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Breast Cancer Awareness: Help Make June Survivor Month!
2008-06-05 09:05:00
Before we go straight to the point, we understand that some of you had read this article on breast cancer before. This is, in fact, the third time that you will be reading it. Nevertheless, we do not mind posting it again, because breast cancer is not a plaything. If we do nothing about it, our lives can be destroyed, but if we act now, our lives can be saved. Breast cancer occurs when cancer cells start to develop in the breast tissues. In the recent years, breast cancer has become rampant among the women of the world, being ranked fifth in the list of deadly cancers. Tragically, news had been spreading for more than a decade about famous female individuals who struggled to fight this killer disease, but the fight was in vain. Those included in the list were singers Minnie Riperton and Dusty Springfield, Linda who was the beloved wife of Beatles member Paul McCartney, and Oscar award-winning actress Bette Davis.There still are women out there who are braving this disease, some of w...
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The Power Of Song And Music
2008-06-02 10:04:00
If one were to crack a conversation on music, it would probably take ages to end it. The songs of yesteryears and today may be different sounding, but what they will always have in common is that they serve as the medium for everyone to express himself or herself, regardless of what he or she wishes to express.Some songs express enjoyment and happiness. They are the songs that you would want to groove and move to, and make you let your hair down, especially after a hard day at work.Some songs express grief and sorrow. Song s like these are normally played on the radio by people who have got something that is shattering their lives, such as the loss of someone they hold very dear in their hearts, but have difficulties translating those feelings into words.There are songs that portray one?s anger and fury towards something or someone. When your heart has to face a deep cut, it just makes you want to throw tantrums, and that is what these songs are all about.Besides that, there are song...
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Getting The Right People For Your Company
2008-05-24 07:36:00
First impressions count, but if you are unlucky enough to get to know that your first impressions were wrong, things would turn against you and you may lament it.This is something you should be concerned about when finding the prospective people to boost your company?s standing. And when you are looking for that pool of candidates, it is not about following your heart, but rather, it is about following your mind and analytical skills. Bear in mind that people you like may not be the ones who can rise to the occasion when they are put to a test.So let?s take a look at what it takes for you, the employer of your company, to be able to scout for the right people. 1. Pen down and affirm the job description and requirements. You can prepare a draft of the description before confirming and disseminating it publicly.2. NEVER insert physical traits as part of the requirements. Personal bias should always be abstained when setting the criteria for the prospective candidates. The traits shoul...
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Overcoming The Setbacks Of Menopause
2008-04-28 10:18:00
Every woman has to deal with it every month, but all that would come to an end for her. That is when menopause sets in.But the arrival of menopause does not indicate that she needs not suffer those unbearable muscle tensions and emotional roller coasters and syndromes. As a matter of fact, when one is on the verge of getting a menopause, she has to be prepared for more things to come. Therefore, all women, especially those of you who are about to reach your golden years, should mentally and physically arm yourselves with the perils of menopause, and educate yourselves on the possible menopausal problems and ways to surmount them.Let?s get started by recognizing some of the common symptoms that would signal to you that you are going to encounter menopause anytime soon:1. Transformation of period patterns: your period may seldom occur or occur too often, may take too long or too short a time to stop, and may produce a heavier or lighter flow.2. Flushes and sweats: You will feel a litt...
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True Love Is?.
2008-04-16 14:27:00
True love is beyond words. Even after experiencing a milestone of your life, you will find that there is still a lot about true love that you have yet to discover. We have no concrete research on this. All we have is our honest thoughts, as reflected in this series of questions that our buddy, Marzie, has tagged us.The Rules*Copy the questions and answer them honestly.1. What does true love mean to you?As far as we can see, true love is not only about accepting someone for his or her good qualities. It is also about accepting his or her imperfections. No one in this world is born perfect and when you truly love someone, you should not be expecting perfection. And if you truly love him or her, you would make an effort to amend those imperfections rather than rattling over them.2. How do you know you're really in love?Try giving yourself a day without seeing or hearing from this person. If true love has really gotten into you, that day without his or her presence would definitely mak...
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Gratefulness Goes A Long Way
2008-04-10 18:03:00
What would you feel if we were to utter this to you?If you are agitated over the fact that you still have yet to find a job that fits the bill, you are lucky?If an argument breaks between you and your loved ones, you are lucky?If you are struck by flu or fever, you are lucky?Sounds uncanny, isn?t it? But get your brain cells moving and ponder on what we have mentioned above.When sourcing for a job, it is true enough that it could be a hassle and could get you extremely exasperated if the process keeps prolonging. Nevertheless, give your mind some space and you will realize that you are somehow more fortunate than you think.At the very least, you do have two hands and two legs to help you along in finding a job, unlike people who are immobile due to an illness or disease, and could less likely be able to go out there and find themselves a job. It may take some time for you to grab hold of that dream job, but remember that at least you have already been granted the ability to look for...
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The Pillars To Successful Teamwork
2008-03-26 13:18:00
Some things can be done individually, but for some, you would need a person or two to back you up. You cannot always have a mindset that you can get things done with your own two hands. Certain things are best done as a team.This is where teamwork comes into the picture.Some individuals do face difficulties when working with their teammates. Some of the possible bottlenecks that would lead to negative team dynamics are:1. The inability to be receptive of one another?s diverse opinions and thoughts2. The negative working attitude that a few of the teammates could have portrayed during the course of work.3. One?s perception that better quality of work can be produced when being carried out individually, as teammates may still be unclear of the project expectations to be met.If we take some time to reminisce on this, we would realize that it is actually a privilege if you were given a task and got to work on it with a few other people.That is because with the involvement of your teamma...
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Kaushal Sheth: Your Faithful Guide To Excellent Web Hosting
2008-03-24 10:23:00
Mulling over hosting your very own website? Wondering how you can make your website a place that people would visit over and over again?Wonder no more because a kind-hearted person who goes by the name of Kaushal Sheth is here to make your dream of having your own website materialize, and best of all, he can make your website a place filled with ?attitude?!Kaushal Sheth has established an online web hosting business that provides the essential guide to creating a website worth hosting. Visit the site and you will get to feast your eyes on a huge variety of web templates extracted from Wordpress, Textpattern, and Blogger. Profiles of the templates are being displayed and you can even view the demo versions of the templates as well. This would indeed facilitate your decision making when it comes to selecting the template that best suits your taste and will grab the attention of many.Also, when you pay his site a visit, do not forget to check out the ?Links? section as it showcases the...
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Jealousy: Know Your Limits
2008-03-17 08:30:00
Our lives are constantly filled with an assortment of emotions. Without emotions, it would just be as good as living the life of a robot. Emotions are meant to be controlled by us. However, there are some of us here who let emotions overpower us instead. Perhaps it is fine if positive emotions take control of us, but it would not be the same case if the negative emotions control us. One of those negative emotions that we should always take note of and handle with care is none other than jealousy.Jealousy in a relationship is supposedly a symbol of love for that special someone, showing how much you want to hold on to him or her for life. On the contrary, when your level of jealousy goes overboard, things may turn for the worse, not only for you, but also, for your partner. Your partner will gradually perceive you as someone who could not give that 100% trust and faith in him or her, when apparently, love is all about trusting each other.Jealousy towards someone who is far more super...
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Dealing With Computer Crashes
2008-03-10 06:47:00
Have you ever had to bear the perils of a computer crash? A heavy load to carry, isn?t it?It is understandable when someone who experiences a computer crash gets agitated and panic-stricken. You would start thinking that you are dead meat and all your important documents would be wiped out from your computer forever!!!No worries, there is still a way out of the calamity. Remember! Every problem has its solution, and computer crashes are of no exception.But just because it can be solved, that does not imply that you can still take this matter for granted. Let us together explore this issue and see what should be done in order to avoid it from happening repeatedly.Sometimes your computer hard drive could crash because of the existence of a virus or malware that can be found in the Internet, some of your files or software that you had downloaded. How would you know that? As long as you can still see the LED light flashing but are unable to log on to the system, that would most likely b...
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What The World Needs Now Is Love?.
2008-02-23 05:59:00
Our world seems so beautiful on the surface. It is always filled with colors of nature and brightness shining upon it from above. Everything you see around you here looks so pleasant in your eyes.But did you ever see our world with your hearts?and realize that something has been depleting all these years? And it is something that the world really needs above many other things.It is love.And the only ones who can make the love present right here?is you.It all starts with each and every one of us. Love and peace are usually associated with wars between countries or the people who are living in shambles and poverty and need love the most. But as a matter of fact, love and peace should be present among our families, friends, and our selves.Love among family members is all about giving the undying love and support among one another in good times and bad, talking things out as one family when conflicts of interest arise, and treasuring one another and the moments that all of you get to sh...
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A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed
2008-02-18 03:27:00
Observe the title of this post, and you will realize the sentimental value of it. Basically, it helps you understand the exact definition of a true friend.A friend in need is a true friend. He or she is one who would smile with you when you are smiling, laugh with you when you are laughing, cry with you when you are crying, and even get all worked up when you feel that way. When someone tries to provoke you or stab you from the back, rest assured, a true friend would stand up for you and sometimes make sacrifices just to see to you that you are safe and sound.He or she would immerse himself or herself into your darkest hours. Most people would just utter words like, ?Just calm down,? or ?Life has to go on.? But what makes a true friend exceptional among all friends is that he or she would do more than just to utter those words. At times, he or she could not even have a shut-eye thinking of nothing but to help you get through and get out of your problems. Most of all, he or she is on...
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The Future Rests In Your Hands?.Or Does It?
2008-02-15 11:28:00
As far as your future is concerned, it is you who will be plunging into it and no one else right? And whatever lies ahead of you, it is for you to go through and for you to bear the consequences, whether good or bad.But do not get too oblivious by the fact that your future is something that you are not the only one pondering about. There are two more people who would give as much thoughts about it as you do, or at times more than you do. They are none other than your parents.As parents, naturally, they would set hopes and dreams for their children. They can be hoping that their children become doctors or lawyers, or basically be successful and reputable in the eyes of the society. They would even tend to go ?into the details? such as the college or university that their children should go to or the company or corporation that they should work for.You, as the child, would either oblige to their expectations of you, or hinder them from intervening with your personal hopes and dreams. ...
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The Essential Guide To Saving Money
2008-02-08 03:43:00
The poor would work their fingers to the bones for it, but the riches would sometimes take it for granted. Nevertheless, no matter what the picture of your financial background is like, there is no turning back from the fact that saving is important. What you do with your money today will directly affect your life tomorrow, and for many years to come. It will affect the way your emergencies and financial needs would be resolved. It will also create an impact on the lives of your loved ones, or anyone who is closely related to you for that matter.Saving money is something that should be instilled in you from young. Children, too, need to be taught on the importance of saving money. If you do not save your money, who will?We hope that with this article, we can help you, our readers, be more secured financially and emotionally throughout your entire life, one way or another. With that, we present to you some of the simple money saving tips that will protect you and your family from the...
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Domain Registration
2008-01-31 12:36:00
Ever wished you could have your own domain name and be your own boss to your website? And did you know that there is a cheaper and effective way to make that dream possible? If you do not, then now you know it. Let us introduce you to our trusty provider of the cheapest domain names from all over the world, Pay Less Domain s!This Australian-based domain name registration site can guarantee that you will attain your own domain name at the most attractive prices yet.The services provided are user-friendly and convenient for all. You can renew your domain, select from a list of domain name extensions and even relocate your current domain to Pay Less Domains for free! Best of all, Pay Less Domains gives you all the handy tips on managing your domain as well as tips and procedures for domain name registration. Web Hosting with Pay Less Domains will definitely be a unique experience like never before. It ensures the tightest security from spam, the most state of the art control panels and ...
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To Love Or To Hate?Ask Yourself!
2008-01-24 09:28:00
Have you ever been caught in a situation whereby you know someone and you cannot seem to see eye to eye with him or her?but at the same time, buried beneath you is something that makes you want to stay connected to him or her? In other words, have love and hate ever collided in you the moment you knew somebody?This normally happens to teenagers whose hormones are always raging and giving them complications in their hearts, and could even happen to anyone who probably has never tasted the bittersweet moments of love before. They are not dim-witted when it comes to love, but they are just a little irresolute of whether they have found the person to show that love in them or have made a grave mistake in doing so.On one hand, they could be wishing that that person has never ever existed in their lives, but on the other hand, they could also be wishing that he or she would be here to stay for the rest of their lives.Questions would keep running in their minds to no end. But of course, th...
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Ways To Overcome Post Natal Depression
2008-01-21 14:27:00
Every mother feels the indescribable joy of holding her newborn child in her arms. But amidst all that, she may sometimes have to endure an unbearable animosity towards the child, which can even get the better of her and her relationship with the child. This is no ordinary problem. It is an illness that not only will affect her, but also, the innocent child. In worst cases, it can lead to death. We are referring to Post Natal Depression .Post Natal Depression can be considered a syndrome that attacks some women out there the moment they have given birth. Yes, life after the birth of your child is not necessarily a fairy tale like what you would see on television dramas or movies. You may not be battling with the physical pain that much, but you would definitely be battling with your emotional roller coasters the most. Your mentality of everything that surrounds you will change for the worse, in such a way that you would have thoughts of negative happenings that apparently have not ta...
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Setting The Best Goals For The New Year
2008-01-07 14:06:00
We all have goals in life. We have the wildest dreams in life that we wish would come true. But can all these be attained with only a snap of your finger? Of course not! We are not born magicians or fairies. We need to walk a certain pathway to reach that goal, and most importantly, the path we are taking should be right. This is where goal setting comes into the picture. Systematic goal setting is essential so that the risk of going the wrong directions would be lesser, and that your chances of attaining that goal are high.Here are the key essentials of setting your goal, regardless of what your goal in life is:v Create a positive avowal of your goal. You should tell yourself, ?Make it happen and do it well? rather than ?Do not make any silly mistake?. This is something you should remind yourself every single time.v Be specific. Set the year, date and time that you want to attain the goal. In this way, you can keep track of whether you have achieved the goal earlier, on time, or la...
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Steps In Gaining Parental Approval Of Your Relationship
2007-12-27 05:58:00
Love happens when two people set eyes on each other by fate and develop a bond that cannot be broken by anyone or anything, till death do them part. But one would question sometimes whether or not you are fated to be with someone when your relationship is very much disapproved by others, particularly your parents. Gaining your parents? approval of your heart-to-heart connection with someone is truly a measure of how much you believe that true love will prevail. Some people may very well capitulate, thinking that they are never going to surpass their parents? disapproval. Others would still find the way out no matter what and how long it takes. A true believer of love would go all out to resolve such strains. A true believer of love would definitely read this article?Here, we would like to share with you some of the steps you can take if you are in need of gaining approval from your parents about the person you love and the bond that both of you share. 1. Be truthful about your invol...
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Experience Wi Fi Like Never Before With BT Total Broadband
2007-12-18 13:33:00
Still struggling to find the ultimate wi fi experience you have been yearning to have? Still searching for the wireless broadband that you have always dreamt of having? Well, your search would be a piece of cake now because here comes UK?s award-winning brand, BT Total Broad band , which will provide you the unique wi fi experience that will leave you with no regrets at all! Best of all, this unique experience can be attained at extremely affordable prices. Below are the reasons why you should make BT Total Broadband your number one choice:1. You can get the BT Home Hub that links wirelessly to ten devices everywhere in your house and provides updates automatically as well as integrated safety. 2. The speed for linking to the Internet is as high as 8Mb, which is quicker than you can ever imagine.3. There is an assortment of download payments to look out for depending on the various choices of broadband BT has to offer. In other words, every month, you only shell out your money for wha...
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?I Quit!?: Ways To Fight Your Smoking Habits
2007-12-18 00:06:00
Things can be easier said than done. This is especially so for someone who has plunged himself or herself into smoking and is now trying to find his or her way out of it. The quest to quit smoking is never smooth sailing. He or she cannot quit smoking over night simply by saying ?I Quit ?. Smoking is addictive, and it is all thanks to the poisonous substance called nicotine that causes one to puff excessively. The addiction to it can subdue your entire soul, and without putting in any effort, you are going to face difficulties quitting for life. But on a positive note, quitting smoking is possible. Let us share with you some effective ways for you to dispose off your smoking habits and get your life back to normal:1. Pen down your wish to erase smoking from your life?s list of habits. Write down the causes of your intention to quit smoking so that you can always fall back on those causes in times when you still have the urge to smoke. In fact, holding a pen often can keep your finger...
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Tips On Avoiding A Bad Linky Love Train
2007-12-14 09:35:00
When one plunges into blogging, the first thing that comes into mind is link exchanging, which is believed by many of us bloggers to be the golden ticket to huge amount of traffic and successful blog optimization and monetization. Yes it could be every blogger?s golden ticket, if the blogger knows how to utilize the opportunity. While link exchanging turns your simple online diary into a popular site, it can also cost you some misfortunes if you are less careful about it, especially when you link your blog to a site that is not highly recognized, infamous and holds a bad reputation. You ought to be vigilant when it comes to this one because if you buck up the wrong tree, it can affect your page rank negatively. If you think that emails have a fair share of scams, well it is actually the same for link exchanging. Hence, we would like to share you some useful tips on how you can avoid those unwanted scams.1. If you were to receive a link exchange request, do research on the site first...
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The Importance Of Limiting Yourself
2007-12-13 13:50:00
In our lifetime, we do feel the need to mould ourselves into good people. We wish to be able to do all the good deeds to others, and if possible, we do not want to portray a self-centered image in the eyes of others. Without a doubt, it would be very noble of someone to be able to lend a helping hand to those who are in need of one. It certainly would! But what if those people whom you have offered to help are those who are apparently undeserving of your help? What if their pleas for sympathy from you are merely their gateways to taking advantage of you? This is where you will realize how essential it is for you to limit yourself in life. It may be puzzling for some of you to learn that you have to limit yourself even when doing good deeds. But when you do so, you will find that you are constantly safe from unnecessary dangers and perils that you have to put yourself into just because you have done something good for someone. While some people get indebted towards your sincerity in ...
Bettercaring: Giving You Better Care Solutions For You And Your Loved Ones
2007-12-06 15:19:00
Need an expert to tell you how you should care for yourself or your loved ones, especially those who need to be provided special care due to old age, major illnesses or physical impairments?In critical times like this, you can always count on Bettercaring to give you professional tips on how you can take good care of yourself and your dearest ones effectively.Bettercaring provides a variety of care for anyone who needs it the most, from healthcare and home care, to even money matters associated with care as well! It also provides nursing homes that serve to accommodate to those who are confined to the bed or suffer from illnesses that need to be regularly monitored. Certified nurses will always be there to care for the patients of those nursing homes throughout the entire day, so you can be sure that your dearest ones will be in good hands. The certified specialists at Bettercaring are always ready to lend their listening ears when you need the essential information about how you sh...
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BadCreditOffers: Helping You Start Your Finances Anew
2007-11-30 09:48:00
Bad weathers tend to take place at any point in time while you are managing your overall finances and credits. When bad credits come your way, you may think that you are doomed for life. But you are wrong! There is still a way for you to cross the dead end, and only BadCreditOffer s can help you do that.BadCreditOffers provide a widespread of information you need to know about the latest bad credit offers to help you decide on those offers that would be best used as your ultimate bad credits solutions. Ranging from bad credit loans to credit cards, you can find only the first-rated sources of bad credit offers right here! You can attain the offers of your choice in just three simple steps:1. Look through and make your choice from the list of bad credit offers based on the different classes of offers, mainly credit cards and bad credit loans.2. Contrast between the components of the various offers available.3. Once you have taken your pick, simply send in your application online by cl...
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Digitalframez: The Store For The Most Exquisite Digital Frames
2007-11-28 08:07:00
You have tons of photos and pictures that you want to share to everyone but you have no idea how to upkeep them in a more organized fashion. You would not want to bear the hassle of printing and wasting the ink usage on those photos and having to purchase conventional albums or photo frames just to store them, would you? Now there is a revolutionary way to store and view your photos more conveniently and make them look more presentable than ever before. Introducing Digital framez, the house of all the uniquely made LCD digital frames that can make all your photos and pictures look perfect! The digital photo frame or digital picture frame is not an ordinary frame! An ordinary frame can only store one photo, but these digital frames can store all the photos that are saved in your memory card. In just three easy steps, you will get a slide presentation of your favorite snapshots. Here is how it works!1. Take your pictures and upload them for storage to your memory card.2. Remove your me...
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Compare Prices And Save While You Shop Only At Savebuckets
2007-11-27 04:47:00
Are you tempted to purchase an item you desire to possess, but do not seem to have enough cash in your pockets, or fear that you would be left with nothing after the purchase? Fear no more because Save buckets is here to save your life! Savebuckets is free for all to use and guarantees that you will be able to buy your favorite merchandises at the best prices you can ever imagine! How?Savebuckets will list down all the products available for sale according to the different product categories. These products actually come from various retail shops and are sold at various prices. But do not worry! Savebuckets will display only the best deals in an orderly manner, beginning with the product that is cheapest. In this way, you will be able to compare prices more easily and make your choice on the products that you would be keen to have and are most affordable for you. In this site, you can find not one, not two?but hundreds of items in each product category that you can choose from, and b...
More About: Shop , Compare , Prices , Pare Home Of The Best In Sports Bedding
2007-11-25 15:04:00
Slumber parties are always in the list of girls? favorite activities of all time! But a slumber party would not be as exciting as it should be without a really cozy and comfy bed, would it?Let us share with you a place where you can find all the remarkable and affordable beds that will not only get you hyped up for your slumber party, but also, will make you feel good tugging into bed and feel fresh the moment you open your eyes for a brand new day.Today, the spotlight shall be on the home of the best beds in town, VisionBedding .com!Listen out girls! is the place you can count on to find the beds that exactly suits your tastes in terms of comfort and style. believes that the beds should be designed to be as special as you. The beds come in an assortment of designs and themes that accommodates to all the girls regardless of age and preferences. All these beds can be purchased at attractive prices!There are 500 different bed designs that you can tak...
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Cash Advance 1500: Ready To Finance You Come What May
2007-11-24 06:28:00
An emergency strikes you and you need some cash to account for the emergency, but your pockets are unfortunately empty and your payday is still many days away. You may think that you are at your wit?s end, but actually, there is still a solution for it, and you can be guaranteed that help will come to you immediately and safely. That solution is to get help from none other than Cash Advance 1500!With the helping hands of Cash Advance 1500, you can receive financial support by means of cash advance and payday loans fast, and rest assured, the cash will be credited to your account with maximum security. So you need not have to sit and grumble over the long wait that you have to endure to get your pay, because your emergency cash can come knocking on your door even before your payday arrives! Imagine receiving cash advance and payday loans of up to $1,500 way before your pay reaches the palm of your hand. The payday loans from Cash Advance 1500 can assist you in resolving various monet...
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Tips On Balancing Work And Life
2007-11-23 08:26:00
Life is short and too precious to ever trade for anything, but when work gets in the way, many of us would find ourselves forsaking our lives. Life is not just about you. It is also about your loved ones, your dearest friends, the natural beauty of your surrounding environment and all the simple pleasures that you can enjoy to the fullest. Imagine how much of your life can be missed out on if all you do is slog at work! Work is important, and so is your life. In other words, you should learn to balance work and life. It is not as simple as a balancing act that is for sure. But with sheer determination and creativity in you, balancing work and life would no longer be a chore for you. So here are ten useful tips on how you can keep your work and life balanced and in good shape:1. Discuss with your employer on the most appropriate working hours for you. A responsible employer is one who would ensure that staff welfare is in good hands. Be honest and clear to your employer about the pre...
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