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Musings of a Catholic Convert
Catholic convert and former southern baptist pastor posts daily thoughts on life, Church, work, Scripture, and more
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Why don't Protestants Get It?
2011-08-31 13:53:00
A reader asksAndy, thank you for sharing your testimony. I would love to have you come and speak at our church. One thing I don't get. How can people who know so much about the Bible miss things like the Eucharist when it is right in front of their eyes in Scripture? Good question. It reminds me of Marcus Grodi's reference to "the verses I never saw." What we mean is that even in reading through the Bible and having in-depth scripture studies we can still miss the obvious truths therein, almost as if we were looking past them. Now I don't think this happens intentionally. It seems to me that everyone brings to the Bible certain presuppositions, certain preconceived beliefs and assumptions, that effect how they read and internalize the words on the pages of their Bible. For example, I had read through the Gospel of John loads of times, but had never been "hung up" on John 6 and the "bread of life discourse". I knew what it was. I had read it every time and had even prea...
Was Shawn Michaels in Vision Quest?
2011-07-28 06:27:00
So I was watching Vision Quest (a wrestling movie from the 80s - go figure) and I could have sworn that a young Shawn Michaels was one of Loudon's teammates. Doubt it was him though. Although, when he debuted with AWA in 1984, young Michael Shawn Hickenbottom was a mere 19. He could have been in the movie. IMDB is silent, as is Wikipedia. So it couldn't be true, right?Anyway, Vision Quest is what you might call a niche movie. If you don't like wrestling (the real sport) then you probably wouldn't like Vision Quest. But amidst all the weirdness of that movie (not appropriate for kids, btw) there is a lesson to be learned. Actually, if you had a wrestling coach worth his coaching stipend he should have taught you this same lesson.What lesson?Redemptive suffering and the value of sacrifice.What does it cost to be on the wrestling team? Not much. If you show up for practice you're on the team. But is it enough to merely be part of the squad?What does it cost to be a star...
Imah Firin' Mah Lazar! Booooooooooom!
2011-07-27 05:15:00
Recording the podcast as I drive is not yielding the kind of sound quality I wanted. That's why I have you good people to talk to and help me work out the kinks. Don't worry though. As I retool, I'll be sure to post my works in progress. Don't stop the feedback and suggestions. Once we get a few more things in place we're going to be able to be more live and interactive.Can I be secular for just a minute here? You all know that I LOVE to watch pro wrestling. I've watched the characters in the squared circle for as long as I can remember. Whether it was AWA, WWF, CCW, WCCW, ECW, NWA or whatever else I could find, I've always found entertainment and, yes, inspiration in the ring. I've also found frustration at the glaring lack of talent that exists today, most especially in the storylines. So let me rant just a bit here.I remember years ago watching the Four Horsemen break Dusty Rhodes' arm before Starcade.Oooh. Did you see that? Forget the grainy video and poor p...
The Commute - Episode 1
2011-07-14 06:03:00
Guess what? I started a podcast! I really need your help to make this work, so make sure to give me your suggestions for episode ideas, guests, and the like. This should be fun. The Commute - Episode 1:  Ping Pong Balls! In the innaugural podcast, I try out my new equipment and discuss the last Harry Potter film, as well as what Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix can tell us about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Don't forget to contact me and let's make this podcast the best it can be!
Grand Opening Next Week
2009-06-19 16:49:00
You should have received an email from me this week, informing you of the closing of this site and the opening of the brand new site.  You have until next week to reply to my email and get your new blog setup.  After that, I'm switching the lights off here and turning on the switch ...
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I?m Moving My Blog to the New Catholic Social Network
2009-05-21 06:33:00 cnutt/ is the new url for my blog. Turns out the KOCM is always up to something good and he’s building a brand new community that will eventually replace this one. Don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of time to move your blog and stuff over before the demolition. Right now ...
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Splog War
2009-04-08 20:03:00
We are in the middle of a major battle against sploggers (spam bloggers).  Currently there are about 100 or more of these garbage blogs created daily.  While we harden our security against them, we're going to have to shut down the open signups.  You can still register for a totally free blog, but you'll need ...
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The Poor Clares in Memphis Get Some Well Deserved Airtime
2009-01-28 16:18:00
I didn't expect to see cloistered religious on the evening news last night, but that's what I got.  As part of a local television station's community helps segment, the Poor Clares in Memphis were given $300 by a local businessman as a way to help their community.  That little 5 minute segment was a wonderful ...
The Christian Life Takes Effort
2009-01-28 00:21:00
Being a dad and a husband is more than just being an ATM and spider killer.  There has to be more to it than being merely a protector and provider.  I used to think that was all I needed to do.  As long as I kept everybody safe, sheltered, clothed, and fed, I was doing ...
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Jesus of Nazareth - Pope Benedict XVI Book
2008-12-31 15:00:00
The Holy Father does not disappoint in his book, Jesus of Nazareth .  If you have not read this amazing Bible study, get yourself a copy and start reading it today.  Great, great, great, great read.  The book can be read by the Catholic everyman and scholar alike.  That's just how much treasure God has placed within ...
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Could I be any busier? Not without having a labotomy first.
2008-12-21 22:07:00
Today my wife and I commemorate 12 years of marriage.  Considering that thousands of marrieds in the US don't even make it one year, I consider us very blessed.  What has kept us together?  Allow me to share our BIG SECRET. 1.  We did not enter into the marriage thinking "till death do us part" was ...
Resignations and departures always bring about great irony and Oscar worthy
2008-11-30 04:45:00
I sat here tonight watching Phil Fulmer coach his last football game at Tennessee.  Yes, a tear or two did well up in my eyes.  You will forgive my hard heart for a moment of weakness.  I genuinely will miss the man, and I was not the one calling for his head.  Remind me sometime ...
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There is No Such Thing as The American Church
2008-11-14 17:44:00
Listen, folks.  We are not a denomination.  We are part of the universal Church of Jesus Christ.  The ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC Church.  Why is it then that the Bishops in this country form their own groups (ex. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops) and make statements of "acceptance" or "rejection" as if they ...
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Businesses Need to Speak Before It?s Too Late
2008-10-31 21:42:00
If you go to you'll see that our gracious hosts have made a clarifying statement regarding the intrinsic evil of abortion and the candidate in this election who supports it, namely, Barack Obama.  It would be a great help to this nation for more businesses to stand for life in a similar way.   It's ...
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Do Not Vote for Pro Abortion Candidate Barack Obama
2008-10-24 21:15:00
Please vote with a properly formed conscience.  A properly formed conscience KNOWS that the most fundamental human social issue is the right to LIVE.  No other issue matters as much.  Please recognize this.  Do you need help understanding what "pro choice means"?  Please watch the video.
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Easy Way to Raise Money for Your Ministry, Parish, or School
2008-10-23 16:52:00
Advent and Christmas are almost upon us.  People are getting "in the spirit" of the gift buying season long before Advent and Christmas arrive. has a way that your parish, ministry, or Catholic school can help your people find quality religious gifts while at the same time earning free money for your group.  How? When you ...
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Large Families are a Great Witness to the World
2008-10-15 02:10:00
Children are a blessing.  Nuff said.  However, I want to say more. I think of the questions my wife and I get about our relatively small family of 6.  "Are you done yet?" "Haven't you heard of birth control?" "How can you afford so many kids?" "You're not thinking of getting pregnant again, are you?" I've been on this soapbox ...
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It?s October! That Means Time for Christmas Shopping!
2008-10-10 15:20:00
When hinges creak in doorless chambers, and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls. Whenever candlelights flicker where the air is deathly still. That is the time when ghosts are present, practicing ...
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John McCain Must Stand for Life to Win Catholic Vote
2008-10-08 18:10:00
I hate to criticize McCain.  I know his voting record for life issues is leagues better than Obama's.  However, I NEVER EVER hear him or Governor Palin speak out against abortion.  It does not come up in debates.  It is not even on the "issues" page of John McCain's website.  Why not?   I wrote the ...
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Why I Have to Leave the Room When You Talk About Abuse
2008-09-25 15:07:00
Before you jump to any conclusions, I was not abused as a child, nor have I ever abused a child.  Let's just set that record straight.  I do know a few people who were abused as children, but that's not why I leave.  To be honest, there is no one thing that makes me leave.  ...
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Learn How to Spell, Marketing Geniuses
2008-09-06 23:02:00
I know that I am sort of a know-it-all.  It has been that way for as long as I can remember.  I just want to make one comment today and then I'll shut up. When you want to make your English text look "Greekish" because of a restaurant, a Greek theme, or a television show. . ...
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The Catholic Church is a Pro-Life Church
2008-09-05 15:56:00
All persons, not just Catholic s, can know from the scientific and medical evidence that what grows in a mother's womb is a new, distinct human being. All persons can understand that each human being — without discrimination — merits respect. At the very least, respecting human life excludes the deliberate and direct destruction of ...
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My Appeal to Bishops: For the Love of God, Please Speak Up!
2008-09-05 15:41:00
Excellencies, We, the Catholics in the United States of America, need you now more than ever.  We are in need of your shepherding and your teaching.  We are in need of clarity regarding social evils.  We are in need of clarity regarding our social and political duties as faithful citizens.  We are in need of a ...
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Jesus Fish Invade My House
2008-09-02 19:03:00
I now have a colony of Jesus Fish living in my house.  By the way, for those of you looking for my comments on the University of Tennessee's recent loss to UCLA, keep looking.  As soon as Tennessee's football team shows up, I will let you know.   Back to my Jesus Fish.  So these five fish move ...
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Faithful Bishops Are Not Afraid to Be Shepherds, Even to Those Who Do Not W
2008-09-02 18:49:00
Let me share a recent article with you.  Or have I already done this? From Yahoo News: DENVER - Two prominent Roman Catholic archbishops say House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Catholic Democrat, ...
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Does Your Candidate Support the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church?
2008-08-25 17:34:00
2270 Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person - among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life.72 Before I formed you in the womb I knew ...
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How to Avoid Material Cooperation in Mortal Sin
2008-08-24 23:24:00
I understand that Barack Obama has selected Joe Biden (Sen. Delaware) as his running mate.  Many of the newswriters have said that this was a great move and a way to gain "the Catholic vote."  Talk abounds of how this fiesty Irish Catholic senator is "in line with Catholic Social Teaching" which of course they ...
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The Year of St. Paul and the New Evangelization
2008-08-24 00:32:00
Some of you asked if I would post my talking points from today's Catechist Training Day at Incarnation.  I'm putting them up here, just keep in mind that the written points vary a little from the talk you heard.   The Year of St. Paul and Incarnation Catechists The Holy Father, Pope Benedict, has declared June 2008 ...
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Was Brett Favre Traded to New York Jets
2008-08-07 06:51:00
It would appear that Brett Favre has been traded to the New York Jets .  According to Yahoo Sports, The Green Bay Packers traded Quarterback Brett Favre to the New York Jets for a draft pick, 2 llamas, and an unopened bag of Funyuns.  Whether or not cash was involved in the trade is unclear at ...
The Best Steak Burrito I?ve Ever Had
2008-08-04 19:00:00
I am a fan of burritos, and I've enjoyed sampling the offerings at several Memphis area establishments.  Now, let me tell you, it's hard to go wrong with a burrito.  It's just not something you can really mess up too badly.  I've had my favorites.  In fact, my favorite burrito USED TO BE the big ...
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