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Indscribe's blog on contemporary issues, religous dialogue, news and Urdu poetry. The blog records positive developments in Indian Muslim community and aims to promote inter-religious harmony. For Humanism, Against Fundamentalism.
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Will BJP form the next government at the Centre?
2008-06-04 00:43:00
The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has smelt the scent of power. The party leaders are already believing that LK Advani is the next Prime Minister and there are talks as to which leader would get the particular portfolio.One can't fault the BJP leaders even if they are daydreaming. The thumping victory in Karnataka that has taken the Saffron dream beyond the Vindhyas has come as a major boost and the Congress' magic seems on the wane despite Rahul's efforts to capture the lost votebank.For the BJP the next elections are a great opportunity to pursue its agenda. It hopes to get much more seats alone than it got in the past and thus dictate terms unlike the last reign when allies called the shots.Inflation is one issue that can take LK Advani to the ramparts of Red Fort in August 2009. Fuel hike and unchecked price rise will surely work to the advantage of BJP that hopes to gain from anti-incumbency at the centre.But all is not well for the BJP either. The party has lost it in UP and...
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A Samosa-seller's nap under a tree shade
2008-05-31 00:17:00
See the photo on the left, a middle-aged samosa seller, with a stylish cap and the 'khizab' dyed oranged* beard sits under the shade of the tree and dozes off. Another samosa-seller sits under the same tree with the skull cap on.The elder one seems to care least for the world around that moves at a frantic pace. I saw him reach the park with the samosas.These samosas are not stuffed with potatoes. Rather they are filled with 'daal' and 'qeema'. The cost is same, Rs 2 each. Some kids who are playing in the park buy them. Two kids buy one samosa and each share half of it. That's the joy of childhood (especially in poor India where kids don't order bugers and pizzas on phone and this is an area close to a poor Muslim ghetto).If somebody has Rs 5, he will give you 3 samosas. It's zohr time, the muezzin's call. Now the youths playing cricket have gone to the mosque. The 20-30 children who were watchig the game, have also left. The samosa-seller doesn't seem to be a person who ...
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After Cancer Hospital, Imran Khan building University: What about Indian cr
2008-05-26 00:56:00
It was Imran Khan's dream to build a Cancer Hospital in his mother's memory and we were all witness to the hardships he faced and the years he spent in collecting funds for the project, which he ultimately turned it into reality.But Imran didn't stop with that and his next dream project was to establish a world class university in Pakistan where students of remote areas could study and get higher education. The University is now ready to start functioning.The Namal University has been established in a picturesque location by the river side and amid mountains. It is already an associate institution of Bradford University and the idea is to develop it as the Oxford University of the East.May be this sounds far-fetched but with the kind of faculty and the passion of this man, nothing seems impossible. But, it will surely be a place of learning of high standard, where the people of remote areas would get education, and they will also get scholarships.What drives Imran Khan? Surely it...
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Branding the Bangladeshi migrants as terrorists
2008-05-21 21:02:00
In the wake of the Jaipur blasts the entire nation is still sad and our hearts go out to the families who have lost their members in this madness.We don't know who the real perpetrators are and in most of the recent cases of bomb blasts, the police haven't been able to catch the culprits. But there is a clamour for deporting all the Bangladeshi migrants.Earlier, we used to hear names like Jaish, Lashkar and Hizbul Mujahideen. Now, with India and Pakistan cosying up, the name of Bangladesh-based HuJi is the first organisation on which the needle of suspicion is pointed after such an activity.But should the entire Bangladeshi populace be blamed for this? The politicians are the first to create the hysteria. How can so many Bangladeshis be deported for the wrong-doing of a few persons and even this is not clear if the Bangladeshis were indeed responsible.Aren't they humans? Is it just because they are poor? And is it urban India's prejudice and contempt for the poor that gets manif...
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An Ice-cream seller
2008-05-19 18:01:00
The photograph on the left shows an ice-cream seller and though most people may not find any thing special in the photo, for some of us it is indeed unique.That's 'Zam Zam ice-cream' and the photograph is taken in Bundelkhand region of Central India, not in Lucknow or Hyderabad.The name is written in Urdu script, which is striking. It is a rare sight these days to have Urdu script in shops, markets and households.Earlier, I have posted similar photos like picture of Urdu nameplate on a Hindu household, but this photograph is different in the sense that it is taken in a region where there is hardly any conentration of Muslims. And, unfortunately, Urdu has become a language of Muslims in this country.Urdu Muslim India Islam Poetry Religion Hindu Shairi Ghalib Literature Ada Lucknow Meer Faiz Indian Muslim Blog Cricket Ghazal Blogger Islamic Hindi Kavita Shayar Sahitya
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Reporting Romance in Urdu papers
2008-05-15 22:31:00
Urdu is considered more suitable for expressing love. After all, the Urdu poets for centuries have been writing about 'ishq' and 'mohabbat'. The Urdu newspapers have a slightly different character and the reports about elopements are published quite prominently.Headlines like 'Ishq mein giraftaar, aashnaa ke saath faraar' (Girl in love, runs away with youth). Though such news items are read with great interest by readers in Hindi and other regional languages also, the Urdu vocabulary makes it a bit more eye-catching and often humrous.Recently, I read a comprehensive report of a love affair between a 14-year-old girl and a 22 year old youth in a prominent Urdu daily. The girl had called the youth at her place but when he reached to the window of her fifth floor house, she got scared probably due to the family members who were around her and he fell down from that height.The guy was seriously injured and is in hospital. And this is not all. A case of theft attempt was also made ...
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Islam in Xinjiang (China): The survival of Uighur language
2008-05-09 11:10:00
The Chinese Turkestan was always known to have a majority Muslim population but not much was known about Muslims in this region and other parts of China till recently.With the Communist country, at last, opening its doors to outsiders and journalists rushing to Tibet and Xinjiang, new facets of Chinese life are emerging.The photographs of the streets of the Western region of Xinjiang surprised me. Like the photograph on the left (above) that shows Arabic alphabets.The signboards were readable and the script was Arabic and similar to Urdu. Such signboards are common in this region of China. The Uyghur language which is written in Arabic script is spoken by over 10 million people but it is surely a miracle that despite state oppression, the script has survived to this day.In India, within sixty years after independence Urdu script has almost gone out of public life even in Muslim dominated towns of North India. Here the State governments may be apathetic to the language but the situat...
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Gujarat 'encounter cop' Vanzara beaten up in jail by sub-ordinate
2008-05-06 21:14:00
Not many high-profile offenders have to pay for their misdeeds in this country, as they mostly manage to get away due to their connections and money. Else, the victim doesn't have the resources to fight the case court after court, hiring the best lawyers.But there are exceptions. Remember DIG DG Vanzara, an accused in the Sohrabuddin-Kausar Bi-Tulsiram Prajapati fake encounter case. The 'killer cop' who came from a poor background, was helped in his education by Muslims of his native village and had later became a pointsman for the rioters during the Gujarat carnage, is certainly paying for his sins in the . Almost a year in the jail Vanzara's bail plea has been rejected by Supreme Court and now he has to suffer the ultimate humilation of being beaten up by his own sub-ordinate, a disgrace of highes degree in any force.DSP NK Amin hit Vanzara with a bat in Sabarmati Jail and the authorities had to intervene. Amin was angry with Vanzara and told him that it was due to his wrong ...
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Shia-Sunni clash in Lucknow
2008-04-30 21:13:00
Once again Lucknow witnessed a Shia -Sunni clash on Tuesday. Though over a dozen persons were injured, the violence didn't spread and was effectively controlled.It was the same area of Walled City: Husainabad, that again witnessed the groups of Shia and Sunni youths indulging in stone pelting and rioting.The trouble started over a petty argument over rickshaw fare and as those quarrelling belonged to different sects, it led to tension and soon supporters of both the sides came to streets.Though Lucknow has a long history of such sectarian conflict, it was felt that old days of Shia-Sunni tension are a thing of past. Specially after the ban on Azadari and the Madah-e-Sahaba procession was lifted, it was believed that the things would get normal. However many such clashes have occurred in Old City in the last couple of years.Lucknow is known to be a City that doesn't have a Hindu-Muslim friction, rather it is Shia-Sunni schism that this place is notorious for. Though the scale of vio...
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Harassment of Muslims acquires a new dimension
2008-04-25 19:59:00
You just need to read the following instances to get an idea how an entire community is maligned by the State and its machinery through smart media manipulation:1. Madhya Pradesh police claimed that terrorist camps were organised near Choral in Malwa region. All national papers and electronic channels, as usual, accepted the claims. Local newspaper 'Prabhat Kiran' (and later other papers too) in Indore exposed the claims and told the real story that there was no camp ever held.The policemen had organised a 'live raid' and arms had been hidden by policemen themselves earlier, in order to later recover them and prove that they had caught anti-nationals who were planning a major strike. The police's story fell flat and the SP had to go on leave due to embarrassment but this truth about the fabricated story was never printed in national media. Channels ignored it.2. A journalist, Nadeem Ahmad, who represented fortnightly English newspaper Milli Gazette, had gone to cover riots at S...
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Great poets series: Zauq and his Urdu poetry
2008-04-21 12:01:00
laaii hayaat aaye, qazaa le chalii chaleapnii khushii na aaye na apnii khushii chale[hayaat=life, qazaa=death]Sheikh Ibrahim Zauq (1789-1854) is among the classical masters of Urdu poetry whose couplets are oft-quoted in conversation and in writing, more than 150 years after his death. Zauq is known for his absolute command on the language. Yet his poetry is simple and straight. For almost half-a-century, he remained associated with the Qila-e-Mualla (Royal Fort). Bahadur Shah Zafar was his disciple in poetry. In his life, Zauq was considered the greatest poet of the era, the Khaqaani of India.Zauq was a contemporary of poets of the calibre of Ghalib and Momin in the golden age of Urdu poetry. But not even a single collection of his poetry could be published during his liftetime. He passed away in 1854. In a way, he was fortunate that he didn't see his beloved Delhi getting ravaged by the British after the struggle of 1857.Selected couplets of Zauq:ab to ghabraa ke ye kahte haiN ki...
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The end of BJP in UP: Gets 1.35% votes in by-poll
2008-04-18 21:26:00
Amid the blue hue that has swept UP, the humiliating defeat of BJP and its absolute marginalisation in the state has been totally overlooked.In the three Assembly by-polls, the share of votes in Muradnagar, Colonelganj and Bilgram, the party has been extraordinary low. It could get just 1.35%, 3% and 5% votes in the elections, the results for which were announced two days back. The BSP won all the three constituences, as also the two Lok Sabha seats. Surprisingly, the Lotus has wilted in the state where it emerged in the mid-80s pitting Hindus and Muslims against each other. And today it seems both Hindus and Muslims have forgotten this party in India's most populous state.This is shocking for the party that it got such a low vote shate. And it has happened barely two decades after the Ram Mandir movement threw the country into communal flames. Clearly the electorate no longer considers BJP as a political option.It was this state where the BJP had got 57 seats out of 85 at the heig...
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Maya Magic: BSP sweeps bypolls winning 2 Lok Sabha, 3 Assembly costituencie
2008-04-16 10:45:00
The elephant's march continues. Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) not only won both the Lok Sabha by-polls but also emerged victorious in the three Assembly constituencies were by-elections were held in Uttar Pradesh.The counting began in the morning today and soon it was clear that Congress' prince Rahul Gandhi's whirlwind tours across the Hindi-Urdu heartland and his stays at the dwellings of Dalits, have failed to cut any ice with the electorate.In Azamgarh, its maverick candidate Akbar Ahmad Dumpy won whiile BS Tiwari won the Khalilabad seat. Dumpy was once a close associate of Sanjay Gandhi. A turncoat, he had sometime back joined the BSP.The party also won Bilgram (Hardoi), Karnalganj and Muradnagar seats--leaving the entire opposition raning from Congress to Samajwadi Party and the BJP stunned. Unstoppable Behenji!Urdu Muslim India Islam Poetry Religion Hindu Shairi Ghalib Literature Ada Lucknow Meer Faiz Indian Muslim Blog Cricket Ghazal Blogger Islamic Hindi Kavita Shayar Sahitya
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Arrogant Congress leaders paving way for BJP
2008-04-14 18:22:00
Three statements on the issue of price rise by UPA leaders show their arrogance:First, Kamal Nath said that the food scarcity is because the poor are now eating twice a day and most people in country side are having meals both times which they never had in the past.Then, Sharad Pawar said that the North Indians are now eating rice also while South Indians are eating more chapatis and due to this change in food habits, the situation has worsened. And now comes Kapil Sibal's statement, saying that the 'government has no magic wand to control prices'. Why are you in governnment Mr Sibal, resign, if you can't do anything? And the industrialist-turn-politician Kamal Nath's statement reflects the same elitist mindset, blaming the poor for every wrong. And Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) supremo Sharad Pawar doesn't know perhaps that North Indians (people of MP, UP, Chhattisgarh and many other states) have been eating rice for centuries. Read the story at Sify site.English dailies...
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When Burqa gets Saffron Band: BJP and Muslims
2008-04-09 20:47:00
The photo shows a veiled woman who has also got the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Mahila Morcha's band tied around her head.Just around 10 years ago it was extremely tough to find Muslims in BJP. Those who joined the BJP were looked down upon in the Muslim society.A few years after demolition of Babri Masjid, particulary after 1995-96 Muslims slowly started getting into the party. Atal Behari Vajpayee, who had been forgotten, came back to the centre-stage so that the party could get more acceptability.Many Muslim politicians joined it either due to lack of opportunity to rise in Congress or because they felt BJP is a much better option than Congress which had only exploited Muslims for half-a-century.And when the party failed to prove its majority in parliament after a 13 day government, it again projected Vajpayee as a Mukhauta. More Muslims joined the party. Once aggressively anti-minorityism, the party also formed Alpasankhyak Morchas (minority wings) in all states.And after the ...
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Best wishes on Hindu New Year from An Indian Muslim
2008-04-06 12:44:00
Wishing all of you, a happy New Year on Gudi Padwa to all from An Indian Muslim .Gudi Padwa, also known as Ugadi and Vishu, is celebrated on the first day of Chaitra, which falls on April 7 this year. This marks the beginning of Hindu New Year.Also, Chaiti Chand is celebrated today. Please tell me if I am wrong anywhere. The Indian government's Calendar Comittee had agreed upon the Saka (Shaka) era and Chaitra 1 as the beginning of the New Year.May the New Year bring prosperity to everybody and the nation. Also, let's make resolve for greater interaction among Hindus, Muslims and other sections of the society, and make efforts to reach out to the other and work for harmony in the society during the year.anindianmuslim.comUrdu Muslim India Islam Poetry Religion Hindu Shairi Ghalib Literature Ada Lucknow Meer Faiz Indian Muslim Blog Cricket Ghazal Blogger Islamic Hindi Kavita Shayar Sahitya
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Remembering PN Oak: The original Hindutva historian
2008-04-04 23:40:00
Does the name of Professor Oak rings a bell? The historian who used to make claims about Taj Mahal originally being a Hindu temple and similar other assertions about Qutub Minar and many other mosques.That was the era when RSS didn't have historians, scientists, writers, journalists, doctors, academicians and other professionals in its fold. But Oak, was quite dedicated to his cause. He was mocked at, but he continued to publish his works, make such claims and write letters in newspapers.Oak died sometime back. Not many tears were shed. Perhaps, because he had become irrelevant. Or may be, the Saffron brigade now had an army of able professionals to espouse its cause in every field, much more eloquently in TV cameras.Still, one expected a few obituaries. Hardly any attention was paid to the demise of the original Hindutva Historian. The man who had founded the Institute for Writing Indian History , spent all his life, for the cause, especially in the era when Marxist historians domi...
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Nehru's newspapers Qaumi Awaz, National Herald shut down in Congress regime
2008-04-01 22:47:00
On April 1, Qaumi Awaz, the Urdu daily from national capital, New Delhi, which was founded by India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, brought out its last copy.The masthead, the photo of which is shown on the top left, will be remembered for a long time. Till its last day of publication, the words :"Baani: Jawaharlal Nehru" (encircled in red for those who can't read Urdu)", were printed in the same manner.National Herald has also closed down. The papers were earlier published from Lucknow and nearly a decade back, the Lucknow edition was closed Pandit Nehru, the great visionary, and founder of modern India, had established these papers.Ironically, the newspapers closed despite all possible resistance and the fact that Qaumi Awaz still used to sell and had a good circulation though there was no money.And it all happened when Congress -led UPA is in the office and Sonia Gandhi's intervention would have saved the papers.The English daily could also have been revived (Qaumi Awa...
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Stamp on Majaz Lakhnawi: Poet of romance & revolution
2008-03-30 22:36:00
The postal department of the government of India, has issued a stamp on romantic-revolutionary poet Majaz (1911-1955).It is a befitting tribute to the great poet who wrote the first verse on India's tricolour, wrote the famous Tarana-e-Aligarh and apart from his magical poetry that looked at women as an intelligent companion-a 'hamsafar', also wrote the Nazm 'Aavaara' which had become the voice of youths in his generation and thereafter.The Nazm 'Aye Gham-e-dil kyaa karuuN, Aye wahshat-e-dil kyaa karuuN' has been sung by Talat Mahmood and Jagjit Singh, both in their own styles. One can see the Tile Wali Masjid, the parts of Imambara and the skyline of Old Lucknow in the background of the stamp.It is this City where he grew up and where lost his life on the roof of a liquor shop on a winter night, abandoned by companions. And where fifty years later people still recall his tragic demise.Majaz Lucknowi couldn't marry his love, Azra, who instead chose a civil servant rather tha...
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Of our so-called Muslim leaders
2008-03-26 20:18:00
*Salman Khurshid, the modern and liberal Muslim face of Congress in UP*Mohsina Kidwai, 'veteran' Congress 'leader*Ahmad Patel (Fourth term in Rajya Sabha, courtesy his closeness to 10 Janpath)These are just a few names to begin with. They are suave, sophisticated and educated. Salman Khurshid can't win a Lok Sabha election. I doubt if he can win an Assembly election either. Of course, he is the grandson of Zakir Hussain. And one hardly gets to hear anything from him on any any issue (not taking about Muslim issues alone).Mohsina Kidwai, hasn't won an election for ages. She has no credibility in the state she comes from. After all, either it is riots or killings like Maliana, one never heard her voice. She is in Upper House, a Rajya Sabha member, elected not from UP but Chhattisgarh.Muslims fail to understand why consistently these 'leaders' are forced upon them. Why should leaders who don't have any following be given posts or kept as show pieces. Either replace them with po...
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Closure of Biswin Sadi: End of an Era in Urdu journalism
2008-03-25 19:43:00
The closure of Biswin Sadi, one of the most popular social-semi-literary Urdu magazine, has come as a shock for Urdu-walas in the country. Unfortunately it was neither financial loss nor lack of readership but a reported 'embezzlement' of the elderly owner's kin that led to this abrupt end of the magazine's life.It was probably the oldest surviving Urdu magazine in India*. It was just ten years ago that the debate had begun whether the magazine should change its name as the Beeswin Sadi (20th century) was coming to an end.But it was later decided that the old name would be continued and even after the arrival of the new millennium and the New century, the magazine continued to be published under the same name (It didn't become Ikkiswin Sadi). Under the late Khushtar Girami, it had already became a great institution.After his demise, Z Rahman Nayyar, brought out the magazine with the same passion. Until recently it was doing fairly well. Though Shama, Ruby and other similar maga...
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Chacha's Qeema-stuffed Samosas
2008-03-21 19:36:00
Chacha sells qeema-stuffed samosas, a non-veg delicacy which is no longer very commonly visible in Cities.Inflation has hit him hard. Chacha is quite old now. Yet, he and his wife make 200-odd samosas, which fill his cycle's rear basket.On road, those who know him, wave at him and buy the samosas from him. Outside mosques the business is better when people are coming out after prayers.The best day is ofcourse Friday when the mosques are packed to capacity. Along with Biryani, Haleem and Zarda, Chacha's samosas have also many takers.But price of mutton has been soaring and buyers don't want to spend more than Rs 2 for each samosa, which has become thinner and the quantity of qeema (minced meat) getting lesser.There are admirers of these samosas. Those, if they came to know about the delicacy and the place it is sold, can buy the whole basket. But this is the parallel Muslim economy--Biryani for Rs 6-10 a plate and Keema samosa just for Rs 2-3, that flourishes in old quarters and n...
Selection of great Urdu couplets--I
2008-03-20 11:50:00
For centuries the couplets of these master Urdu poets have survived and become part of our conversation. Some of the 'ashaar' are posted here (more or less chronologically).ab ke junuuN meN faasla shaayad na kuchh rahedaaman ke chaak aur girebaaN ke chaak meN(Mir Taqi Mir)Khudaa ke vaaste usko na Tokoyahii ek shahar meN qaatil rahaa hai(Mirza Mazhar Jaan-e-JaanaaN)kuchh to hote haiN mohabbat meN junuuN ke aasaaraur kuchh log bhii diivaanaa banaa dete haiN(Ghulam Hamdaani 'Mus.hafi')na chheD aye nikhat-e-baad-e-bahaarii raah lag apniitujhe atkheliyaaN sujhii haiN, ham bezaar baiThe haiN(Insha)terii suurat se kisii kii nahiiN miltii suuratham jahaaN meN terii tasviir liye phirte haiN (Imam Bakhsh 'Nasikh')ab to ghabraa ke ye kahte haiN ki mar jaayengemar ke bhii chain na pyaa to kidhar jaayenge(Zauq)meherbaaN ho ke bulaa lo mujhe chaaho jis waqtmaiN gayaa waqt nahiiN huuN ki phir aa bhii na sakuuN(Ghalib)taDaptii dekhtaa huuN jab koi shaiuThaa letaa huuN apnaa dil samajh kar(Tas...
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Journeying with a Jamaat in Train
2008-03-10 17:25:00
Railway journeys are always fascinating. Due to the long duration, one gets to interact with many different people.On a recent journey my seat was close to the coupe in which members of a Jamaat were sitting. They were probably going down South.Mostly in India, people do try to help you when you are praying and so when the group started their prayers, the other passengers, shifted from that coupe to the neighbouring seats, to facilitate the namaaz.Just to make a conversation, a Hindu gentleman told the Jamaat guys--Passenger: "Haan bhai namaaz to zaruri hai, isi sab se yah duniaa qaaim hai". (Prayers are necessary to keep the world safe and sound)The Jamat guys--- :( [Blank Faced, no expression, no reply]Passenger tries again: Says something about religion protecting people in Kali Yug.The Jamat guys--- :( [Again, Blank Faces, no expressions, no replies]The man, dejected, kept mum thereafter.Sometime in the night when they had dinner, another newcomer, tries to start a conversation:...
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Tea in Lucknow: Huzoor Chaai pijiye!
2008-03-08 14:22:00
In the winters, Kashmiri Chai is one specialty of Lucknow , which you won't find elsewhere.This pink-coloured Chaai is a delicacy prepared through a special process.It tastes very different from tea and even those who don't like tea, drink cups and cups of it.The preparation of Kashmiri Chai, ( it derives its name form Kashmiri Mohalla of Lucknow) is different in the sense that the hot beverage is tossed in air repeatedly for a long time from one container to other and then only this colour and odour appear. The tea leaves are also different.It is a connoisseur's tea and even a minor slip in procedure will raise the eyebrows of the Lucknow-walas. It is served along with Balaai (in Lucknow malaai is called baalaai, as baalaa means top in Urdu).[Of course, I am not there in this photo on the left.]If you are planning to go to Lucknow, don't miss the Kashmiri Chai. You can get it at Akbari Gate and some other localities in the Walled City.Nimish (also called Makhan, which is also a ...
Jamiat-e-Ulema heading for a split: Arshad Madani removed from the post of
2008-03-07 20:03:00
One of the oldest and most influential Muslim organisations in the country, the Jamiat-e-Ulama seems to have almost split.The 85-year-old organisation which has played vital role in securing the rights of Muslims and fought many battles is today in a sorry state, with a group 'expelling' Maulana Arshad Madani, the president. In the executive body meet on March 6, not only the leadership of Maulana Arshad Madani was challenged and another group of Ulema (that supports Maulana Mahmood Madani) nominated Qari Mohammad Usman as the working President of Jamiat thereby 'removing' Arshad Madani from the post for his anti-Jamiat activities.Maulana Arshad Madani's newphew Maulana Mahmood Madani moved a resolution, expressing lack of confidence in the President. Maulana Arshad Madanai later walked out along with his supporters. A final attempt for patch-up would be made later this month in a special meet of the General Council (March 26).The episode has shocked Indian Muslims. Under the p...
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AIMIM turns 50: Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen's role in Hyderabad and AP pol
2008-03-04 20:55:00
The AIMIM, a political party based in Hyderabad , has completed fifty years of its existence and a big celebration was organised to mark the occasion two days back.The party that is mostly confined to Hyderabad and some other towns of Andhra Pradesh, is often in the news for protests and the 'ability' of its cadres to bring Old Hyderabad to a halt on any issue (or non-issue).It's name clearly suggests that it is a party to secure the interests of Muslims. And though it is generally not viewed favourably in media and other sections of the society, it's a unique case in our political system.Due to its strong presence in Old Hyderabad, the Majlis that sends 1 MP to Lok Sabha, 5-6 MLAs in the AP Assembly and has presently 36 councillors in the 100 member Municipal Corporation, does hold considerable clout in Andhra Pradesh, which could be termed as disproportionate to its vote share in the State. The fact that the Capital city of Hyderabad has nearly 40% Muslim population is MIM's s...
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After Hyderabad, screening of Islamic movie stopped in Kolkata
2008-03-03 09:19:00
Al-Risalah, the first Hollywood movie on Islam, which has been dubbed in Urdu/Hindustani and released in India, has been taken off theatres in Hyderabad .Following this the screening of the movie in Kolkata was also stopped. Director, Moustapha Akkad directed the film that has songs composed by AR Rahman.The song 'Marhaba Mustafa' has already got popular. The movie was originally made in Arabic and English, and has recently been dubbed with lyrics and dialogues translated by Hasan Kamal. Of course, Prophet (SAW) has not been depicted on the screen.No prize for guessing about the Hyderabad ban though: Majlis had protested the screening. When questioned that when Muslims in many other countries were watching the movie and clergy had okayed it, an AIMIM leader said that "it will still not let the movie run in the City".The Indian distributors must have suffered loss as the movie is getting banned in one city after the other. However, they hope to earn through VCD that has more songs i...
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Ram Vilas Paswan and Muslims
2008-03-01 17:48:00
Once the enfant terrible of Dalit politics in India, Ram Vilas Paswan, appears a lonely figure in the Indian political scenario.A die-hard Dalit politician, who genuinely took up Muslim issues, and was touted by most including his opponents as Prime Minister material, has been marginalised by the growth of BSP. In conversation he no longer exudes the same confidence and looks dejected.He is trying hard to keep his Lok Jan Shakti Party (LJP) flock stay together but he knows it is difficult to survive the Mayawati storm sweeping across the heartland and even beyond. Though he is still a Union Minister, Paswan is no longer the force, he once was.In the 80s when anti-Muslim rhetoric was at its peak, Paswan was the only politician who countered rustic rabble-rousers like Uma Bharti, Mahant Awaidyanath, Kalyan Singh and their comparatively more 'suave' hate-preachers like Lal Kishenchand Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi, both on ground-level and in the parliament in the same idiom.His spe...
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After Ulema, it's government's turn
2008-02-27 18:11:00
After the recently convened Anti-Terrorism Conference & the Ulema's historic Deoband Declaration, the Centre and State governments must also take care of the following critical issues:1. The 'secular' Congress government in Maharashtra must immediately give sanction for prosecuting all the rogue cops booked for biased action and shooting innocents during the Communal Riots of 1992-1993 in Mumbai.Indian Madarsa Students: Eternally in the dock.2. The Vilas Rao Deshmukh's Congress-NCP combine 'secular' government should immediately accept the Sri Krishna Commission Report and implement its recommendatiosn without any further delay.3. The Congress-led UPA government that has been playing the "Sachar committee card', should instead rein in the agencies that routinely arrest innocents, term Madarsas as threat to national security and in turn creating suspicion among Muslims regarding the police and law-enforcing agencies.4. Put on a curb on spreading falsehoods about Muslims an...
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