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Delusions of Divinity?
Have a lurk on my spiritual journey. They are pragmatic, earthy and mystical musings or rants on life, love and the Big E
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104 of 154 cartoons
2012-05-24 20:27:00
now pencilled with words currently attached with Post-Its (they’ll be added in PSE6). I’m working to around ten a day, to keep the pleasure fresh, so there’s about 5/6 more days to go. Actually, I’m not entirely sure how many there are in total as I’ve divided some up because they were too wordy, but I reckon there are about 154. Continue reading →
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My life is an open book,
2012-05-06 13:15:00
and has been for many years, much to the chagrin of some of the NandDs. So I was slightly put out to be told I was ‘closed’. Continue reading →
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Tempus is fugiting a bit too fast for my liking.
2012-05-01 21:40:00
May, already?! But my Diamond Year should be special and so far it’s been more work, a few sales and health still not 110%. That said, my health is a million times better than it was this time last year. Photo A shows only a few of those awful vesicles (the ‘dalmations’) which covered all my back and rib cage. Photo B is the wonderful improvement. No lumps or bumps and almost ready for baring again. Well, possibly. Continue reading →
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The lack of blog posts
2012-04-17 21:01:00
means, contrarily, that a lot has been happening. Nothing stirringly thrilling, sad to say, and, even worse, there’s been a lot of backtracking and dumping of art that just did not work anymore. Odd really, because some pieces seem to grow in resonance, even the tiny ones. Just not all, hence the ‘worse’ moment, though all felt better once I had made the decision. Continue reading →
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Craft Fairs and evil
2012-04-02 21:06:00
don’t generally roll off the tongue together. What is evil anyway? Philosophers have provided a good few definitions mostly based on some kind of conscious or deliberate wrongdoing. Yesterday at the craft fair, and not for the first time, I felt that some kinds of stupidity fit into the evil category: the hectoring manager demanding personal empathy but giving none herself; the late coming stallholder who, after making me move three times, got a ‘for God’s sake’ from me, then proceeded to verbally berate me for ‘being rude’. Continue reading →
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Twenty-seven months.
2012-03-22 19:57:00
That’s how long it’s been since I started spending vast amounts on trying to get to the bottom of various skin-related health issues. Actually, that’s incorrect. Whatever appeared *on* my skin was a result of what has been happening *inside*. Not that you’d know it from those earlier trips to the GP and subsequently to the dermatologist. Continue reading →
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The Creator Particle
2012-03-15 19:09:00
(God/En Theos) might theoretically make us all equal, but we are not equal. Not physically and only at spiritual cell level for a brief moment in time and space before personal and subjective experiences change our frequencies along with our equality. Continue reading →
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Language disagreement
2012-03-01 12:35:00
is a good enough start to the day: using ‘shame’ for sadness and empathy. Yes, I know it isnow supposed to be an ‘expression of consolation’, though dictionaries clarify it to mean ‘That's too bad’ or ‘What a pity’. Meaning you’re disappointed. Continue reading →
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My paintings are colourful
2012-02-29 15:39:00
for a good reason, the same reason why I love drawing my Wise El cartoons. They give personal balance to an otherwise not particularly appealing life -and yes, I know there are gazillions worse off than me. However, from my spiritual perspective, I doubt they would give their eye teeth to be me, because they chose their existence as did I. Continue reading →
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It’s been all go
2012-02-15 18:42:00
since my Diamond Year started two weeks ago. Huge surges of energy, fortunately focused on catching up with delayed tasks - like transferring the Continue reading →
In four days I will hit
2012-01-30 15:24:00
that Diamond Year – and I still cannot bring myself to use the actual numbers. It’s not vanity or fear of getting older. More an understandable concern whether I still have mountains to climb or it’s all downhill from Thursday on. It’s got nothing to do with being positive or not and more to do with facing life’s realities. Continue reading →
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2012-01-19 19:58:00
said someone the other day (being somewhat judgemental themselves in the process). But then who is not judgemental? Only those that lack self-awareness or are a cretin. Continue reading →
This forthcoming Diamond Year
2012-01-13 19:57:00
birthday is naturally having an impact, not least for thinking about work and the possibility of seeking out a part-time job at some stage. That is unless I build up the merchandise side of my business and sell that more pro-actively. Continue reading →
Giving everyone a chance is good for society,
2012-01-02 20:27:00
was a tweet I got the other day. The tweeter doesn’t think I agree with this, but I do. We are all part of the same Great Everything, albeit at different frequencies, so, at some level, what we do or do not do for another, we are doing to ourselves. Continue reading →
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2011 is ending
2011-12-31 15:13:00
and I’m struggling to remember if there was anything significant for me personally. Everyone knows about the many big changes happening to the world at large, though not many have affected me individually. For which I remain grateful! Continue reading →
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Can someone still be wise
2011-12-20 23:22:00
if they ask advice of another? For sure! Even if you know more than the asked, wisdom requires sufficient humility to know when and how and what. Continue reading →
Rosemary Lobo,
2011-12-16 20:34:00
my paternal grandmother, died of breast cancer. In the days when doctors asked about our health, this used to come up with unfailing regularity, along with Dad’s asthma and darling Ma’s mental illness. I suppose it was their way (then) … Continue reading →
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The lesser-evolved soul,
2011-12-14 20:52:00
it is believed, has a much easier life than old souls. Their luck in work, love, money and so on, tends to be higher whether their personality or talents actually merit their success or not. They manage to avoid retribution for their iniquities, and do not seem overly bothered by the feelings - or criticisms – of others. Continue reading →
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Dreaming constantly
2011-12-08 21:30:00
since I got back from Lille (more anon) is not the pleasurable experience it has usually been. All the dreams Continue reading →
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Mention immigration
2011-11-29 11:56:00
in any shape or form and people still think you are a racist. No-one with half a brain cell would deny the benefits of migration, or the innate desire to better one’s life. However, changing any landscape Continue reading →
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New: YouTube Channel
2011-11-28 18:12:00
As per my recent blog post, I now have a YouTube channel and soon will be uploading one minute useful information and other stuff. I had rather hoped the video would appear in the middle – oh wait – what’s … Continue reading →
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To forgive
2011-11-28 17:36:00
is divine, said the poet. My first reaction is to agree. I have and continue to forgive those who have trespassed against me – and hope for the same. But there are some caveats as I’ve previously observed. Continue reading →
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Cause and effect is such
2011-11-14 14:46:00
a logical philosophy, yet even the brightest socialist sparks fail to see that any perceived bigness of spirit has a price tag. And they fail to see that Socialist Europe wants to eat their cake but have someone else pay to make and bake it and continue paying to make and bake it. As a Chinese politican pointed out, several Eurozone countries have people retiring at 50 (or even younger!) yet want the rest of the community to pay for it. Some, like the Greeks, seem to think paying taxes is only done by idiots – but still want the benefits of them! It’s crazily illogical – and unfair – so why are our politicians pursuing it with lemming-like loyalty? Continue reading →
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2012 is seen by some
2011-11-03 19:26:00
to herald the end of the world. While it will probably be (in my opinion) the end of a few things that people have taken for granted or that have been foisted on people, it’s also going to be a year of spectacle and change for our country: the Queen marking 60 years on the throne and the London Olympics for starters. And then there’s me, picking up my free bus pass on February 2nd. Continue reading →
Overpowering, forceful, assertive
2011-10-26 17:20:00
– just some of the ‘feedback’ I’ve had over the years about my personality. I rarely think about it these days as I am what I am. Till Twitter and Facebook insecurity started to creep in. Continue reading →
Mention anything Mind Body Spirit
2011-10-14 21:34:00
related on Twitter, and there’s an instant rise in followers who are coaches, positive thinking evangelists and similar … only to have many of them drop off when (if) they actually read my tweets. I’m guessing, but I get the impression that they are gurus of blinkered positivity who only want to connect with like minds, no doubt thinking anything else is the work of the devil (of negativity). Continue reading →
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Blog neglect
2011-10-14 13:58:00
means trawling through my brain to find out what’s been grabbing time for the last nine or so days. Blog Camp in Brighton, excellently organised by Continue reading →
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Should We Trust Experts?
2011-10-11 16:46:00
With the internet providing an alternative expert base, and many so-called independent authorities having hidden agendas, is it time to ask whether we should trust experts? When Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile in 1954, he commented, “Doctors and scientists … Continue reading →
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Mind Tricks Make Rejection A Positive Experience
2011-10-11 16:40:00
Rejection hurts. It can destroy confidence and self-esteem. But it is a fact of life and it can lead to positive outcomes. Even adverse situations can be turned to personal advantage if we observe how we react and use our … Continue reading →
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Do You Know What Your Name Says ABout You
2011-10-11 16:35:00
Would you have chosen your name? Perhaps you did. Your name, intentionally or otherwise, says a lot about you. Learn to take advantage of the hidden power in your name. And get the measure of others through theirs! It is … Continue reading →
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