers, lakes, mountains, jungles, rainforests, diverse culture and cuisine, and the best real-estate investment opportunities that can be found in all of Central America.Live in Panama…Panama has near perfect weather, a stable government, no currency barriers, low cost of living, low crime rate, clean air, relaxed pace of living as well as abundant outdoor recreation. Panama has everything from golf and tennis to river rafting and diving. Modern ...
Trump Ocean Club
2008-04-04 16:56:00
Trump Ocean Club ,International Hotel & TowerPanama City, PanamaA $400 million, mixed-use development, the Trump Ocean Club, International Hotel & Tower will be an immense joint venture of the Trump Organization and K Group, a premier high-end resort developer in Panama. It will be located in Panama City at the beautiful Punta Pacifica Peninsula.The 1.8 million square foot project will feature a 68-story condominium tower with approximately 300 hotel condominium units and an additional 500 condominium units. Each of the units will have unobstructed panoramic ocean views.As a mixed-use project, the Trump Ocean Club, International Hotel & Tower will be much more than a high-rise tower. Its impressive amenities will include: * International casino * Yacht Club and Pier * 24-hour marina * 8,600 sq. ft. wellness spa * State-of-the-art gym * Two pools including an Infinity Pool * Gourmet and casual dining restaurants * Boutiques & shops including jewelry store, beau...
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Wall Street Journal writes about Panama
2008-04-04 13:48:00
Whether it’s the mainstream media, or individuals who have discovered Panama , the praise for this tiny Central American country keeps growing. The travel book publisher Foot Print Books calls Panama one of the world’s “great crossroads.” In a July, 2007 article in Fortune Magazine entitled “Latin America’s real estate Panamania,” Fortune describes Panama as “one of the world’s hottest real estate markets.”The Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and National Geographic have published exciting pieces highlighting the undiscovered delights of Panama. The Wall Street Journal describes “the new breed of intrepid retirees (that are) branching out” to Panama. The Boston Globe calls Panama “an undiscovered tourist paradise.” One retired investor admiring the view from his apartment recently said, “Panama looked like a good investment and a place to have a good time. You don’t need a lot of sense to see that property will increase in value.”Said one C...
The Panama Festival and Expo 2008
2008-04-04 13:37:00
The Panama Festival and Expo 2008 A Premier Trade Show. Come to PanaExpo, the world class 3-day trade show which exhibits investment and lifestyle opportunities in Panama, that runs from Friday May 2 to Sunday May 4 at the Toronto Congress Centre, 650 Dixon Road in Mississauga, Ontario. Mississauga is just west of Toronto, Canada. PanaExpo visitors will have the opportunity to ask experts about investment and retirement opportunities in Panama and how to enjoy this gem of a country. International Living magazine called Panama “one of the best places in the world for retirees today.” Frommer's listed Panama as the world’s number four travel destination in 2007. PanaExpo will also showcase Panamanian cuisine, culture, dance, and the arts. Exhibition space is currently available.
London & Regional Panama
2007-03-15 12:56:00
London & Regional Panam a planea la construcción de una mini ciudad en la antigua Base de Howard.Jason Mills director de L&R, dijo que su proyecto se realizara a lo largo de 8 años y que 405 millones seran invertidos.El desarrollo del area de Howard, una antigua base aerea de la Fuerza Aerea de los Estados Unidos incluye el desarollo del puerto multimodal. Debido a la existencia de la infraestructura area, que constituye la pista aerea mas grande de latinoamerica con un area de 2.75 km, ademas de la cercania con el canal de Panama, por el cual atraviesa el 60% del comercio hacia y desde Estados Unidos, hacen que el proyecto multimodal se perfile con excelentes expectativas.El gobierno debe estar por aprobar por consejo de gabinete la ratificacion de este proyecto. Aunque este proyecto tampoco ha escapado del escandalo, por una supuesta relacion con inversionistas colombianos.Despues del decreto del gobierno panameño, se espera que London & Regional Panama, entregue un plan maestro...
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Panama, casa grande, Playa Blanca
2007-03-07 23:07:00
Casas Grand es Panam a video in youtube.casasgrandes panama in Panama City
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Inversiones Natasha :: Real Estator of the Day
2007-03-07 16:22:00
For more than 35 years, Natasha Sucre, have leaded inversiones natasha to the important spot they have in the real estate environment in Panama City, Panama.Natasha Sucre Benjamín was president of the Acobir for 4 consecutive periods. (1997-1998; 1998-1999, 1999-2000,2002-2003). His son Ivan Carlucci is the actual president of Acobir.Inversiones Natasha S.A and his staff that includes: Tanya Carlucci Sucre, Natasha Sucre, Natasha Carlucci Sucre, Maciel de Carlucci, Iván Carlucci Sucre and several other professionals with valuable experience in the real estate business that will help you find the right property or investment for you.Related keywords: inversiones natasha, natasha, natasha panama, bienes raices natasha, bienes raices
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inversiones natasha panama
2007-03-07 16:09:00
Inversiones natasha panamaInversiones Natasha S., A. It is located in el Cangrejo. In the intersection of Via Argentina and Calle Alberto Navarro, next to the Greenhouse restaurant. Natasha has been an emblematic icon in the real estate business in panama for more that 35 years. Their website totally designed in flash, has an impressive database with all the hottest projects in Panam a .Inversiones Natasha, S. A. is the prestigious real estate corporation with License CBR Nº 0001, issued by the Real Estate Technical Board of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry of the Republic of Panama. The prestige of Inversiones Natasha, S. A. is based on the efficiency, reliability and effectiveness of the services it provides for the real estate sector. The business is managed by Economist and Realtor, Natasha Sucre Benjamín, who, with more than 35 years of experience, is both locally and internationally well known for her valuable personality in the real estate field. Her team of specialist c...
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Brisas de Amador Panama
2007-03-07 13:41:00
The ambitous project "Brisas de Amador " has almost completed its first stage"Causeway Boulevard"Actually it offers you- 900 parking spots (will be 2,500 when completed)- 13 restaurants- 6 bars and discos- Ice cream Parlor- Bungee rope- Canopy TourCauseway TowersImagine waking up with the panama canal view. It is an apart-hotel project with modules of 84mt2 and 211 mt2. Port for Cruisesmore information
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Relocating to Panama
2007-03-07 13:40:00
RELOCATE TO PANAMA The Advantages of Relocating to Panam a Lower Cost of Living Quality of Life Retiree Immigration Incentives Medical Facilities Flexible Incorporation Law Asset Protection Taxation Exemption Ground Floor for Business Opportunities Real Estate Rainforest Heaven Best Fiber-Optic-Cable Access & Bandwidth STEP 1: DECIDE ON PANAMA AS YOUR NEW HOME AND APPLY FOR A VISA (For detalis go to IMMIGRATION)Once you have decided this and the exact location for your new home, be it Boquete, Cerro Punta, Coronado, or any other place in Panama, MOLINA & CO will assist you. You must know the type of Visa you will obtain and the requirements and advantages of different types of Visa. Upon filling the Visa application, we will submit all required documentation for your Visa in David or in Panama City. At this point, Molina & CO will have the “Certificado de Recibo de Documentos en Inmigración (The Immigration Office Certificate of Received Documents)”, in which the Immigration Of...
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Panama Financing for Foreigners.. part 1
2007-03-07 13:28:00
You have to be prepared when you apply for a mortgage in a local bank.Most banks in panama will ask you this documents when you apply for a mortgage:Photocopy of your entire passport (all pages including stamps)Utility bill (showing your name and physical address)Photocopy of one additional photo ID (Drivers License)Curriculum Vitae (personal education & work resume)Two (2) original bank reference lettersTwo (2) original professional or commercial reference lettersPhotocopy of bank statements for last 12 to 24 monthsLas two (2) years tax returns (or audited financial statements)Letter explaining your income sources & reason for the purchase of the property (personal residence, vacation home, rental property, investment, etc.)Appraisal of the property (must be done by a bank-approved appraiser)Purchase contractTitle deed of the propertyCompleted and signed bank mortgage applications and agreementsPlease note, that most Panama nian banks require that all documents originating from ...
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Procasa development in Panama
2007-03-06 21:34:00
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King Fisher Bay - Pearl Islands Panama
2007-03-06 20:02:00
Pearl Island Real Estate is truly unique in several ways.For one, it is veritably unspoiled island real estate. The Pearl Islands have mangaged to remain pristine, beautiful and virtually untouched over the years. Its water´s abound with wildlife such as: sea turtles, whales, dolphins, whalesharks, a huge array of game fish such as marlin, tuna, wahoo and sailfish to name a few. In the jungles of the Pearl Islands you can find such wildlife as, parrots, toucans, deer, iguanas, monkeys, agouties, and anteaters.The Pearl Islands are also home to an incredible history dating back to the times of the Spanish Explorers. Many of the Pearl Islands served as hiding places for treasures looted by Pirates such as Henry Morgan, Sir Francis Drake and Balboa. In fact, last year a Spanish Galleon with over 50 million dollars worth of treasure was found off the coast of the Perlas Islands. At one point in its history, the Pearl Islands were famous for, you guessed it, pearls. The most famous of t...
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Skycrappers in Panama
2007-03-06 18:00:00
Here is a list of skycrappers in construction and others have not started yet.Visit php?t=273456 for more information.Buidings with more than 300 meters( )1) Ice Tower, 104 floors - 381 mts. *Date of Start: June, 2006.2) Faros de Panam á, Central Tower, 84 floors - 346 mts. *Date of Start: October, 2006.3) Ocean One, 54 floors - 207 mts. *Date of Start: May, 2005.2) Aqualina, 67 floors - 210 mts. *Date of Start: October, 2005.3) Ocean Two, 70 floors *Date of Start: March, 2006.4) Vitri, 72 floors *Date of Start: May, 2006.5) Pearl, 70 floors *Date of Start: December,2006.Projects about to start their construction1) Torre Planetarium, 82 floors - 300 mts.2) Trump Ocean Club Intl. Hotel & Tower, 68 floors - 293 mts.3) Arts Tower, 80 floors.4) Q Tower, 82 floors - 250 mts.5) Waters, 74 floors - 245 mts. Date of Start: December,20076) Rivage, 68 floors - 208 mts. Date of Start: February,20077) Megápolis - (1st tower of 65 floors - Date of Start:...
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List of Panama Realtors
2007-03-06 17:11:00
Panama Realtors Grupo Tribaldos Phone: (507) 300-2222 Fax; (507) 300-1087 email: (507) 716-0722 Commercial Center Pacific Seat - Ground floor Local Nº 5 End - Pacific City of Panama. Post-office box 0980 WTC. - Palmetto Realty 011 (507) 6676-5818 P.O. Box 0819-02942 - Panama, Rep. of Panama CENTURY21 Semusa Realty Panama City Office, Balboa Avenue, Multicentro Mall, Tel. (507) 202-2121 • Coronado Office, Corowalk Strip Mall Tel. (507) 202-2122 Byrseg Bienes Separated Raices S.A. 0819-08522 GILDED - (507) 236-5347/236-3598/236-2729 Panama Realtor Panama Office: +507-265-8545 - Panama Fax: +507-265-3601 Obarrio Galleries - 1st floor, office 67 - Via Spain - Panama City, Rep. of Panama
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Villas de Cerro Lindo and a free Plasma 42 inches screen
2007-03-06 16:59:00
When you buy one property here, you will get a free 42 inches plasma screen.It is a walled urbanization that consists of 200 houses and that the security will offer them and tranquillity that you and their family is deserved. Surrounded by mountains and green landscapes Pretty Hill Villas , count full-featured that a modern urbanization must have: sentry box of security, streets of concrete, tank of water reserve, and more than 3.500,00 mts2, of green areas. All this and more single to 10 minutes of you take care of it, centric and near everything. For greater information it can communicate to 278-1240/1241/1242. Fax: 278-1243. Email: Can visit our house model of Monday Sunday of 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Address: Via Tocumen, after Villa It obtains, entering by the Casa de Materiales, to two minutes of the entrance, left hand of the LaCastellana. We are next to the future exit of the Corredor NorteEs una urbanización amurallada que consta de 200 casas y que l...
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H2O- Panama new projects
2007-03-06 15:38:00
LOCATION:Balboa Avenue, facing the ocean.DESCRIPTION:Specially designed for persons like you, featuring:º32-story tower.º153 apartments.ºFour high-speed elevators.ºElegant lobby.With an excellent social area on the last floor with an ocean view, featuring:ºInfinity pool.ºJacuzzi.ºParty salon.ºSpa.ºBar.
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Waters Panama Panoramic View
2007-03-06 15:34:00
LOCATION:Balboa Avenue, facing the ocean.DESCRIPTION:º74-story tower. All apartments have ocean views.ºThree apartments per floor.ºSpectacular lobby.ºSix elevators, plus a high-speed service elevator.ºTotal of 174 apartments.Features a complete and pleasant social area with the following:ºParty salon.ºSpa.ºSauna.ºSwimming pools.ºJacuzzi and multi-use court.
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Aqualina Apartments
2007-03-06 15:30:00
LOCATION:Strategically located at Punta Pacífica, one of the finest areas in Panama City.DESCRIPTION:Condominium with a permanent ocean viewºOne tower with three different areasº144 apartments, all with ocean viewsºSix high-speed elevatorsºElegant lobbyFeatures a social area located on the first level, with a gymnasium, spa, tennis court, squash court, party salon for adults, party salon for children, games for children, pool and Jacuzzi.
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2007-03-06 15:28:00
LOCATION:A new building in Costa del Este, one of the finest residential areas in Panama City.Features access routes from the South Corridor with reduced traffic conditions.DESCRIPTION:Setai was designed to provide luxury and comfort. The apartments have a practical floor plan that allows cross-ventilation to provide comfortable temperatures, at the same time permitting ease of decorating to your taste.
Arts Tower Panama
2007-03-06 15:19:00
LOCATION: An impressive tower located in the heart of Balboa Avenue with a permanent ocean view. DESCRIPTION: A tower unique in its class featuring one and two-bedroom apartments, with penthouse options available. ºLuxurious double-height lobby ºCleaning service ºHigh-speed elevators ºValet parking º24-hour surveillance ºSwimming pool, spa and gymnasium ºRacketball court ºEvents salon ºZen gardens ºApartments with one or two bedrooms and baths ºTerrace ºLuxurious finishes º9.5 ft. floor-to-ceiling height ºLaundry area ºVisitor's bath ºWalk-in closets
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Vitro Loft Project Panama
2007-03-06 15:17:00
LOCATION:Between 53rd Street and Eric del Valle in El Cangrejo, behind the Hotel El Panam a .DESCRIPTION:ºAn apartment towerºThirteen floors of double height apartmentsºSpacious lobbyºFour parking levelsºPartial service emergency power plantºThree elevatorsºFire detection systemºClose to the banking area and the best universitiesº24-hour surveillanceºReserve water tankºAdministrative officeºFour business locales with mezzanines (double height)
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Pacific Village Panama
2007-03-06 15:14:00
LOCATION:In one of the finest areas in Panam a City: Punta Pacífica.DESCRIPTION:A luxurious residential complex consisting of spectacular apartment towers facing the ocean in a private community surrounded by green gardens, entertainment areas and a unique environment, all with high safety standards and the finest benefits for its residents.
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Acqua Front Plan
2007-03-06 15:10:00
LOCATION:In Costa del Este, one of the finest areas in Panama City.DESCRIPTION:Luxurious and majestic apartments with:ºThree bedroomsºThree bathsºVestibule with natural lighting at the entranceºLiving roomºDenºDining roomºSpacious terrace with ocean viewºFamily roomºLinen closetºKitchen with breakfast areaºVisitor's bathºLaundryºMaid's room with bathºService entranceºMaster bedroom with walk-in closetºLarge bath with ocean view in the master bedroom
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PIMM project in Free Zone Panama in Colon
2007-03-06 14:41:00
Panama International Merchandise Mart (PIMM) is a project that will reach 1 Billion in investment.PIMM will be a complex with more than 672 exhibition areas and deposits for merchandise. It will require more than 50 million dollars of investment in the primary stage of development.The CFZ has grown rapidly to become the second largest free zone in the world, after Hong Kong. The CFZ, in existence since 1953, was a base for 460 companies in the late 1980s. Goods from foreign countries were landed and stored or repackaged there and shipped onward without being subject to Panama's customs duties.According to La Prensa"Un centro especializado para atender a comerciantes mayoristas operará en un área total de 37 hectáreas en Cristóbal, provincia de Colón, informaron sus promotores.El Panama International Merchandise Mart (PIMM) consistirá en un complejo formado por 672 salas de exhibición y depósitos para mercancía, todo lo cual requerirá de una inversión de 50 millones de d...
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