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A blog devoted to the wonderful and wacky world of baby names! Hints and handy advice on naming your child, reviews on celebrity baby names and free personalized advice from a name consultant.
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Why you should hire me (for free) as your name consultant!
2008-02-08 09:22:00
Guys, I've got to admit, my email inbox has been pretty depressing lately. Everyday I check it to get anywhere from 30-70 emails of spam, spammy spam and extra delicious SPAM in chocolate flavor. To top it off every time I build up my hopes thinking there will be at least *one* email from a person wanting to help with names and there have been hardly any...So, I'm going to persuade all of you why you should definitely email me:Naming a child can be really hard. People don't appreciate just how hard. Especially the first one, and anywhere after the 3rd or 4th can be difficult. I'm never going to name your child for you, but I will do this:I basically do all the research for you! (I've loved names for years and years and years, and have lists upon lists of different names)-If you give me 3+ names you like, so I have an idea of what you'll like, i'll provide you a huge list of other names I think you'll like.-Names with special meanings.-Commonly liked combinations (first and m...
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Cute combinations, Boys F-J
2008-01-31 10:52:00
And now onto the next segment of Cute Combinations!FClassic: Francis RobertBoyishly cute: Franklin JamesUnusual: Finley NiallUnique: Flynn RossGClassic: Grant AlexanderBoyishly cute: Grayson LucasModern: Gavin LeeUnusual: Griffin LeoUnique: Grayden RossUnisex: Gabriel ReeseHClassic: Henry RobertConservative: Harrison MichaelBoyishly cute: Hudson ChaseModern: Hunter NathanielUnusual: Hugo JosephUnique: Hamish AlexanderUnisex: Harley RossIBoyishly cute: Isaac BradfordModern: Isaiah JacobUnusual: Irvin MichaelJClassic: Jack OliverConservative: James EdwardBoyishly cute: Jude GraysonModern: Jayce LeeUnusual: Jarvis DeanUnique: Jai Anthony (rhymes with eye)Unisex: Jamie MatthewWhat do you think about these? Comment below!Got some comments in the blog? Some suggestions for me? Want advice naming your child? Email me at
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Naming after... Flowers and Plants
2008-01-23 09:29:00
After doing countries, colors and birds, its now time to go onto Names which are flowers and plants, and I bet this one will be super popular!(For some of the more unusual ones, do a Google images search to see them)GirlsCategory one: Names which aren't actually flowers or plants, but have meanings which are plants.Afina, meaning "blueberry" in Romanian.Alma, meaning "apple" in TurkishAnemone, meaning "wind flower" in Greek.Anthea, meaning "flowery" in Greek.Antonia, meaning "flower" in Greek.Avalon, meaning "apple" in Old Welsh. (G.Paltrow soo should have named her daughter this instead.. way more subtle!)Ayla, meaning "oak tree" in Hebrew and Old English.Carmel, meaning "garden, orchard" in Hebrew.Diantha, meaning "heavenly flower" in Greek.Elma, meaning "apple" in Turkish.Fabia, meaning "bean" in Roman.Fleur, meaning "flower" in Old French.Gita/ Greta/ Gretchen meaning "daisy" in Spanish.Hana, meaning "flower" or "blossom" in Japanese.Helianthe, meaning "bright flower" in Greek....
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Thumbs down: Frank Lickliter
2008-01-21 05:40:00
I only just realized that I've been super nice lately, and there's been no Thumbs Down posts in ages. So I had a little hunt around, and found this:Golfer, Frank Lickliter welcomed twin boys, Storm and Steele. 08/01/frank-lickliter.htmlIt seems that parents of twins often seem to get it wrong.Grade: C-Comments: There are three major problems with these names.Problem one: For twins, they're too similar. Twins already have issues with identity and being similar, and giving them similar names just exacerbates this. It also leads to problems when calling a name across the house and neither child quite catching which one is being called.Problem two: They're so unusual that they will lead to teasing and don't give the child room to grow in whatever field they want. For example, can you really imagine without grinning a man called Dr. Storm? I can only imagine the teasing he'll get when he's in a bad mood. "You're in a stormy mood" etc. And kids can...
Naming after... Birds
2008-01-18 23:10:00
After past "Naming after..." series on colors and countries I thought it was time for my next post, and this is one which all nature and bird lovers alike will love. Naming after birds!For girlsCategory one: Names which aren't actually birds, but have meanings which are birds.Ava, derived from the Latin word for bird.Avis, meaning "bird" in Latin.Elsa/Elsie, meaning "swan" in Anglo-Saxon.Gozala, meaning "young bird" in Hebrew.Jemima, meaning "dove" in Arabic and Hebrew.Merle, meaning "blackbird" in Latin.Tori, meaning "bird" in Japanese.Category two: Names which are already known to be used.PhoebePhoenixRavenRobinCategory three: Unusual but Usable. Names which are quite unique, but can be used in normal situations quite easily, or have nicknames which are 'normal'AniAracari, "Ara", "Sari", "Sara"Avocet, "Ava", "Etta", "Ettie"Coquette, "Coco", "Etta", "Ettie" (then again, this ones probably not so good, check the dictionary meaning before using.)EiderElaenia, "Elle", "Ellie", "Ell...
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Cute Combinations, Boys A-E
2008-01-17 03:55:00
After a whole series of cute combinations for girls, I am proud to start the cute combinations for boys.Here it goes:AClassic: Albert RossConservative: Andrew MichaelBoyishly cute: Alexander ElliotModern: Ashton TylerUnusual: Arthur DrakeUnique: Adair DeaconUnisex: Alex Quinn BClassic: Baxter ThomasConservative: Benjamin JamesBoyishly cute: Bryce NathanielModern: Brandon ParkerUnusual: Bennett RossUnique: Bastian AlexanderUnisex: Bailey Ryan CClassic: Charles WilliamConservative: Colin JamesBoyishly cute: Calvin AlexanderModern: Cole BraydenUnusual: Conrad AustinUnique: Carlin AnthonyUnisex: Casey JamesDClassic: Darcy RobertConservative: David MichaelBoyishly cute: Dominic TaylorModern: Dawson SethUnusual: Dane AndrewUnique: Deacon RossUnisex: Dylan RileyEClassic: Elliot JamesConservative: Edward AnthonyBoyishly cute: Elias LeonModern: Eli PaytonUnusual: Everett RossUnique: Evander DeaconUnisex: Emerson PaulWhat do you think about these? Comment below!Got s...
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Naming after... Colors
2008-01-11 04:54:00
There's a post I did quite early on, about naming your child after countries.I've decided to follow on, and do a "naming after..." series.A lot of people think choosing a random thing to name your child after is wrong, stupid or tacky. Personally, I'm not saying its either right or wrong, but it's certainly very interesting. Any name can be okay, as long as your sensible in choosing in it.This post is going to be about naming your child after colors, some color names, such as Scarlet(t), are becoming quite popular, so this may be a popular path in the future. I think that using a color as a middle name is pretty neat, especially if it has special meaning, for example, an elder siblings favorite color, or if a child has blonde hair, a name with a meaning of 'yellow' or 'golden' can be sweet.So, I'll get on with it ;)For boys..Category one: Names which aren't actually colors, but have meanings which are colors.Adrian, meaning "black" in Latin.Alban, meaning "white" in Latin....
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Cute Combinations, Girls U-V
2008-01-11 02:02:00
The last in the ongoing series of Cute Combinations for girls, look out for Cute Combinations for boys in the next few weeks!UUnique: Ulani GeorgiaVClassic: Violet PearlConservative: Victoria NicolePretty and sweet: Valerie RoseModern: Veronica BrianneUnique: Valencia DaisyWClassic: Winifred FayePretty and sweet: Wendy SueModern: Willow IrisUnusual: Whitney TeresaXUnique: Xantha GraceYUnusual: Yasmine CadenceUnique: Yelena HopeZPretty and sweet: Zoe GabriellaModern: Zayley AnabellaUnusual: Zara RoseUnique: Zella SophieWhat do you think about these? Comment below!Got some comments in the blog? Some suggestions for me? Want advice naming your child? Email me at
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Nicknames for Boys.
2008-01-05 05:21:00
After my article on nicknames for girls, its time to delve into the world of nicknames for boys. In my earlier post, I went over the main reasons why parents give their children names with nicknames, and I'll re-hash (In other words copy and paste ;) ) the categories I made up:1. Having a cute pet name for the child .2. Being able to give their child a very formal name, but having something more cute and young or childhood or casual occasions.3. Being able to choose a long name.4. Having a more unique nickname for a child with a common name, so they're not Charles B or Charles W but Arlo.5. For when the child is a Junior or are named after someone who they'll have close contact with to avoid confusion.I'll give my favorites, ideas and examples for each 'reason' for giving a nickname, below:Reason one: Just having a nickname to call your kid by.These are just what you're average every day parent uses, for example "Jack" for Jackson, "Matt" for Matthew or "Davey" for David.Reas...
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Nicknames for Girls.
2008-01-05 00:25:00
Many parents like names which have nicknames for their children. There are many good reasons for having nicknames, some are:1. Having a cute pet name for the child .2. Being able to give their child a very formal name, but having something more cute and young or childhood or casual occasions.3. Being able to choose a long name.4. Having a more unique nickname for a child with a common name, so they're not Jessica B or Jessica W but Essie.5. For when the child is a Junior or are named after someone who they'll have close contact with to avoid confusion.6. For girls, a name with a unisex nickname in case they're a tomboy.See below for my favorites, some good ideas and examples.Nickname reason one: General Reasons, to have a cute, pet name.There are millions of these, examples: "Allie" for Allison, "Dani" for Danielle, "Jo" for Joanna.Nickname reason two: To shorten and soften a formal name during childhood and in casual situations.Some of my favorites:Adelaide, "Addie", "Delle", "D...
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Cute combinations, Girls P-T
2008-01-04 00:06:00
Cute combinations continued :)PClassic: Phyllis JaneConservative: Paige ElizabethPretty and sweet: Penelope RoseModern: Piper IsabelleUnusual: Paisley AmandaUnique: Poppy MayUnisex: Peyton RileyQUnique: Querida LillianUnisex: Quincey IsabelleRClassic: Rachel GraceConservative: Rose OliviaPretty and sweet: Ruby DelilahModern: Raine AveryUnusual: Renee ClaireUnique: Rhea BethUnisex: Rylan EliseSClassic: Stella GenevieveConservative: Sarah KatherinePretty and sweet: Sophie FayeModern: Sienna EdenUnusual: Shayna RoseUnique: Sabella JazlynUnisex: Sydney TaylorTClassic: Tabitha BeatriceConservative: Taylor NicolePretty and sweet: Tessa JasmineModern: Trinity SophiaUnusual: Tatum HopeUnique: Tallulah MarieUnisex: Tanner MadisonWhat do you think about these? Comment below!Got some comments in the blog? Some suggestions for me? Want advice naming your child? Email me at
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Special name meanings for girls.
2007-12-21 03:43:00
A few days ago I did a post on names with special meanings for boys.For many parents, the meaning of a name is a significant or the total factor in choosing out a name for their precious child, so here are some idea's and cute meanings for little girls.Special meaning: feelings for your child.Names representing your love and feelings for your child in the meaning.Abigail, meaning "fathers joy" in Hebrew.Adesina, meaning "my arrival opens up the way for more", given to girls from West Africa from parents who previously had no children.Aida, meaning "reward" in Arabic.Amanda, meaning "worthy of love" and "lovable" in Latin.Amorette, meaning "beloved", "sweetheart" and "little dear" in Latin. For a little girl you adore.Amy, meaning "love" in Latin.Annabelle, meaning "lovable" in Latin.Bo, meaning "precious" in Chinese.Cara, meaning "beloved" in Italian.Carys, meaning "love" in Welsh.Charmaine, meaning "joy" in Greek.Chere, meaning "dear" and "beloved" in French.Darleen, meaning "darl...
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Thumbs up: Chris O'Donnell
2007-12-20 03:43:00
There's been a few celebrity babies born lately, but none that have been that remarkable, either positive or negative. But I saw this a few days ago and fell in love! /12/chris-odonnell.htmlActor Chris O'Donnell wife gave birth to a baby girl, Maeve Frances.Grade: A +Comments: Two very sweet, charming and not overly common names added together to make a very beautiful name. I love it! (Looking at there other children's names Lily, Christopher "Chip", Charles "Charlie" and Finley I fell in love all over again. Gorgeous names.)What to work on for next time: Not sure if there'll be a next time for these two, considering they now have 5! But clearly, nothing. They're doing everything right!
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Special name meanings for boys.
2007-12-17 09:42:00
Many parents like to consider the meaning of a name to help them or completely decide on what name to choose for their child. Names with special meanings can even be used as a middle name to supplement a name you've already chosen as a first name.Here are some of my favorite nice and cute meanings, with hints and tips on when they could be used.Special meaning: Physical FeatureThis is where you choose a name which has a literal meaning to describe your son. Features such as hair color or gender are good examples for this, the feature you chose is more factual than bias such as "good-looking" :).Some ideas:Abel, meaning "son" in Hebrew. A cute idea maybe for a first son. Aelwyn, (arl-wein), meaning "white, fair" in Welsh.Boyd, meaning "yellow hair" in Gaelic.Caesar, meaning "dark hair", "long hair" and "head of hair" in Latin. For a baby boy born with a nice bit of hair!Carl, Cary, Charles, meaning "man" in Old German. Cute for parents who call their sons their "Little man", especia...
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Cute Combinations, Girls, K-O
2007-12-12 06:17:00
Some more cute combinations!KClassic: Kate ElizabethConservative: Katherine MichellePretty and sweet: Kayla RoseModern: Kayley RaineUnusual: Kaylen AlessiaUnique: Katia EveUnisex: Kendall HopeLClassic: Lillian KateConservative: Lauren ElisePretty and sweet: Layla EvelynModern: Leilani RoseUnusual: Laurel MadeleineUnique: Lucinda DeanneUnisex: Laine AlexandraMClassic: Maggie RoseConservative: Mary JanePretty and sweet: Melody JoyModern: Makenna GraceUnusual: Marley ReeseUnique: Maegan GabrielleUnisex: Morgan AnastasiaN Conservative: Nicole Andrea (I like the English pronunciation- Ann-dree-uh) Pretty and sweet: Natalie Anne Modern: Natalia Lynn Unusual: Naomi Grace Unique: Noreen CelesteOClassic: Octavia RosePretty and sweet: Olivia LoreleiUnique: Odessa JaneWhat do you think about these? Comment below!Got some comments in the blog? Some suggestions for me? Want advice naming your child? Email me at
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Top Australian Boys Names
2007-12-11 01:06:00
As a follow on from the Top Australian Girls Names I am proud to present, the Top Australian Boys Names. The most accurate list of name popularity taken from Australia as a whole (While many websites show Australian name popularity from one state alone, this list takes popularity from all states)This list was compiled from:The top 100 list from QueenslandThe top 100 list from South AustraliaA top 10 list from the Australian Capital Territory (with estimated numbers)A top 20 list from the Northern TerritoryA top 100 list from New South WalesA top 100 list from Victoria. (My State :)!)And, a top 50 list from Western Australia.(Unfortunately no data from Tasmania could be found after countless Google searches)And can be replicated on other sites with permission from Annie-Kate at, here they are: No. Name. Amount 1 Jack 2402 2 Lachlan 2034 3 Joshua 1969 4 Thomas 1862 5 William 1...
Top Australian Girls Names.
2007-12-10 03:01:00
There are many great website for baby name popularity, but I am ashamed to say, however, that there is no compiled list of name popularity from Australia as a whole. Most States and Territories release a top 10-100 list, but there is no total Australia list published.So! I have sat down and compiled the top Australian names for 2006 and grouped them by spelling to create the greatest accuracy. This isn't the complete picture, but its the biggest and best available out there. Most sites currently list a top 100 from one state only in Australia, however this doesn't give an accurate picture. This list can be replicated with permission, which can be attained from Annie-Kate at list was taken from:The top 100 list from QueenslandThe top 100 list from South AustraliaA top 10 list from the Australian Capital Territory (with estimated numbers)A top 20 list from the Northern TerritoryA top 100 list from New South WalesA top 100 list from Victoria. (My State :)!...
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Cute combinations, Girls F-J
2007-12-06 00:54:00
Carrying on from the other days post, heres some more cute combinations!FPretty and sweet: Fiona CadenceModern: Faith VictoriaUnusual: Felicity ClaireGClassic: Genevieve StellaConservative: Grace KathleenPretty and sweet: Gabriella ReeseModern: Gracelyn AshleyUnusual: Gwendolyn AbigailUnique: Ginnie NicoleUnisex: Gracyn ReedHClassic: Hazel ZaraConservative: Hannah JanePretty and sweet: Holly BelleModern: Hallie MayUnusual: Haven GraceUnique: Harriet RobinUnisex: Harper IsabelleIClassic: Isadora JazlynPretty and sweet: Ivy AnastasiaModern: Isabella SkyeUnusual: India RoseUnique: Imogen GabrielleUnisex: Indiana NicoleJClassic: Juliette GraceConservative: Jane ElisePretty and sweet: Jenna LillyModern: Jayda LeanneUnusual: Jazlyn CamillaUnique: Jonah ElizabethUnisex: Jamie MelissaAny you love? Any you hate? Other suggestions? Comment below!Got some suggestions for the blog? Comments on the posts? Want some advice naming your child? Email me at:
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Terrible boy names awards, 2006
2007-12-06 00:26:00
I've got a confession to make. Theres a huge part of me that loves girls names, more than boys! So it's taken me awhile to get onto task to do the boys awards after doing the girls (which took a long time to do, i'll tell you!)So, i'd like to welcome you to:The Mini Terrible Boys Names awards 2006:)First category:Random Y'sRandom Y's are when the letter "y" is randomly inserted in place of another vowel. This is very popular in the realm of of girls names. But this also happens in boys names, too.which is a little strange because it makes the name look a lot more feminine!Offenders are:AidynLandynCamrynGavynJordynAustynTry stanDevynWinner: GavynSecond category: Weird incomprehensible spellings:Some people just like to completely confuse (and really freak me out) with the way they insist on spelling a name!Offenders are:Rayan (supposed to be Ryan)Brayan (Brayan)Izayah (Isaiah)Nathanael (Nathaniel)Ean (Ian)Winner: IzayahThird category: Trying to make it 'unique'.This is similar...
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Cute combinations, Girls A-E
2007-12-05 12:35:00
I'm often asked to give suggestions on names, particularly first and middle combinations. Heres some cute combinations, from different naming styles and every letter, to give people a helping hand, I'll add a new post on this every now and then.AClassic: Alice OliviaConservative: Abigail MorganPretty and sweet: Amelia EdenModern: Alexia RaineUnusual: Amara CharlotteUnique: Allegra JeanUnisex: Ainsley MayBClassic: Beatrice TabithaConservative: Brooke ElizabethPretty and sweet: Bettina NicoleModern: Braylin RileyUnusual: Bridget NoelleUnique: Bonita NicoleUnisex: Brogan ShayCClassic: Cecelia LucyConservative: Charlotte MariaPretty and sweet: Clara GraceModern: Cadence NicoleUnusual: Carina EveUnique: Calista JoyUnisex: Charlie MayDClassic: Dorothy JanePretty and sweet: Delilah QuinnModern: Delaney RaeUnusual: Dahlia ChristineUnique: Dora KateUnisex: Devon AlexisEClassic: Eleanor VioletConservative: Elizabeth JanePretty and sweet: Ella RoseModern: Eden WillowUnusual: Elliana MaeganUn...
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Thumbs up: Heather Payne.
2007-12-03 06:45:00
After a bit of negativity I thought it might be time to have a positive post. So I had a look around to find one that was nice, so without further ado, singer Heather Payne welcomed daughter Ava Corinne. 007/11/heather-payne-w.htmlGrade: A -Comments: Both Ava and Corinne are lovely names. Both a timeless, classic and feminine names which sound elegant when paired together. Few marks off for Ava being so common, and for Corrine ending in an "N" sound when her last name also does. Apart from that, two lovely names which sound very pretty together.What to work on for next time: Choosing names which aren't so trendy, and making sure that names don't end in the same sound.
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Terrible Names for Girls 2006: PART TWO
2007-11-27 04:24:00
Welcome to part two of the Terrible Names for Girls 2006 awards. Based on the top 1000 names from: First up: the seventh category: Lets make it start with a K!This where normal names starting with "C", are spelled with a "K" to make them look "cool", "unique" or "modern", or often a combination of those.And the nominees are:Khloe. The name Chloe, starting with a "K". This one looks pretty wrong!Kamryn. The feminine version of Cameron, Camryn, spelled with a "K". Just looks a lot less elegant than Camryn, really.Krystal. The commonly used word-as-a-name Crystal, beginning with a 'K'.Kadence. Similar to Krystal, the commonly used word-as-a-name Cadence, spelled with a "K".Kamila. The name Camilla, spelled with a "K" and minus one "L". The things people do for a 'unique' name..Kassidy. The name Cassidy, starting with a "K".Kassandra. The name Cassandra, starting with a "K".Kallie. The name Callie, starting with a "K". To make it look even more 't...
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Terrible names for girls 2006 awards: PART ONE
2007-11-25 23:01:00
Welcome to the 2006 Terrible names for girls Awards . Based on the top 1000 names from y One: Lets make it unique!This category is where parents take already existing names and change the spelling to make it 'unique'And the nominees are:Emilee. Emilee is a misspelling of the common name Emily. The ending "ly" has been swapped with another common girls name "Lee"Alexus. Alexus is a misspelling of the girls name Alexis. The second last letter "i" has been swapped with "u". Possibly also used to make the name more trendy, and like the car brand "Lexus"Kiley. A misspelling of Kylie.Sydnee. A misspelling of the name Sydney, where the ending 'y' is swapped with 'e' for a phonetic 'ee' ending. Very tacky looking, and screams 'trying for individuality'.Destinee. Similar to Sydney, this is a change of spelling in the name of Destiny, with a double 'ee' put at the end. A particularly big crime as it changes the word it actually is-- Destiny....
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Thumbs up: Joey McIntyre
2007-11-25 22:22:00
Singer and actor Joey McIntyre has welcomed a baby son, Griffin Thomas 7/11/joey-mcintyre.htmlGrade: A+Comments: This is a perfect example of an unusual name being used correctly. The name is unusual, without being crazy, and fits as a name. They've also paired the unusual name with a traditional name "Thomas," so that if Griffin grows up to be a bland accountant with a wife and 1.5 kids he can go by Thomas without much difficulty. Not only that, but the middle "M" sound in Thomas flows well with the starting "M" sound in his surname, McIntyreWhat to work on for next time: Nothing!!
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Naming your baby boy!
2007-11-22 09:12:00
Watch out! Names which are increasing in popularity like wild-fire!Names which are in the top 250 should generally be avoided. These names will often only grow in popularity which will most often result in your child be the third person in their class with the same name! Definitely something to avoid.There are also names which aren't yet very popular, but are increasing in popularity at alarming rates, so while the name might be very popular yet, in a year or two it may be very trendy and you're left with a very common name which you can't change.Ones to avoid:Cash, increased by 156% to no. 378Leland, increased by 145% to no.342Talan, increased by 143% to no. 309Lincoln, increased by 120% to no. 300Cohen, increased by 81% to no. 415Cason, increased by 77% to no. 753Ronan, increased by 60% to no. 598Nash, increased by 54% to no.742Anderson, increased by 53% to no. 399Jordy, increased by 52% to no. 677Brock, increased by 44% to no. 261Joaquin, increased by 44%, to no. 286Brodie, in...
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Baby girl names, popularity!
2007-11-21 05:50:00
Names to avoid which are increasing in popularity.There are plenty of names which haven't yet became very popular, but rising in popularity in an alarming way. Which means the unique name you choose this year, might be commonly used in a year or two.Top 250 are generally ones to steer clear from!Names to watch out for:Ayla, currently number 264 on popularity lists, but increased by 197% in the last year!Mila, currently 749 on the list, but increased by 158% in a year.Charlie, no. 761, increased by 152%Sherlyn, no. 362, increased by 139%Briley, no.960, increased by 124%Jaylen, no.959, increased by 100%.Lorelei, no.740, increased by 100%Scarlett, no.297, increased by 95%Danica, no.352, increased by 91%Dahlia, no. 988, increased by 83%Lyla, no. 639, increased by 81%London, no. 353, increased by 75%Presley, no.348, increased by 65%Amira, no. 571, increased by 65%Shayla, no. 330, increased by 63%Emerson, no. 305, increased by 58%Kimora, no. 422, increased by 57%Sanaa, no.607, increased ...
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Watching those initials!
2007-11-15 10:03:00
When naming children, one thing which often goes unnoticed is the initials. With the every increasing use of acronyms through things such as Netspeak: Lol, Brb as well as just old abbreviations such as RIP or short words such as Fat, there are many combinations which you must look out for.A friend of mine has the initials J.E.W. And while this is no big deal, its a little weird and often made fun of (in a joking manner) by friends. The thing is, with a bit of wisdom this could have easily been avoided.Don't believe me? Theres lots of cases. Its a little hard to find with Google image searches like I normally do but check out: .php?l=102&section=weddings_and_parti es&cat=4&sub=15&key=670 Felicity Anne Gorman. FAG. Lovely. To be fair this could have been done by marriage.Two Myspaces of girls name Charlotte and Clare with the initials COK.The first lovely girl, Charlotte, actually goes by the nickname "COK" so future parents, if you...
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Thumbs up: Kevin O'Connor
2007-11-14 00:44:00
Kevin O'Connor from Amazing race fame has welcomed triplets a few months ago, two boys and a girl, Brian Sean, Alexis Elaine and Colin James. 7/11/introducing-bri.htmlGrade: AComments: This names a really nice. I saw them and they made me smile. After all the trash we see in Baby Names these days, especially from celebrities, these names are like a breath of fresh air. I really love Alexis Elaine and Colin James. Colin especially is a really nice, uncommon name for a little boy. Very adorable! A few marks off for Brian's first and middle name both ending in N, but apart from that, all blue skies.What to work on for next time: Not much! Just making sure first and middle names don't end in the same letters.
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Choosing out a baby name!
2007-11-11 09:47:00
Choosing out your child's name can be both an exciting, but stressful time. There are many tips and tricks to working out your child's name.Heres some tips and tricks to get you through:Step One- Discussing names with your partner. Firstly, sit down with your partner (if their is one) and work out what names you both like. Do you like Traditional or Unique names? Does either of you have a particular name you've wanted to name the child since you were 7? Does one of you want a grandparent, best friend or other relatives name involved? Discuss what you like and don't like and mention anything you want.Remember: This is not just your child, or their child. Its both your child. You should make a decision you both feel comfortable with. Don't be rude about names your partner likes, people can get really touchy if they like a certain name are completely shot down. Listen to all suggestions with an open mind and be willing to compromise. Don't like a name your partner has suggested? ...
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Thumbs down: Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory
2007-11-11 05:32:00
British Actors Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory welcomed their son: Gulliver. 2007/11/actors-damian-l.htmlGrade: C +Comments: Gulliver. Huh? Out of all the names you could possible choose, they chose Gulliver? Huh? Gulliver is probably most well known from the stories, Gullivers Travels. Which was a SATIRE novel. It followed the adventure of Lemuel Gulliver. You know what Gulliver probably stood for? Gullible. And even if it doesn't, i'm sure there'll be plenty of people calling him Gullible Gulliver over the years. Poor kid. What will they call him for short? Gull? Gull is a pesky bird which lives on beaches and tries to steal food. They really thought about that one, didn't they.(On an off-topic note, their daughter is named Manon?? Manon??? Who names their little girl something that start with "Man"??? I understand there are names like Manuela, but they have a pretty feminine "ella" sound at the end. Thats just terrible. These people are serial of...
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