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Acronis True Image 11 Home - $15.99 +tax @ Newegg (free shipping, no rebate
2007-12-24 22:08:00
Rating: 9 Posted By: BeanTech Views: 402 Replies: 8 Not trying to take any credit for this, but felt it warranted its own thread since many may have already ignored the Dell thread due to the mismatched SKUs.Credit goes to thejerseydevil who posted the variation in the original thread.:Newegg LinkUse code EMCBCBJBE for an additional $10 off.More Online Coupons from
> Top 25 mutual funds across all categories*
2007-12-24 16:40:00
*Top 25 mutual funds across all categories** ** Reliance Mutual Fund *+* Reliance Diversified Power Sector Fund - Growth 118.56 Reliance Mutual Fund *+* Reliance Diversified Power Sector Fund - Bonus 118.56 JM Financial Mutual Fund *+* JM Basic Fund - Growth 103.52 Taurus Mutual Fund *+* Taurus Libra Taxshield - Growth 103.07 Taurus Mutual Fund *+* Taurus Discovery ...
Macrobiotic Diet Helps Balance Your Diet and Your Life
2007-12-24 11:16:00
Macrobiotics devotees believe that food, and food quality, affects our lives more than is commonly thought. It is thought to affect our health, well being and happiness. They focus on moving away from processed foods, and moving toward more natural and more traditional methods of food preparation. They claim it is better to choose ...
Progressive Estate Taxation Study By MIT MacroEconomist
2007-12-24 08:37:00
Ivan Werning, Associate Professor at MIT, does research on macroeconomic theory. His views, interests and research are influenced by Argentina's economic crisis....
Chocolate Fuels Truck Across Sahara Desert
2007-12-23 16:09:00
What do they do with chocolate products they can’t sell? Off to the land fill to decompose and create methane. Wish I’d known, they could sent it here. Two young Britons, Andy Pag and...
Shoutbox: my first macro for dasBlog
2007-12-23 10:01:00
I have just finished modifications in my first dasBlog macro. This macro will add a shout-box to the dasBlog. You can see it on the right side of this blog. I have tested it successfully with Firefox an IE 5.5+. This macro is written for new dasBlog v2.0 (runs on .Net framework 2.0). If you want to add this custom macro to your dasBlog, make sure you are using new version dasBlog 2.0. On the best part of it, macro uses Ajax calls to update the shout-box. You can disable this behavior, if you don?t want to update it silently. To make the configuration easy I didn?t want to use any database to store the shout-box entries. It will store entries in a XML file on web-server. Apart, it is very customizable with the help of a CSS. To add it to your dasBlog, all you need to download macro. Then make some configuration settings given below. 1. Copy aakashjain.dll into the bin directory of your blog. 2. Edit the web.config file to make the following changes.     a) ...
By: Geek .Net
Canon Life Size Converter EF Macro Lens (Electronics)
2007-12-21 23:12:00
Canon Life Size Converter EF Macro Lens (Electronics)By Canon Buy new: $409.99$272.99 Customer Rating: First tagged “canon” by James Thomas “E Factor” Customer tags: photography, 50mm, canon, canon lens Technorati Tags: ...
PHOENIX 43mm Wide Angle Macro Lens For CANON HV20 HG10 WD-H43 HD (Electroni
2007-12-21 21:12:00
PHOENIX 43mm Wide Angle Macro Lens For CANON HV20 HG10 WD-H43 HD (Electronics)By Phoenix 1 used and new from $29.95 Customer Rating: First tagged “canon” by B. N. Bass Customer tags: hv20, ...
A Macro-Analysis of Barrister Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan?s Open Letter
2007-12-21 21:11:00
Guest Post by Hassan Baig (Accessible at Barrister Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan is a leader in his own right. A populist leader even. Moreover, his read of the political spectrum and all developing eventualities is sensible and practical. But perhaps not practical enough. Ms. Benazir Bhutto is widely believed to be averse to the idea ...
50 Amazing Ads You Haven't Come Across.
2007-12-21 19:50:00
50 Amazing Ads You Haven't Come Across. Guys at Moronland have collected over a period of 5 months, a set of 50 advertisements which are unique & creative. Really, these ads stand out from the rest. Check out the rest here. Honda Auto Parts.Milk ad.Sony PSP ad.Related Posts:Interesting Ads!Interesting Bus Ads.Creative Ads From Axe!10 Creative Ads From Tuborg.Outdoor Advertising: Signboards & Billboards.
Dividir las copias de acronis en partes
2007-12-20 22:24:00
Hacemos un ejercicio de profundidad mental... pensamos en un riachuelo, ese sonido cristalino, que ni el mejor de los plugins podría reproducir, a lo lejos una alegre melodía es cantada por 100 pajarillos, un olor propio de los ángeles es impregnado en nuestro rostro, y a lo lejos muy muy a lo lejos, casi en el mundo de very far...esta nuestro recién instalado sistema operativo, al lado de el, ese familiar, amigo, de perfil peligroso al click, acecha hacia nuestra instalación.PLAS!!!! Despierta, solo ha sido una pesadilla, pero sabes que te puede pasar a ti también. Esto que suena un poco a "me acabo de tomar unas cañas", creo que es un miedo que puede tener cualquier usuario de andar por casa. Todos sabemos el coñazo que resulta instalar el sistema de cero, con el software, configuraciones y demás...EscenarioAcabamos de instalar el sistema operativo, hemos tardado 30 horas de reloj, y queremos hacer una copia de seguridadProblemaNo tenemos medios donde poder guardar la cop...
50+ open source/free alternatives to Adobe Acrobat
2007-12-20 15:26:00
I came across very intresting collection of 50+ open source/free alternatives to Adobe Acrobat. Downloadable PDF Creators These simply and emminently usable programs will allow you to quickly create your own PDFs. CutePDF: Create a PDF file from almost any printable document. CutePDF has an open SDK and doesn?t bog down their software with popups ...
Ours Acrobate
2007-12-19 23:26:00
Cet ours s’est chapp d’un cirque, laissez place l’acrobate!
Absolut Disco Vodka and Evian ala LaCroix - 2 MUST HAVES!
2007-12-19 20:53:00
SHOW UP WITH THE PERFECT HOSTESS GIFT THIS SEASON! French fashion designer Christian Lacroix has designed two limited edition bottles for Evian. The two Evian bottles were both designed directly in Lacroix?s famed classical style yet incorporates Evian?s classic mountain motif?s. The first is the Haute Couture bottle which is styled after a woman in a gown whilst the second is the Prt--Porter bottle which has a frosted lace pattern around it. The bottles will be available exclusively during the holiday season.Absolut Disco is a brand new packaging for the Absolut bottles and is a follow-up to the Bling-Bling and Second Skin. Absolut Disco is  available all over the world. The price will not exceed the price of a normal Absolut bottle. It?s a limited edition piece but when we are talking about Absolut it will still be a couple of million pieces? and yes, it can be hung from the ceiling or light fixture! - You should probably drink the vodka first however!absolut evian Christia...
Pros and Cons of the Macrobiotic Diet System
2007-12-18 22:27:00
The macrobiotic diet system is based on the ancient Chinese text ‘The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine’, which was further developed and popularized by George Oshawa, Micho Kushi, and other talented writers. This dietary system is a logical extension of the Oriental philosophy stating that all objects and energies in our world are ...
Acronis, como preparar la restauracion de un sistema
2007-12-18 22:00:00
Me llama mucho la atención, como muchas veces sabemos lo que queremos, tenemos claro que herramientas tenemos que usar, pero al final tenemos problemas para obtener el resultado deseado.Estoy seguro, que muchas veces es por miedo, y no nos atrevemos a realizar esos pasos, y creo que es algo que en la informática debemos de quitarnos de la cabeza... el miedo, que no quiere decir la responsabilidad, ehh!.Algo muy interesante que se puede plantear a un usuario final, y que a veces no se atreve a hacer, podría ser lo siguiente.EscenarioNuestro intrépido cliente final ha adquirido dos portátiles. Son exactamente iguales. Son tan iguales, que han venido los dos cargados con el vista. Claro esta que nuestro usuario no quiere el vista, y lo que añora y desea es un flamante xp.Un fin de semana, llego un familiar directamente de japón, y por una serie de situaciones, le pudo instalar en uno de los portátiles un xp, pero el otro no se lo pudo hacer, ya que perdía el avión de vuelta...
GM to launch LaCrosse hybrid in China before Beijing Olympics
2007-12-17 18:58:00
Here's an update on GM's new hybrid for China. Shanghai GM says they will release a Buick LaCrosse hybrid for the Chinese market before the Beijing Olympics, which will have its opening ceremonies August 8, 2008. The hybrid will be based on the Saturn Aura hybrid and the pricing and mileage difference ($2,500 premium and 25 percent improvement in mileage) hints the hybrid system is mild and not GM's two mode system.In China, Toyota and Honda currently offer a hybrid for sale. Recently, China's Changan Auto debuted its first hybrid and other Chinese automakers like BYD and Chery said they would offer hybrids next year. In a recent speech, Bob Lutz said China admired the Buick brand over any other GM brand. Currently there are no plans to release a Buick LaCrosse hybrid in the American market.GM has said they would release 16 hybrids in the next 4 years and the US market already has the Aura hybrid, so a Buick hybrid in the U.S. is possible. Below the fold is a Chinese TV ad for t...
PACE: Pursuit Across Europe
2007-12-17 18:33:00
Impresionante juego de coches tanto para un jugador como para multijugador online, patrocinado por la marca BMW, con excelentes gráficos y sonido, dispones de un primer coche con un garage donde modificar la mecánica, y correr las 15 etapas del trayecto Lisboa-Praga. Si te gustan los juegos de coches, no te pasará inadvertido.Si te registras podrás salvar los progresos con las modificaciones del vehículo y recibir e-mails para poder participar en campeonatos online.
GM Buick LaCrosse Hybrid - for China
2007-12-17 18:11:00
Shanghai GM will be putting a hybrid version of their Buick LaCrosse on the market next year, prior to the Olympic games to be held in Bejing, according to the Xinhua News Agency of China.  According to GM’s information, the vehicle will be based on the Saturn Aura Green Line’s hybrid engine, a 2.4 liter Ecotec which, in the Saturn, increases fuel economy about 25%. Toyota is currently the only manufacturer with a hybrid on the Chinese market, though Honda has announced introduction of a hybrid. A local Chinese company also produces a hybrid, one which reportedly can meet European emissions standards.   The Buick LaCrosse sold in China is not the same model available in the United States. Instead, it’s better looking and has nicer interior appointments. It is smaller, as well, than the American LaCrosse, appearing to be more in the Aura/Malibu size and idiom. In China, the Buick nameplate has been extraordinarily successful, with...
Total Training for Macromedia Dreamweaver 8: First Impressions
2007-12-17 18:02:00
Over the weekend, I took a chance to have a quick look at the first two Chapters of the Total Training's Macromedia Dreamweaver title, and I thought I'd post my first thoughts on it.The title come with two DVD's, and works on both Mac's and Windows.It also comes with the project files that the trainer is working with as well, which is always scores points with me.. if I was to give points that is...I won't go into to much detail in this post, I'll save that for the full review.The host, Janine Warner, comes over in a very friendly, helpful way.  Showing you where and how to do things.I know this is typical for video training titles, but this is really useful for me, because I've found I follow these tutorials a lot easier, than one's in written form, because it's easier to scrub the play head back and forth when need be.After watching the first two chapters, I'm certainly looking forward to watching the rest.
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Sony 100mm f/2.8 Macro Lens
2007-12-17 14:12:00
This amazing lens from Sony is perfect for both close-up and distant subjects. Sony 100mm f/2.8 Macro Lens for Sony Alpha Digital SLR Camera is only (Buy new) $556.94 or 5 used and new from $549.99. Tags: photo, macro, sony Very ideal for your field shot. Covers from close-up nature subjects to midrange telephoto shots. If it ...
Across the Great Divide
2007-12-17 11:09:00
The two most iconic Australian bands of the past decade—Silverchair and Powderfinger—joined forces recently on a joint Australia-wide tour of monumental proportions. And when we say monumental, we mean playing everywhere from "Darwin to Ballarat to Toowoomba to Tasmania." Crikey! A three DVD set called "Across The Great Divide" has just been released to commemorate the occasion.Pick it up from their site.
Hey, I just noticed you looking at me across the room. I'll give a minute t
2007-12-16 09:18:00
Hey, I just noticed you looking at me across the room. I'll give a minute to catch your breath! --- Love can be expressed in many ways. One way I know is to send it across the distance to the person who is reading this. --- When the time comes I can't smile anymore, don't worry about me, I know what to do. I'll just stare at one corner and think of you. No one else could make me happy like the way you do.
Macro Panoramas
2007-12-16 00:02:00
AS fotos macro panormicas juntam dois mundos da fotografia que parecem no ter nada em comum. No entanto juntando as caractersticas da fotografia macro aos processos da fotografia panormica possvel obter fotos macro de maior qualidade e resoluao, pois toda a foto resultante ter a focagem e exposio correcta. A fotografia macro para quem no sabe so aquelas em que tiramos as fotos muito prximo do objecto a fotografar... Embora muito mais complicadas de fazer, as macro panormicas so feitas usando o mesmo principio das panormicas normais, com excepo que as fotos a tirar tm de ser muito melhor preparadas e tiradas de preferncia com trip e uma mquina boa. Caso contrrio ser muito difcil juntar as fotos... Max Lyons um conhecido fotografo panormico fez uma macro panormica de uma orquidea com 116 fotos com uma Canon 20D e lente macro de 100mm. Em baixo podem ver a imagem resultante. A imagem original tem 12100x13287 e 153.3 Megapixels. As...
Monitor your friends activity across many social web sites using Spokeo
2007-12-15 13:48:00
Copyright Feed Content - OnlineTechTips - Aseem Kishore 18254532AKMK Are you addicted to FaceBook? Or maybe you’re more addicted to the “News Feed” that constantly bombards you with useless tidbits of information about all of your friends, like who just became friends, who added pictures to their profile, which applications people installed, etc, etc.? If you ...
Monitor your friends activity across many social web sites using Spokeo
2007-12-15 13:48:00
Copyright Feed Content - OnlineTechTips - Aseem Kishore 18254532AKMK Are you addicted to FaceBook? Or maybe you’re more addicted to the “News Feed” that constantly bombards you with useless tidbits of information about all of your friends, like who just became friends, who added pictures to their profile, which applications people installed, etc, etc.? If you ...
AWS To Be Adopted Across The Americas
2007-12-15 00:00:00
Thanks to a large number of handsets and base stations designed for use in the American AWS (1700 MHz) band, the frequency will be adopted beyond US borders. 3G Americas, which represents GSM in North and South America, has ...
Most Common Line Voltage of Across The Line Starter On A Centrifugal Chille
2007-12-14 22:43:00
Been looking but can't find??? I live in the USA. Any help would be appreciated.
I'm Guessing Truckers Don't Run Across This Too Often...
2007-12-14 20:33:00
Sturbridge, MA - Ahhh, winter. Time to wax up the skis, get out your winter clothes, and gas up the snowmobile. Just make sure that when you take your snowmobile out, that you don't take it the wrong way down the center lane of an interstate. That's what 36-year-old Michael Bourdeau was doing at around 1 in the morning, when he was hit by a semi-truck. The driver of the semi was taken to the
Across the universe
2007-12-14 10:33:00
powered by ODEOReproductor Mp3 de (Recomendacin para Lys mientras seguimos de enlaces atmosfricos)
when printing more then 10 labels from Acrobat some of them are missing
2007-12-13 15:31:00
Hi, I have a customer who is printing from Citrix via our server based product (variable data server) to Zebra Z4MPlus label printer. the PDF file is produced by our product. when printing the created PDF from acrobat and choose to print only 10...
Aerialist, Aerialist Pro and More Now Adobe Acrobat
2007-12-13 05:55:00
ARTS PDF, a leading developer of PDF tools for PDF professionals, today announced that Windows versions of ARTS PDF Aerialist, ARTS PDF Aerialist Professional, ARTS PDF Split & Merge and ARTS PDF Stamper are available for Adobe Acrobat 8.0."The company is excited about Aerialist Acrobat 8.0, its growing adoption, and the leap forward that it represents. The number of PDF documents created and exchanged across the world looks set to grow even faster as the adoption of the Acrobat 8.0 builds," said Gary Armstrong, Vice President of Sales, ARTS PDF. "And as a result, there's now an even greater need for advanced tools that help professional users prepare high quality electronic documents."ARTS PDF products such as Aerialist have long been regarded as the industry-standard power plug-ins for Adobe Acrobat. They provide users with advanced control of PDF features including document assembly, bookmark generation and management, document optimization, hyperlinks, stamping, batch processin...
Sony 100mm f/2.8 Macro Lens for Sony Alpha Digital SLR Camera (Electronics)
2007-12-12 22:12:00
Sony 100mm f/2.8 Macro Lens for Sony Alpha Digital SLR Camera (Electronics)By Sony Buy new: $556.945 used and new from $549.99 First tagged “sony” by Alan Customer tags: photo, macro, sony ...
Backup de correo electronico con acronis
2007-12-12 20:12:00
Algo que siempre nos gusta de la informática, es intentar facilitarnos las cosas, automatizarlo todo, y si encima se hacen bien las cosas, ya es la ostia.Una tarea bastante tediosa es la relacionada a los backups de los clientes de correo electrónico. Los dos mas usados son outlook espress y outlook del paquete de las office. Alias icono azul e icono naranja.Ya en su día, vimos como hacer copias de seguridad de ambos clientes de correo de una manera totalmente manual , en esta entrada: de hoyAutomatizar el proceso de backup de nuestro cliente de correo usando acronis true image home.¿Como hacerlo?Pues lo primero de todo tener instalada nuestra versión de acronis true image home. A partir de ahí, arrancamos la aplicación y damos al botón backupNada mas salir el asistente nos va a preguntar, que de que queremos hacer un backup:- Del sistema entero- De datos- De configuraciones de algu...
Opteka 10x 58mm HD Professional Macro Lens
2007-12-12 06:12:00
Another great lens from Opteka. It perfect for your Canon EOS or EF. It’s an Opteka10x 58mm HD Professional Macro Lens. Get it with dicounted price at $29.95. (Buy new). Price before discount is$79.95. Or you can try to look for other various vendor from $24.95 (2 used and new) Customer tags: photography, dslr, canon, 55mm, ...
AMA: Arenacross: Rockford Saturday summary
2007-12-11 14:05:00
Josh Demuth Wins Toyota AMA Arenacross Series stop in Rockford, IL. AURORA, Ill. (December 1, 2007) — The Toyota AMA Arenacross Series occupied the MetroCentre for its second night in a row. Although the Rockford area was hit with a winter storm, thousands of Arenacross fans were treated to an exciting night of racing. Yamaha’s Kevin Johnson earned $$;750 by ...
Chelsea reactions: Terry is sacrosanct; Pizarro is a punk
2007-12-10 18:29:00
In the dying minutes of Sunderland’s 2-0 loss to Chelsea last Saturday, Liam Miller made a rash tackle on John Terry. The two fell in a heap, and when they got up Terry was in Miller’s face, giving him an earful. As Miller walked away, Chelsea substitute Claudio Pizarro pulled a classless punk move: having had nothing to do with the foul (which Roy Keane described as “obviously a foul but that was it”) or the subsequent brief confrontation, Pizarro attempted to knee Miller in the groin. When Miller reacted by shoving Pizarro in the face, the red card came out and it was a classic case of the guy hitting second who gets punished. (more…)
Age Of War: Wage War Across Time
2007-12-10 17:00:00
Today’s designated time waster is guaranteed to help you get through the dreaded Monday morning at work. Age Of War is a free browser game that lets you wage war across 5 ages. You start with a cave as your base and an army of dino riders, club men, and rock throwers. You gain XP ...
Adobe Brio? la nueva versin de Acrobat Connect, pero gratis
2007-12-10 13:15:00
Cuando Abobe adquiri Macromedia, tambin adquiri Breeze, un servicio para compartir pantallas y documentos desde la web, la cual la bautiz como Acrobat Connect. La prxima versin de Acrobat Connect se ha llamado Adobe Brio, y la han puesto totalmente gratuita durante su fase beta? Adobe Brio proporciona muchas herramientas, en la que podemos incluir una pizarra, ...
AMA: Arenacross: Rockford Friday summary
2007-12-10 11:19:00
Chad Johnson Wins AMA Arenacross in Rockford, IL AURORA, Ill. (, 2007) — The Toyota AMA Arenacross tour rolled into the MetroCentre for round four here in Rockford, Ill. Honda’s Chad Johnson and Kawasaki’s Kelly Smith won their respective heat races to set the stage for the 25 lap main event that featured four past national champions. ...
AMA: Arenacross: Rochester Friday summary
2007-12-10 11:19:00
Brock Sellards Wins AMA Arenacross in Rochester, NY. AURORA, Ill. (November 30, 2007) — Brock Sellards won tonight’s Toyota AMA Arenacross Series’ main event at the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, NY. In the AMA Arenacross Lites division, Patrick Boyle earned the win. “I just tried to ride smooth and focus on the track,” said Lites class winner Patrick Boyle. “I didn’t ...
Adobe Acrobat Standard 8.0 Upgrade from Standard V5+ (CD-ROM)
2007-12-08 05:12:00
Adobe Acrobat Standard 8.0 Upgrade from Standard V5+ (CD-ROM)By Adobe Buy new: $89.99 Customer Rating: First tagged “excel” by Webmaster Jim “–Jim–”- Customer tags: software(2), adobe acrobat(2), adobe 80, excel, acrobat std ...
250,000 ?2 January Flights Across 17 Countries
2007-12-07 18:09:00
? Subscriber Mail Ryanair continues to beat the January blues!We are offering 250,000 flights for ?2 ALL INCLUSIVE for travel in January across 17 COUNTRIES. Available only on Thursday 6th & Friday 7th.Book Now on Ryanair.comDetails of all routes included are detailed below: ...
Dell to sell their computers at Best Buy's across the US
2007-12-07 16:57:00
In an interesting story over at Gamesindustry, Dell has decided to begin selling their computers at Best Buy stores across the US.  This will add Best Buy to the list of retailers, including WalMart and Staples, that are already selling Dell products in their retail outlets."Although Dell's business model to date has been dominated by direct sales to customers via phone and online orders, its revenue has been falling - as much as 26 per cent in the six months to August 3 compared to a year earlier. According to a report on CNN Money Dell will sell its XPS and Inspiron desktop and notebook products in 900 stores across the US, which will add to an existing presence in around 3000 Wal-Mart stores and 1400 Staples locations - that's on top of other retailer deals in place in Japan, China and Europe."For the full story, click here!
By: Blog Zone
Micromolding Takes On Macro Challenges
2007-12-07 14:10:00
As the demand for MEMS and other micro-machines continues to grow for medical and electronics applications, micromolding becomes an attractive way to make smaller components. However, injection molders face serious production challenges as they look to serve this expanding market. An article in Cana
Across the Universe [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
2007-12-07 01:12:00
Across the Universe [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)By Evan Rachel Wood Buy new: $26.95 First tagged “ps3″ by K. Overholt Customer tags: playstation 3, high definition, ps3, blu-ray Technorati Tags: playstation 3, high definition, ...
Actress Hopes Film Gets Teen Pregnancy Message Across
2007-12-06 23:12:00
The rising star of acclaimed new indie movie Juno hopes the film will make anti-abortionists think twice. Actress Ellen Page, who plays the pregnant title character in the offbeat comedy, insists the film pokes fun at family groups who want to stop young girls from correcting mistakes that leave them pregnant. Read more!
MACRO and Arezzo Clinical Trial Softwares from Infermed
2007-12-06 17:38:00
InfermedFormed in 1999 InferMed has become a global leader in providing software and services to the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and clinical research sectors with which it works in close collaboration.InferMed offers a range of highly innovative software solutions for collecting and managing data. through its MACRO EDC application and Arezzo decision support technology, InferMed?s products are designed to improve patient outcomes and deliver drugs and therapies to healthcare providers more efficiently.Infermed's product and market leadership was recognised through Frost & Sullivan?s ?2006 Entrepreneurial Company Award.?MACROWith a track record of managing data for over 250 studies across 6 continents, MACRO is acknowledged as a highly user-friendly electronic data collection solution for clinical research and is used by pharmaceutical companies and academic research groups worldwide.MACRO is available both for in-house operation and as a fully managed and validated off-sit...
Christian Lacroix Multi Fabric Kitten Heel Pump
2007-12-06 15:35:00
What a delightfully fabulous kitten heel pump from Christian Lacroix! Lovely printed fabric and leather trim combine for a unique and stylish slip on. Adorn yourself for the Holidays, $673.95 @ zappos. 1″ kitten heel, tassle on vamp, leather lining & sole, made in Italy.
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