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Kabbalah On The Edge. Iconoclastic explorations of an eclectic solitary Jewitch whose practice incorporates elements of traditional Jewish kabbalah, Celtic witchcraft and Native American shamanism.
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Ancestor Mysteries & The Tree Of Transformation
2009-03-22 18:26:00
כ"ו אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 27A reader emailed to me an inquiry regarding ancester mysteries. His question may be answered in the dream(s) I had last night.Up Through Time, The Snake Tree For some reason it wasn't such a good thing to be a head of this family. The reason was not so much because of the family, but because of the position of being the heads. The heads were in the most dangerous unprotected position in the family and more vulnerable to attack.Adam and Eve were the heads of this family tree, literally. The entire family line was joined together like a single organism in the form a tree. Adam and Eve were the head trunk-limbs. The head trunk-limbs were in the form of two snakes branching up straight and high through time together from the main trunk of the snake tree. Their heads were at the summit of the tree, their faces like two pieces of white fruit among the uppermost leaves. Like fruit, the heads of Adam and Eve were always in danger of being eaten by the a...
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Three Oakland Police Officers Murdered
2009-03-22 07:25:00
כ"ו אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 27Three Oakland police officers were murdered today in California. Foxnews reports:OAKLAND, Calif. — Three Oakland police officers and a suspect are dead, and another officer is in grave condition, after two related shootings on Saturday, the first after a traffic stop and the second after a massive manhunt ended in gunfire, police said.The slain officers were identified as Sgt. Mark Dunakin, 40, who was killed at the first shooting. The two members of the SWAT team who were killed at the second location were Sgt. Ervin Romans, 43, and Sgt. Daniel Sakai, 35. Officer John Hege, 41, is in grave condition.Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said it was a tragic day for police officers. "All four officers dedicated their lives to public safety and selflessly worked to protect the people of Oakland," he said in a statement.The mood was somber outside the police station in Oakland, and flags were flying at half mast. Officers hugged and consoled each other."Th...
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Two Turtledoves In Action
2009-03-22 06:35:00
כ"ו אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 27Commentary on Vayikra from Garden of the Dark Moon Jubilee - Two Turtledoves In Action .
In The Spirit Of The Holy Days
2009-03-21 04:09:00
כ"ה אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 26Today is my oldest son's birthday. It is also Sabbat Ostara, marking the spring equinox.Today, I filled and adorned two bottles of Passover Protection Ritual Oil (which had been prepared on Purim and set aside at that time for later completion). The two bottles of Passover Protection Ritual Oil completed today were filled and adorned during the planetary hour of Mercury, with the waning crescent moon 28% full, and with the sun in the 29th degree of Pisces in the 8th degree of the constellation Pisces.I'm planning on taking pictures of the two bottles and listing them for purchase at WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu sometime this weekend or early next week prior to the official opening of my etsy shoppe March 29 so that they can be delivered to whomoever may purchase them in time for Passover April 8 (should anyone actually want to acquire them for their ritual observances). My photography skills are not professional at all, but I'll do the best t...
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It's Here! It's Here!
2009-03-17 01:46:00
כ'א אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 22My order for certified organic Pomegranate Seed oil came today! Yay!Black Gold Black Goddess Underworld Initiation Ritual Concoction will be ready by the March 29 opening of WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu!
First Photos
2009-03-16 01:39:00
כ' אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 21I used my mother's digital camera to take these first edited photos for Red Thread Witch Tea, one of the first handmade ritual treasures to be listed March 29 on my etsy shoppe. I'm definitely not a photographer, but what do you think about these? Are they okay? Any photography tips? Which five do you think showcase the item the best?I can use five photos to list each item on etsy. I'm inclining toward using the first five, although I especially like the bottom 'artistic' one. It's wicked! :) Next time I think I need to take a picture of the blended tea in a bowl or something before the jar is sealed, so people can see what the tea looks inside looks like. Photography pointers welcome - I'm new at this.
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Yad Ramah, More Than An Idea
2009-03-15 05:24:00
י'ט אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 20Commentary on Vaykhel-Pekudei from Garden of the Dark Moon Jubilee - Yad Ramah, More Than An Idea .
Countenance Of Radiant Gold, Robe Of Light
2009-03-14 15:42:00
י'ח אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 19Thursday night, the night before last night's dream (Black Gold ), I dreamt.Near the end of the dream, a man was able to rise up from an initially crouched position, breaking out as a radiant being of light, and regally unfolding like a majestic angel with large brilliant white outspreading wings. They were beautiful wings! His garment was a cord-belted white robe of light. His head was luminescent light-golden and on the crown of his head was a Mercury-like halo-hat of radiating brilliant gold light."Soon, we're coming upon it", were the words I heard as I woke up.
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Black Gold
2009-03-14 14:58:00
י'ח אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 19Last night I dreamt.Many 'scientists-alchemists' had searched for the cure, for the answer, for the 'right formula'. But no one had found it yet, and the few who had been brave enough to try into the final but multifaceted dangerous step had ended up with a disfigurement of the skin and face. Like Moses.The disfigurement was cancer-like and would slowly eat away at the person's form, eventually making the person crazy-like mad and turning the person into hard stone which would itself then easily crumble into dust. One man had found a treatment that would stave off the disfiguring and cancer-like progression on the skin for a limited time, such that even though he had the condition, his skin had not progressed to apparent disfigurement yet. Time was running out though, and he needed to find the cure before it did.Then came Black Goddess Underworld Initiation Ritual Concoction. Like a mad scientist myself, I had prepared my own alchemical co...
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2009-03-13 01:26:00
י'ז אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 18Oooooh, I'm so excited! I'm giddy with glee! My largest order of certified organic herbs arrived today to make the debut products for WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu! I feel like a mad scientist puttering about in her own lone little laboratory ... cackle, cackle. This weekend I'm gonna fly with delight in mine. I have never been so happppppppppppeeeeee in my life!
Foundation In Time
2009-03-11 02:28:00
ט'ו אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 14I've made my first product for WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu - a very small batch (15-20 mL total) of Passover Protection Ritual Oil. The batch was made today on Purim-Shushan Purim, during the planetary hour of Saturn, with the wishing moon of Keolwulf/Adar I 100% full.It will remain corked and cold-infusing in the dark until the new Dark Moon of Raven/Nissan (March 26), at which time I will transfer portions into 2 mL spell bottles, charge each portion with a rainbow moonstone, seal each bottle, and adorn each with a star of David.On March 29, all but the one I will use will be available for purchase at WITCHCRAFTS for Passover.
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A Heavy Downpour Ran Through It
2009-03-09 02:58:00
י'ג אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 14An(other) interesting synchronicity of my dreams with 'future' reality - within the context of a dream I dreamt last night - an extremely heavy downpour of rain ran through it, in the area surrounding my house and a neighbor woman's house. In the dream, I felt secure that my house would withstand the high waters. Well constructed and sturdy, it did.This afternoon, between times of bright blue sunny skies, an extremely heavy downpour of rain ran briefly through the area.Happy Pour-em! LOL.
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In Fear Of A Witch's Truth
2009-03-09 00:30:00
י'ב אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 13At some time in the past, someone hacked into the Amazon widget (shown in the sidebars of this blog and on Craftwork of a Jewitch) which features witchcraft books from my library that I recommend for those interested in learning more about real witchcraft. She/he/they took out and deleted all the more advanced titles from it, leaving only the 'introduction to witchcraft' titles (mostly about simple ritual forms and tools) in it. While there was nothing wrong with the titles which were left, clearly, the act of hacking was meant to be dismissive of my personal spiritual practice, and to discredit me (in the eyes of any new interested visitors to my blogs) as a witch to take seriously. It also shows some indirect familiarity of the culprit with the titles deleted, and some understanding that real witchcraft is not just 'make believe superstition' but a valid path of personal and universal transformation. Witches, not unlike practitioners of o...
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Old Irish Blessing
2009-03-08 03:48:00
י'ב אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 13May love and laughter light your days,and warm your heart and home.May good and faithful friends be yours,wherever you may roam.May peace and plenty bless your worldwith joy that long endures.May all life's passing season's bringthe best to you and yours.So Mote it Be!HT to BellaLuna
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There Is No Plague Among Them
2009-03-07 22:17:00
י'א אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 12Commentary on Ki Tisa from Garden of the Dark Moon Jubilee - There Is No Plague Among Them.
A Light Among Lights In A Deep Dark Night
2009-03-06 01:19:00
י' אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 11My dream last night was simple - I was a star among stars, a heavenly body among heavenly bodies, a light among lights in the deep dark night.
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Female Jewish Mystics
2009-03-01 23:34:00
ה' אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 6A blog by Rebecca at Mystical Politics - Jewish Women Mystics discussing her evidence that Jewish women engaged in mystical contemplation during late antiquity. She also hints as to her thinking regarding the 'type' of women prone to do it.
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Thundersnow In Metro-Atlanta Today
2009-03-01 20:18:00
ה' אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 6In follow-up to yesterday's entry Messengers of the Black Goddess (discussing my dream observance of an unusual weather phenomenon), earlier today as I walked into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, I heard Foxnews reporting on thundersnow in the metro-Atlanta area today - the female reporter reported "it's not only snowing in Atlanta today, there's thunder and lightening too. Have you ever seen anything like this?" She was clearly astonished.Thundersnow is an unusual weather phenomenon. It is not only snowing heavily in Atlanta today, but the snowstorm is being accompanied by thunder and lightening, typical of rain-producing thunderstorms but atypical of snowstorms.Read more about it:Atlanta Thundersnow!!!Heavy Snow Falling Across Metro -Atlanta, Thundersnow in NewnanThundersnow in ATLThundersnow in AtlantaThe Weather Geek Corner: Thundersnow
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Sha'arim Hashamayim - Gates Of The Overworld
2009-03-01 03:18:00
ה' אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 6I don't recall much about my dream last night, but these ticklers of it I do remember (which I wrote down during the night last night after waking up and before going back to sleep):*before and after, the difference is in the magic letters.*the key is in the wooden box of Celtic knot design in which I am storing the resins I will be using to prepare the first two ritual treasures for WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu, namely dragon's blood in pomegranate seed oil and petrified amber in pomegranate seed oil.*I rode a magnificently beautiful crocodile down a luminous river (nahar hashamayim [river of heaven], rechovot hanahar [garment of heaven], sha'arim hashamayim [gates of heaven]) whose 'water molecules' were made of pure sparkling crystals of light.
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A Strong East Wind
2009-03-01 02:27:00
ה' אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 6In follow-up to my earlier entry Messengers of the Black Goddess, where a strong east wind saved me from being swallowed up in an ocean of molten earth:The Divine will battle for you ... then the Divine said to her there ... by the sea [of molten earth], held back through a strong east wind of the Night [Black Goddess], to pass through upon dry ground ... Shemot 14:14-22where the earth divided, [facing east] molten on my left, solid ground on my right.Related entries:Four Wind s From The Lips Of A SongKetoret Samim And Ketoret Zarah
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Ketoret Samim And Ketoret Zarah
2009-03-01 00:40:00
ד' אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 5Commentary on Tetzaveh from Garden of the Dark Moon Jubilee - Ketoret Samim And Ketoret Zarah.
Messengers Of The Black Goddess
2009-02-28 20:39:00
ד' אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 5In my dreams Thursday night, within the eastern (תפארת) sky (שמיים), I encountered a black tornado hosting through bright sunny skies. This odd tornado of the bright sunny skies caught my amazement, delaying by critical moments my return to a house that disappeared into an oceanic fire of molten earth.The unique tornado in my dream was not associated with an approaching dark storm. Instead, it kept me safe and led me to Lily, a shining black pearl standing alone amidst an endless bare desolation.If the black tornado was not connected to an approaching dark storm, the question then must be asked - what is it connected to? Clearly, it is connected to the feminine mysteries of witchcraft, specifically to the mysteries of the Black Goddess .In the Underworld Tradition of Celtic Witchcraft, sylphs are the air elemental found in "high places such as mountains and high buildings, or in a hosting as a tornado, dust devil or cyclone." [1] Sylphs a...
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Do You Dream In Color?
2009-02-28 20:30:00
ד' אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 5My dreams recently have all been in vivid color, so I am wondering ...
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Lily & The Day The 'Devil' Came Out
2009-02-28 02:27:00
ד' אדר א' תשס"טKeolwulf 5Last night I had several complex dreams, awakening a little between each. There was only one person from my real life in any of these dreams.First Dream - Lily and MeI was in living in my parents' house. A deep rumbling commotion outside stirred everyone inside to go out and investigate what was going on. I was first to come out, and stepped down off the back porch looking toward the east. Everyone else had come out behind me and was still standing on the porch. There was a huge black tornado coming straight for us. Everyone else ran back inside to seek shelter. But I noticed something odd and remained outside - the sky was not dark and stormy like it usually is in tornado-producing storms. On the contrary, the sky was bright and sunny behind the thick blackness of the tornado. I hesitated to run back into the house. I wanted to behold this odd sight just a wee bit longer, to take it in, to see it, to capture the vision of it in my mind - this ra...
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2009-02-24 03:13:00
ל' שבט תשס"טKeolwulf 1Today at work I did of spot analysis of my performance as the MDS Coordinator there - and wow! what I found.Comparing January 2009 (when I was MDS Coordinator) with January 2008 (when someone else was MDS Coordinator), my facility's percentage stats for our Medicare population:* our overall average Medicare CMI (case mix index) increased by 5%* our overall average daily Medicare rate (dollars per day per resident) increased by 10%* our extensive services + rehab RUG (the highest-paying RUG category) days increased by 42%* our extensive services + rehab RUG revenue dollars increased by 57%Say wow! with me.We have a very small Medicaid population, but our total per diem Medicaid rate has also increased, by 7%.And the best part of all this, is that I have documentary proof for every single IV I claimed which drove our Medicare revenue to increase by 57%. Every single one of them. I am relentless about getting the extensive services documentation. The loc...
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The Corner And The Key
2009-02-22 17:05:00
כ"ח שבט תשס"טImbolgen 28This past shabbat morning (parshat Mishpatim) I woke up to find a light snow had finely blanketed the ground. Cold outside but toasty inside, I pulled my cover shawl further up onto my shoulders over my white flannel poet's gown, got a glass of juice, and entered cozily into the day.Early this Sunday morning, I dreamt a dream of heavy snow covering the ground outside.The heavy snowdrifts in the dream were a few feet high. It was evening nighttime outside. In the dream, my 'husband' and his friend were preparing to take our three kids and his friend's three kids snowmobiling in it. (None of the people in this dream are from my real ordinary life.) The kids had alot of high-octane energy in them, and I needed to reorganize things in the house from all their playing together. So, I bundled them all up and off they went to joyride among the snowdrifts with the two dads. The littlest child - my daughter, about a year or two old - I had bundled up espe...
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Understanding Shatnez Versus Completeness
2009-02-21 19:21:00
כ"ז שבט תשס"טImbolgen 27Torah commentary on Terumah from Garden of the Dark Moon Jubilee - Understanding Shatnez Versus Completeness.
The Divine Spark On Oaths & Obligations
2009-02-20 02:04:00
כ"ו שבט תשס"טImbolgen 26Gavrielah (Thoughts Of A Jewitch) is a convert to Judaism interested in Jewitchery, but she has a concern regarding an oath she made at her conversion:I accept Judaism to the exclusion of all other religions, faiths and practices and now pledge my loyalty to Judaism and the Jewish people under all circumstances.She is wrestling with the idea that incorporating practices of other earth-based spiritualities into her Judaism might make her an oathbreaker. She writes:Item #3 [quoted above] is the problem and makes me wonder if in stepping outside of recognized Jewish practices I'm an oathbreaker. Many rabbis and Jews would say yes including probably the ones who created that oath and the rabbi who oversaw my conversion but how much should that really count for?Well, if Gavrielah has ever gone to a Kol Nidre service on Yom Kippur following joining up with the Jewish people and recited the Kol Nidre prayer, she is free to be any kind of Jewish person her ...
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Witchcraft's View On Religious Vows
2009-02-20 01:24:00
כ"ו שבט תשס"טImbolgen 26From my earlier entry Blooding The Cord & The Man In Black (quoted from a Crooked Path Journal article by Peter Paddon):Not all British Traditions use a cord or cingulam, but for those who do, it has very special significance. In the Path that I follow, the cord represents the Tradition, the Coven, the lineage and the initiate's connection to them. The Guardian or Man in Black can use the cord to grasp a covener who has 'slipped away' between the worlds and bring them back to where they are meant to be.At initiation, the Magister and Mistress will blood the cord of the new initiate, to seal the promises made. In my Path, the promises are made to teach and guide the initiate to the best of our ability, to help them find their true Path, wherever it may be, and to accept them fully to our hearth and hearts. Other Traditions have other promises, and possibly other symbolism too, but this is how we do it. The initiate also bloods the cord at that ...
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Judaism's View On Religious Vows
2009-02-20 01:01:00
כ"ו שבט תשס"טImbolgen 26From JewishEncyclopedia:Before sunset on the eve of the Day of Atonement, when the congregation has gathered in the synagogue, the Ark is opened and two rabbis, or two leading men in the community, take from it two Torah-scrolls. Then they take their places, one on each side of the ḥazzan, and the three recite in concert a formula beginning with the words של מעלה בישיבה, which runs as follows:"In the tribunal of heaven and the tribunal of earth, by the permission of God—blessed be He—and by the permission of this holy congregation, we hold it lawful to pray with the transgressors."Thereupon the cantor chants the Aramaic prayer beginning with the words "Kol Nidre," with its marvelously plaintive and touching melody, and, gradually increasing in volume from pianissimo to fortissimo, repeats three times the following words:"All vows [כל נדרי], obligations, oaths, and anathemas, whether called 'ḳonam,' 'ḳonas,' or by any o...
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